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Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro (Nintendo 3DS)
Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro (Nintendo 3DS)
Offered by Future Gaming UK
Price: £14.49

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4.0 out of 5 stars Surprisingly Good!, 6 Mar. 2012
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
I think some people look at this device and wonder why Nintendo didn't include the extra circle pad and shoulder buttons in the original design of the 3DS -- but to be honest, I can kind of see the logic. The Wii became a great success by presenting users with a non-threatening design that deliberately mimicked the most used device in the household - the television remote. It was low on buttons, and as easy to use as pointing. The DS achieved similar success through the marketing of simple games and exercises that could be completed with a stylus alone. The 3DS hopes to achieve similar through use of new features like the 3D screen, 3D cameras / photography, AR games and so forth.

Well, with that in mind - this is akin to adding a Classic Controller Pro attachment to your Wii Remote - it adds two extra shoulder buttons and a circle pad to the existing 2 shoulder buttons, 4 face buttons, 3 menu buttons, d-Pad and circle pad -- totalling a very home-console-esque 13 input options with the device attached. 17 if you count each d-pad direction as an individual button. Basically, with this thing attached, the 3DS becomes a lot more hardcore and threatening to casual users unused to the complexities of modern controller design.

But its not for those users that this device has been created. This has been created for games that NEED more buttons, games that need analog camera control... the kind of games we are more used to seeing on our home consoles. And after some playtime with Resident Evil Revelations and Metal Gear Solid 3D, it becomes quite evident how much of a good idea it is. It may seem like something of a hackneyed approach visually, but it is a surprising pleasure to hold - making the 3DS feel less like the angular slab that it normally is and more like a Gamecube or Xbox 360 controller. Not exactly like one of those controllers though. Had Nintendo made it even bigger, they could have perhaps given it the kind of prongs we are used to having in our palms when we play with traditional controllers. Had Nintendo actually did that though, this device would likely be open to more unfair ridicule than it already is.

Ultimately, it's not as big as it looks, it's more comfortable than the vanilla device when playing for long periods, and functionally - it behaves exactly as you would expect. On a single battery, it is said to last as long as 400 hours. At this price, I feel like I got my moneys worth with Resident Evil Revelations alone -- and that game doesn't particularly need this in order to be fun... but if more hardcore games use it in future, it could quite reasonably be considered a must-buy!

Resident Evil: Revelations (Nintendo 3DS)
Resident Evil: Revelations (Nintendo 3DS)
Offered by SamuelUKMedia
Price: £29.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Some of the best fun and value available right now, 6 Mar. 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
I'm going to keep this short and concise, this is not only one of the best games released on the 3DS thus far, it is also one of the best titles released in the last year or so. Resident Evil 5 was a fine game, but the emphasis on co-operative gameplay in the design, lending well to online play, to some extent made the single player campaign suffer. Not so here. Capcom have done an amazing job of creating a streamlined, atmospheric experience that is cleverly carved into episodic chunks to make it more amenable to playing on the move. The graphics they have managed to crank out of the machine on the Mobile MT Framework are fabulous - this little machine outclasses many Wii games in its massive, bombastic crescendo -- it is a contemporary visual experience. Stunning. And it has gameplay to match: this is somewhere between Resident Evil 4 and the first three games in terms of play-style. You might come to think of the Queen Zenobia as this games' Mansion, it has a fitting decor if so -- but the game takes place in many varied locales. Each chapter feels fresh. Its still not quite a full return to the puzzling and exploration of the very early games, but it certainly feels better than RE5 in that regard. The combat and perfectly poised difficulty will definitely leave you with that 'Survival horror' feeling at times. What many people might not bother to appreciate in these reviews is the sound design - it is beautiful. The faux surround sound is brilliant, both with and without headphones, and there are some genuinely creepy sound-bites that will crank up the tension as you move from one area of the ship to another, or as you approach a boss. All of it is accompanied by one of the best Resident Evil soundtracks in years. Once the single player mode is complete, the online co-operative Raid mode will give you hours, days and weeks of additional play-time, as you strive to upgrade your abilities, unlock new levels, weapons and characters. The 3D is amongst the best on the 3DS, with Capcom having been good enough as to include an extra option to boost the effect in the games' options menus. Played with gyro-controls for aiming works surprisingly well, turns in aiming requiring only subtle rotations of the device as though it were a steering wheel and only minor vertical movements necessary -- by enabling this control method in the options you can walk and shoot with ease, without having to buy the Circle Pad Pro peripheral! However, if you do choose to buy the peripheral, it does play exceptionally well with that. The extra buttons and ergonomically styled grip are perhaps more suited to long play-sessions.

If you're on the fence, get off it. This is a game nobody should miss, and I dare-say no-one should punish themselves by living in hope of a port either. A must have for your Nintendo 3DS and a true sign of the systems potential. Great work Capcom! Give us some more!

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