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Darcy Burdock (Darcy Burdock 1)
Darcy Burdock (Darcy Burdock 1)
by Laura Dockrill
Edition: Paperback
Price: 4.49

4.0 out of 5 stars Fun, Light-Hearted read., 30 Nov 2013
To start this review honestly, I have to admit that it was a long time ago that I finished this book. While it is still clear in my head, I am apologising if I get any of the important details wrong as I have read a lot of books since I finished this one. However, the one thing that I continue to remember about this book was how much I enjoyed it. This is a middle grade book that is full of light humour that will have you giggling often. It is the perfect read for young readers but I feel that older readers would still find it to be a lovely read. It simply reminds you of how we once saw the world and everything within it.

In conclusion, it is clear to see that I found this book to be truly entertaining. It had me giggling, it had me sitting in awe, and it made me think, and these are things I love books making me do. There were also moments when I was close to shedding a tear and wanting to put my arms around Darcy and make everything better again. It was a wonderful read that I would easily recommend for others. So, if you're in the mood for a light-hearted read, a character you'll instantly fall in love with, and a story full of ups and downs, twists and turns, then you should definitely give this book a go. I promise, you won't regret it!

I received this copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review.

Control (Strange Chemistry)
Control (Strange Chemistry)
by Kim Curran
Edition: Paperback
Price: 6.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Engaging Read., 30 Nov 2013
I have been wanting to read this book ever since I finished reading Shift. As I mentioned in my review of that book, I couldn't wait to see what else Kim wrote and thus I was incredibly glad when this book was just as great as her first book. As soon as I finished reading this book, I felt like I had just been blown away. It had an amazing cliff-hanger-like ending that just really showed how brilliant and detailed the entire series is.

In case you're not fully convinced yet, I was blown away by this book and thought that it was a well-written, whirlwind of a book. It was a book that had action at every corner, it had you guessing, it had you thinking, it had you contemplating, and it had you going through every emotion in a small space of time. I loved how it affected me in so many ways and how I just cannot seem to get enough of Scott and the world that he lives in. I may not want this ability to ever exist, but it is certainly entertaining to read about. So, if you're in the mood for a series that is explosive, exciting, and simply leaves you wanting more, then you should go and read Shift. And if you have read Shift, you should not wait before reading this one because it is absolutely amazing.

I received this copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review.

The Savages
The Savages
by Matt Whyman
Edition: Paperback
Price: 5.03

4.0 out of 5 stars Completely Edible., 30 Nov 2013
This review is from: The Savages (Paperback)
In a bid to keep this review honest, The Savages was a book that I started reading and then when I was about half-way through the book, put it down and didn't pick it up again for a few months. Now I know that this is normally a sign of an uninteresting book but that actually isn't the case with this book. The problem I had with this book is that it was all about food and at the time of reading I was struggling with a fear of gluten intolerance and thus having to read about how wonderful food can be when I was in the midst of losing my love of food was too hard. However, as soon as I felt comfortable about food once more, I picked the book back up and was incredibly glad that I did as I found it to be a book that was funny, interesting and enjoyable.

All in all this was a book that I did enjoy. While I had to take some time due to its large interest in food content, by the time I finished it, I was just incredibly happy that I went back and gave this book a chance and didn't just give up on it. I found this book to be full of interesting messages and I really liked how close the family was in this book and how it just really brought out some interesting messages and themes. I would also mention that this is the kind of book that I think would make a really interesting and funny family comedy film and could see so many people just really enjoying it. While this is a Young Adult title, I can definitely see many adults finding themselves fully invested in this book, unable to put it down. Thus, I finish this review by saying that you should stop reading this now and go and give The Savages a read!

Blood Warrior (The Alexa Montgomery Saga)
Blood Warrior (The Alexa Montgomery Saga)
Price: 0.77

5.0 out of 5 stars Simply adored it., 6 Sep 2013
Before I begin this review, I have a few things I should note. One; the hype surrounding this book had me wary upon reading it as I didn't want to be one of the only people disliking it. Two; I am probably what you call a harsh critic and giving five stars to a book isn't something I do for just any book. And finally three; I received this book from the Read 2 Review section of the Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Fanatics group on goodreads in return for an honest review. With that said, can I just say that this book is an absolutely glorious read! I loved it from the first page to the very last page and hated myself when I had to put it down.

It's difficult to know where to start with this review as I don't want to miss anything out, or give too much away! I think I'll start by describing just how the book grabbed my attention. It's not often I come across a book that fully manages to grab me by my ankles and transport me to somewhere completely different but this book definitely did. I'd loved how the book initially started out, with the bird on the window and the powerful imagery that it left throughout the rest of the book. I adored how in two pages the author had already told you so much about Alexa's personality and really managed to get the reader's attention. It was cleverly written and I just loved it.

Alexa is such a brilliant character. She is so real. She's strong and brave and powerful but she's also weak, emotional and flawed and I simply love that about her. She doesn't feel like she can save everything, she feels like she wants to. She knows her strength but at the same time, she doesn't really. It is this conflicting parts to her personality that truly make her feel like a realistic character. She is easy to understand and find sympathy with and I just felt myself wanting to follow her on her journey, to point her in the right direction and to give her the comfort that she needed. I also found it easy to relate to her as she had some very similar characteristics to myself which I always love when I read a book.

Nelly was also adored by me, I wanted to reach in through the pages and soak her up in a bear hug. She was just as well-written and realistic as Alexa and that is just another good reason why Gordon deserves all the praise that has been coming her way lately. I loved Kayden. Absolutely, heart-wrenching in my chest, loved him. He was so... guarded and he had been through so much and all he wanted was to help but he didn't know how and just... ugh... amazing. Really well written, and I loved that you really got a feel for his character even though the book was written in the point of view of Alexa. There were times I understood him and wanted to scream at her to get it as well. That just showed how good Gordon is at writing a story that truly captures the reader.

Further adding to the writing skills, the world that Gordon created was so imaginative and brilliant that I was simply enthralled. The different races were so interesting to read about and to witness. The way the city ran and the way that things flowed throughout the book was just so well-thought-out that I just loved it. I was reading with new-found eyes, wanting to soak up the world and to find out as much about the world as I could. I loved how the information wasn't thrown too much at you at once. It was given to you piece by piece, just as Alexa herself was getting to grips with it, so were you. It was just, brilliantly done and filled me with awe.

Emotional. That is definitely a word I would use to describe the ending of this book. Emotional and catchy. All I want to do now is pick up the next book in this series and devour it from front to back because I am certain that it will be as good, if not better, then the first in the series. I want to know what is going to happen, I want to know where the story is going, where it will all end up, and I want to know right now. I also want to continue reading a story that has amazing and skilful writing that I can lose myself on the page.

A few things that did annoy me was Tommy, he just got on my nerves quite a bit and I didn't feel that his character was really needed in the story. Although, the scenes between Jackson and Tommy were nice to see, I just didn't see what it really added to the main arc of the story but then again, that did sort of come to light at the end but I just didn't particularly like him I suppose. Aside from this, however, finding things I didn't like about the story is hard. I simply adored it and cannot wait to continue reading.

I would recommend this book to any young adult or adult readers who enjoy fantasy novels with some good old vampires and werewolves and hidden cities and page-turning plots with just brilliantly written words.

Divergent (Divergent, Book 1)
Divergent (Divergent, Book 1)
Price: 2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Simply amazing. A Must-Read., 6 Sep 2013
There is a lot of hype surrounding this book, and as usual, this is completely and utterly justified. One thing to know about me is that I am generally a slow reader. Well, okay, no, I'm an average reader but I usually read every single word, I hate skipping when I'm reading so longer books generally take me longer to read. Divergent was not like this. I finished this book in just over twenty-four hours. It captivated me so much that I simply could not put it down or think about doing anything else until I had reached the very end.

Just for this reason, because I adored it so much, knowing where to start on this review and how to express my thoughts has turned into an extremely difficult task as I want to do this book justice, I want others to pick it up and become enthralled by the words on the page but I also don't want to over-hype it. Therefore I am apologising now that this review took so long to publish but I'm also going to apologise if this review doesn't do the book justice in your own opinion. I will try my hardest to get a decent view out there for you all though.

So, to start, I will focus on the characters. And my, what characters! Within the first few pages of this book, I was already in love with the main protagonist. I found such a strong bond with Beatrice and I could not wait to listen to where the story would go and where it would take me. She was a character that I was able to sympathise with, someone that I could understand and just wanted to cheer on whenever she did something. I think I loved her so much just because I saw so much of myself in her and therefore I saw all of her struggles too. Then we have Four, who just captured my soul. I was in tune with him right from the first time we see him and I just loved how he treated Tris. It was just... so beautiful. I loved that they felt like real people. They had their good qualities along with their bad ones, they had their struggles and their fears and worries and they just felt so... normal and this is one of the hardest things to accomplish when writing and Roth just managed to grasp it. Other great characters include Christina and Will, Tris' mum, Eric and Peter. Everyone was just written so well, with such depth and background that it helped to create a realistic illusion of this world.

And what a world! Dystopian novels usually have quite a heavy task on their hands when it comes to world-building because the whole idea is that it is a world completely void of our own. One that is full of destruction and despair and yet, at the same time, there is just that inkling of hope. And boy did Roth do a good job of this! It is certainly not an easy feat and I think that this is one of the reasons that I simply loved Divergent so much. I was so intrigued to hear about the different factions and what each of them stand for and why they're all in separate factions in the first place. And it's just so powerful how well she made the idea of being factionless scary and undesirable. Her descriptions were just so well written that I could imagine everything in my mind, could see how the different people would mingle, or not mingle as the case may be, and I just loved the world that was being brought forward to my mind from the page. I was inspired because I am certain that I could never imagine such a place on my own.

Not only did Roth create a wonderful world, however, the plot that unravelled throughout the story's process was just... mind-boggling. I don't want to give too much away but I will say that she simply has a way with words that managed to grab at my heartstrings. There were twists and turns that were unexpected, twists that were forseen yet still were awesome to read and discover along with Tris and it was really the moments of shock that really captured this book for me. It was slow to begin with, a lot of world building had to happen though, so this was expected, but then it sped up in the middle, with exciting tasks shown and then it was a fast-paced race towards the end and the ending left you just wanting more. I finished the book and simply couldn't think straight because I wanted to read Insurgent straight away. I want to know what happens next. No. I need to know what will happen now.

Divergent is not a book that you can pick up and read just for pure entertainment. It is not a light, easy read where you can escape for a few hours in pure bliss. It is a magical story that truly pulls you into a different world, one that lets you escape your own life to live the life of Tris and her faction-filled world. It grabs you by your ankles and it doesn't let you go until you were fully submersed in another reality. (Yes, reality). Divergent is one of the best books that I have read in an extremely long time and, dare I say it, rivals The Hunger Games in my affections.

It is not a book for the light-hearted, or someone who just wants an easy escapist read, it is for the nitty-gritty book lovers who crave something more than most books give them. It is simply amazing and one that I am just so glad I owned and even feel a little guilty at how cheaply I managed to buy it. This book deserves to be paid full price for. And with all of that said, it is easy to understand why I am waiting on tether hooks for Insurgent, which is due to be released 363 days after the first on May 1st 2012.

Angel Evolution (The Evolution Trilogy)
Angel Evolution (The Evolution Trilogy)
Price: 0.77

3.0 out of 5 stars Entertaining Read., 6 Sep 2013
This novel certainly kept me interested. It was an entertaining read and one that had me wanting to continue turning page after page to work out where it was going and what would happen in the end. It was brilliantly executed and I am glad that I got the chance to read it. I also cannot wait to continue reading the second book in the trilogy and look forward to finding out what will happen next! This was an easy, steady and well-flowing story that kept me curious right up until the very last page.

One of the things that I liked most about this novel was the concept of angels and demons. I, for one, haven't read all that many angel novels but I can tell that this is an extremely original storyline. This isn't a novel about the angels from heaven or the demons from hell, but instead their history is a little different. I loved to read how they came about, but especially loved how as a reader, you weren't entirely convinced by the story due to it being explained in first person by an unreliable narrator. I found that this was a curious device used by David Estes and I have to admit, it definitely kept me hooked!

This was the same throughout the novel. It is told in switching POVs throughout the novel but instead of being frustrating or hard to keep concentration, this was a nice touch. I liked that we were able to see how all the different people within the novel were feeling during the most climatic moments. David really managed to become the omniscient narrator without it becoming confusing or irritating. If anything, these ever-changing POVs actually captured my attention more as I flicked through the pages waiting for certain things to happen or watching to see how certain things would play out. It was definitely an intriguing style.

I really liked Taylor and Samantha and their relationship with each other. It was totally noticeable that they had been friends since childhood and I loved that they were almost complete opposites and yet still got along really well. I liked how strong Taylor was, how she wasn't going to just back down just because someone said she should. But I also liked that, despite this, she let her love for a boy overcome her. While it is something we all aim to never let happen, it is just one of those things that happens and I like how believable she makes it feel by trying to remind herself that she is independent... and then he says or does something that makes her feel weak at the knees. She has the all-knowing weakness that really manages to bring out her character.

I liked Gabriel to an extent, but I also found him quite hard to get along with. I'm not entirely sure where I stand with him. At first I didn't like him at all, but mainly because of his POV. Then, I started to like him slightly as I realised that he felt slightly conflicted but then I just sort of lost that for a bit. I guess I just didn't really connect with his character. I didn't feel sorry for him at the ending, I just felt sorry for Taylor. There was no rooting for him, or hoping that it would work out for him. I guess, in a way, I felt slightly betrayed by his character and it was hard to believe that his last act really changed everything else he had done until that point. But then, maybe that's because he was really meant to be the antagonist of this novel.

Christopher, on the other hand, I absolutely adored. He was so caring and kind and only ever had Taylor's (and Sam's) best interests at heart and I just loved that in him. I loved the contradiction that came along with him as well and truly adored it when he explained to Sam about who and what he was and what he could do. He was so patient and admiring and yet, at the same time, there was a hint of something else behind his eyes as well. He knows that his race isn't perfect, but he's just glad that Sam didn't run a mile upon finding out what he was. Yes, I did like Chris.

In fact, I think I probably preferred Chris and Sam's relationship to Gabe and Tay. I just found the romance flowed better between them and felt more realistic. I believed that Tay and Gabe did love each other, but I also felt it was a little forward and you didn't really get to see why they did. Although, there was one scene, one look that Gabe gave Tay that stole my heart from my chest but then there was even more of those from Sam and Chris. Either way, this novel has enough romance and couples to satisfy most readers and is just another thing that makes it a good novel to read.

All in all this was a lovely novel to read. There was nothing spectacular about it that made me truly inspired by its words but it also wasn't a bad novel. I would read it again easily and I am most certainly interested in reading the rest of the trilogy. I have heard that it gets better in the next books and cannot wait to see why. I look forward to finding out what happens in the next leg of the story and hope that my thoughts about Gabe can be transformed. I also hope to see lots more of Chris. This was a good starting novel to this trilogy and I would recommend it to anyone that wants something that is slightly different and truly unique.

Meeting Destiny (Destiny Series)
Meeting Destiny (Destiny Series)
Price: 0.00

4.0 out of 5 stars Story kept me hooked throughout, 6 Sep 2013
This was a book that captivated me from the very first page. It starts off the story with a heroic act and really sets up the beginning of the novel well. The writing style was easy to get to grips with and the characters were really great to get to know and I loved each and every one of them. The story kept me hooked throughout and I found it really difficult to put the book down to go and do something else. There never seemed to be a dull moment and hearing it all from Lauren's perspective is really nice.

The characters in this novel are all so loveable. At times I wanted to pick Seth up and hug him and then at others I wanted to strangle him dry. He was so lovely, yet infuriating, and I could totally see him as a real, live-standing person and I loved that about him. I love that Lauren didn't really see the effect she had on him either. But then there's Amanda... oh... I love that. Lauren was such a strong and brilliant protagonist and I instantly felt a connection with her. She was interesting to read and I liked getting to know her better. I loved how much she cared about the people around her and she honestly just had a heart of gold. She made mistakes and didn't really know how to be in a couple but she did what she could and that was just... inspiring to read. We all are just struggling through this life, and she was doing exactly that in her own world.

Max. Max gets to start a new paragraph because there are so many things that I love about his character. I love how patient he is with Lauren. That he doesn't want to rush her or ruin their relationship. I love how, even though he gets angry with her, he never really yells at her, he just gets silent and solemn and keeps it all inside instead. I love that she manages to bring out a side of him that others can't and I adore how much he helps other people and has such a sweet and sensitive and lovely side. And just... yes, he was definitely my favourite person in this novel. I hope to be able to read more of him in the next book!

I liked the romance in this novel. Romance, for me, is always difficult because I don't like it when it's too fast-paced or doesn't really feel like it fits right. While it is fast in this book, this is explained through the idea of Destiny and when they finally get to spend more time together, it is so noticeable that they just fit together so well. Lauren is quite out-going and tends to follow her own train of thought and Max is patient and while he doesn't always like it, he always supports her in her decisions. But really, I just loved witnessing the relationship grow and develop as they went through different battles of life. I especially, especially, especially loved the ending... oh... it was so good!

The storyline of this novel wasn't like your typical paranormal novel, and by that I mean, the paranormal aspects didn't really feel like the centre of the story and it was easy to feel that what was happening, and how Lauren reacted to things was just natural. The way it was described as being a sort of `sixth sense' made it really feel normal, as opposed to para-normal. I actually really liked this about this novel and felt that it made it seem even more intriguing. And it certainly made the last few moments of the book really stick out in one's mind. It was such a cleverly deployed style and I adored it so much! Nancy Straight really got into the nitty and gritty at the end there.

The only major problem I had with the novel was deciding whether it was a YA or an adult book. Eventually I think I would conclude that this is more of a YA book. The style makes it an easy read and while it's main protagonist is twenty-one, I would still suggest that she is a young-adult and with no forward or explicit scenes, I would definitely feel that teenagers would be able to read it and enjoy it. It was also sometimes hard to believe that she was twenty-one from the way that she acted, which was a slight issue but this was easy to ignore and didn't detract from the rest of the lovely and fun-to-read story.

If it hasn't been noticed before now, I just thought that I would mention that I absolutely adored the ending and am going to have to wait as patiently as I can before I get the chance to read the second book! All I really want to do is run off and read it now. The ending, for me, really made the rest of the book better. It was what really caused this book to stick with me. Brilliant endings are an easy way to win my heart.

Slipping Reality
Slipping Reality
Price: 8.04

4.0 out of 5 stars Simply loved how rich and raw it left me., 6 Sep 2013
This review is from: Slipping Reality (Kindle Edition)
It would be a lie to say that there aren't many books that leave me crying my eyes out, but there certainly hasn't been any recently. This changed when I reached the end of Slipping Reality. I was so affected by this book and I simply loved how rich and raw it left me. I knew the ending, I knew what was coming and yet, at the same time, I did not expect it to affect me quite so much. It is, just as Katelyn herself comments, that even when watching your favourite movies and you know what is going to happen, that doesn't stop the tears from flowing. This book moved me in ways I didn't really think were possible.
Going into this book, I knew that it was going to be a sad tale but never did I expect it to talk to me quite so much. As Katelyn goes on her journey, I found myself relation to her and her character and how it was with my Grandad. I recognised the fear that she felt and I just wanted to reach through the pages and comfort her. This was such a well-written story that I'm worried this review won't reflect just how brilliant the book actually was but I'm really going to try my hardest and just hope that it comes out right.

This story is full of imagination and creativity, it is creativeness that sparks from the author, Emily but is shown through the character of Katelyn and the "alternate" reality that she has slipped into. All Katelyn wants and needs is someone to comfort her, someone to be there for her in a way that she can't be there for her brother, Matthew. In step her "imaginative friends", Tristan and Cedric. They are there for her in every way she needs but she can't quite explain what happens when they're around. Are they real? Is she dreaming? Does she go to another reality? I loved the concept of this and completely understood it. Sometimes, all we want is an escape, all we want to do is run but we have to be strong and face the things around us or we may end up to regret it.

I loved the characters in this story. I loved how realistic they all were. Her best friend Lauren and how she would steer the conversation in whichever way she felt Katelyn needed it but also felt left behind when Katelyn went off into her "fantasies". I adored Matthew and how he acted around his sister, in spite of everything, and I loved how strong he was when he really didn't have to be. He showed that Cancer doesn't have to beat you if you don't let it. But really, I absolutely adored Katelyn. I related to her so much and I loved that she just tried to get on with her life, she pushed everything aside and just got on with her daily life because she had to. So when an escape was given to her, instead of questioning it too much, she just let it happen because she needed it. All of the characters were really well-written and helped to make the story that much better.

The writing in this book was really good. It faltered here and there and became a bit choppy in places but this certainly didn't deter from the overall feel of the book. What's more, this was written when Emily Beaver was only fourteen years old and while that shouldn't mean I should cut her some slack, I will, because the rest of the book was just so incredible that the few problems here and there is stunning as some authors could never write a book so beautiful and rich. I adored the over-all running theme throughout the book and the way that Katelyn dealt with it all.

There was some beautiful imagery within this novel that I truly admired, and it was full of imagination and spark and is a book that I would whole-heartedly recommend to others. If you've ever been through loss, or are going through loss, I feel that this book would help you to get through it, to understand that you're not alone in this world, that you're never alone. It might also help you to feel stronger, to not make mistakes and it might make you realise how strong your actions can be and how, even though escaping may feel brilliant, it won't always be that way. I have to admit that while I was reading I kept thinking that Tristan and Cedric were a sign that Katelyn herself had cancer, but this would just be me and my lack of imagination but once I got passed that thought, I truly saw this story for what it wanted to be; a marvellous read full of imagination and escape.

Emerald City
Emerald City
Price: 5.14

5.0 out of 5 stars A book I treasured intensely., 6 Sep 2013
This review is from: Emerald City (Kindle Edition)
Every now and again, there is a book that really grabs my heart and keeps hold. It is, therefore, with a lot of gushing and awe that I admit that Emerald City by Alicia K. Leppert was one such book. I'm almost one hundred percent certain that I haven't read a book so in tune with me in such a long time. It was exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it and it is one book that I would happily read over and over again. This book touched me in ways that so many other books just fail to do.

One of the first things that drew me into this story was how well Alicia has actually written this book, and how well she's grasped depression and the way people can and do feel. It is unfortunate that the reason I know this is because I have felt very similar thoughts and feelings in my life but this is also probably why I love this book so much. It was nice to know that no one is alone with thoughts and feelings like this. I also loved witnessing the journey and transformation of Olivia, which left a trajectory of hope to the readers. It just showed that it doesn't always have to end horribly, that it can turn around, and that people are there to help and that you can feel better, if you let it happen.

I enjoyed reading about the blooming friendships in the novel and how it portrayed that it can sometimes be the people in our life that really help us the most, without us even truly realising it. I also liked that it showed that a lot of the time, new friends could be right beside us but we just may not take the time to notice. It sort of gives the message to really look around you and try to reach out to the people you see almost daily as you never know what happen. It really makes you think about how much you can affect someone's life, and it is such a powerful and moving message. I also liked the idea that despite big arguments happening, friends can always turn back to each other and work together to rebuild their broken relationship. Everything isn't always ruined forever.

This leads me to discuss the love relationship in this book, and boy, what a relationship! I absolutely adored them together. I loved how caring, protective and gentle Jude was and how mysterious he was around Olivia. I loved that she felt sage and happy and secure around him and how he helped her to be stronger and to start looking at the world around her. But what I loved most about it all was how realistic and natural it all felt throughout the story. I could honestly imagine a relationship forming that way, because nothing was too rushed or forced. I also loved that the relationship building was witnessed. It didn't just `happen', but it took a while, it was slow and hard to avoid the feelings, and darn it, it was just so romantic and cute and lovely. Jude is the kind of guy that everyone wants, or well, I know I do!

The plot within this book was also extremely compelling and page-turning. Written mostly in Olivia's POV, it is clear that the story is about her and her journey and it was so great to read about everything that happened. It was, however, the few sections of Jude's POV that really brought mystery and suspense to this book. It always left you with questions as to what was going on or what was going to happen and really managed to pull the reader in. I wanted to know what was going on and then, once I had realised it, I sat in eager anticipation as I waited for Olivia to come to the same conclusion that I had. This was such a brilliant tactic and style that I thoroughly enjoyed as it built up the tension perfectly, it was never too much, but just right. After all has been solved, however, I loved that it wasn't all over but that there was actually so much more to happen. It was so action-packed and mysterious and compelling and I simply adored every word that was written on the page.

All in all, this book was one that I enjoyed and treasured intensely. It tugged at my heartstrings, it represented a serious topic extremely well and gave it a new perspective while also giving readers some sign of hope and happiness. It was a lovely, romantic, twist-leading, mysterious book that pulls your emotions in so many different ways that it is almost impossible not to love this book, at least, in my opinion! I would recommend this book to people who love emotional romance books that have something more, and to anyone who is, or has ever experienced depression or knows someone who has or is. It is a powerful book that I could not praise highly enough; I loved it more than words can convey.

Waiting to Forget
Waiting to Forget
Price: 5.60

4.0 out of 5 stars Truly inspiring and emotionally powerful novel., 6 Sep 2013
This review is from: Waiting to Forget (Kindle Edition)
I honestly didn't know what to expect when I started reading Waiting to Forget but there is no doubt in my mind that it would have exceeded every single expectation that I did have. This was a truly inspiring and emotionally powerful novel which invoked in me feelings that I haven't felt in a long while. Sheila Welch has written a beautifully moving story from the perspective of a young boy and how he witnesses and understands everything that is going on within his life. It is an absolutely charming read that really forces you to think about how everything affects people, including children, differently.

The story itself is completely compelling and page-turning and I found myself wanting to know what was going to happen next. I enjoyed the journey that Sheila took me on with her words. It was interesting to see the story unfold and I especially enjoyed seeing it all from the perspective of a young boy. Generally, with these type of stories, you get an omnipresent narrator or that of the view from an adults view and it was refreshing to read something a little different. It definitely opened my eyes a little more and it also made me think about my childhood in interesting ways.

T.J was a truly lovely character and I loved hearing about the world from his view. I liked witnessing his journey, feeling his emotions and watching as he grew up and his personality changed. I loved how good of a brother he was, how protective he was of both his sister and his mother and how strong he was altogether. It is clear to see that he will grow up to be a lovely young man. While I didn't like the personality of his "Momma", I loved how real she felt and just how much T.L adored her. I liked how you could see this actually happening in real life and I loved all of the dynamics to her character. Angela, as well, was a lovely character to read and hear about and I felt myself wanting to reach out and hug her a lot of the time. I wanted to pull her close and never let anything harm her ever again. But, all in all, it was T.J who really got me attached to this story.

I enjoyed how this story went from past to present. It was interesting how the transitions were put together and extremely well-executed. It truly pulls the reader in and makes them want to read more. I, for one, was interested to know why that was on the page and why that spurred that memory. I loved the few twists at the end and I just thoroughly enjoyed the storyline and plot of the entire novel. I liked how it all fit together, how it all came together and how, by the end of it, the journey had come to a close and a projection of the future was given, a future full of hope and happiness and good things. It made the entire novel a worthwhile read.

This story was moving and compelling and one that I would highly recommend to many others. It is an easy-read as it is a middle grade book but that does not make it a bad read. It was powerful and rich and really gets you to think and I feel that, as Sheila admitted in her interview with me, it would be a good read for anyone ten and up. It is a gritty representation of reality and maybe too much for some younger readers but, in the eyes of a young child, it really just works well. I can definitely see it causing younger readers to think more about the world they are in. I would honestly recommend this book to anyone who likes realistic fiction and wants something new and unique to read!

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