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Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed [DVD]
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed [DVD]
Price: 15.51

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4.0 out of 5 stars Re : Thought provoking and Illuminating, 14 Feb 2011
Every now and again a film comes along that manages to express the thoughts and feelings that have accumulated inside one without one being able to put a finger on it. This film is one of those. For a long time I have getting frustrated by the media, the scientific community, and the liberal elite for their, in my opinion, arrogant stance on Creationism/Evolution.

The evolutionists behave as if their view is proven and accepted science and that any other view is to be mocked and treated as ridiculous. The fact however when you ask the evolutionist how was the first cell created - ie. taking a mix of gas, liquid and electricity - they cant tell you ! They say "well a crystal from space that contained a cell may have hit the earth and thereby released the cell into the earth and so life started". Richard Dawkin's answer to the question was "I dont know" then he adds further "perhaps some more intelligent life forms came to the earth and started life". How are these explanations any more satisfying than a belief that God created the universe ? If the evolutionists cant answer the most basic of questions then what chance have they got with the more complex scientific questions that are now being raised?

I have two main problems with the evolutionists. Firstly, I object to the fact that they stifle debate and take the stance that Darwin's theory of evolution is now the accepted orthodoxy - when the science behind is being thrown more and more into question ironically as our scientific knowledge develops and progresses.

Secondly - the journey down the road of evolution is an attempt to argue away the basis of God. If you start going down the road of evolution you soon find that you dont need a God at all.

This DVD summarises these points alot better than I can here. I agree with some previous commments that the linking of the argument with Nazism is not helpful - even if the commentator is clearly jewish - I think the link weakens the main argument which I think is still very strong.

I dont believe there is any conflict with a Christian belief and not believing in Creationism. I dont believe the world was created in 7-days (although I am sure it could have been) - but the truth is I dont know. I cant believe however that man evolved from animals - I believe man was created distinct and separate.

Personally I am not at all worried about the evolutionists - they really have NO alternative life view to offer. I believe the magnificance of God revealed through Jesus Christ can never be put out - on the contrary - its an unstoppable force that continues to speak directly into peoples lives and change them for the better.
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Let's Change The World With Music
Let's Change The World With Music
Price: 5.50

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1.0 out of 5 stars Disappointed, 6 Jan 2011
I'm very surprised by the good reviews people are leaving on here. I'm a big (huge) Prefab Sprout fan but I found this album incredibly disappointing.

On reading the sleeve notes I discovered that none of the original members were playing on the album and that Paddy had decided to use his original computer demos as the basis of the album. At the risk of sounding harsh, I could hear that in the end result. The music just sounds too computer generated, it lacks that organic quality of real people playing and the life and spirit which that brings to the end result. Its the quality I soo loved about the early Albums. Some genres of music lend themself to being created only on the computer, but Paddy's songs do not.

Also disappointing is that Paddy produced the album himself - I think it could have done with some input from a 3rd party - perhaps another person would have managed to persuade Paddy to use real musicians (session players if the original line-up were not available).


The songs on the album are ok - but without the other components to breath life and colour into them they never reach their full potential.
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Walking The Ghost Back Home
Walking The Ghost Back Home

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5.0 out of 5 stars A timeless classic, 20 Mar 2010
I'd been looking for this album for years - I originally had a copy of the album on a cassette tape that I'd recorded from an LP that I'd borrowed from the library in the late 80s. I always remember how I loved this album and even remember some of the songs on it. I'd been looking for it for ages, probably since 1999/2000 and couldnt find it anywhere. What a relief that its been re-released. And doesnt it stack up so well even today. Just great mellow pop songs with the 80s "indie" sound that was very much a style of the time. If you like this you may also like, "The Lotus Eaters - The First Picture of You", "All About Eve - Martha's Harbour" and "Aimee Mann".

Roland Micro Cube (Black)
Roland Micro Cube (Black)

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4.0 out of 5 stars Exceeded my expectations, 1 Mar 2010
Thank you to C.R.Downings review above it was very helpful and also very accurate. I had been considering similar (and less expensive) alternative amps but plumped for this one in the end.

For me one of the most important considerations was to get a nice sound, I didnt want to be limited to a rough rocky guitar sound, but since I'm learning from beginner level I also wanted to be able to have a nice warm clean sound. For this reason alone this amp has exceeded my expectations. It has two pre-set sounds that are ideal for the learner - the "JC Clean" and also the "R-Fier" - when I plug my guitar in the sound is soo clean, quiet and warm and has a such a rich sound even with lots of sustain even though I am just playing my basic beginner practice sequences. Its such a pleasure to learn and makes me want to pick up the guitar again and again and keep on playing (until my fingers start hurting that is).

The build quality is very good.

My only question is why the gain drops off so much when you switch away from either the JC Clean or R-FRIER sounds and onto one of the other sounds - you then have to turn up the gain on the amp to compensate - not sure why its set-up that way - would be better if you could switch between sounds and have roughly the same level.

I've had a little play with the effects and they also sound very good - but I really am not in a position to do them justice yet.

In the end I paid 30-40 more to get this amp over one or two of the budget models but because of the beautiful sound I think it was well worth it.

Marc Rivalland on Swing Trading: A Guide to Profitable Short-Term Investing: A Guide to Profitable Short-term Trading
Marc Rivalland on Swing Trading: A Guide to Profitable Short-Term Investing: A Guide to Profitable Short-term Trading
by Marc Rivalland
Edition: Paperback
Price: 39.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars A very good book but....., 11 Dec 2006
Im a bit surprised about some of the reviews on this book. Ive recently finished reading it and found it an excellent book. I agree that some things could be improved, maybe the charts being better annotated with dates, and some of the typo errors corrected, also I thought there were too many examples requiring the reader to flick between the text and the chart, but at the end of the day these points are rather small in comparision to what you are getting. I found this a very practical book on the howto of planning and executing your trades. The author is very generous in the information that he reveals also very honest in saying he has no fixed rules on exiting a trade other than some arbiturary rules that he makes. The section on Point and Figure charting is very illuminating, Id completely overlooked this aspect of charting until then. Also the whole subject of swing trading is incredibly powerful. I would definitely recommend this book. I probably wouldnt recommend this book to someone just starting in trading - its not a first book - I think that person should get some background reading done first. Although this isnt an advanced book either, its a very down-to-earth and practical book, that explains the principles of Swing Trading using Bar Charts and Point and Figure charts. Im just surprised more people arent raving about it like I am - believe me there are alot worse books out there ! :)

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