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HTC Desire 816 SIM-Free Smartphone - White
HTC Desire 816 SIM-Free Smartphone - White
Offered by total digital stores

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A great phone at a great price, 24 Dec. 2014
N.B: I was supplied a sample for test and review purposes.

Here were my immediate out of the box thoughts for the Desire 816:

- Build quality (8.5/10): It made me say wow; yes it's plastic, but it's glossy and beautifully finished with soft touch plastic surroundings (gives added grip) and metal buttons. Having said that, the glossy plastic does mean that the back is prone to picking up fingerprints. In comparison to existing phones, I would say that the Desire 816 has a `shiny' finish closest to that of the iPhone 5C.

- Power button (4/10): Its placement is a huge mistake in my opinion. It's on the left hand side, at the top. This may be great for a left-hander with a very long thumb, but for others, it's not very convenient. Of course, you will get used to it after a while, though I was very frustrated with it to begin with at first since it's difficult to use one-handed. More conventionally, the power button should have been placed halfway down on the right hand side as they are on most large screen phones. It's a real shame that HTC's Motion Launch gestures are not included in this device as in the flagship M8; it would have really helped.

- Display (8/10): Screen resolution was initially something I was cautious about given that this is a 5.5" phone with a 720p display (~267 PPI). Surprisingly, I have to say though that the average user will not even notice the difference between this and a 1080p (or higher resolution) screen. HTC have somehow managed to smooth out the pixels to the point where it isn't an issue. Of course other large screen phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and LG G3 have insane Quad HD screens but it should not be forgotten that the Desire 816 is significantly cheaper than those higher-end devices. Resolution aside, the screen is very bright, responsive and has great colours - it's a treat to watch videos and play games on this phone.

- Size vs BoomSound (8/10): It's larger than the G3, yet around the same size as the Note 4 which houses a larger 5.7" screen. My immediate feeling was that the phone is too big for what it is. There was one thing which I had forgotten about however - HTC's BoomSound speakers. Oh my gosh, these speakers are so worth the extra bezel on the top and bottom of the phone. They have pretty much identical quality and loudness as HTCs flagship M8, which gives the Desire 816 (along with the M8) the best speakers in the mobile phone industry. You'll be able to hear your phone ringing a mile away! The only thing which remaining which bugs me are the left and right bezels; they could have easily been smaller and made for a more comfortable fit in the hand.

So, now onto the stuff which will reflects day to day usage...

- Battery life (8.5/10): I wasn't expecting anything too positive... but surprisingly, the Desire 816 has great battery life. I use HTC's power saving mode at all times - and to be honest, it doesn't abolish the phone's experience by any means - it dims the screen a little, conserves unnoticeable CPU power and stops haptic feedback, to name a few. HTC also have extreme power saving mode which can be activated automatically in an emergency (i.e. if phone battery goes below a certain percentage) to effectively switch off all unnecessary phone features and only enable calls, texts and mail etc. Anyway, back to the battery overall - on light usage, I'm able to easily get through 2 or 3 days of usage. On a standard day of usage (which include calls, texts, social media, a bit of gaming and internet browsing), I'm comfortably able to get through a whole day. As with most phones nowadays, if you use it regularly, expect to charge it once a day.

- Software and overall user experience (9.5/10): HTC's Sense UI is very welcoming and, remarkably, I'm struggling to say anything critical about it. It's buttery smooth and very fast - if you like Android, you will not be disappointed with HTC Sense. Samsung in particular have been critised by a wide variety of tech personnel for overloading their UI with unnecessary software, thus causing Android to slow down needlessly. I can assure you that the Desire 816 is not slow or laggy in any way, and to be brutally honest, it isn't that much different to the rapidity of the M8. That's a pretty bold statement, I know. Essentially yes, the Desire 816 gives you a software experience very close to that of HTCs flagship phone, at almost half the price - well worth the money.

- Cameras (7/10): The 5MP front facing camera and 13MP rear camera are a good balance. The pictures produced by the rear sensor are crisp though a little lacking in colour I would say. Though this is the case, HTC have included a bunch of editing features within their software which allows us to be creative, post-shot. The front facing camera struggles a little in low-light, though this is not the case outdoors. The positive is that this is a high 5MP sensor within the body of a mid-range phone.

- Calls & Text (9/10): I am yet to experience issues with the handset itself with regards to calls and texts. Calls are clear, crisp and loud - thanks to BoomSound.

- Storage (7/10): The handset comes with an integrated 8GB of storage memory which is expandable up to 128GB using a MicroSD card. This is great, though I have to say I feel it's a little low to include 8GB onboard for a device released in 2014. Yes apps can be moved to SD, but some apps don't support this and so those will forcefully be stored on the 8GB space. Furthermore, roughly 5GB was pre-occupied out-of-the-box which only gives you around 3GB for these extra apps. Having said that, if you don't plan on installing many apps, you should have no issues using the device. Thankfully, photos, music and videos can be stored on the MicroSD card.

Overall (8/10): A great phone which has been priced very competitively. All the features and experiences above have contributed to this score which now leads me to recommend this device for anyone who is looking for a mid-range/cheaper large screen phone. Some of the specs do not compare to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, nor the LG G3 for example, but we need to remember that this phone is not in their high-end league even though the overall experience of the handset is surprisingly not far from it!

Feel free to leave me a comment if you have any questions.

Happy buying :-)

Goliton® AUX 3.5mm Cable Connect iPod iPhone MP3 Phone Audio to Mazda Car Player connector adapter cable (2 Meter Long)
Goliton® AUX 3.5mm Cable Connect iPod iPhone MP3 Phone Audio to Mazda Car Player connector adapter cable (2 Meter Long)
Offered by Bestin
Price: £9.95

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars What more do you need?, 5 Sept. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Why did nobody tell me that this was available?! There's nothing bad to say about this cable!

Installed on a 56 reg Mazda 6 TS2 (6 CD Bose audio).

- Arrived in good time
- To install, you remove the glove box and slip your hand in... There's no need to pull the radio out and it took my 5 mins (bit fiddly but very easy)
- Put the glove box back
- Turn the radio on, press "Media" (you should see "Aux" displayed) and you're away

So cheap, so good, simply brilliant... get one!

Happy buying :-)

i-Blason All New HTC One M8 Screen Protector - [ Ultra-Thin 0.24 mm Tempered Glass ] Premium Minimal Bubble 8 H Scratch Free Screen Protector (Glass-uT) for 2014
i-Blason All New HTC One M8 Screen Protector - [ Ultra-Thin 0.24 mm Tempered Glass ] Premium Minimal Bubble 8 H Scratch Free Screen Protector (Glass-uT) for 2014

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Worth the money, 2 Sept. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
My overall thoughts: Good product but not quite up to my expectations unfortunately.

- Feels great to touch: as smooth as glass
- Very easily wipes clean
- Somewhat resistant to fingerprints
- Thinner than most glass protectors, though of course it's thicker than normal protectors
- Has [slightly] curved edges for a nicer feel
- Scratch resistant: I've tried scratching this with kitchen knives, keys and blades and it's not caused the smallest of damages

- Not a perfect fit to the screen: the top and bottom have the most noticeable gaps
- Strangely, the product I received was not branded i-Blason and the packaging looked nothing like what the product images show

My advice: I would recommend installing it in the "steamy bathroom" scenario to avoid dust particles getting in. I wouldn't even bother worrying about air bubbles as they're virtually non-existent on this tempered glass protector. I strongly recommend you align and install first time round because lifting the protector to move it around/get rid of dust causes the protector to deform. I lifted the very corner of mine and that corner now appears to be damaged and will no longer stick down. Given that the protector wasn't a perfect fit for the screen, and that the corner became damaged, I returned the product.

I guess I'm a bit of a perfectionist, but for £4.99, I can say that it's worth the money (though I worry why the product I received wasn't branded i-Blason)!

Happy buying :-)

SAMAR® - Supreme Quality New Google Nexus 5 Matte Anti Glare Screen Protectors (Released 2013) 6 in Pack - Includes Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
SAMAR® - Supreme Quality New Google Nexus 5 Matte Anti Glare Screen Protectors (Released 2013) 6 in Pack - Includes Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Offered by Case Specialist
Price: £1.49

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great but not perfect, 24 Jun. 2014
A product does really need to be perfect for me to give it 5 stars.

There's only one thing which ruins this product for me - clarity. Once on, the protector produces a spotty multi-coloured glare; much like when you smudge your screen using oily fingers.

- Easy to install, use YouTube for guidance. I installed mine first time 99% dust and bubble-free... very pleased :-)
- You're given 6 protectors (always nice to have extras for messing up your first application and then you can keep the rest as spare!)
- Very nice matte finish which stops your screen shining/glaring
- Feels nice to the touch

- Could be maybe just a tiny bit larger for a slightly better fit, but I'm just being picky!
- No applicator card
- Not 100% transparent and so produces a multi-coloured finish

We have a matte finish protector for the iPad and that protector (not Samar) doesn't give you as much multi-coloured glare. I guess this is something which is difficult to avoid due to the material which matte protectors are made of. Regardless, given we've got a matte protector which has less of this multi-coloured glare, I feel Samar could maybe also reduce it - hence 4 stars.

Having said that, this is a good product for a great price so please do give it a try but don't expect perfection.

Happy buying :-)

No Title Available

4.0 out of 5 stars Perfect bar the size, 16 May 2014
DISCLOSURE: I was supplied a sample of this product for test and evaluation in return for a fair and honest review.

The package contained all that has been said:
Screen protectors (x3)
Micro-fibre cloth (x1)
Bubble-removal card (x1)
Dust-removal adhesive strip - this is basically a sticker (x1)
Instruction manual (x1)

I'm pleased to report that the installation of the protector went almost perfectly. I had watched some screen protector installation videos on YouTube prior to receiving the product so I had a good understanding of what the instructions were asking of me. I managed to install the protector (first time), 100% bubble free and with only 1% of minute dust particles under the protector; something which I was delighted with. Follow the instructions and you should be able to get it on without any issues.

The protector itself feels like glass to the touch, doesn't give off the infamous "rainbow-effect" and appears to be pretty solid. I also decided to put the scratch-resistance to the test by using my fingernails to try and mark the protector. To my surprise, I was able to create (what appeared to be) scratches. These marks did not disappear with a typical wipe of the screen and I had thought that I'd damaged the product already. Having said that, I then found out that these scratches can be removed by scratching my fingernail perpendicular to the mark. Guess it wasn't a real scratch but a surface mark of some sort.

Positives aside, the only issue with this protector is that it's 0.8mm short length-wise and width-wise. I installed this as perfectly as possible but there are half a millimetre black gaps around the screen (except the bottom which I had aligned perfectly).

All in all, this is a good quality protector which just falls short in the sizing department - I installed it as perfectly as I could and even though this is the case, and given that it's only about 0.8mm short, I wouldn't say it looks bad by any means.

Had the size been perfect, I would have rated it 5 stars.

Happy buying! :)

HTC Screen Protectors for HTC One M8 - Clear (Pack of 2)
HTC Screen Protectors for HTC One M8 - Clear (Pack of 2)
Offered by Keep in Case
Price: £2.99

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Not too bad?, 12 May 2014
I find it odd that that there are so many negative reviews on here about this to be honest.

NOTE: Not Amazon verified - I purchased from Carphone Warehouse.

This is my experience:
- Smudges and picks up fingerprints
- Installed with hardly any bubbles (I have just two small bubbles on the black bezel - could you other reviewers have received fake protectors, I wonder?)
- Very nice fit for the screen (which can make it hard to align perfectly!)
- As it's such a perfect fit, I had to spend plenty of time aligning it. Seeing as I wasn't in a dust-free environment, this meant I got some dirt particles underneath the screen (but again, not a single bubble on the display itself)
- Clear film which doesn't affect the display quality or brightness
- Does not affect the One (M8)'s touch responsiveness
- Feels like glass
- No scratches on it as of yet
- Pricey... but then again, it's HTC branded

Happy buying :)

HTC Dot Flip Cover Case for HTC One (M8) - Grey
HTC Dot Flip Cover Case for HTC One (M8) - Grey
Offered by DirectToU
Price: £14.30

93 of 102 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Innovative but with a flaw, 13 April 2014
[Was 3 stars]

So this is the long awaited Dot View case by HTC for the One (M8). I've really been looking forward to this and I got my hands on one from Carphone Warehouse just yesterday and I really hate to say I do feel a little disappointed with it...

The good:
- Innovative and looks stunning
- Design looks great (you'd think it's a bad thing by hiding the One's metal in plastic, however, you'll be surprised at the quality of this case's finish). It shows off the One (M8)'s chrome trim really nicely.
- Double tap to see the time, weather/temperature and if you have missed calls, mail or text messages
- Answer and decline calls through the case.
- There's a Dot View app on the Play Store which means they can add support for more apps in the future (and do much more with the case!)
- Plenty of room to improve on what you can do with the case
- Great build quality

The neutral:
- The case always wants to close. You cannot get it to dangle off the side. Could this be a good thing in case you drop the phone since the screen will be covered? You could also argue that this point is good because it makes closing the cover easier one handed - you can literally just let go of the front cover and it'll automatically close.

The bad:
- Due to the nature of the curved back of the phone, there is no slick way of folding the front cover behind the phone - the spine of the case should've been thicker in my opinion to allow for a better fold. This also means that the handset does not lie flat on a surface with the cover folded behind - it "stands" at an angle of about 15 odd degrees.
- The notification LED does not line up with one of the holes and so you must look at the phone face-on to see if the light is blinking.
- Not very clear to see in bright daylight
UPDATE (10/06/14) NOW 2 STARS:
- Can damage the screen, be warned. GET YOURSELF A SCREEN PROTECTOR BEFORE USING THIS!
What do I mean, you ask? Well the front cover contains a small magnet which seems to have worn through the material. This has left behind a crescent shaped mark on my screen which does not go away. Well, it goes away but not permanently - it wipes off with a screen wipe, but when you smudge it again, it picks up oil and re-appears. Rather strange. I've cleaned using professional screen cleaning wipes, glass cleaners and even surface wipes but nothing seems to be getting rid of it, it just comes back with fingerprints. See photos attached to the product for more detail on this. Worst thing is that this is not just my product, but I warned other people and one person reported back that they saw early signs of what I experienced.

As you can see, although this case is really cool, I feel HTC might have focused a bit too much on the innovation and lost the plot somewhat. The user experience for this could certainly have been better. Having said that, this is a one of a kind case which is really cool to show off. The Dot View does look amazing and the opening and closing of the case to turn the screen on and off works flawlessly.

The verdict: Buy this if you want to be cool and unique and can live with a little frustration. Don't buy this if you want a case that a monkey can use cos I can almost guarantee you'll get frustrated with this Dot View case.

UPDATE (15/07/14): HTC have upgraded their Dot View app to allow you to do much more with the Dot View case. You're now able to add themes/backgrounds, see your most recent calls and even navigate through email and text notifications. I have to admit though, the usability issues on this case made me take it off my M8 a while ago due to the damage it caused to my screen. Unfortunately, even with the new updates (and even though I now have a screen protector), I don't see myself wanting to go back to the case purely because it's a hassle with the cover wanting to snap back and not being able to rest it smoothly on the underside of the phone. Additionally, if you have a thick screen protector (e.g tempered glass), the case won't close fully.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions!

Happy buying :)
Comment Comments (9) | Permalink | Most recent comment: May 29, 2014 7:21 AM BST

HTC One M8 UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Gunmetal Grey
HTC One M8 UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Gunmetal Grey
Offered by Pod-G-Penguin
Price: £339.99

127 of 132 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The One to beat!, 4 April 2014
The HTC One was the best handset of 2013, as awarded at MWC 2014. It's also won numerous awards for having the best design so it only makes sense that HTC made the best even better! I've had this for a week now, and being a gadget lover, this is arguably the best handset on the current market for me.

What's notably good:
- Exceptional build quality (10/10) - HTC have upped their game from the original One (M7) by making the One (M8) 90% metal, wrapping beautifully up to the edge of the screen. This is one hell of a premium look and feel; I would call it the best looking Android handset on the market. It feels delightful in your hands and gives you very ergonomic curves. The only slight downside is that the device is a little slippery in your hands, but I'm not complaining given the build quality of the phone.

- SD card (10/10) - Hurrah! HTC have listened to all customers who wanted expandable storage on the original One (M7) - this handset supports a MicroSD up to 128GB.

- Battery life is very good (9.5/10) - Surprisingly, this phone provides me with a good 10 hours of battery life on heavy usage. I'm talking about web browsing, texting, Whatsapping, social media and a little bit of gaming. I haven't left my phone on standby as a proper test to see how many hours it'll last purely on standby (because I cannot live without a phone!), though I can only assume its battery life there would be extraordinary. From my experience, on normal power saving mode and on standby (even with Wi-Fi on), this thing only drops like 1 or 2% per hour. HTC also have an extreme power saving mode which I am yet to test (included in the next software update) but they claim that this will give the phone about 15 standby hours out of a 5% charge. Sticking it into this mode on 100% battery gives it a whopping 2 weeks of life!

- HTC Sense 6 UI (9/10) - This is one slick user interface. Smooth, no lag, fast, elegant and very pleasing aesthetically. I know people who're fans of stock Android who love this UI. For your peace of mind, I can only suggest you get your hands on it and see what you think.

- Motion Launch (9/10) - The power button has been moved to the top-right hand side which can make it a little awkward for right handers. No need to fear though, HTC have included a new "Motion Launch" feature which allows you to not only double tap the screen to wake (like the Moto X), but also to swipe in different directions to wake the screen and launch different apps depending on the direction of the swipe. You can also wake the camera by holding the device in a landscape orientation and pressing a volume key. As useful as these features are, the only slight niggle is that you can sometimes accidentally turn the screen on when taking the handset out of your pocket (but who cares when there's such good battery life!). Having said that, when I go to use my friend's and family's handsets (Nexus 5, HTC Sensation, Galaxy S4 to name a few), I really miss not being able to simply swipe the screen to wake and unlock it... you do really become attached to this feature!

- BoomSound (10/10) - Bigger, better and 25% louder than before. This device has the best speakers currently in the mobile phone industry, period. The amplifier for headphones is just as good and I could listen to music on this handset all day long!

- Splash resistant (7/10) - This handset has not boasted being water resistant like the Z1/Z2/S5 but it can in fact withstand rainfall since it's IPx3 certified. I got this information from HTC themselves - you can check their Twitter (@htc) for proof.

- Display (9.5/10) - The screen is very sharp, colourful and bright. This comes as no surprise as it does have a full HD, Super LCD3 screen. It certainly surpasses Samsung's AMOLED when it comes to bright daylight viewing.

- Calls (10/10) - The HTC One (M8) has a feature which allows you to answer a call by simply placing the ringing phone to your ear without having the need to swipe the screen - it works flawlessly; as easy as you like. The call quality has no problems and loudspeaker also works amazingly well, thanks to BoomSound.

- Front-facing camera (10/10) - HTC are the world's first to introduce a 5MP front-facing camera for those who want crisp selfies - there's even a selfie mode on the camera app which has a nice little countdown timer!

- HTC Dot View case (9/10) - Probably the coolest case you can buy out there. It hasn't been released just yet but I've had my hands-on with this thing and it's pretty cool. The case, in effect, creates a retro-like display. You can check the time and weather by double tapping the screen, answer calls through the case, see missed calls, and many more, all without opening the case. Pretty innovative tech from HTC if you ask me. UPDATE (09/05/13): I've reviewed the Dot View case - as cool as it is, it has some usability issues so check that out if you wish!

What's bad:
- Size (7.5/10) - The device is actually a little larger than the original One and so people who're looking for a small handset may not be too pleased about this. Having said that, I feel this phone is too good to give a miss - I highly suggest you go to a store and pick up a demo device for yourself to see what you think of it! UPDATE (09/05/13): A colleague of mine just switched from an iPhone 4 to the One (M8) - although she said it was big at first, she's now more than happy with it.

- The bezel (6.5/10) on this device is something people have complained about and it's something which I've researched into. Obviously this ties in with the above and the overall size of the handset. The reason that the bezel has not been shrunk or removed is due to internal space restrictions. Having bigger and better speakers, whilst wanting to move on with the trend of on-screen navigation buttons has proven a challenge. HTC have unfortunately nowhere else to place some of their internal components but beneath the HTC logo on the front. Other devices like the Nexus 5, Xperia Z1 do not have such a random bezel because Google and Sony have used the space at the bottom of their handsets (where there aren't speakers/amplifiers) to place these in. The positive to take away from this is that you'll hardly even notice it when you're using the handset.

What's neutral:
- The Duo Camera (8.5/10) - I wouldn't call it bad, but it's not excellent either. Megapixel lovers, look away now. You probably will hate the One's camera since HTC have stuck with the UltraPixel technology, in addition to adding a secondary lens to capture depth. Being a photographer myself, I personally love the Duo camera because it gives me DSLR-like features on a standard phone. You're able to refocus shots after they've been taken as the second sensor knows how far objects are in the image. There are some fancy-pants features which make your photos look cool too but these are partially (but cool) gimmicks. I'm not looking to zoom into photos a ridiculous amount and I'm not looking to print large canvases using my phone and so the camera resolution on this is more than enough for me. For people just looking to snap and share on social media, this is more than enough for you. It's not that they couldn't put a high MP camera on the back; they have a higher MP front-facing camera. For me, it's about quality and not quantity. Oh, and did I mention that there's a manual mode so you can adjust the shutter speed, ISO and aperture just as you can on a DSLR? Great stuff if you're into photography!

- Sense TV (7/10) - This feature basically transforms your One (M8) into a TV remote capable of controlling all your equipment in one device. It also has an interface which allows you to one touch view programs on your TV box. This is a neutral because it can be seen as a bit of a gimmicky feature which people may not use.

- Weight (8/10) - The One (M8) is also a tad heavier than some people might want. Comparing it to HTC's main rival, Samsung in particular (seeing as they're plastic handsets), this is an arguable negative point. I personally like a little weight as I feel Samsung phones are a little flimsy but on the other hand, a businessman might prefer a light device as they may be on the phone all day. It comes down to personal preference and how you may use it.

- Blinkfeed (8/10) - This is very useful for me, and HTC have certainly improved the UI from the original One (M7). So why is it in the neutral section? Many people I know turn off Blinkfeed and so although I very much like it, it comes down to personal preference.

Big question which many will ask - should a One (M7) user upgrade to the One (M8)? Well, looking at the above, there are certainly a lot of features included in the One (M8) that aren't on the One (M7). The Duo camera is also a significant improvement and I certainly would not call the M8 an incremental upgrade; the (many) little improvements (namely camera, battery and overall feel) along with the new features just make for a better handset. HTC have really put thought into this device, and for me, they've delivered an outstanding product.

Having said all of this, I highly recommend this handset to all. It does all the basics extremely well, all whilst giving you a phone you can truly feel proud of. The design is gorgeous, battery life is very good, the UI is lag-free, fast and smooth, and the build quality is exceptional.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

The HTC One (M8) - the best did just get better! :)

Happy buying :)
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Visionaer ® EW-83J lens hood for EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM lenses
Visionaer ® EW-83J lens hood for EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM lenses

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Why pay more?, 17 Feb. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I too have never used the original Canon EW-83J, and seeing the price tag on these official hoods (i.e. a piece of moulded plastic), I really don't plan on purchasing any either. After seeing a couple of good reviews on this, I went for the plunge - and I'm glad I did! It fits very smoothly on the 17-55 F2.8 and I'm also able to use a filter with no problems whatsoever. The hood also does not have any cheap looking brand names; it simply contains EW-83J (as on the product image) as well as a little red dot to tell you to line it up.

Classy piece of kit and well worth my money. Highly recommended!

Happy buying :)

Fosmon VGA to HDMI Converter Box (VGA + 3.5mm Audio In, HDMI Out)
Fosmon VGA to HDMI Converter Box (VGA + 3.5mm Audio In, HDMI Out)
Offered by theWireless USA
Price: £21.50

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Faulty product, 10 Feb. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The product itself looks very well built (2 stars for that), but I'm sorry to say I received a faulty one. The sound produced by the TV was very crackly and the picture was "doubled". It just looked like a damaged old CRT monitor basically. Text was very hard to read on screen but video playback appeared okay. After playing about with my TV settings, I was able to get a manageable display but the audio crackling was just unbearable unfortunately.

I purchased mine from "theWireless USA" and they happily offered a replacement free of charge. Please also note that they ship from the US and so it does take a while for it to be delivered to you (hence why I did not want to wait for a replacement. Instead, they kindly offered that I keep the purchased product free of charge without having to return the faulty one).

Feel free to try this product if you wish, the seller was sure that I was one in a million to receive a faulty one. Please also make sure you know what you're buying - this is to convert VGA to HDMI... i.e. connect a laptop which has a VGA port to a TV with an HDMI.

UPDATE (05/12/14): I did not throw this product away and brought into work a few weeks ago. We've just tried to set it up, and would you believe it - it works fine in my office. At home I have a Sony Bravia (W805A Series) and this converter simply did not work as I wanted it to. At work, we have a Samsung (sorry I do not know the model) and actually it works fine there. How bizarre? I did turn off the extra features such as smoothing etc. in my Sony yet I was unable to get it working. So be weary of this product for it may or may not work on your TV. I really wish I could determine the cause but I can't think of a reason why it wasn't "compatible" with my smart TV!

Happy buying :)

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