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Escape From The Shadow Garden
Escape From The Shadow Garden
Price: 9.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars magnum force ...once again, 24 Mar 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
First thing that catches the eye,is the cover,nearly said sleeve,that would have aged me,it evokes memories of the past,when the sleeve was key,you knew already what you were going to get,this would have had you expecting Uriah Heep-like rock and fantasy,nice nod to the 'Chase the Dragon cover' and if your a fan of ELOY,then the old man looks similar to the wizard on the UK cover of 'Planets'

The fantasy may be short on the ground but the heavy rock isnt,from the fist pumpin' in the air guitar driven rock of 'Live Til You Die' to the crunchin' dirty guitar riff in 'Too Many Clowns' this band is on fire once again.

Throw in the lush keyboards of 'Unwritten Sacrifice' with Bob Cately's raspy voice, taut with emotion,marvel at the(born to be played live),'Midnight Angel',an epic of majestic proportions,you can just see the dry ice billowing across the stage,enjoy the simplicity of 'Burning River' which reminds you of the early 80's.... I could go on and on,you get the drift,they've done it again,3 stunning albums in a row.

St. Georges Day - Live In Manchester
St. Georges Day - Live In Manchester
Price: 12.92

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5.0 out of 5 stars BY GEORGE..THEY'VE DONE IT AGAIN!!, 22 Mar 2014
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Saxon live,you cant beat it,like the recent 'Live In Glasgow' disc,this has a hint of 'official bootleg',the crowd is well up for it and the band on form.Sound quality superb,song list outstanding(although there will always be tracks missed,'Motorcycle Man' !!!! and personal favourite 'The Thin Red Line'),still being honest,its a flawless set list really,given the back catalog,

Truth be told the excitement and atmosphere never let up and its a pleasure to hear the band on this form,truly one of the best ever British rock band around.Its great to have the recent SACRIFICE album given a prominent airing with 6 tracks from that disc alone.

Just buy it and enjoy a fantastic band in top form.

Spirit Of The Airwaves
Spirit Of The Airwaves
Price: 7.81

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5.0 out of 5 stars SPIRIT OF THE AGE, 12 Mar 2014
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This review is from: Spirit Of The Airwaves (Audio CD)
Well this brings back memories,my ist Rush gig would be 4 months later,at the Glasgow Apollo,so this recording rejuvenates the memory of that gig,its a superb release,sound quality excellent,for a recording more than 3 decades ago,its not the full gig but its faithful to the original radio broadcast(i had a cassette of many moons ago).

How can you go wrong when it has,2112/By Tor & The Snow Dog/Xanadu and disc closer La Villa Strangiata ?,throw in a excellent medley,superb drum solo and a couple of embryonic versions of 'Spirit of the Radio' and 'Natural Science' not forgetting a tight little 'Beneath,Between,Behind.

As i said sound quality is really good, marvel at Alex and Geddy's playing,revel in Neil's drumming,rolling round the kit like there's no tomorrow and smile at Geddy's helium filled yelps and screams as he tries to get all the words in..

This is a value for money release,no doubt it wont be official,but like a slew of other recent radio releases,it will be a copyright issue,its up to you if you wish to buy,hopefully Rush and all these other bands,will get there finger out and start issuing archive live releases,we know they have them.
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Unplugged And Strung Up
Unplugged And Strung Up
Price: 12.82

4.0 out of 5 stars thoroughly worthwhile release...., 8 Mar 2014
This review is from: Unplugged And Strung Up (Audio CD)
Some times when bands release discs like this,its because they have run out of ideas,not so Saxon,they're last couple of albums have been excellent,they're still doing the business live,so its either a contractual disc or something Biff and the boys have been thinking about for a while,i'll go for the latter

The first thing you realise,is that its not overrun by the classics and hit singles,several tracks are exceptional album tracks such as 'Eagle has Landed'/'Crusader''Red Star Falling' and 'Broken Hereos'

Rerecorded versions of the likes of 'Stallions of the Highway/Militia Guard & Forever Free are excellent while the standout track is a superb version(acoustic) of long lost track 'Frozen Rainbow'.

Its something different and its great,sounds excellent,production big and beautiful,ballsy when required,lush and melodic when it needs to be,. Well done boys.

Ps .. if you never bought the excellent 'Heavy Metal Thunder' album from 2002,then get the ltd edition release, as its included.

Ultralive Ballisticrock  (2cd + Dvd)
Ultralive Ballisticrock (2cd + Dvd)
Offered by MEGA Media FBA
Price: 11.80

4.0 out of 5 stars MOTORCITY MADHOUSE....., 8 Mar 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Ted Nugent is a superb guitar playing eccentric,his style excellent and the set list here is almost perfect,all the expected classics alongside nuggets ,such as,'Need you'Bad,'Turn It Up', and the newie ' I still Believe' a welcome addition.

Not sure why they kept in his rabble rousing,at times inane drivel ,between tracks,at the gig it might have fired up an alcohol fueled crowd,in the plain light of day,in the comfort of your own home,it grates after a while.

The DVD is well shot and a pleasure to watch,if you cant raise a smile at the dancers during 'Wango Tango' the you may well have had a humour bypass.An easy 4 stars

Classic Rock Presents: Bad Company
Classic Rock Presents: Bad Company
Dvd ~ Bad Company
Price: 14.40

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3.0 out of 5 stars classic rock toes the party line, 8 Mar 2014
a disappointing release,'the untold story' it says on the magazine cover,well its still untold.... On the DVD the three remaining members gloss over most of the interesting/controversial parts and the hoped for 'live ' footage kept to a minimum,you'll watch once then file away,a poor show.

The magazine is a decent read without touching too much on the gory stuff,you'd be forgiven for thinking Bad Co only released 6 studio albums and that after '82 only Rodgers released anything of note.

Classic rock had a great opportunity here, they could have asked ,

why the 'alburquerque disc was pulled and that now they're all pals will it be released,not even touched on.

Or ...Bad co released 6 studio and 1 live album after the 'Rough Diamonds' disc from '82,'every album reviewed'...i dont think so... its like they never happened.

In the Dvd Rodgers & Kirke allude to the name being mis used,hinting directly that Mick Raplhs shouldnt have tried to use it,yet no questioning why it was ok for Rodgers and Kirke to tour as Bad Co(why not FREE?),the irony being that, that, band included Dave Caldwell and Jaz Lochrie,who were in the Ralphs version,another opportunity missed.

I enjoyed the read,some of the classic photo's are pretty cool but its lightweight and not authorative in the least and your left(certainly I am) with the feeling that Paul Rodgers has managed to kill the band off once and for all , now, that the new contract means they all have to participate,we only managed to get about 30 or so gigs worldwide ,will we see them again,Kirke and Ralphs are up for it,i fear they may be disappointed.

Approach with caution ,you'll be left with more questions than answers
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Live At The Greek Theatre 1982
Live At The Greek Theatre 1982
Offered by jim-exselecky
Price: 5.44

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4.0 out of 5 stars Have a blast..., 16 Feb 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
.. stick this on and groove to a great band,originally from their 'farewell tour',thankfully they came back,its a superb reminder of how talented they were,i'll stick with my assertion previously,that the recent 'Wolf Trap' release is the best Doobies live disc,however its a superb document of the funkier Micheal Mcdonald version.

All the classics are here and the 4 bonus tracks a from the latter Mcdonald albums are welcome. A top archive release.

Baying At The Moon
Baying At The Moon
Price: 7.19

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4.0 out of 5 stars Boston 's bad boys In Concert, 16 Feb 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Baying At The Moon (Audio CD)
Classic Aerosmith give a rip snortin' rabble rousing rock n roll performance,its so of its time ,it aint polished and it aint over produced,its live and in your face.

I have to say the fact that its all the one gig makes it better,in my opinion,than the shambolic 'Live Bootleg',the sound quality is decent,not perfect but its a pleasure to hear this,the original Aerosmith rather than the sachrin flavoured pap that they churn out now.

I'm sure, like a previous reviewer, i have this somewhere,on a long lost cassette,so its like re-uniting with a long lost friend,as far as i can tell only 2 tracks here have been released officially,namely 'Toys in the Attic' which was on 'Live Bootleg' and 'Kings n Queens' which was released on the 3 disc 'Pandora's Box' set..

If your a fan from way back then this will be a treat,anyone else may not be as thrilled.

Live at Hammersmith 1979
Live at Hammersmith 1979
Price: 7.37

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5.0 out of 5 stars Insanity Live...Must be Ted Nugent., 12 Feb 2014
excellent archive release from Nugent circa 1979, a handful of classics plus 2 tracks from the up and coming 'State Of Shock disc and the rarely performed live 'Need you Bad' from '78's Weekend Warriors' album plus the madness that is 'Gonzo'

Sound quality is a bit ragged,but it was almost 20 years old when released in 1997,so you can live with that,Nugent and band are on top of their game,insane babble between tracks,the intro to 'Dog Eat Dog,has to be heard to be believed,while Nugents guitar playing is superb.

If you can live without perfection,sound wise then this is for you.

Aftershock (Ltd) (Dig)
Aftershock (Ltd) (Dig)
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: 12.66

4.0 out of 5 stars more of the same...., 12 Feb 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Aftershock (Ltd) (Dig) (Audio CD)
Motorhead's 21st studio album (22 if you count 'On Parole') finds Lemmy and Co' treading old ground,there not much in the way of surprises,The band sticking to tried and trusted riffs and recycling old ideas,that their such an acomplished band,they get away with it and make the new materail worth listening to,tracks such as 'Heartbreaker/Silence When You Speak To Me etc all have that comfort of feeling familiar yet new at the same time.

The irony is that when they do try something slightly different they become the album standouts,namely the bluesy 'Lost Woman Blues',which is a career standout let alone the best track here,likewise the 'lighter'.. 'Dust and Glass' ,two refreshing moments which allow the album to breathe.

The ltd edition digipack is fantastic , atriple panel fold out sleeve with 24 page booklet.

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