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Hot Fuss
Hot Fuss
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £4.42

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5.0 out of 5 stars Sheer, incredible energy. Buy it., 10 Jun 2004
This review is from: Hot Fuss (Audio CD)
I first heard a very early version of "Somebody Told Me" - the first single to get The Killers' name heard around six months ago, and have since been waiting eagerly for their album "Hot Fuss" to be released. I bought it at 9am on the day of its release.
Believe me, it was worth the wait.
This album is fantastic.
The top-ten single Mr Brightside will undoubtedly be what compels many people to buy this album, but that's in no way the only reason to buy "Hot Fuss".
The album opens with raw energy and power in "Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine", and this power is sustained throughout the LP. With most tracks written by the lead singer (and synth player) Brandon Flowers and the bass player Mark Stoermer, this "glamorous indie rock & roll" band impress from start to finish.
Brandon Flowers has a brilliantly powerful voice, and despite being from Las Vegas, he sings in a slightly English accent. With a little help from a Gospel choir on "All These Things That I've Done" (you'll find yourself singing "I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier" in your sleep) and "Andy, You're A Star", Flowers portrays love, jealousy, confusion and just plain fun with absolute perfection.
It's as if the best elements of The Cure, Franz Ferdinand, David Bowie and The Clash have formed a military alliance and agreed to call themselves The Killers.
This is a rare occasion on which I'll say "Believe the hype".
Trust me, The Killers are out to impress.

Sexy Beast
Sexy Beast
Offered by hifi-media-store
Price: £24.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Dark Business!, 16 Dec 2002
This review is from: Sexy Beast (Audio CD)
As much as I love the work of James Lavelle (of UNKLE), I sometimes fear that many of the things he lays his hands on nowadays begin to sound slightly overly similar. Luckily, this works perfectly with Sexy Beast. His dark melodies and beats reccur in variations throughout the film and album, yet they are different enough not to sound too samey and dull. This man really captures the essence of Sexy Beast. The orchestral tracks are beautiful, and the Stranglers, Dean Martin and Henry Mancini tracks the perfect anditidote to the Lavelle work. Overall, the musical competance and brilliant soundbites from the film make this an album worth owning for anyone with an interest in cult films, or intersting music.

Offered by EliteDigital UK
Price: £13.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliantly intelligent genre-blending hip-hop, 9 Dec 2002
This review is from: Deadringer (Audio CD)
This album is truely brilliant. RJD2 brings a risky genre to life, blending funk, soul, jazz and rap with thoroughly satisfying beats.
Deadringer has a special place in my heart, bringing back incredible memories of Santa Monica with frieds, where I bought this album. But RJD2's music is so near-perfectly crafted, that I strongly recommend that anyone with even a vague interest in the aformentioned genres considers buying this record.
I have heard many references to RJD2 as the new DJ Shadow, and although his work does resemble Josh Davies' in some ways, it is unfair to simply label him as an unofficial sequel.
Brilliant, impressive stuff, give it a look.

Through the Eyes of a Scorpion
Through the Eyes of a Scorpion

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5.0 out of 5 stars Blinding, 6 Nov 2002
This is, in my opinion, Drum and bass at some of its best ever. Teebee grabs you by the...face with the opening track, Silent Depths, the track which made me buy the album, and the magic goes on from there. I can't understand why a bigger fuss hasn't been made about Through The Eyes Of A Scorpion, as it's one of the best all round drum n bass/jungle albums you'll find nowadays.

Making Bones
Making Bones
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £7.96

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5.0 out of 5 stars brain spanking, 14 Oct 2002
This review is from: Making Bones (Audio CD)
Simply brain spanking. Owned this album for quite a while now, thought it deserved my compliments. Since it created its own genres, Making Bones has yet to be beaten in its category. Such a shame Red Snapepr have split up.

Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £4.72

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5.0 out of 5 stars Words Can't Describe, 10 Aug 2002
This review is from: Blood Sugar Sex Magik (Audio CD)
The best album in the world ever. I will happily argue that for hours. My favourite album since I was four years old. Shame the new stuff isn't quite as...brain spanking! Keidis at his most poinient, flea at his very funkiest, fruschante (in his pre-loony years) fighting it out with jimi hendrix for the best guitarist ever, chad mysterious, but still cool. Best. Enough. Buy. Less read more funk.

Furious Angels - Ltd Edition
Furious Angels - Ltd Edition
Offered by CDandVinyl
Price: £7.56

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5.0 out of 5 stars So...when does the film come out?, 16 July 2002
This is a fantastic album from the genius that is Rob Dougan. Elements of his life pop up throughout the album, and it feels as though you are watching a movie. The epic tracks are put in perfect order, as scenes in Furious Angels: The Movie. Dougan really performs the tracks.
1. Prelude: An eerie choral introduction (picture the opening credits)
2. Furious Angels: the title track is a powerful all round track, driven by frightening strings, chilling vocals and immense breakbeat percussion.
3. Will You Follow Me?: A lighter, filmic (think Star Wars) orchestral piece, already nabbed by Blockbuster Video and the BBC Commonwealth Games coverage.
4. Left Me For Dead: A genuinely frightening song, with deep, echoey drums and vicious vocals form Dougan (Picture him dying in the middle of a road).
5. I'm Not Driving Anymore: A chilling, reflective track, with more bitter vocals, and powerful drums.
6. Clubbed To Death (Kurayamino Variation): Anyone who hasn't heard this track has quite possibly been living in a hole on another planet for the past seven years. This is, in my opinion, one of the best dance tracks ever written. Haunting Strings (Elgar?) to open, one of the most powerful, shivers-down-your-spiney...bulks EVER, simple yet effective piano part at 3 minutes, followed by floor-shaking filtered...bulk, even better than the first bit, add all this together, and try not to picture the best film soundtrack ever. Something has gone wrong, music is not meant to be this good, but sometimes it is.
7. There's Only Me: Whilst you are still shaking from Clubbed To Death, you are given a calmer reflective (yet still quite angry) track.
8. Instrumental: Timeless orchestral piece of beauty to put you in the mood for the rest of the film, and give you a chance to catch up on the plot so far.
9. Nothing At All: Opens with an orchestral piece that makes you feel that you've heard the track before. Then a short piece of vocals, followed by an incredibly satisfying guitar part, with a really lovely trip-hop beat, some really nice singing. This track is dark, but rally relaxing.
10. Born Yesterday: This track is so very dark, it's slightly scarey to listen to. It has a strange, quiet oriental/strings opening, then thumps you with a creepy bass and rhythm section, and more great vocals
11. Speed Me Towards Death: Lively strings intro, warm verses, and sprightly, vibrant choruses.
12. Drinking Song: A light-night, placid tune. Near the top of this review, I mentioned how Dougan really performs the tracks on the album. This is very true on Drinking Song, he actually sounds drunk (maybe he was)!
13. Pause: Perhaps a deep, meaningful, reflective piece of musical genius designed to provide the listener with time to calm down and think. To me though, just thirty-three seconds of silence!
14. One And The Same: A light-hearted song, really ties the album up nicely. A bit cheesy, but who honestly cares after some of the magic from earlier on.
15. Clubbed To Death 2: I'd heard of a James Lavelle (of Unkle) cover of Clubbed To Death, called Clubbed To Death 2, but I'd never expected the sequel to the Monster to be on the album. It is a good track, after you've got past the minute of silence at the beginning. Mostly strings, with a heavy beat over it, works nicely, not very much to do with the original though. Doesn't really compare with Clubbed To Death, but still worht a listen.
So in conclusion, this is a Beast of an album. Give it a chance to grow on you, and it will. Just wait, maybe soon a Hollywood producer will hear it and decide to base a film around the album!

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