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Golden Hills Manuka Honey UMF 16 500g
Golden Hills Manuka Honey UMF 16 500g

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5.0 out of 5 stars No Complaints, 12 Sept. 2012
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This is the first time I have bought Manuka honey so it is difficult to compare the product to others. All I know is for a UMF 16+ honey, the price is reasonable compared with other brands. I think people react over-negatively to the cost of high grade Manuka honey because they are comparing it with normal honey. They are quite different when it comes to their ability to fight infection. Most important

- Taste is quite medicinal as you might expect.

- Smooth and not at all grainy. Golden brown colour, not as dark perhaps as other Manuka I have seen.

- Very effective as a face mask, leaves skin texture feeling very balanced, and seems to help purge whiteheads without inflammation (first week purging was significant but died down second week).

Only query I have is that it is described in the Amazon description as UMF 10+ so I can only assume this must be a mistake.

Will be buying again if the price stays the same.

Sony NWZA865W.CEW Series 16GB Walkman - White
Sony NWZA865W.CEW Series 16GB Walkman - White

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5.0 out of 5 stars Unbeatable sound quality, 14 Sept. 2011
I bought this as a replacement to my Sony X-series (the touchscreen became unresponsive and I though it best to just buy this newer model) My main and almost only interest is the sound quality. Whilst the touchscreen is responsive, screen clarity is nice with good contrast and build quality is ok, these things are not important to me. We all know that for user interface, features such as video playback, and internet functions, an iPod touch is clearly the better option. However, when you are using a high-end pair of headphone like my Shure SE535s, the only thing you care about is the SQ. This does not disappoint, I was hoping for quality as good as my expensive X Series with S Master amplifier so as long as this was as good I would have been happy. The soundstage, instrument and vocal separation, and clarity are a huge improvement from the X series in my opinion, and I can truly hear instrumental melodies that I could never hear before, even on the X which was considered to have the best SQ of any PMP. My preference is hip-hop and I am pleased to report that the A865 with "flat" equaliser is almost perfect and I can hear every single layer on every track I listen to. On my X I had to adjust the EQ to make the sound more powerful, otherwise it could sometimes sound a bit weak and I like to hear the energy in the music I listen to. I can't believe that this player has not got more attention considering the considerable improvement over its predecessor. I can't describe what a pleasure it is to hear such clarity and huge sound on a portable player, especially with no EQ settings applied. Volume level is fine for my Shure SE535s but depending on the impedance of your earphones/headphones you may find that the volume is not sufficient. It is possible to switch off the volume limit, which I had to do in order to get the sound to the volume I prefer. Everyone is different in this respect so consider this as the only possible weakness in this product regarding SQ. I think it does not go quite as high as the X series but manages high volumes with no distortion unlike the X which did suffer from distortion when you cranked the volume right up!! Obviously this is not a healthy thing to do all the time if you want to preserve your good hearing...

So to sum up on SQ, the soundstage is wider than the X series, more detailed and clear enabling you to hear things in the music which were impossible to hear before. Sound is slightly warm but crisp which is what makes this player so enjoyable to listen to, you will not get 'ear' fatigue during longer listening sessions, which was the main strength of the X series. Of course, you should also use tracks with a bit-rate of 320kbps or lossless in order to enjoy the full extent of the A865's amp and sounds technologies. Listening to 'Empire State of Mind' right now and levels are great, good separation and superb clarity. Bass is also improved from the X series, more powerful sounding where sometime you almost feel like it is coming from outside your body without overpowering the track you are listening to (I am not a fan of too much bass, but this is a perfect balance and still on flat EQ setting, for cheaper earphones you may wish to adjust the EQ settings but I cannot comment on anything other than the SQ using Shure SE535s. Anyway this is probably far more detailed than most people will need, but for audiophiles this is surely the best option. If you're not an audiophile, unless you happen to despise Apple's rise as the king of tech, you are most certainly better off with an iPod touch and all the web browsers, mail apps, app store apps, retina display, Skype etc features which it offers over and above what this Sony does. This player is JUST FOR MUSIC, and has what must be unbeatable SQ in todays market, I would like to see Cowon do better than this player which sounds incredible with NO EQ adjustments using IEMs.

In summary, this is what I was hoping the X series would be. Whilst it doesn't feel as solid, is a bit plasticky, and although it does no longer have an OLED screen none of these things seem to matter once you plug in your IEMs and start hearing your favourite music in a way no PMP has done before. Don't listen to other reviews saying that SQ is worse than the X, this is not possible, think of this A865 as a plasticky X Series with significantly more clarity and a wider soundstage and more powerful sound.
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The Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture
The Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture
by Mary Guyatt
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £100.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Value - fully detailed, carefully chosen case studies of great architecture from the last 10 years, 2 Oct. 2009
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Usual price for this product is £100, so this really is a great saving. The photography in this book is of the highest standard (as far as architectural photography goes) and every building included is absolutely unique. Several shots of each building are displayed, both interior and exterior, and some at night, some in the day which adds a bit of variety when you are looking through a selection of over 1000 designs. You get some books where it seems as if the authors have just picked what they could find and then wrote about it, but whoever compiled this knew what they were doing. The case studies are interesting and describe the different buildings in detail, and you get the distinct feeling that anything that should have been included, is.

There is a mixture of commercial and residential architecture, and anything residential included really is of the highest standard, and seems to be selected for pushing new boundaries of architectural or interior design in some way. It is difficult to fault this book, you can't carry it around as it is very heavy and for this reason includes a plastic carry box to store it in. The graphic design and layout is very clear and text is well laid out, and all relevant to each case study. Population and demographical information on each content is also added to each section, to add a little more overall perspective of a world view of architecture, and attitudes and design is shown to vary massively from Asia to Europe, or North America to South America for example. Another useful addition is the cost of construction, although many are "confidential", which is a little annoying if you are thinking of building something similar and are given no idea of the cost, although the architects are included for each building and cross referenced at the top of the page, so you can flick to one of their other projects, which is a thoughtful and logical addition.

This is a book you would probably want to keep for a long time, and of a high quality which seems very rare nowadays.

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