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Robot Overlords [DVD]
Robot Overlords [DVD]
Dvd ~ Gillian Anderson
Price: £7.00

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3.0 out of 5 stars "Is this your first time at a Harvester?", 16 Aug. 2015
This review is from: Robot Overlords [DVD] (DVD)
It's three years on from defeat by invading intelligent machines and anyone venturing outside their homes without permission is vapourised by automated sentinels. No one knows what the machines really want, although they say that when they are finished studying us they will leave and never return. Human collaborators called sector chiefs recruit other humans to suprvise and punish the population if they disobey.
This is the quickly established set-up for the film, which I understand was developed from a graphic novel. Naturally, the film concerns a small group of teenagers learning how to disable their tracking markers, venturing outside and discovering the machines real intentions.
Despite the quote from Hyperdrive, which also reveals the Robot Overlords ultimate objectives, this isn't that bad a film. Obviously, I imagine that there have been a lot of reviews comparing it (probably unfavourably) with Dr. Who, since even the DVD cover makes that comparison. Yes, it's certainly one intended for the "young adult" market but it's also part of what seems to be the beginnings of a homegrown revival in Science Fiction which is still different to what's being produced in America. At the moment, this revival seems more interesting than it is accomplished or original but who knows what it might achieve given a few more years?

Unearthing the Changes: Recently Discovered Manuscripts of the Yi Jing (I Ching) and Related Texts (Translations from the Asian Classics)
Unearthing the Changes: Recently Discovered Manuscripts of the Yi Jing (I Ching) and Related Texts (Translations from the Asian Classics)
by Edward Shaughnessy
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £21.69

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4.0 out of 5 stars An invaluable reference book for the serious student, 6 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Edward Shaughessy is, of course, one of the leading Western Sinologists of modern times. I would strongly recommend any of his books and articles to anyone who has a serious interest in the culture and history of ancient China.
The Fuyang is a copy of the Zhouyi (I Jing) placed in its owners tomb in 165 BC. The Shanghai Museum strips, otherwise known as the Chujian manuscript is a copy of the Zhouyi dating to 316 BC. The Guicang is another long lost milfoil divination manuscript similar to the Zhouyi which, until recently was considered to be some kind of late forgery.
Granted, this book will mostly be of interest to students or professional Sinologists but there are a few dedicated amateurs like myself who will still find it remarkably useful.
Since I already owned copies of the Fu Yang and Shanghai Museum Zhouyi I bought this book soley for the manuscript of the Guicang but practically speaking, it's much better to have all three in the same book.

Badge of Fury [DVD]
Badge of Fury [DVD]
Dvd ~ Jet Li
Offered by HarriBella.UK.Ltd
Price: £1.49

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3.0 out of 5 stars It's a comedy!, 12 April 2014
This review is from: Badge of Fury [DVD] (DVD)
Although you wouldn't know it from the rather solemn blurb on the back of the DVD, this is a broad comedy. I suppose the banner on the front announcing "From the Producers of Crouching Tiger and Kung Fu Hustle" should have been a clue but with Jet Li, I was expecting something more serious. It's not a bad film, it's not laugh out loud funny but it's pleasant enough with lots of daft plot elements and film homages to Men In Black and Star Wars. The plot, such as it is, concerns the mysterious deaths of several men romantically linked to an aspiring actress and her sister. Myself, I'm not really a fan of this current sub-genre, which seems to cast a knowing eye on a Western audience but as long as you know what you're getting, it's not too bad.

Scavengers [DVD]
Scavengers [DVD]
Dvd ~ Roark Critchlow
Price: £6.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Not as bad as I thought, 6 April 2014
This review is from: Scavengers [DVD] (DVD)
Take a large dollop of Firefly, throw in the Engine of Creation from Andromeda and possibly a hint of the artifact from Supernova and what you get is Scavengers.
Actually, despite the fact that it isn't particularly original in it's background and plot, Scavengers isn't that bad a film. I've watched it twice now and I enjoyed it a lot more the second time after I'd got over its rather obvious influences. At the very least it again shows what crowd funding can achieve and at this price I've seen a lot worse.

Doctor Who - The Web of Fear [DVD]
Doctor Who - The Web of Fear [DVD]
Dvd ~ Patrick Troughton
Price: £7.30

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4.0 out of 5 stars Nicholas Courtney, in the Underground?, 2 Mar. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Following its defeat by the Doctor (the Abominable Snowmen), the Great Intelligence has been studying the Time Lord. Finally able to take advantage of the scientific curiosity of Professor Travers in repairing one of its control spheres, the Great Intelligence has constructed an elaborate scheme to trap the Doctor. While its robot Yeti servitors lay siege to the London Underground, the Tardis is first caught and then released to materialize within the tunnels of the Circle Line.
With the Yeti gradually cutting off the Circle Line and it becoming obvious that someone within their number is working for the enemy, the few remaining soldiers and civilians still trapped underground are facing certain destruction unless they can find a way to destroy or disable the Yeti.
Ultimately, the Great Intelligence aims to capture the Doctor, absorbing the entire contents and experience of his mind into its own.

I have particularly vivid memories of the Web of Fear from its first broadcast in 1968, so the chance to see it again was irresistible. Although it's still a good story the Web of fear is probably now best remembered for the introduction of Nicholas Courtney as Colonel (later Brigadier) Lethbridge-stewart.

The restoration and transfer to DVD is excellent, although the third episode is still missing. Instead, the episode is represented by the original soundtrack and stills, which in this case works well enough not to detract from the overall experience. Apart from a trailer for the already released "Enemy of the World" there are no special features at all on the DVD but this is still a great addition to the Classic Doctor Who series.
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Doctor Who - The Moonbase [DVD]
Doctor Who - The Moonbase [DVD]
Dvd ~ Patrick Troughton
Price: £7.40

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4.0 out of 5 stars Return of the Cybermen, 21 Jan. 2014
Heading for Mars, the Doctor and his companions Tom, Polly and Jamie are brought down with a jolt onto the Moon in 2070. Unable to resist the opportunity to explore, the Doctor and his companions are soon bouncing across the Lunar landscape. Miscalculating one of his hops, Jamie falls over the lip of a crater and lies unconscious and heavily concussed close to the Moonbase of the title.
With a fourteen-man crew of scientists, technitions and engineers, this is the station which now controls the Earth's weather using a gravitational pump to guide weather-systems and create more favourable conditions.
Several of the crew, beginning with the base's Doctor, have been incapacitated by an unknown illness and the remaining eleven are hard-pressed to perform their duties adequately.
Unknown to anyone, Cybermen who survived the destruction of Mondas in "The Tenth Planet" have landed on the Moon and infiltrated the Moonbase, intending to convert its crew and use the gravity pump to decimate the Earth in preperation for colonization.

Although included on the "Lost in Time" DVD as surviving episodes and soundtrack, this version is the latest of the part-animated, part-film releases and, in my opinion at least, these work remarkably well. Since they were not intended as audio-plays, the soundtrack only versions can be difficult to follow but the animated episodes are the next best thing to having a completely surviving adventure.

The extras are fairly standard, commentaries on the animated episodes, interviews and "making of" feature. There are also the usual T.V. listings, subtitles and Photo Gallery as well as a trailer for the upcoming release of "The Underwater Menace" and while this may not be as eagerly anticipated as the "Web of Fear", it's still unexpected and welcome. We must be very close to the last of the classic Doctor Who releases, so we should make the most of them. Personally, I don't think that the B.B.C. will keep to their statement that they will only animate and release the early Doctor Who adventures which have at least half of their surviving episodes but we'll see.

Revenge of the Dragon
Revenge of the Dragon
Dvd ~ Jackie Chan
Offered by BLT-Deals
Price: £2.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Same film-different titles, 5 Jan. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Revenge of the Dragon (DVD)
Don't be mislead by the unfamiliar title like I was. This is actually the same film as "Fearless Hyena" only not as good because of the tiny letter-box format. Despite the fact that Revenge of the Dragon is very reasonably priced, I would still recommend "Fearless Hyena" if quality is more important to you than price.

Beautiful Handmade Metal Carved Tree Made In India Used For Home Decoration or Gifting
Beautiful Handmade Metal Carved Tree Made In India Used For Home Decoration or Gifting

2.0 out of 5 stars Overpriced, 26 Dec. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
It actually looked pretty good in the picture but in reality it's cheaply made. Certainly not worth the £50 asking price, so be warned.

Doctor Who - The Enemy of the World [DVD]
Doctor Who - The Enemy of the World [DVD]
Dvd ~ Patrick Troughton
Price: £7.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Double trouble, 27 Nov. 2013
Following their encounter with the Ice Warriors, the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria head for somewhere warm. Materializing on an Australian beach in 2018, their holiday is soon interrupted by an armed attack and pursuit by three men in a hovercraft who have mistaken the Doctor for Leader Salamander.

To many, Salamander is a hero who has fed an overpopulated and starving world through his technological brilliance but for others, he is a tyrant intent on ruling the world by a combination of bribery and subversion.

Rescued by Astrid, a member of the same group of rebels, they are taken to meet Giles Kent, a former Governor disgraced by Salamander and who is now his implacable enemy. Kent and Astrid try to convince the Doctor that Salamander is an evil man who must be killed for the sake of the world. Rejecting this solution, the Doctor insists on proof and so a plan to infiltrate Jamie and Victoria into Salamander's household is put into action instead.

The Enemy of the World is a very different kind of story from the majority of Troughton adventures, full of intrigue and convincingly realized, without the need for much special effects work. It cunningly avoids the usual cliches of doubles and conceals its surprises remarkably well. Accordingly, it is as fresh and original today as it must have seemed back in 1968 and is undoubtedly one of the second Doctor's finest moments.

The excellent supporting cast is largely drawn from stalwart television character actors of the day, notably Bill Kerr, Carmen Munroe, Colin Douglas (Horror of Fang Rock) and Milton Johns (The Android Invasion) playing one of his trademark creepy characters.

The restoration is excellent although, due to the speed of its release after its discovery, there are no special features apart from the trailer for the Web of Fear, another rediscovered Troughton classic. Now, if they could only find a few more...

Doctor Who - Scream of the Shalka [DVD]
Doctor Who - Scream of the Shalka [DVD]
Dvd ~ Richard E. Grant
Price: £6.70

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5.0 out of 5 stars The road not travelled, 20 Sept. 2013
First broadcast on the BBC Website in 2003, Scream of the Shalka gives us a glimpse of what could have been.

The Tardis materialises in a small Lancashire town where the Doctor soon discovers that all is far from well. An invasion force of Shalka, subterranean worm-like creatures, have taken over the town using sonic control, cutting it off from the outside world. Across the globe, groups of Shalka have landed and intend to make the world into another breeding colony by changing the atmosphere and making the surface uninhabitable.

It has a fantastic vocal cast, with Richard E. Grant as the Doctor, Derek Jacobi as the Master, Jim Norton (Father Ted, Babylon 5), Sophie Okonedo and even David Tennant in a minor role. Although no longer considered "canonical", it parallels many of the themes developed in the new series, with the Doctor still recovering from taking some terrible action and being responsible for untold deaths.

Packed with the kind of extras associated with one of the usual Doctor Who DVD releases, Scream of the Shalka shouldn't be ignored by any fan of the series.

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