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Angela Hewitt - Bach Performance on the Piano [DVD] [2008]
Angela Hewitt - Bach Performance on the Piano [DVD] [2008]
Dvd ~ Bach
Price: 19.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Required Viewing, 20 Oct 2013
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You don't have to be a pianist to enjoy this, though you're in for a treat if you are. If you like Bach's music there's plenty to learn about and the range of topics is impressive, seven chapters with sub-sections covering everything from phrasing and tone to ornamentation and choosing a published edition. I enjoyed it all immensely - every minute of it. It's certainly excellent value, the lecture running to two and a half hours and you get a recital on top of that.
As a lover of both Bach's music and the piano, this was irresistable. Having struggled for years to play Bach's easier keyboard pieces it was enlightening to hear the thoughts of a musican who is arguably among today's finest Bach interpreters. It was a nice touch that the works discussed were not restricted to difficult pieces such as the Goldberg Variations, Partitas and the '48' etc. but also included beginners pieces from the Anna Magdelena Notebook and the 'Little Preludes'. Having also studied the cello for a few years, the appearance of Ms Hewitt's fellow Hyperion recording artist, Daniel Muller-Schott with his beautiful 300 year-old Venetian cello (and therefore made during Bach's lifetime) came as an added bonus.

Filming takes place at the Fazioli piano factory in Italy and it's clearly put together by an accomplished production team. Quality of sound and vision is excellent and the artistic values high. These are, of course, very much the personal views of one musician but views I believe, that are well worth hearing. And don't be put off by the Fazioli piano, it sounds beautiful! Highly recommended.

Vintage 80s: London Street Photography
Vintage 80s: London Street Photography
by Johnny Stiletto
Edition: Paperback
Price: 11.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Undecided, 14 Oct 2011
Need to give this a bit more time before deciding if it's a worthy addition to my bookshelf of if it's going back. First, there is no information about the photographer as he uses a pseudonym. Neither is there any technical information about the photographs. According to the recent Daily Telegraph review of this book, the photographer took around 100,000 images through the decade that was the 1980's. Presumably, these are the best of them. If I had accomplished a similar feat (and all credit to the photographer for doing so), I'd be disappointed. I love good street photography and enjoy the nostalgia of seeing how much has changed or disappeared altogether - fashion, transport, signage, shop fronts and so on. But it is, of course, capturing those fleeting, spontaneous moments that is the real art. This is not a large book, measuring about 8" x 7" and the reproduction quality is quite good. It's also true to say that the photographer has managed to capture some good images though I question the technical quality of many of them. Most of the photos seem to be 'grabbed' with little thought for planning or composition. Of course, street photography is often like that, but look at the work of a photographer who has really mastered this art and it's in another league. What perplexes me most about these images is the number of them that exhibit blur due to camera shake or are just out of focus. I'm not saying every good street photograph has to be razor sharp, far from it, but there are countless examples of great street photography by unpublished amateurs all over the web which can stand head and shoulders above this work, particularly if this represents the cream of 100,000 images. So well done for having the foresight and vision to go out and capture a decade on film, but it would have been much more enjoyable had the work been more skillfully executed. Check out the photographer's web site to see if you like the images before buying. The photographer could be David Bailey for all I know, but I doubt it.

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