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Cold Souls [DVD]
Cold Souls [DVD]
Dvd ~ Paul Giamatti
Price: 5.00

4.0 out of 5 stars cold souls, 11 May 2013
This review is from: Cold Souls [DVD] (DVD)
Pleasantly surprised. I couldn't bear Being John Malkovich and one of the reviewers on the front cover says this is similar - so I held off watching this film for years. But this film is gentler and much less wacky and much funnier - it reminded me of Woody Allen's Sleeper (a bit) - though it does all fizzle out towards the end. Worth it for the brilliant performance by David Strathairn as the doctor who takes Paul G's soul and puts it into a glass flask.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo [DVD] [2011]
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo [DVD] [2011]
Dvd ~ Daniel Craig
Price: 3.00

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2.0 out of 5 stars Lizzzzzbeth, 11 May 2013
What a dull Lisbeth. Lisbeth in the Swedish film was mesmerising and difficult and sexy and anti-sexy and vibrant and alive and dangerous. This film's Lisbeth is just like a dull stroppy teenager - as boring and unexceptional as any other. I thought Daniel Craig was okay though - all he has to do is put his glasses on ten times a minute and read bits of paper and mumble the usual Hollywood mumbly stuff that no one can decipher - but you get the general drift - especially as for long periods the film looks like a frame-by-frame copy of the original. It's dull and predictable to moan about how "oh the remake isn't as good as the original" - and I can think of a few of my favourite films which are superior remakes - Solaris and Nosferatu for example. But this remake is a lifeless dud.

Sightseers [DVD] [2012]
Sightseers [DVD] [2012]
Dvd ~ Alice Lowe
Price: 5.50

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4.0 out of 5 stars Sightseers, 26 April 2013
This review is from: Sightseers [DVD] [2012] (DVD)
Liked it lots - way more than the tricksy Kill List but not as much as the perfect Down Terrace. Two people going on a UK holiday - it reminded me of a downmarket version of the brilliant recent-ish film The Trip with Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan. Nice to hear snatches of music by NEU and Harmonia. It starts at the start and with very few irritating diversions flows nicely to the end. Not much else to say. It wasn't as funny as I expected and I was actually a bit disappointed while watching it - but now, a few hours later, I'm starting to miss it and looking forward to seeing it lots more times, when I'm sure it will grow hugely on me.

Django Unchained  (DVD + UV Copy) [2013]
Django Unchained (DVD + UV Copy) [2013]
Dvd ~ Jamie Foxx
Price: 4.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars django, 11 April 2013
This film is so good it's almost turned me into a Tarantino fan. I never liked Reservoir Dogs, and Pulp Fiction dragged a bit and Kill Bill dragged a lot. But he did Jackie Brown - which is superb. And the famous first twenty minutes of Ingorious B's - loved that too. Django is like those first twenty minutes of Inglorious Bs - except it's the whole film. I was especially gripped by the mealtime scene in Leonardo's house. Brilliant. To sum all this malarky up - if you don't much like Tarantino, don't be put off - this has his usual OTT violence, but much less of his usual OTT boring self-indulgence and much more of a gripping relentless plot.

The Goalkeeper's Fear Of The Penalty [VHS] [1971]
The Goalkeeper's Fear Of The Penalty [VHS] [1971]

4.0 out of 5 stars quite gloomy, 6 April 2013
A slow gloomy depressing film that makes 1971 seem a very long time ago indeed. A quiet unsmiling goalie lets in an easy goal and then mooches around bars and cinemas and dingy hotel rooms and meets a few women and kills one of them and occasionally some very dour music comes in. I quite enjoyed it - I think it's a film easier to admire than to love - something I'm glad to have seen once but am in no hurry to ever see again.

Flight [Blu-ray] [Region Free]
Flight [Blu-ray] [Region Free]
Dvd ~ Denzel Washington
Price: 7.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Flight, 3 April 2013
All the in-flight action happens in the first twenty-five minutes - it's very gripping and very well done. Then the rest of the film is very quiet and thoughtful. Shoot-em-up fans can now go home - if you need a car chase every ten minutes to keep yourself awake, this isn't the film for you. Denzel, the hero pilot who saved the lives of almost everyone on the plane, might still have to account for the lives of the six people who died in the crash.

He was drunk in the cockpit. He's an unrepentant alcoholic - slightly hard to imagine such a character having a long career as an airline pilot - but hey, it's only a film. And a very good one. He shacks up in a remote hut with a beautiful drug addict and mooches around and gradually the film turns up the tension as all the legal stuff comes to a head. I enjoyed the film hugely and can't understand why it's getting panned here at Amazon - guess the action fans wanted a kind of serious version of Airplane or something.

For very obvious reasons it reminded me of Peter Weir's magnificent film Fearless, starring Jeff Bridges - also about the aftereffects on one man of a plane crash. Fearless is a better deeper stranger more moving film than this one - but this one is still a five-star experience and it too ends quite movingly.

Dirty Little Billy [DVD] [1972] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Dirty Little Billy [DVD] [1972] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ Michael J. Pollard
Offered by supermart_usa
Price: 10.06

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4.0 out of 5 stars fine eccentric low-budget western, 9 Mar 2013
This is one for fans of eccentric low-budget westerns like The Culpepper Cattle Co and Eagle's Wing - though I wouldn't rate it as highly as those two superb films. This film's first shot is of a boot sinking into mud and it is one of those grubby westerns showing us that life on the trail wasn't all John Wayne and sunshine and Oklahoma. Mother and young adult son and Stepdad arrive in the middle of nowhere and try to start up a farm but the son (Michael J Pollard) is a city boy at heart and hates it and hates his stepdad and leaves. Much of the film is spent with the son hanging out in the saloon with a crazy-wild-dangerous guy and his prostitute girlfriend. Things there come to a head and then suddenly the film opens out - and I wish it had gone on longer - the ending comes rather suddenly. A fine strange film - not one I'd want to see over and over - but if you're tolerant of its low budget and quiet unromantic grubbiness then you'll definitely get something out of it.

Rev - Series 1 [DVD]
Rev - Series 1 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Tom Hollander
Offered by rsdvd
Price: 4.56

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1.0 out of 5 stars another crap British "comedy", 7 Jun 2012
This review is from: Rev - Series 1 [DVD] (DVD)
Sounds like they're all talking in a bathroom. The lighting can change radically from shot to shot during the same conversation. These are minor quibbles. The big quibble is that it's dire. Characters who'd be too cliched to make it into a Carry On film. Yes I can see from the reviews that the whole world is out of step except me - but I really would have loved to have been in the same room as all the five-star reviewers while they were watching this and laughing out loud and hurting their sides. Ignore my review, it doesn't count - I didn't get this from Amazon but from a car boot sale, where it is surprisingly common for a relatively minor sitcom. A lot of people have clearly been stung Next Sunday, at the bootsale, for fifty pee you can make up your own mind.
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Submarine [DVD]
Submarine [DVD]
Dvd ~ Craig Roberts
Price: 6.79

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3.0 out of 5 stars glug glug glug, 3 Mar 2012
This review is from: Submarine [DVD] (DVD)
Absolutely unbearable. The constant irritating smug voiceover, the wham-bam whooshing-noises-editing for the ADHD generation, the ghastly charmless characters, the good music, the high production values, the fantastic reviews from the expert reviewers, the forgiveness of Amazon reviewers who've paid their money and don't want to feel like it was wasted, looking at genuine stoner turkeys like "Australia" and "Life Is Beautiful" and seeing how they've ended up with overall scores of nearly five stars, how bad do films have to get before blah blah blah - I'm giving this three stars because it improved my life a bit, made me realise Britain only makes about one good film a year, and this time it's Tyrannosaur.

You Instead [DVD]
You Instead [DVD]
Dvd ~ Luke Treadaway
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: 6.43

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3.0 out of 5 stars it's okay, 11 Feb 2012
This review is from: You Instead [DVD] (DVD)
It helped that the newspaper reviews had been pretty bad for this film, because it exceeded expectations, and that's nice. Young man and woman from different bands get handcuffed together at a music festival and that's where the script and planning seemed to end - after that it's a so-so hour of handheld-camerawork and apparently-unscripted traipsing around the festival. This being a film, it is of course inconceivable that the couple won't bicker and hate each other for the first half of the film, and then fall in love during the second half of the film. Nothing in this film will surprise you. But I rather liked it. The music from the stages is awful, but some of the quieter numbers performed among the tents are delightful. Low budget, badly acted, unambitious ... but a few stars for a British film that is cheerful and sexy and isn't a costume drama or about royalty or gangsters.

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