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London 1966 - 67
London 1966 - 67
Offered by Vinylhead
Price: £6.65

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4.0 out of 5 stars For collectors only, 18 Oct. 2006
This review is from: London 1966 - 67 (Audio CD)
This is a rare CD from Pink Floyd which gives an insight into the band before they got a record deal. The CD showcases 2 tracks (both over 10 minutes long) which are Interstellar Overdrive and a track called "Nick's Boogie". The latter includes sections which would later come up on the track "A Saucerful Of Secrets". Both are instrumental songs and were originally recorded for a film about "swinging london". The sound quality of the tracks is actually surprisingly good considering it's from 66/67. However I haven't given it 5 stars because I feel it's too short with only 2 tracks on. Also included on the CD is a full length video of Interstellar Overdrive which perhaps questions why anyone would buy the more expensive DVD...anyway the video is of reasonably quality and there are also videos of interviews with Mick Jagger and Michael Caine. So yes this CD is a good insight into the psychedelic period of pink floyd's music but I'd wait until you've bought up all of the other floyd albums before you buy this

Creative ZEN Vision:M 30GB MP3 / Video Player - White
Creative ZEN Vision:M 30GB MP3 / Video Player - White

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5.0 out of 5 stars Possibly the best player on the market!, 23 Sept. 2006
The Creative Zen Vision: M is a great little MP3 player and gives the ipod range a good run for its money. The Zen looks good and people i've shown it to have been impressed. The 30Gb of memory (part of which can be partitioned as an external hard drive, meaning it can act like a usb stick so you can put an array of files on there and take them with you) is plenty enough for the average person's music collection with space left for some videos too! At this point I'd like to comment on the excellent sound and video quality. The sound is very good with an fully adjustable EQ and the Zen comes with some pretty good headphones. The video is very sharp and clear and works well on the small screen!

The menus on the Zen are all very clear and visible and the touch pad is very good at navigating through them. A word on the touch pad though; initially it's very sensitive and a bit tricky to use but after a few days it becomes easy to use and perhaps easier than the ipod wheel. Today I dropped my Zen (accidentally) from about waist height in the protective pouch Creative supply when you buy a Zen and to my relief there was not a scratch visible and the player still worked perfectly so good on Creative for building a nice robust player. These things always get knocked about so a good build is essential!

ATTN Linux users!: I'm running Fedora Core 3 on my computer rather than Windows XP or whatever. Anyway after much time and effort I have managed to get software allowing MTP transfer of files onto my Zen. This is just a brief note to say it is in fact possible. I spent a long time searching for reviews on MP3 players to see if they'd work on Linux before I could even think about buying one so that is the purpose of this paragraph =)

Creative ZEN Vision:M 30GB MP3 / Multi-Media Player - Black  
Creative ZEN Vision:M 30GB MP3 / Multi-Media Player - Black  

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5.0 out of 5 stars Using Linux? Read on..., 17 Sept. 2006
Having recently purchased a Creative Zen Vision:M and being particularly pleased with it I felt compelled to review it. Firstly I use various distributions of Linux. That's right I don't use Windows. So for the past few months I've been looking into a 15Gb+ mp3 player that doesn't have stupid software preventing me from using it on Linux. Contrary to a few reviews I've read it IS possible to get it working on Linux. I used a program called Gnomad2 so if anyone who's reading this is having problems google that!

Second half of review: The Zen feels sturdy and robust and also looks nicer than an ipod. The video playback is great, I was very impressed with the quality of the demo videos! Audio playback is good and the menus are very easy to navigate (the display is pretty similar to an your artist or genre or album or whatever and you're away...)

A few reviewers mentioned the touch pad is very hard to use as it is too sensetive. First of all there is an option to adjust the sensetivity and secondly you have to be gentle with it or you'll end up flyng all over the place. What I do like about it is that you can lightly tap the top half or bottom half and move only 1 place down in the menu. On an ipod you could spend forever trying to do this with the wheel!

The battery life is very good, had a challenge with my mate who owns the ipod video. We both fuly charged our machines and then waited to see whose died first, my zen won! The headphones supplied in the box are atually quite good. Usually the headphones supplied with these things aren't terribly good but i was pleasantly surprised to find they were better than my philips =)

Final comment: A very good mp3 player and a worthy rival to the ipod video. In fact I would go as far as saying I'd buy this over the ipod next time as well, creative have done a stella job on this!

Snowballs Of Doom Live
Snowballs Of Doom Live
Price: £13.99

5.0 out of 5 stars A great introduction to Racer X, 11 April 2006
This review is from: Snowballs Of Doom Live (Audio CD)
I bought this from a local record store (it's REALLY hard to find any Racer X in a high street shop. It's difficult even in a big shopping centre!) today after having a handful of downloaded songs. I had the choice between this, superheroes and technical difficulties. There's not a song on this cd that is bad! It contains the typical shredding from Paul Gilbert you would expect and will leave you in awe. If you're a guitarist or a musician of any kind you will appreciate that 250BPM is VERY fast! The songs themselves extend from slighty cheesy 80s stuff to roar 80s metal. On some live albums the vocals can sometimes be difficult to hear, not on this cd. The vocals, the guitar, the drums; they're all crystal clear. Personally I think this is a great introduction to Racer X and would certainly recommend it :)

Kings of Damnation 98 - 04
Kings of Damnation 98 - 04

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4.0 out of 5 stars It's alright but for collectors only..., 25 Oct. 2005
Kings of Damnation is Black Label Society's 8th release and they just seem to be getting better and better. However this CD is really for die-hard fans only. First of all despite being released after Mafia there are no tracks from that album on here (and Mafia contains some of their best stuff!). It does say it's the era of 1998-2004 and Mafia was released after this. However I feel that Mafia should have been included.

Now after looking at the track list on the back of the cd I put it in my CD player and the first track, "Losin' Your Mind", a southern acoustic track is a good start point...if you include Zakk Wylde's solo work. You see Zakk Wylde did two solo albums before forming Black Label Society, Pride & Glory and Book of Shadows. These seem to have been included on the Black Label Society greatest hits...however the tracks from these two albums are good, redeming themselves.

Moving onto the Black Label Society tracks now. Tracks 5-17 cover all sides of Black Label Society well and include acoustic as well as electric work. There are a few tracks I think are missing though. Geoncide Junkies (1919 Eternal) or All For You (Stronger Than Death) perhaps. Then we move onto the two new songs, Doomsday Inc and SDMF. I bought this album for these two tracks as I already had the other albums and to be honest I didn't think it was worth the money I paid. They're OK but lack the roar metal guitar riffery of Zakk Wylde. I would go as far as saying they were more commercial (along with the album perhaps).

Then finally the second has some rare tracks and a couple of videos on. However it's a DVD and not a CD so you can't rip it I'm afraid. Overall though it's a relatively good introduction to Black Label Society but there are some key tracks missing and I feel it could have been structured better as well. Only for completists only or those who *must* buy it..

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