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4.0 out of 5 stars An incredible, action-packed and unnerving read., 27 Mar. 2015
This review is from: GLAZE (Kindle Edition)
Having read and adored both Shift and Control, I was instantly interested in knowing about Kim’s next project. When it was finally announced and the synopsis was revealed, I was instantaneously hooked. It sounded like such an interesting novel and I just knew that I had to get my hands on it. I was also wary of my excitement – as I usually am – worried that I would somehow end up getting disappointed. Fortunately, however, I am here to happily report that, that did not happen. Instead I once again fell in love with one of Kim’s books and cannot wait to read everything else that she writes.

Petri lives in a world where social media is accessed through a chip in the brain. This chip connects you to everything and everyone. But you can only have the chip implanted when you turn sixteen. Petri is just a few months away from getting a chip when she’s given a five-year ban from the network. Now all of her friends are even further away from before and she simply cannot deal with living alone for another five years, thus she does everything she can to get herself onto the network known as Glaze. This is the set up of this plot and everything that happens because of it is truly compelling and interesting. This book is full of twists and turns, bumps and jolts, and is full of action and mystery. I loved the concept of the story in all of its shocking gory, and I loved the way that everything came together. It kept you guessing, it made you think, and it was just full of a really intriguing story that I couldn’t keep away from, and a story that stuck in my mind for days after I’d finished the last page.

What helps to make this book strong were the characters. While it took me a while to connect with Petri, almost instantly I understood her. Trying to fit in as a teenager seems incredibly difficult – of course, what we don’t realise is most of us will spend our whole lives trying to fit in – but I remember so vividly how hard this was for me. I always felt outside of everyone, different in so many ways and so reading about a character who felt that way was really great. Petri has a few flaws and feels a little naïve at times but essentially I quite liked her as the main driving point of this story. While the romance in this novel feels a bit generic, I did also like the relationship between Petri and Ethan. There’s a lot of learning to be had between them and it’s a lot of scrabbling in the dark which is how it often feels when meeting new people. It just takes a while to find a unique rhythm. The only thing for me that felt off with the characters was Petri’s relationship with her group of friends at the beginning, I couldn’t work out how she fit in with everyone and it all felt a little forced. While I can see how important this was because of the plot, it did mean the beginning of this book was a little hard to get into.

I adored that this book was set in London but essentially apart from a few mentions here and there, the location of the city wasn’t mentioned but I felt that this really worked. For me, the real setting of this book wasn’t London itself, but a futuristic world where social media was quite literally ingrained in our skulls. This setting, in comparisons, was well built, continuously mentioned and it was just so easy to really see the world in this way – scary still as it was just so believeable. Aside from being described in great detail, what helped to make the setting and world-building so concrete was the writing style. I have, as mentioned above, loved both of Kim’s previous books and so I was really glad when I could find her style in this book as well. It helped to really make the book more entertaining and thrilling.

Essentially this was a hard-hitting novel that scared me to the core, gave me enjoyment, and stayed in my head for days after reading it. It was action-packed, intense, and was an easy read for me to enjoy. While some may feel that the story wasn’t very strong, for me that doesn’t matter so much as the world-building around it and the messages that Kim conveys throughout the book make it so much more than the plot. I really loved the concept behind this book and I feel that this is really what made it such a fascinating read for me. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the plot and where this book took me, as well as the characters that I was given. But I can also see how this may not be amazing for others. Initially, if you’re looking for a scary futuristic book that could paint a world that could come true, with an intense and fast-paced story within it, then you should give this book a try because I honestly believe that you will love it like I did.

Don't Even Think About It
Don't Even Think About It
Price: £4.49

4.0 out of 5 stars A fun, intriguing read., 27 Mar. 2015
The concept of this book caught my eye as soon as I heard about it and I knew that it was a book I wanted to read. The idea of thoughts being overheard is definitely a scary one so I was instantly intrigued. Aside from that, I had no idea what to expect when it came to this book. Fortunately, I found the book to be an enjoyable, entertaining read that I’m glad I got a chance to read. It’s an easy read and one that I got through quickly and is good if you just want something nice and simple to read for a little while. A brilliant book to escape into for a few hours.

Homeroom 10B all thought they were queuing up to get your run-of-the-mill flu jab, they never thought anything could go wrong. But then they start hearing people’s thoughts. This premise is so scary! It’s also really intriguing because it could be so helpful to know what people are really thinking. This book looks at both of these pros and cons – amongst many more – and it was really fascinating to read. With a handful of characters, this book looks at so many different things with lots of little subplots going on as well, which helped to make the book addictive. There were times, however, especially at the beginning, where the stories of the characters got a little jumbled and hard to follow but luckily it got a lot easier to handle as the book progressed. Throughout the plot, this book filled me with many emotions, and while it wasn’t the most emotional book I’ve ever read, it was still a quite bumpy ride!

There are a bundle of main characters in this book, but my favourite by far was Olivia. She is a shy and anxious teenager just trying to work out her place in the world. I loved where her thoughts took her and who she became by the end of the novel. I also really liked Cooper. He’s the fun guy of the class, always helping to bring a bit of cheer to the world, and I just thought he was a really lively character that I could really imagine. The journey he takes in this story is really heart-breaking and touching and I just felt that it was really well done. Other mentionable characters include Tess and BJ. Both were liked for different reasons but basically I just adored both of their stories and how they progressed throughout the novel. While some of the characters felt stereotypical, it really didn’t matter as I still enjoyed reading about all of the characters, even the less nice ones!

The narration in this book was a little hard to get to grips with at the start. Only because there was an ensemble of characters and it was difficult to work out whom was who. Fortunately that was quickly resolved as the writing style was really easy to get to grips with. Essentially I soon found myself rather enjoying the little asides that occur throughout the novel and the way in which the book jumps around from one character to the next. With all of that going on, it is easy to see why this book is such a quick read and my only complaint would be that it wasn’t long enough!

While I had no true expectations of this book, I can say with certainty that I really liked this book. It was a fun, easy, light read that was addictive and compelling. I loved the characters, some more than others, and I enjoyed where the plot of this story took me. It is one that I would definitely pick up again and one that I am just really glad I eventually got around to reading. I would recommend this to anyone who likes contemporary books with a twist, and is looking for a book that they can practically fall into and truly enjoy. It may also make you think about what it would be like if everyone could hear your thoughts!

A Room Full of Chocolate
A Room Full of Chocolate
Price: £4.49

3.0 out of 5 stars Good but not amazing., 27 Mar. 2015
As soon as I was told about A Room Full of Chocolate, I knew it was a book that I really wanted to get my hands on. It sounded like a really intriguing story that I would love to read. Then, upon hearing so many others raving about this book, I got even more excited to read it until eventually I opened the book. Unfortunately, however, this book did not live up to the expectations that I had given it. Essentially I had expected to be blown away by this book but this simply was not the case. While I did enjoy this book and liked reading it, I was wholly disheartened by a lot of it and was constantly pulled out of the story due to the issues I had with it. I would still recommend it, but I certainly would warn that it’s not a brilliant book.

One of the things I was most drawn to about this book was that it sounded like a cute story of friendship and dealing with big scary illnesses in a really lovely way. While this book does deal with friendship, and dealing with big scary illnesses, and has its cute moments, it just didn’t deliver as I hoped it would. The biggest problem I had with the book was that there were never any repercussions for the actions of the children in the book, the pig was used as a scapegoat one too many times, and the representation of the bullying just didn’t feel right. I feel that if the characters were older then the bullying would have felt more realistic, but it was too grown up and got violent far too quickly and again, there weren’t enough consequences for these actions in the end of it. But, when you look past these things, the story is emotional, and cute, and does have a happy ending and I can see why people love it but I just couldn’t see past these issues to truly enjoy my time reading it.

I loved Grace. I thought she was the most realistic character in the book. She was rash in her decisions, kept all of her emotions at bay, and had a little bit of a temper. But she was also friendly, protective, caring, worried, and just a ten-year-old girl struggling to deal with the big real world things facing her. I also liked Megan and her free personality. She was sure of herself, strong, and protective as well. She was a great friend for Grace and I enjoyed reading about her. In all honesty, it was due to these two characters that I continued reading this book. I wanted to see where their friendship was going to take them. While some of the other characters and their actions didn’t feel quite right – such as the bullying mentioned above – I felt that these two were strong and well-written, which made it an easier book to like!

One of the best things about this book was the voice of the main character. It had a light tone that was easy to be pulled into and I found myself really wanting to read more of it. I feel that Jane has really managed to create a wonderful voice for herself and her protagonist that helps to make it an enjoyable read. While the other issues did make it hard for me to absolutely love this book, I know that I will still be keeping an eye on Jane to read whatever she publishes next as I feel that she has a lot of talent and I cannot wait to see what she will do with it. For the writing alone, I would definitely recommend this book just reminding people to take the story with a grain of salt.

Essentially this was a good story and I can see why people loved it but as it wasn’t what I was expecting and didn’t do what I was hoping it would, I struggled to love it. I did, however, still like and enjoy it and definitely want to see what Jane will be writing next. Caroline at Big Book Little Book spoke with me about this and we both decided that it is better suited for those in the higher range of middle grade fiction who can understand that what Grace and Megan did should have had heavier punishments, or to read it with younger children to be there to discuss what they think or feel about what happened. I would also add that it would be the perfect opportunity to discuss bullying with the child and what they should do if they are getting or get bullied. So it does have potential, but for me there were just a few too many things that didn’t sit right with me that pulled me away from enjoying it too much. But I’d definitely be interested to know what you think if you ever read it – or have already!

Love Letters to the Dead
Love Letters to the Dead
Price: £1.89

5.0 out of 5 stars A wonderful read., 27 Mar. 2015
As soon as I heard about Love Letters to the Dead, I knew that it was a book that I really wanted to read. I was certain that I was going to love it. Fortunately I am here to tell you that I did! This book took a strong hold of me and simply refused to leave me alone. But I am grateful for that as this was a powerful story that I just truly loved and adored and would happily read again and again! All I can hope now is that this review will do this magnificent book justice!

Grief is hard. It is something that comes in many forms and everyone deals with it in their own way. When Laurel’s sister dies, she struggles to talk about what happened. No longer able to face her old friends, or anyone that knew May, she decides to go to a different high school from them all. As she starts to make new friends and adventures, she also starts to grow as a person, learning how best to deal with the grief that still plagues her. The plotline to this story was amazing. Every detail was thought out, all emotions felt real, and all characters had their own individual journeys. It was compelling, intense and highly emotional. It was hard not to just love where this book took you.

Laurel is a truly complex character with a lot of things bumbling about in her head. She is also relatable which made this story so much more enjoyable for me. This book has been mentioned as being similar to The Perks of Being a Wallflower but what makes this book better is Laurel. She is a wonderful character that I understood and whose thoughts really explained everything perfectly. Hannah and Natalie are both fantastic characters as well who feel so realistic and amazing. I loved both of them equally for different reasons – I just want to be their friends! Skye is also worth mentioning. I think he has a really interesting part in the story but he’s also really kind, sweet, and just protective. Not to mention he also has issues but they just make him seem more human in the long run!

The writing style of this book was brilliant! The story, as hinted in the title, was set up between letters to different dead people and it just really worked. All that happened was connected in different ways to the person she wrote to and it just made that story really powerful and easy to read. This style also made it more emotional and sensational as you were really getting all of her thoughts and feelings, she wasn’t just telling anybody. I definitely really liked that about this story but I also believe a lot of what I liked about it came from the author’s voice as well and so I know that I will be keeping an eye out for more from her. I’ll especially be looking to see if they blow me away like this one did!

All in all, this was a book that I simply fell in love with. It was compelling and magical, dark and deep, exploring so many issues in sensitive ways. I adored the writing style, fell for all the characters, and simply did not want the book to end! It was a marvellous book that I will be really recommending from now on as it just had a brilliant impact on me. The whole book made me feel a whole pile of emotions and it has just really touched me. If you’re looking for a book that will keep you entertained and take you on a true journey, then you need to make sure that you have this book in your life. Utterly amazing!

Sesame Seade Mysteries: 1: Sleuth on Skates
Sesame Seade Mysteries: 1: Sleuth on Skates
Price: £4.49

4.0 out of 5 stars A fun little tale!, 27 Mar. 2015
One of the things I have always found myself enjoying is detective fiction. Whether that be in book format, in films or in television shows. So as soon as I heard about Sleuth on Skates, I knew that it was a book I was certain I’d enjoy and couldn’t wait to get my hands on. I was, albeit, a little nervous as I opened this book as a lot of bloggers I know had really enjoyed it and recently all the books I’ve struggled with, they loved. Fortunately, however, I am glad to report that this book was an exception to that rule as I found it to be a truly wonderful book that was a lot of fun. I liked it so much that I immediately made out to get the next two in the series because I need more!

Imagine you’re eleven years old, live at Cambridge University, and have an over-active imagination. Add in a missing person, some mysterious clues, and two curious friends, and you have the set-up to Sleuth on Skates. Already the plot of this book was intriguing and interesting, and as the story carried on, it only got more entertaining and enjoyable. I can really see children trying to solve the mystery themselves as they read on and feel that it was just a really well-thought out plot with lots of fun going on. While some parts of this book were unbelievable, I feel that this is actually what gave this book that little bit of extra-charm. It made the adventure feel epic, the journey exciting, and the story itself completely loveable.

But of course, this epic adventure would not have been anywhere near as fun without the fabulous Sophie (*cough* Sesame Seade *cough*) leading the way. Sesame was a wonderful character that it is hard not to fall in love with. She is almost always over-the-top, thinks herself better than everyone, and is certain that she’ll save the day. She’s curious, excitable, and just really enjoyable to read about. She is the kind of character that you love watching in films and works so well because so many children act in similar ways. Their world, after all, is much more important than the world their parents live in! I would definitely read the rest of the series just to read more stories about Sesame.

What truly makes this book such a fun and entertaining read is how, essentially, unbelievable the entire book is. By that I mean that it is truly exaggerated and so over-the-top that it is clearly an escapist story. While reading it, it is easy to remove yourself from the things that occur that wouldn’t normally happen as they’re written in a way that makes you simply accept them. It is written in a real world with very familiar backgrounds and characters that are just everyday people but at the same time, it’s also just that little bit more. I really liked that about this story and, for me anyway, it definitely made the book more enjoyable and, ironically, believable – as a story anyway! I adored the writing style of this book and cannot wait to read more by Clementine Beauvais!

All in all, I really, really enjoyed this book. It was a wonderful children’s story that made me smile and laugh. It kept me curious and I really wanted to know what had happened and how Sesame Seade would use her amazing sleuthing skills to solve the crime and bring the bad guys to justice! It is also a very modern book, looking at some of the issues surrounding computers and technology and I think this just made it even more interesting to me! Sesame is a loveable, eccentric character who I cannot wait to read more of. If you’re someone who likes children’s books, enjoys the good crime book, and just needs a bit of fun for a few hours, I would highly recommend giving this book a go! I think children from seven and up would really appreciate this book, but I also believe that adults would also really like it.

The Forever Song (Blood of Eden, Book 3)
The Forever Song (Blood of Eden, Book 3)
Price: £2.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A fantastic conclusion to a stunning series., 27 Mar. 2015
It’s always incredibly difficult to say goodbye to a series, and I knew that saying goodbye to the Dawn of Eden series was going to be even harder as it was a series I truly loved. Thus, when I finally got my hands on a copy of The Forever Song, it took me a while before I finally opened the book to read it. On the one hand I was desperate for the story to continue, to know what would happen, but on the other, I knew that I also didn’t want the story to end. I knew I would still want there to be more because I had grown to love all of the characters and the world they lived in. Thus, I am so glad that the ending of this series was done well. It would have been even harder to deal with if it had ended badly but Julie Kagawa has really managed to finish the trilogy in a perfect way so that, essentially, I am completely satisfied with the story.

The beginning of this book should have been slow as Allison, Kanin and Jackal make their journey across country. But due to the way the second book ended and the anticipation it created, the beginning is simply full of trepidation instead. This creation of emotions while reading is part of the reason this whole series was so intense and utterly brilliant. From this point onwards, the plot of this book was completely compelling. It was full of action, twists, gut-wrenching moments, and scenes which cause an outpouring of tears. Julie Kagawa has written a book that completely takes you on a journey. It sucks you in and doesn’t let you go until you reach the last page. Everything was tied together, everything had a place, and she really managed to just make this story amazing.

It would be hard to talk about the characters again without repeating myself from previous reviews, but I will say that Allison was still kick-ass but she also grew a lot in this book and I loved how human this made her feel. Kanin was just as interesting as always but it was Jackal that I really enjoyed reading about because he truly showed his human side as well. And that is something that Jackal would never have let anyone see before. I loved his mask for it all and just feel that he was such a well-thought out character. Zeke is the character that goes on the biggest journey in this book and I found it completely fascinating. I yearned for him in many places, wanted to pull him together in others, and just continued to love him throughout it all. It is clear, yet again, that Julie knows how to write characters exceptionally well.

The ending of this book really worked for me. I felt all the emotions pour out of me, I felt like my heart had been ripped away, but I also felt hope and happiness. I loved that she didn’t kill of characters for the sake of it, I loved that it hasn’t ended with the world completely peaceful, but it ended in a way where you can imagine what will happen next. There is an ambiguity to it but also a sense of realness. Life never ends just because someone dies, and this story doesn’t end simply because the words stopped. It is one that has the chance to live on and I just love that Julie Kagawa has managed that. Yes, I am saddened that this series is over, but I stand by the fact that this was the perfect way to finish it.

There is so much I could say about this book, and about this series as a whole but then this review would just be never-ending. What I will say is that this series is one that if you haven’t read, you really should because it is written incredibly well, is full of amazing characters, and includes a story that will twist and turn, pull at your insides, and literally pull you somewhere else for a little while. It is a series that hits all of the right spots. If you’ve read the first two books in this series, then you have to read this book and finish the series because it is just so good. It will make you feel things just as the first two books did but it’s so worth it. At the end of the day, I feel at peace with this series because everything was just written so well. So, all I’m saying is that this series is fantastic and you need to go and get to reading it like RIGHT now. Yes?
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Price: £0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Utterly brilliant read., 27 Mar. 2015
This review is from: Vicious (Kindle Edition)
Absolutely brilliant book. It is fast-paced, addictive and is written incredibly well. Plus it has incredibly amazing characters and will just keep you hooked until the very last page.

Drummer Girl
Drummer Girl
Price: £4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant!!, 27 Mar. 2015
This review is from: Drummer Girl (Kindle Edition)
This is an absolutely fantastic read. Very deep, very dark, very realistic and just truly addictive. The cover does NOT do this book justice.

Falling Fast (Flynn series Book 1)
Falling Fast (Flynn series Book 1)
Price: £4.99

3.0 out of 5 stars A cute little read., 27 Mar. 2015
I really had no idea what to expect when I went into this book. I had heard that some people liked it but aside from that, I had no expectations. I did, however, know that many really love the author, so I was a little disappointed in this book and how little I ended up enjoying it. While I only had few expectations, I did hope to enjoy it more than I did but instead found it to be a fairly irritating read containing characters I really struggled to sympathise with. While I liked the book enough to finish it and be fairly intrigued about the next book in the series, it isn’t one I’d be quick to recommend.

Probably the largest problem I had with this book was how naive it really was. I worry that as an older reader that I may be putting too high a standard on this book but I personally do not feel that this book is good for teenagers. It sends off some bad messages about life, friendships and love – or it did in my opinion anyway! For me, it had a very twilight-esque feel to the book in that it gives out bad reading vibes through really annoying characters. While there was a little clarification at the end, I just don’t feel like it was enough. I can see how these kinds of books should be good, but this one just didn’t really work in the way I would have liked it to. However, how it ends has definitely left me curious enough to want to continue and see where the story will go from here.

River was a character I both liked and disliked. There were times when I could understand where she was coming from, and then there were times when I really just couldn’t stand her or the actions she was taking. This is mostly down to the naievity of her personality. She wanted a Romeo and Juliet kind of love and that infuriated me because just… why? Romeo and Juliet died because they were both naive and acted on stupid impulses. Then she was quick to fall in love and she just struggled to show me that she had any redeeming qualities at all. Then you have Flynn who was someone I really disliked. Not once did I stop and change my mind about him. I can understand why he is the way he is but he also doesn’t ever try and change and I really needed him to. I don’t think these two characters really fit together well and I just wish their relationship was explored more. In want of seeing this happen is the only reason I am wanting to read the next book in the series.

There was something addictive about this book. Despite all of the previous problems with it that I’ve mentioned, I still couldn’t put the book down. It was intense, intriguing and I did really want to know how it was going to end. It is because of this that I have decided to give this book three stars instead of two, as, although I had issues I did still find this book interesting. It is easy to see why Sophie is a well-loved author and I am definitely going to read more of her work in the future. I just hope she manages to use this talent of hers to create books with compelling plots and characters as well as words. I also feel my judgement of this book stems from personal issues and feel that I would have thoroughly enjoyed this book if I had been able to put these aside, simply because the style was really easy to get used to and has a way of really drawing the reader in.

This book was not the right book for me. I found it lacking in many places and I just failed at truly enjoying it. However, it did have a lot of potential and I can see that it may be really liked by other people. The main characters were hard to appreciate and the plot felt a little simple but because the style is so addictive, it is possible to look past these things. If you’re looking for an easy read that won’t take you long but will keep you entertained for a short while then you should consider trying this book. It may not have been perfect for me but that doesn’t mean it’s not the right book for you. And who knows, maybe you’ll end up completely loving everything I disliked about it. But you’ll only discover that if you read it yourself!

Deep Amber
Deep Amber
Price: £4.74

4.0 out of 5 stars A great beginning to a series., 27 Mar. 2015
This review is from: Deep Amber (Kindle Edition)
Having truly enjoyed C. J. Busby’s Frogspell series, I was incredibly excited to hear about her new series. This series is aimed at children just a little older and is intended for those who really enjoyed Frogspell. Thus, I am pleased to report that Deep Amber is yet another fun, adventurous and magical book that I am certain many children will find entertaining and worth reading. Upon finishing this book, I found I was excited to realise that there would be more books to come.

Once more, C. J has set this book in a magical world full of fun and mysterious things. So when odd items start appearing that these people have never seen before, questions are instantly asked. The items in questions have come from the modern non-magical world; ours! Further to this, a few magical items have also ended up on Earth. The adventure that ensues from this dilemma is full of humour and suspense and just really makes this book entertaining. The plot is well-thought out and full of little twists and turns everywhere that keep the reader turning the page. I found it difficult to put this down when my curiosity of what was going to happen next was so high.

Just like in her last series, the characters in this book are really great and really realistic. They’re all fun to read about and they’re easy to get attached to! I found myself trying to read slower so that I could keep them alive just a little bit longer. Dora was an apprentice witch who was constantly making small mistakes that she struggled to get herself out of and really helped to bring a level of fun to the book. She was also full of heart and one to really look out for! Jem was a mischevious boy who was ready for some adventure and ready to barge in without thinking things through. He turned out to be really helpful and great to see in the story. Simon was also adventurous and liked to let his curiosity get the better of him. He was a character that I loved reading. Catrin, being the oldest had a bit of a wiser tone to her character but she was also full of flair and liked to be apart of the adventure as much as the next person! I found her to be a truly inspirational character in the story!

One of the best things about Frogspell was C. J’s writing style and the way that she managed to create the essence of a child within her book. With all the fun, action, adventure, danger, bravery and curiosity in the book, it almost feels like a child itself. Fortunately, this is something that she has managed to continue doing in Deep Amber. This book seemed to really have it all and with all the right emotions, it would be difficult for children to dislike this story. I completely admire C. J. for her writing talent and can only hope she will continue to write wonderful and fun stories for children.

This book was great! It had a little of everything and I still get small snippets of the things that happened and can’t help but smile. It is the perfect adventure book and one that I could imagine being made into a children’s animation film one day. All the characters were loveable and fun to read about and you simply finish reading this book feeling like you’ve found something good. Really enjoyed this book and would be quick to recommend it, especially to younger children who like books with quests and magic! But I also believe teens and adults will find the fun in this book as well.

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