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Meeting Joe: Joe Strummer, the Clash and Me
Meeting Joe: Joe Strummer, the Clash and Me

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4.0 out of 5 stars Short And Sweet, 16 Jan. 2015
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I was intrigued by this...being as how I am a Clash Anorak..or trying to be.
Its a very short book..and relates to the defection of Joe Strummer to the fledgling Clash from the 101'ers
This through the words of Keith Levene ..whose "Mission" was to persuade Joe to come and front the band.
The story has been told by different people in different ways over the years, and this is Keith's version of events.
Despite stories of how Bernie had presented Joe with an Ultimatum, Keith seems do have been the major driving force in getting Joe in. Mick it seems was not convinced Joe would leave the 101'ers,and seemed to be shocked when he agreed.
But I'm giving too much away....
This Kindle book is almost like a "sampler" for some very nice handmade, hand crafted physical books that are for sale on his website!buy/c6zt ...So this is quite an original idea...the physical copies have photos and extra content. (Deep breath...prices!) What is touching is that despite the fact that Keith was ousted from the Clash, or left whatever the reasons...he is highly complimentary and respectful about Joe...and it does make you think what I'd be obsessing over if Joe had turned The Clash offer down.....and when you look at what KL went on to do with PIL...some great work on the first two albums really innovative stuff.

Philips HR1863/01 Viva Collection Juicer, 2 Litre, 700 Watt - Brushed Aluminium
Philips HR1863/01 Viva Collection Juicer, 2 Litre, 700 Watt - Brushed Aluminium
Price: £59.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Smooth and Fruity!!???, 30 Dec. 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
This is a very high tech looking piece of kitchenware...very easy on the eye. It is doesn't fit in the usual kitchen cupboards.....wife a bit annoyed about this!!
It fits together very easily, the top comes off using the two catches on the side. The collecting jug sits underneath the the juice spout to collect juice after shredding. The instruction booklet is something to behold.......every language you can think of....but it doesn't really tell you a lot. I would recommend the info on the amazon product page as a better guide and source of useful information.It doesn't explain how to take it apart and put back together very have to squeeze a couple of catches to oull off a plastic part..then pull the stainless steel grate off. The juicer is very powerful.....our existing juicer pales in comparison.
The problem I've always had with juicing is that there is such a lot of mucking gte the juice done..and then cleaning the juicer up afterwards.With this can put the mucky bits in the dishwasher that is a bit of a blessing.Easy to get the fruity bits and mush all collects in cirular trough you can get a spoon in.
On the juicing front itself.....have done apples, pears and grapes...and all produced some nice smooth juices..would mainly want this for orange juice which involves a bit of peeling. that's my next juicing session..!!
Just done an immunity busting juice and carrot...all mashed up smoothly and tasted great.

Zip Dry 59 ml One Bottle with Nozzle and Lid, Crystal Clear
Zip Dry 59 ml One Bottle with Nozzle and Lid, Crystal Clear
Offered by AJ Every Day
Price: £9.50

4.0 out of 5 stars so this seemed like a good one to try, 26 Dec. 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
I 've been looking for a glue I can use with my art projects that dosen't wrinkle up paper when I'm doing collage this seemed like a good one to try. Have tried it on different types of materials, foil, thin art sponge and normal paper and seems to hold it down. Haven't tried anything really heavy duty yet..but so far pleased with the results. I normally use copydex or spray mount which do have a wider coverage...the zip dry is very directed with the nozzle .
The packaging does warn you about the vapours...and it does give off "fumes" definitely take the advice about well ventilated room. If you do have excess glue on is pretty easy to clean that off when you are done.

Print: Fashion, Interiors, Art
Print: Fashion, Interiors, Art
by Simon Clarke
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £20.40

4.0 out of 5 stars After A Fashion...., 16 Dec. 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Once out of the know you are handling a book of high quality and "art". The cover has a 3/4 length printed textile piece front and back.
It is very clearly and well laid out, with a page about each artist/designer...followed by a series of high quality pictures of some of their work. There are three which covers a lot of textile designs....Interiors...which is like wall hangings and installations...and Art which covers ...Art....but you could say it is all art. Over the last 3 or 4 years my interest in art has been rekindled...and I seem to absorb stuff like a sponge......sometimes takes some squeezing out though.
Stand outs for me are Vivienne Westwood's glorious "Squiggle" design ...which first hit me on her and Malcolm McClarens "pirate" range back in the eighties. An absolutetly intriguing one is the wall paper designed.made up of blow ups of a selection of hotel registration cards with peoples names and information on from the 60's..pasted on to the walls of the same hotel currently.. A lot of the designs do not "do" repetition of shapes/graphics...which steers away from the regular nature of more traditional fashion/wallpaper etc.
I'm sure I will come back to this for inspiration again and again

The Clash: The Only Band That Mattered (Tempo: A Rowman & Littlefield Music Series on Rock, Pop, and Culture)
The Clash: The Only Band That Mattered (Tempo: A Rowman & Littlefield Music Series on Rock, Pop, and Culture)
by Sean Egan
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £21.95

4.0 out of 5 stars Shepherds Delight..., 15 Dec. 2014
Is the world ready for another Clash book....I hope so...because I've just finished writing one...
I can see from one disappointed reviewer that this might not be what you were expecting.....!! This is a more intellectual look at the Clash Musical output from the White Riot to Cut The Crap.
The approach is a little different from the usual Track By Track books like the Tony Fletcher Complete Guide To Their Music.Its more kind of conversational ...some tracks get a bit of a brief mention...others a few paragraphs with a usually interesting angle.
The early tracks in particular are looked at against the background of the mid and late 70's...the state of the nation, and how the clash songs related to this. At some points it's almost like one of the Dominic Sandbrook books on Social History/Commentary..but Egan always goes back to the song. Some points raised are a little harsh...the lyric writing and tunes particularly later ones (Sandinsita) seem to get a 50/50 bashing as flawed or generally bad.....but there are some compliments too.....Cruel But Fair??? I guess you have to judge that for yourselves.
There is a bit of a dig about Brand New Cadilac....contrasting with TRB's "Grey Cortina" which really made me hoot!!! now what is interesting is that in both those tunes Mick and Danny Kustow both get an amazing sound out of their guitars that make a car revving and driving noise.....fantastic.....(have I 'em and see) was almost like Egan was saying the Clash should have done Grey Cortina...but got into the "American Dream " scenario......Anyway they did what they did.....
So don't think you are going to get a full on Clash scrapbook of lovely unseen pictures or anything...this is more "intellectual" I guess. I have to agree.with the first reviewer....this and the recent Joe Strummer "Punk Rock Warlord" collection are hefty on the wallet...although having looked at self publishing my own ...I can see it's not a cheap business. This is a hardback version...but well....VFM ....???
It is amazing when I look at the Clash books that have been published, how much time, care and effort has been put in to anaylsing The Clash...I don't think other bands quite come under as much scrutiny... Big megabands I guess never set out to do anything than be a Big never really made any particularly bold statements or got too near politics or really stood for anything. Maybe it's that the Clash have lasted the test of time, and even today people have some respect for what they stood for, what they tried to achieve, and even how they made mistakes which kind of came back to bite them later. But hell...they were only human.
If you've read the others (which I have)...this book does kind of take a different approach...its not a kind of time line biography of their lives...but kind of puts the songs into some perspective, and makes you think a bit.
But if you just enjoy the music......That's what really counts...and that 's what matters...

Philips BT2500B/00 Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker
Philips BT2500B/00 Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker
Offered by Luzern
Price: £26.99

4.0 out of 5 stars A Rave in Your Pocket....??, 11 Dec. 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Nice handy gadget to give you music ..well maybe not on the move...but when you only have a phone or mp3 player and you want to let some music rip!!
Once out of the is pretty much ready to go..there is some charge on the device, but they recommend charging up before use.
Very simple to use..switch has three settings Audio In / Blue Tooth (icon) and Off
The volume is controlled by a Big silver control..and that is great..because sometime the volume controls on some of these gadgets can be frustrating and difficult to get used to.

There is a pairing button also on the side...but I didn't need to use this when I paired up my Samsung Mp3 Android player.It was as they say easy peasy lemon squeezy!.
The sound was good...and gave quite a boost it seemed to the normal headphones level,,even with the limiter turned off.
The unit is pretty you aren't going to have to lug around a heavy weight. Best bit is of wires.....great...nothing to get all tangled up in your bag and no jack plugs to break off when you least expected!
So....great if you have a blue tooth device....I also have a trusty old stylee ipod...without blue you would need a single audio jack to get that up and running.
Playing time it says is five hours..i guess depending how much welly you give it.
So far...very pleased with this..will take it in my bag with my various other gadgets....and might lend it to my wife to use in her Yoga lessons she gives. (Not turned up to 11 I might add).

Spandau Ballet The Film: Soul Boys Of The Western World [DVD]
Spandau Ballet The Film: Soul Boys Of The Western World [DVD]
Dvd ~ Tony Hadley
Price: £10.27

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4.0 out of 5 stars This Is Spandau Tap.....!, 27 Nov. 2014
This is really a "Journey To Glory".....!
I was never a BIG fan of SB...but they were around in my younger days...and I worked in record shops "back in the day" I personally "shifted a few units".
It is a well made film..even if the story is a little cliched ...Boys meet ...form a band...become "like brothers" ...struggle for success...become "young men"..get success ...lots of it ...have a BIG row (over royalties) ..split up (kind of)...go solo or into acting or give it a rest.....get back together ..mend fences and hit the "Greatest Hits" circuit....
Some nice 80's "iconic stuff" well for me.....Martin K wearing a magnificent Johnsons Leather Jacket ....and much sought after red seditionaries boots...he was definitely the most rock and roll soul boy! ...and he had that bass to end all basses...the beautiful Wal Custom...most of this would pass by the tearful lady fans I'm sure...but then everyone gets something different from this stuff.
There are some similarities I see with Gary Kemp and Sting....well ..both did the song writing and had control pretty much of their bands.....both went off into acting...and then back to their music..but make of this what you will......just one mans opinion.
Interesting that "We Don't NEED THIS PRESSURE ON" is mentioned as a bit of a soundtrack to the riots...other might say say that the Specials "Ghost Town" best summed up that year.
I did enjoy this despite the somewhat sentimental weepy "Reformation"..... I only have the first album...and a twelve inch single or two...but looking back..they produced some great pop songs...and GK came to a record shop I worked in at Islingston, and was a a top nice bloke.
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Ring Automotive RCT2 Emergency Travel Kit
Ring Automotive RCT2 Emergency Travel Kit
Price: £27.87

4.0 out of 5 stars Accidents will happen....., 23 Nov. 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
This is a pretty good set of equipment for the car driver....all fits into a very small holdall which zips up and has handle.
The warning triangle comes in a red case and is quick and easy to assemble. The first aid kit isn't that comprehensive...but for the price you pay....I don't think you would expect a Holby City style box. The High Vis jacket is definitely high vis...and pretty big size..
There is also a foil blanket if you get trapped in the snow!!!
Spares wise there is a set of bulbs for your headlamps and a set of jump leads. The Torch supplied is very impressive had a very strong beam and is a good chunky size. There is a pair of gloves (knobbly like a goalkeepers) for extra grip.
A nice little set...which covers most bases in the event of a breakdown which won't take up too much space in the boot!

Leitz Style 40 Pocket Display Book - Garnet Red
Leitz Style 40 Pocket Display Book - Garnet Red
Price: £7.52

4.0 out of 5 stars Stylish and Practical..!, 23 Nov. 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Quite an unusal colour for an office display folder..but it has an air of sophistication!!!
Usually they are bright red or black.
The cover is not as stiff as a folder...but seems to be quite robust. The twenty plastic pockets also seem pretty sturdy and look like they are plastic welded almost looks like "stitching".
Going to use mine for presenting A4 size artwork, and I don't expect heavy use, In these days of powerpoint and do wonder what sort of market there is for this kind of stationery...but it looks impressive...and Leitz seem to make some good looking stuff....I hav also reviewed

SK hynix HFS512G32MNB-2202A 2.5-inch 512GB Solid State Drive
SK hynix HFS512G32MNB-2202A 2.5-inch 512GB Solid State Drive
Price: £174.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars Trouble Free Install, 3 Nov. 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
I was expecting a few issues as I was installing this in a 2011/2012 Dell Laptop. But once I had the drive installled, there were absolutely no problems at all. The windows 7 install was very quick, and once I had downloaded the dell drivers for the other hardware, the drive was very fast and the laptop much quicker to start than the old tradtional SATA deive...which was starting to go .
Not really pushing the laptop with any really heavy processing, as it is a "small and light" laptop for when I am on the move, so nothing much more than office/Browsing,email and the odd move watching session.
So problems

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