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4.0 out of 5 stars Amazing. The only word for it!, 5 July 2004
This review is from: Surrender (Audio CD)
Hey! im a major javine fan, but i wont be biased, this is my honest review of the album. from the word go. Ive changed it slightly from the 1 i did on the day i got it, but its basically intact! this girl has what it takes to be a legend, i just wish the public would stop listening to britney spears and suchlike c*** and take notice!
01: Real Things 9/10
We all no this one, fantastic debut song, nothing else 2 say, every1 noes what a wicked song it is. fab lyrics. Ill probably end up not listenin 2 this one as much 4 ages cos ive had it so long, but in a few months time ill put it back on and love it all over again! Its onea those kinda songs!
02: Best Of My Love 10/10
My favourite single so far. I think it shudda done way better than what it did, its one of the 3 songs Javine didnt write on the album, but it fits her so well and her vocals are exceptional, especially the adlibs where it doesnt make her sound strained, where some vocalists would.
03: Dont Walk Away 10/10
OMG THIS SONG! its stunning. Def my fave on the album so far. Im glad shes releasing it as a single, i think people will see the talent in her through this *fingers crossed*. to me, she sounds much more mature in this song than some others on the album.
04: Promise 9/10
Very soulful ballad, its a gorgeous song but i think itll take the longest to grow on me (edit/ it did, because now its 1a my fave ballads on the album). The lyrics of this i can really relate to, and so can ne1 whos in a relationship with a guy/girl or a friendship thats breaking down. Suits Javines voice brilliantly.
05: Millions 10/10
I heard this one last week some time, and immediatly my heart sank. I have 2 admit i really wasnt sure about it. BUT i now edited this to say its now 1a my faves on the album (LMAO i think all the album is my fave! haha) the backing track is WICKED, and b4 the 1st chorus where the track jumps is really funny, cos like ollie i thort my cd was messin up! I think the lyrics are really funny and clever, a particular fave of mine is: "with nothing to lose not tonight, well come back in a cadilliac"
06: Definition Of A Man 8/10
Aww the song she wrote for her boyfriend!! I think this is a classic dance track, and like BOML really suits Javines voice and style. Im thinking a possible single?! Not cos of the obvious quality but the personal attriubute to javine?
07: Where You Are 8/10
This is another of my faves, lovely lyrics and sung amazingly as usual!
08: Think Twice 7/10
Ive heard so much about this song and how it let people down, but i was surpirse by it, its not the best on the album, but its not bad either., it really hooked me and i can really related to the lyrics. The song can get very boring after a while though and it is the only song on here that i can skip halfway thru.
09: Surrender (Your Love) 8/10
Ahh the trusty 2nd single, i gotta admit when i first heard this i hated it. After real things i was like WHAT is she doing, but then i heard it and saw the vid a few times and it instantly grew on me. This one shudda got a higher postion as well, and i love the "no,oh" bit haha!
10: Let Me Go 10/10
This song is WICKED! definatly my second favoutie album track. Im sure someone told me that she wrote it for her mom, but after readin the lyrics i dunno if i misread what they said lol. Still, i love it, i really hope its a single!
11: Messin' 10/10
This was the one song i was let down by. I dont no, its just with the title "Messin" i saw a really hard hitting anthem, ya no what i mean, so i was kinda disappointed by it. its now my fave dance track on the album LOL. the backing track is wicked and i really like listenin 2 this one when im a mood hehe. girl power!
12: All About Us 8/10
I see this wasnt written by Jav either?! Well i think she pulls it off supperrrbly, the lyrics r BEAUTIFUL, and the harmonies she does along with the adlibs make this song an instant classic.
13: Missing You 8/10
I think this song is the 1 i havent listened to the most, cos its at the end of the album and all. The lyrics in this song in particular show that Javine doesnt just have a remarkable voice but she is also a gifted songwriter.
but out of 10 id give Surrender a score of 9/10 (4 stars on amazon!)! brilliant debut album, a piece of work the girl shud be damn proud of! Its definatly gonna be up there in my top 10 favourite albums EVER, i cant put it down! Im not one for popstars/pop idol (minus will young) but Javine shows she doesnt need the tag to be a credibal artist. Im bringing on the next album now! haha!! Buy Dont Walk Away (AA Side w/ Youve Got A Friend) out in August, get javine recognised!

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