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Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend (Xbox)
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend (Xbox)

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3.0 out of 5 stars tomb raider, 27 April 2006
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
At last a tomb raider game comes out on the xbox! Ive been looking forward to playing one for a long time, so now ill tell you about my experiences playing, ill start with the good points.

The graphics are very very good, mountains and waterfalls look very realistic and laras character is done to a high standard, maybe a bit too high if you compare her to all the other characters in the game who look like they have been chisseled out of a block of wood.

Gameplay is very fluid and runs smoothly, i didnt detect any slowdown which I thought would happen due to the high quality of graphics. And also there is very little loading time. The game starts almost immediatly when you turn your box on, and the only loading screens through the game are after you've died, and these are very quick. And croft manor is very attractive and fun to look around.

My bad points of the game :

Firstly, and my main gripe, is that it is far, far too easy, Way too easy. Apart from a couple of end of level bosses which can be hard to kill sometimes, the puzzles are painfully simple. Lara and Zip on your comms system basically tell you exactly what to do in each situation "..ooh I wonder if I could move that crate somewhere..." and pretty much tell you what to shoot in a battle and there is no aiming to do. And she has the lamest throw of a grenade I have ever seen.

And its probably one of the shortest games I have ever played, I did the main game in 7 hours and that wasnt even rushing through, the time trials are a nice touch though and pad the game out a bit more.(it needs it!!) and its left itself nicely open for a sequel, so id expect some news soon.

The jumping and grabbing hold of things in the game are fun to do, even if it is a bit hard to fall off anything. Also, for me anyway, the swimming was hard to get the hang of and frustrating, luckily there isnt a great deal of these to do.

The bikes are easy to use but as soon as you get on it the graphics turn into some kind of early nineties outrun game.

Overall it is a fairly good game, though I am very dissapointed I spent 30 quid on it. The box says its suitable for over 12's only, but I feel the game was designed for much younger people as it is so easy and extremely short. Definatly one for renting and not buying as it can be completed in one long day or two short nights

Half-Life 2 (Xbox)
Half-Life 2 (Xbox)
Offered by Lucianorder
Price: £9.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars hl2, 29 Nov 2005
This review is from: Half-Life 2 (Xbox) (Video Game)
What a game this is. It is truly the best FPS ever to grace the xbox.
Nothing else touches this game with graphics, or gameplay or the size of the game, its huge.
The graphics are superb on this. Farcrys graphics were the best to date on the xbox but this game blows it away. Even from the openeing sequence to the game when the G man is talking, you are left in awe at how good it looks, and it never lets itself down anywhere during the game. There is some slight slow down, but I never noticed it until three quarters of the way through, and then it is normally just after a loading screen so it never affects the game so people kill you.
The controls are very easy to use and weapon selection is miles better than using a keyboard. There are a couple of chapters that include vehicles, and again these are easy to get the hang of, something farcry might have done well to do!
Enemy AI is very intelligent, from combine hiding behind objects when being shot at, to a squad of them using different tactics and weapons to fish you out of your hiding hole, it is very realistic. But the only qualm about the ai is the friendly ones. They tend to stand in your way in doorways and coridors, but this can be forgiven as they do help you out greatly in battles.
The variety in the chapters is huge. Every one is different and you very rarely do the same thing over and over unlike a certain bungie game where the levels were so monotonous. There are a lot of checkpoints so when you die you dont have to re-do difficult parts in the game, also you can save it whenever you like.
You really must buy this game. There is nothing better on the market. It has everything in one, driving parts, platform and jumping puzzles, stealth parts and all out blowing everything up levels.
As with all games though, they are never perfect. Although this is the closest to perfection I have played there are just a couple of thing that can be annoying, well for me anyway. When the ant lions and you squad stand in your way you cant get past then, and they wont move, and the only other thing is I seem to get stuck on door frames! When your trying to run away from someone shooting you cant get through the door and also trying to edge your way along a wall you get stuck on things like drain pipes and broken bricks, although I suppose this shows that everything in the game is real and is actually there and not just a painted bit of wall!
For some reason though, I cant help but think that this isnt as good as the original. Ofcourse it is graphically superior and runs a lot better and AI is better, but I found that the puzzles on this game werent as hard as Half Life 1. There were many times on that game where I would be truly stuck as of what to do, but this one just seems a bit easy, and everything is put on a plate for you. Nevertheless though, it still good!!!!!

F1 2002
F1 2002

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3.0 out of 5 stars f12002, 3 Nov 2005
This review is from: F1 2002 (Video Game)
Having got extremely bored waiting for absolutly anyone to felease a new F1 game on the xbox, I decided to buy this quite dated game, as it is pretty much the only one. I wasnt expecting much out of the game but I was very surprised when I started playing it. The car seems very jerky when you first play, but after a few laps you get used to it. The graphics are fine and just what you'd expect from an F1 game, although the cars do look a bit bland with no sponsors on them. Unlike most other f1 games, it is quite hard to pull away from other cars behind you and just one small mistake can send you half way down the field, which is a good point for the game.
But there are some huge things wrong with this game. Dont choose to have the flag system in races!! Even running over curbs on a corner results in a yellow flag, hence having to slam on (which i never do in time)so exeeding the speed limit and then a stop go penalty, also other cars pass you under yellow flag and nothing happens to them.
I dont think the game needed the liscensing bits beore you play, its not what an f1 game is about, and it was more of a hinderance than agood aspect. Ea normally have a good history of making attractive contents and option screens but these are just boring and nothing in the standings table or construtors table exites the eye.
The interactive pitstops are a nice touch so its up to you how long your stop is.
This isnt a bad game and will give you a good enough F1 fix until an earth shaking event occurs and someone makes a truly great f1 game on the xbox. Athough somehow Takuma Sato has just won the Championship on my game!

Far Cry Instincts (Xbox)
Far Cry Instincts (Xbox)
Price: £6.49

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3.0 out of 5 stars Farcry, 25 Oct 2005
This is such a difficult game to write about, and to rate as there is so much going for the game and against it.
The plus points are of course the graphics which are really outstanding, from the smallest detail on a gun to a massive wide expanse of scenery, either it be the jungle or a mountain range everything has been done to the highest standard. It is probably the nicest looking game I have seen on an Xbox.
The gameplay for me stands at 50 - 50 because it all runs smoothly and your guns are relativle easy to wield,but sometimes the guys just do not die. You can hit them with a full round of ammo at point blank range and they'll just stand there staring at you, half of them seem to be immune to grenades aswell. The AI isnt as clever as the developers are making out to be. Its not the worst but if you are shooting at a group of soldiers and then you hide behind a bush, you would atlest think that one of them would come and look for you, but as soon as your out of sight they turn around and go back to their business.
Also other soldiers seem to be totaly unaware if you sniper his mate stood right next to him, so everyone is too easy to pick off using the sniper rifle.
And setting traps in the jungle is just lame, its not that type of stealthy game to be doing things like that, its almost impossible to sneek up on people so you just end up running around blasting everything.They havnt integrated stealth tactics and all out action very well.
The vehicles are good but they are ridiculously impossible to drive and trying to shoot at the same time you might aswell forget.
The game is quite linear aswell, there is only one route you can take, so when it says in the game descriptions rthat there are numerous routes, i dont know where theyve got that from! Unless it means where on one level your in a car and you can either turn left or right, which in no time atall takes you to the same place anyway!
Apart from these few flaws it is a really good game, and the map editor is very very good, very easy to use if you dont know anything about building maps. Probably the best map editor I have seen in a game because of its simplicity and its fun to play your own map aswell.

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