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Behind His Lens
Behind His Lens
Price: £2.17

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic debut!, 22 Dec. 2013
This review is from: Behind His Lens (Kindle Edition)
I just have to start with: This cover is absolutely stunning! And it fit's the book unbelievable well for reasons known only to those who read it. EDIT: The cover has been updated and is still just as gorgeous but it doesn't picture Charley in the Dior gown any longer.

When I received my copy of Behind His Lens I was over the moon, and then I was just going to add it to my kindle library. And then I was just going to read the first chapter. And then it was over before I knew what hit me. And it left me wishing for so much more, I don't think I could ever get my fill of Jude. What I wouldn't do to be apart of Naomi, Bennett, Jude and Charley's world. (Have I mentioned that Charlie is without a doubt my favorite name for a girl? I'm going to have to change that to Charley!)

You will be fanning yourself over Jude's take-charge personality and panty-melting ways but it comes with a great story and even better character development.

Charley doesn't get swept up in the glamour and glitz of modelling but values her privacy and keeps it real. She is good at what she does and channels her inner seductress when a shoot calls for it, even if that damn photographer unnerves her. Shes got a great laugh and a sharp tongue but she's got some big demons lurking in the shadows and they come out to play at the worst times. You love that girl who gives as good as she gets and you feel with the damaged part of her.

Jude's got a bit of a past of his own and his experiences changed him. He sees Charley for what she is and refuses to back down when she slams up her walls. He's so incredibly strong with the biggest heart you can imagine. And he's hot. Yeah, that too. I'd have one hand permanently attached to his dark, unruly hair and one one his face and that two day stubble of his.

Behind his lens is a great love story but it's also a story about coming to terms with your past and not crumble under the weight of it. It's about helping each other cope and finding love again when you were so sure that you were broken for life. It's about learning to trust again after being betrayed in the most shattering way. And Jude, it's about Jude, let's not forget Jude. I'm just a little bit smitten by the manly-man with freckles.

3:AM Kisses
3:AM Kisses
Price: £0.00

2.0 out of 5 stars Barely bearable, 9 Dec. 2013
This review is from: 3:AM Kisses (Kindle Edition)
Let me star off with; I ADORE the cover!

I've read a lot of book about the innocent girl heading off to college with her mind set on change, and most of them have been really good and they all turn out completely different. 3:AM has a really good set up, but it's so fixated on the sex Baya is not having it kinda overshadows the rest of story.

She meets Bryson and sparks fly, but when she realizes he's the campus player and that she has the hot's for him everything he say is a sexual innuendo in her head. The most common, innocent sentence has her head reeling with "What did he mean? Did he mean it literally or is there a hidden meaning? Does he get a boner by just looking at me as I do him?" I get that she wants to be viewed as something else than a 15 year old little sister but it gets down right ridiculous.

I almost DNF'ed it after I've read a quarter but Bryson and his past had me keep reading. He's without a doubt the only thing that makes this book bearable. Well, he and Laney but she has such a small part she doesn't make much of a difference. Bryson is a good character, not a phenomenal one but a good and all over likable one.

In the last half of the book when Baya starts looking for something else than for somebody to "defile her" out comes a pretty okay story. It's a bit chopped up and it all happens very fast at the end but it's actually not that bad.

The Demon Trappers: Forgiven
The Demon Trappers: Forgiven
by Jana Oliver
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Simply amazing!, 9 Dec. 2013
This is awesome!I know that, but somehow ditsy me forgot to review it right after I read it and now I can't remember anything more than the big throw-down and heartbreaking end. It's not that it's not memorable but that's just the way my brain works, I could read the most life changing book ever and still don't remember more than a thing or two about it after a week.

My feelings for this one are just the same as they were for book one and two. I LOVE it! Seriously, I'm scared of starting the last book because that means it will end. No more Riley, no more Beck, I'm gonna miss them! But that last book is going to be so totally awesome I think I might shrivel up and die if I don't read it soon.

Sorry I don't have more to say, just hear me on this: If you're on the hunt for an amazing paranormal series, get started on the Demon Trappers!

Ruin (The Ruin Series, Book 1)
Ruin (The Ruin Series, Book 1)
Price: £1.93

5.0 out of 5 stars Incredibly emotionally overwhelming, in a good way, 28 Nov. 2013
Immediately after I'd read the last page of Ruin I went and wrote a post on being so emotionally drained and overwhelmed that I felt unable to actually write a review. Because no review could ever do this book justice. Let's get that out of the way. No matter what I write I here, no matter how I phrase it and no matter what words I use I could never put in print what this book did to me and how much it meant. I cried by page three. I am an emotional reader but never have I cried by page three before, that's should give you an idea of how much this book got to me.

For any reader who has known someone who is sick, like really, really sick and might not have made it through, this book will touch you so deep. I know it did me. I lost my grandmother to cancer about a year ago and she faded away too fast. She literally faded away, she had always been a big woman and when she passed there was nothing left of her. And that was so hard to see. By the time she was diagnosed there was nothing the doctors could do and she gave up and stopped living altogether and I think that's what hurt the most, to see someone you love just give up like that and lose all their spark. I guess that's why I can relate so much to this book and what's going on between Wes and Kiersten.

Wes is the ultimate boyfriend and perfect in every way. Not in that ridiculously sweet and annoying way but in a way that has you screaming that life is an unfair bitch because you want him to be yours.

Kiersten is so incredibly strong and true that there's no way you can't not live the adventure right there by her side. Because when she meets Wes her life is suddenly filled with reasons to live instead of just existing and he does take her on a true adventures to discover herself.

They're so perfect for each other and their lives are so unfair I would choke fate if I ever got ahold of her.

There are some loose ends that aren't completely tied up throughout the book but none of that matter because in the big picture, they're tiny things.

I don't think I've ever read a book with so many truly inspiring quotes, and normally I don't include quotes in my reviews but these just got to me and I had to share them.

"Just because you need help to cope doesn't make you any less strong. The truly weak people in this life are the ones who can't admit they need help. They're the ones who can't admit that they can no longer go at it alone. Those are the people who are weak. By asking for help, by taking help, you've just admitted your weakness and in that, you find your strength. The weak of the world are those who think they've got it all figured out and flaunt it to others."


"No matter how afraid you are - you can still make the choice to fight. You can still make the choice to walk through the fire- he said to do it afraid."


"I felt that way, lost, like a missing puzzle piece that forgot it was a part of the rest of the puzzle."


"Your heart," I whispered. "I'll still take it, if the offer stands. I want all of it, even the broken pieces, the shredded ones that no longer fit. I want all of them -- all of you. I need it all."

Ruin is a story about finding something worth fighting for when you've already given up. For finding the desire to live again after you've already accepted the fate of your less than bright future. It's about first loves, first kisses and so many other firsts, and lasts.

This book broke me, it completely shattered me, and then it continued to break my heart over and over again before it sorta pieced it back together. I was so emotionally overwhelmed and I honestly didn't know what to do with myself so I just kept crying even though the book had ended. Reading Ruin will be the best and the worst thing you'll do all year, I promise you that.

Billy and Me
Billy and Me
by Giovanna Fletcher
Edition: Paperback
Price: £5.59

3.0 out of 5 stars Sweet but a bit uneventful, 28 Nov. 2013
This review is from: Billy and Me (Paperback)
I wanted to love this one and I had sky high expectations. Unfortunately they weren't met.

I loved both Sophie and Billy and the character development was fantastic. They both grew throughout the book and learnt a lot about themselves and each other. Sophie finally had the courage to leave her shell of a life and take a chance at what life really has to offer. Billy needed someone to settle and ground him in his busy world and Sophie gave him that. He's also incredibly sweet and I'm pretty sure I'd pass out of adoration if he ever took me on a date.

I loved the whole setup with the Hollywood hotshot falling in love with the down to earth small town girl who then gets thrown in to the ruthlessness of a celebrity's life, but it just wasn't enough. When the troubles in paradise pops up it I think Giovanna could have taken it a step further. Sophie had a lot of insecurities about her and Billy and her own life in general but there was never any confrontation of any sort. I missed that, I wanted her to take charge and, maybe not yell at him, but at least talk to him. Isn't that what you do in a relationship when things aren't all that great? Instead she just grew more miserable by the day.

I loved Sophie and Billy as individuals but I didn't love them as a couple. And that's what the book is about, them and their relationship.

In short, I loved the idea of the book and the general plot but Billy and Me just fell a bit flat in my book.

Overall, Giovanna is a great writer and I'll definitely be on the lookout for her future books!

Angelfall (Penryn and the End of Days Book One)
Angelfall (Penryn and the End of Days Book One)
by Susan Ee
Edition: Paperback
Price: £5.24

3.0 out of 5 stars It had it's up and down but I'm looking forward to book two, 28 Nov. 2013
While reading, this was a strong four star read, bordering five, up until the very last word but as soon as I put it down I felt nothing but "Meh" with a shrug. I'm going to try to explain why.

It is captivating but not to the point where I couldn't put it down. Susan is amazing at creating a new, dystopian world for us, I don't necessarily like the new world but she does one heck of a job creating it. It is so very vivid and detailed.

Penryn is a great female main character, she fights and she survives. She's extremely loyal but she a little self preservation wouldn't hurt, but overall I love her and she's great .

Raffe on the other hand, he is a very likable character and there's nothing wrong particularly with him, he's just not that great. He leaves me confused more times than not, being mysterious and unreadable is kinda his thing and it's what makes him him, but it's taken a bit too far. Even if I think really hard and long about it I can't remember more than two facts about him: 1. His real name, 2. Who holds his heart. That's it. 254 pages with him in them and that's all I know about one of the main characters. I'm all for a mysterious guy but that is just too much for me.

My biggest issue with this book is; Why?! Heads up, some might see the following as a spoiler but for me to make my point there's no way around it.

Why are the angels even on earth? Nobody knows. They're throwing hell and killing off humans like they're vermin and the only guy who knew why is dead. And yet they keep going without appointing anyone who can talk to The Big Guy up there and ask all the important questions to stop this madness because apparently "angels aren't evil". Penryn asks why several times and is always met with a shrug, a blank stare or an "I don't know". I can't get over it, I just can't.

Where You Are (Between the Lines #2)
Where You Are (Between the Lines #2)
by Tammara Webber
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Where You Are, 28 Nov. 2013
Where Between the Lines is sweet and loving, Where You Are is diabolical and full heartache, but it has its adorable moments, promise.

We read this book through the POV of both Emma, Read, Graham and Brooke and it really is a continuation of the first book, it picks up just where Between the Lines left off. Since it does it's hard to review without telling to much, so here's the gist; there's a plan in play to break up the couple; there a new relationship growing, add a long distance and not enough kisses and you've got a recipe for insecurities and jealousy; there are adoring love notes left lying around; and it ends after all hell broke loose.

During this book we get a more intimate knowledge of some of the secondary characters from Between the Lines and together they sure are a broken bunch. A lovable, sweet and evil broken bunch. Yes, that's a very accurate description.

The Demon Trappers: Forbidden
The Demon Trappers: Forbidden
by Jana Oliver
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing paranormal YA with fantastic characters, 28 Nov. 2013
Oh. My. God.

Everything I thought I knew about heaven and hell and demons just got turned up-side down. It went from the usual Heaven equals good and Hell equals bad and to now I don't know what's up and what's down. I don't.. I can't.. Oh god... I can't think straight anymore, let along form coherent sentences, if you haven't notices already.

The plot just blew me away. It constantly keeps you on your toes and there's always something going on. It has a high pace but never rushes. There's a love triangle but at the same time it isn't. It's more of a love rectangle that no one's really aware of but that turns to ashes and I just.. Wow.

Riley keeps going strong eve when fate seems to go out of her way just to mess up Riley's life even more. Riley makes honest mistakes and is far from perfect. She's not your usual YA heroine who just figures it out and saves the world all in one day. She probably will in the end of the series unless Jana's got something special up her sleeve. But Riley has probably made more mistakes in just this book than YA heroins usually do in a whole series. And I love her for that, makes her more real and easier to relate to.

And the boys. Simon, Beck, Ori and Peter all get new roles in this second book compared to the ones they had in the first. Well, Beck's pretty much the same he just stepped up a bit. The other three, oh my. Serious drama. And not just on the love front but more in regular life. Why do boys always cause so much trouble? Why can't they just be... sane, is that too much to ask?

Despite the fact that there are a lot of different trails that walk hand in hand in this book it's never too much or confusing. There's Riley's annoyance, anger and confusion with Beck, the Holey Water mystery, the issue with her dad walking the earth again, the fact that a Geo-fiend is after her and then there's the whole romance thing thrown in the mix. I'm just waiting for it to be tied up and I can't wait for this series to end. Not because I want it to end because it's awesome but because I need to know how it all turns out and who's behind all this crap. I want answers and there's still two book left. TWO books. I want answers now!

Meeting Chance
Meeting Chance
Price: £3.33

3.0 out of 5 stars Excellent book for younger teens, 28 Nov. 2013
This review is from: Meeting Chance (Kindle Edition)
My first through about this book after reading a while is that it's really juvenile, the I realize that Aaron is only sixteen and is acting just like a normal sixteen year old would. I think I'm damaged from all the sixteen year old in paranormal YA that behaves more like an adult and walks around and saves the world on a daily basis. However correct Aaron's actions and reactions may be it was a little bit to young for me.

Aaron is overall a very likable character but there is nothing special about him that has me falling in love and cheering for him. There is so much to him and calling him bland would be so completely inaccurate it's not even funny but he just doesn't get to me. At times I'm like "Yay, you go Aaron. Good choice" and at other "What the heck did you do that for? It was completely uncalled for and not to mention offensive", so yeah, I had a hard time connecting with him.

Who really made this book is Finn. He could have his very own book. He's so strong and determined to get out from under his crappy parents wings and make something of himself and I sincerely applaud him for that. Wishing for something better than you have is easy, actually doing something abut it is not, but it is admirable.

I loved the plot of book and I want to like it so much more than I do because it touches some very tough subjects and does it so very well. It has a great approach to childhood traumas and resulting phobias, coming out to your friends and family and different levels of acceptance as well as flat out homophobia. And all that is done so remarkably well it honestly hurts me not to connect with the main character so I can say that I love this book.

I received a free review copy in exchange for an honest review of this book. This has in no way swayed my opinion or affected the contents of this review.

The Demon Trappers: Forsaken
The Demon Trappers: Forsaken
by Jana Oliver
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.99

5.0 out of 5 stars A completely unputdownable dystopian, 31 Oct. 2013
Ohmigod, ohmigod, OHMIGOD. I can't breathe, this was so freaking awesome. I don't know where to begin to describe it.

Riley takes the wrath she deserves from the hunters senior to her when she deserves it but she sure as hell isn't going to take it when it's uncalled for. She stands up and fights when she should and she know when to hold he tongue. Well, sometimes she know when to hold her tongue. She's got wits and she's stronger than most, she's been dealing with more death and loss a seventeen year old ever should. And she's not giving up, she going to prove everyone wrong about her just for the heck of it.

An Beck, my misunderstood hero. This man just get's to me. Riley is all about Simon, which I just don't get. He's sweet and all but he's not right for her, why can't she see that?! Beck on the other hand, oh boy. Somewhere he's got a sweet side, it just hidden beneath a lot of ego, but he's got her back even when she acts like a bitch. Simon would flake on you girl, go with Beck. I need you to go with Beck, please Riley? An Ori, how does Ori fit in with all this? God, I can't wait until I get my hands on the second book and see how all of this goes down.

Jana writes a really good dystpian, we get to know the setting bit by bit and she creates a world without doubt. I can clearly see little furry demon running around, although, in my head they're kinda cute. At least the small ones, the human-eating ones, not so much. It's so very vivid, and gripping, and exciting, and sometimes disgusting. I cried in public while reading it, believe me it wasn't pretty.

I read this on my commute to and from work but by the second day and first quarter of the book I just couldn't put it down. I was literally reading as I was walking from the bus stop to my apartment and barely put it down to take off my huge winter coat and boots. Then I made it straight for the couch and finished the book. That's how unputdownable it was!

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