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while(1<2) [Explicit]
while(1<2) [Explicit]
Price: £9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars THE best deadmau5 album ever made., 17 Jun 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This. Is without a doubt. One of the most beautiful and incredible albums I have ever heard. The album is made up of improved and finalised versions of songs that had been uploaded to deadmau5' SoundCloud account and then removed later on. If you have heard any of those songs before, well don't expect anything completely brand new but do keep an open mind as there is lots to feast into here, as all these songs are now finalised and aren't just little snippets or variations on chords, etc.

deadmau5 had teased previously that this would be "his first proper album" and that it would contain "s*** that people wanted to hear and others wouldn't expect" - well he was definitely right about that.
It's amazing how consistent it is on each side, the first being more upbeat and having a dance feel to it and the second being piano-based and ambient. From beginning to end it truly does have an affect on you. The piano-playing is astounding and is up there with pianists such as Philip Glass and Ludovico Einaudi. The beats are not just your basic 4/4 128BPM timing, oh no - they're complex, unique and intruiging and unlike previous deadmau5 albums they are all extremely different. All the sounds and atmosphere are unique here too, and really gives this sense that if you were to listen again you would hear/feel something different every time.

I am overwhelmed by how incredible this album is. I was expecting maybe some filler tracks or something but really I should have known better. Nothing on this album feels shoved in or unnessecary and it flows perfectly.

If you're into dance music, any form of house, EDM (I'm joking...) or any form of electronic music - then this album is literally perfect for you.
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Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360)
Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360)
Price: £23.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars It's settled. I'm moving to Los Santos (Goodbye Liberty, Hello City Of Saints), 17 Sep 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
If you were looking for one of those reviews that simply goes (with grammatical errors intact) "This game good. Lots fun, blow cars up and lots guns. Very good, buy now" well, you've stumbled upon the complete opposite. Those types of reviews annoy me more than anyone will ever know, due to the sheer plain stupidity of them - they don't explain anything, they just sound like robots out of a Doctor Who episode that's trying to lure you into a death trap. ANYWAYS - moving on... (A lot to cover)...

For those of you who just want to read my main review of the game please scroll down - however, if you don't mind reading my brief (probably overlong) personal introduction to the game, well - continue reading from here (thank you);

A brief personal history
October 25th 2011. A normal day, like any other; I wake up and live my life like normal. I can barely remember that day, if I'm honest - I think it was raining? - But what I do remember is when I got home. Now it is beyond me as to where I saw them, but I started seeing things about `Grand Theft Auto V' on the internet - and my immediate reaction, you want to know what it was? I just simply started laughing. And then I started thinking `If only'... So I thought, just to see whether or not these rumours were true, I head over to [...]- and then there it was. The whole page was black with a massive Grand Theft Auto V logo. "It's true, it's coming. Grand Theft Auto V is coming!" - I thought to myself. I just couldn't believe it, could this be a dream or something? Well, as you may have already guessed - it wasn't. Underneath the logo there was some text; "Trailer 11.02.11" (2nd November 2011)... I was literally gobsmacked and stayed like it for several hours. I couldn't wait until that trailer was released, and that was when it started. An obsession that did nothing but grow. Growing and growing and continuing to do so even until now where I'm literally at the peak of my Grand Theft Auto V obsession. I can finally put the days of searching Google for every scrap of information (85% of which is just rumours/speculation) behind me.
Anyways, moving on...

So the trailer came out. All day I had been excited - the whole past week I'd been excited, but not as much as this day. We had a film club, after school, the night it was released and I walked home with my good friend and we just talked about until we went our separate ways and got home. It was raining that night too. I couldn't wait to see this thing; I finally loaded up my old (now broken) laptop and as you can probably guess... I fell in love with it. ALTHOUGH not at first, at first it was too surreal - I felt like something was going to smack me in the face and I'd wake up in bed... but no, that didn't happen... and it was real. The first official Grand Theft Auto V trailer had been released. It was amazing, from the production of the video itself (with the Small Face's 1968 opening track, "Ogden's Nut Gone Flake" to their album of the same name) to what we actually saw in the trailer, which to be honest was very little - but still nevertheless, an amazing trailer. Now I could go on and on about this and its subsequent trailers, but I've got a lot to cover so I think if you've not seen any of them (for some bizarre reason) then I suggest you go check them out and discover what I felt for the very first time almost 2 years ago.

It went quiet for a year, no activity from Rockstar Games about Grand Theft Auto V at all... it was just Max Payne 3... (which I also bought and thoroughly enjoyed and loved). Then FINALLY November, the 2nd I believe - the second trailer was released. The first time I watched this was on someone else's phone and before it began to play, I'd been making the game out to be very dark and gritty to some of my friends (although it still is)- so we start watching the video and Stevie Wonder's 1987 hit "Skeletons" began to play and I just looked at the screen wide-eyed and was completely and utterly confused, loving it all the same. All the things that I saw in this trailer astonished me and made me so excited that I think I had to splash my face in water just so I could calm down! Anyways we also then got a preview, through a digital magazine which I also got and that gave us some details on the game (which I will mention later) and it made me so happy, for what I was reading. THREE playable characters. THREE, not one, not two, but THREE! (Emphasis for effect), bank heists, extremely detailed world etc, etc - all the screenshots that were released alongside it too... I'm now going to skip up until recently...

2 weeks ago we had the `official trailer' for the game (despite there being 5 actual trailers before it, and two gameplay videos), and by GOD it was amazing. Seriously, just wow. By this time I was feeling pretty content about the game, I wasn't madly excited like I was when the previous trailers and screenshots had been released - I was just looking forward to actually getting the game through my door and being able to play it, I pre-ordered back October 31st 2012... And then re-ordered again 23rd May for the Collector's Edition (of which I will also talk about later on in this review). I tried to stay calm and told myself `it's just a game' but I knew it was much more than that...

I opened the box, and placed the first disc into the drive and waited an hour or so for it to install (an 8GB install is required yes on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as the game is so large...), and then... I got playing...

Ok, so if you read my overlong `history' then wow, well done - but if you didn't, I'm not surprised -I just wanted to convey every feeling I had for this game, I didn't mean for it to be so boring. Finally, on with the review!

Every Grand Theft Auto game has been a marvel to behold. Grand Theft Auto V is no different - except maybe, that it is 5 times better (see what I did there...?) than every single one put together. The game is absolutely incredible with such a sheer amount of things to do and see, ranging from the standard things you would expect from a GTA game plus hiking, bike riding, yoga, tennis, golf, and so much more... I don't think it's possible that you will ever get bored of this game.

Every story to a GTA game has always been an amazing too, and has always been a very-well-told piece of storytelling. Grand Theft Auto V continues in that tradition and just again continues to blow us away with often hilarious dialogue, great set-action pieces and fantastic twists you just won't expect. The story follows three criminals of whom you can control; retired ex-bank robber Michael who lives in the luxurious Rockford Hills, "car-repo" man Franklin who lives in South Los Santos, and complete psychopath Trevor who lives in Sandy Shores trailer park somewhere in Blaine County. All three characters are very different from each other and that's what makes this so great - it's not just a gimmick, or a new `skin'. Each character comes with an immensely well-thought personality, background and culture. There is one main story that you play through, and you can switch between characters at any given time when off-mission (and sometimes in-mission, if a part of it) and experience the story from their perspective. The chemistry between all three characters is just spot-on; hilarious, touching and is actually a breath of fresh air from the usual rubbish you see in other video games. These characters feel real, and so do their problems. You care for these characters, even though they are criminals, or in Trevor's case psychopathic. The writing has to be top-notch in order to make you care for a video game character who in reality you would loathe, and of course it is.

The game plays out with a series of missions that lead up to main big bank heists like you would have seen in the film Heat or have played in GTA IV's "Four Leaf Clover" (an obvious inspiration for this game's mechanic). It's very intuitive and just absolutely astounding as to how it feels like 3 very different Grand Theft Auto games available at the touch of a button. It's just fantastic. I won't ruin much more of the story as I feel you should experience it yourself, sorry if you were looking for more information on that matter - but just pick up the game and play it for yourself, you won't regret it.

Now, I would like you to think back to 2004's San Andreas. It was big wasn't it? In the game there were three featured cities; San Fierro, Las Venturas and Los Santos- the latter of those, being where this newest instalment is set. As Rockstar previously said, these cities were `almost sketch-like' as now Los Santos isn't just a ghetto and a little downtown area - it's become a proper full city, with full blown countryside areas, deserts, beaches, mountains, valleys, etc, etc. The city has grown in scale a lot since San Andreas and now there's lots to see and do and things really have changed since 1992 (when San Andreas was set).
With the previous instalment, Grand Theft Auto IV - people complained about the size of the map being too small. Then, when it was announced how incredibly massive the GTA V map was going to be - well, people complained about that too! Aaron Garbut, lead artist designer for Rockstar Games, did `the math' and basically said the maps of Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV and GTA: San Andreas would be able to fit in to this single map with `room to spare' At first I couldn't really picture how big this was, until I saw it for myself. I know everyone else has said this countless of times in reviews, previews and what have you, but really - It is absolutely huge and it is impossible to try and get this across to someone who has not seen it themselves. With the improved draw distance, you can now see the entire map. From, say, a mountain (which you can hike up, by the way!) you could see the other side of the map crystal clear, like in reality. The scope of this game is immense and incredible. The entire map is open from the get-go so you can just start journeying around Los Santos and Blaine County soon as you begin. The city is completely unrecognizable from GTA: San Andreas and that enhances the game in the sense you don't feel like you've `seen it before'. The world is astonishing, so much detail from the dust and dirt in the vast rural areas the beauty and shine from Vinewood.

You can explore the tops of mountains to the depths of the ocean, yes - underwater swimming is back and in a whole new way. Should you chose to enter the waters, you can swim like you always did back in IV, but now you can go in an immensely detailed underwater with fish, sharks (that attack), shipwrecks and more. You can scuba dive, or simply venture the oceans with a submarine... Yes, I did just say a submarine... There are also loads of vehicles to choose from to help you get across the huge world; cars, vans, trucks, bicycles, BMXs, motorbikes, ATVs, tanks, helicopters, planes - you name it, Rockstar have pretty much got it covered for you. It's just so overwhelming at first, that you just don't know where to start - that's not a bad thing.

Wildlife doesn't stop at sharks either. There are dogs for you to own and customise as you please. There's even bears and deer to hunt out in the sticks, if you so wish to do so - for good cash. Speaking of which, if you're a bit short, and you don't feel like robbing a bank or chasing down a deer, you can always rob a liquor store for a quick pick-up. And now that the police system has been updated, it's so much more fun to have a chase, shootout or whatever with the Los Santos Police Department hot on your tail. Getting back to your in-game house/property (which you can also invest in, and purchase for personal use...) in one piece has never felt so good.

Overall, Los Santos and Blaine County create the perfect world for you to complete missions, free-roam madly until your heart's content, create your own stories and memories and just have the best gaming experience you will probably ever have.

As this is now 2013, the game's core mechanics have been much improved, after a lot of criticism from people over the past games in the series, and are superior to any of that have been displayed before. The driving feels more like an `arcade' racer - Dan Houser (co-writer of every Rockstar game since GTA III) also said this - in the sense that different vehicles have different weights and feel completely different from each other, plus speeding down a motorway now feels so much better as you feel you are going a lot faster due to the frame-rate being so consistent! The shooting mechanics have had a major overhaul aswell. You now have a proper weapon-wheel like the one in Max Payne 3, where you can hold several variations of the same weapon in its category (pistol, auto-pistol, etc) and when you run out of bullets you don't lose your weapons, oh no - you keep them and just purchase or find ammo for them instead. The shooting feels tighter, and you feel you're packing a hell of a punch with any gun of your choice. In GTA IV sometimes you could be uncertain as to whether you had killed someone or not, as sometimes you shot them and then they got up `heavily injured', so now a small little "x" appears in your crosshairs once the `enemy' is dead. This helps a lot and is a great addition to what is now a perfect gun system. You've got various weapons to choose from too, with your standard pistols, shotguns, SMGs, AK-47s, RPGs, plus meelee hammers, chainsaws - oh, and a mini-gun... yes, it's back, bigger and badder than ever - and there's so much more. If that's not enough, you even have gun customisation where you can add scopes, lasers, silences, etc. I don't think anyone is going to turn around and say there's `not enough weapon variety' anymore, do you?

The soundtrack is another essential part of the Grand Theft Auto experience and again it does not disappoint with 17 radio stations (2 of which are chat stations) with many styles to choose from; classic and modern rock, pop and hip-hop. Maybe if that's not your thing then you can choose from the country, funk, soul, electronic, techno, ambient/chill out and reggae stations - and if that's not enough for you - then how about some Mexican music? Whatever your choice, you are bound to find something that will make your everyday Los Santos life even greater that what it already is. All the songs feel like a part of Los Santos and Blaine County, as with every game - the songs almost feel they were written specifically for it (like it was foreseen in the future, or something?). Actually, some songs were made exclusively for this and I say some, but I mean a lot. In total, you have 40+ hours of music with over 240 songs including hits from Queen, Small Faces, Elton John, Ice Cube, Johnny Cash, Inner Circle, and that's not even including the dynamic score composed by Red Dead Redemption composer Woody Jackson, hip-hop producers The Alchemist and Oh No and Tangerine Dream musician Edgar Froese! The score is just beautiful as well as it is great and just a dream to listen to and the radio stations are as brilliant as ever with hilarious dialogue, clever and witty adverts and amazing songs too. TV is back again with several TV shows, including the infamous Republican Space Rangers on the CNT network (who doesn't want to see this show?) and all your news coverage on Weazel News, and again so much more...
And that's it not it either - to back up all this, you've got a wide array of clothes, tattoos, haircuts, car customizations, weapon modifications, activities to do and so much more to choose from, you really will lose yourself within this game. It's all this attention to detail and giving the player lots of freedom as to where to go and how they approach it is what makes Grand Theft Auto V so vivid and beautiful to play - as it is with every GTA game. I really want to list everything and go majorly into detail about every single thing but I feel it is unfair to ruin what truly is a breathtaking first-hand experience.

And the funny thing is - I've not even mentioned Grand Theft Auto Online which essentially has everything from the single player experience, plus it's own plot and tons more stuff to do which I've only read about, and as that isn't out for another 2 weeks (1st October, to be precise) I can't exactly comment on that - and I don't really think I need to update this when the time comes and add loads more to this about it, now do I?

I am sorry to have waffled on like an old man telling a war story from 1941 - but I just wanted to tell everyone how I personally felt about the game and everything, blah blah...
You've read my opinion and heard what I've had to say about the game, so now I suggest you go out and purchase a copy for yourself and let you be the judge of it, but from where I'm sitting - this game truly is perfect. Yes there are some technical flaws, but what game doesn't have any flaws? They're so small and obsolete, they don't distract from the experience at all, and they don't even happen often, anyways. My point is, this game is overall perfect. Everything you have ever wanted in a Grand Theft Auto game, open-world game or any game in general - is sitting inside a plastic box ready for you to begin an incredible journey.

Yes, there is a lot of hype. Yes, ignore Public Enemy and BELIEVE it. Yes, I am a complete bore to listen to - but I don't care because after you've read this you'll never have to read it again, unless you really liked in which case... be my guest! This game is massive, not just in scope but as a franchise, product and what else it can be - it is the Citizen Kane of games and as other game companies bring out their open-world games (Assassin's Creed, Watch_Dogs, Saint's Row) and try to be the best, they will fail and never succeed or amount to what truly is the best game franchise, Grand Theft Auto. I think.... Yes. I think I'm done now. (wipes sweat off forehead and gives out sigh of relief)
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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)
Offered by Future Gaming UK
Price: £9.33

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5.0 out of 5 stars Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - The game that changed me forever., 8 Nov 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This game - it changed me forever. Somehow, I found out about it on the internet; all the things you could do - steal and drive cars, walk around and shoot things, you gotta bear in mind here I was 11 or 12 years old and the freedom and realness this game offered - wow, just wow. I mean, I would sneak down the stairs and go into my father's game cabinet (when he was out) and pick out Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - I bought it for him a few years earlier thinking it was a car game... not realizing what beauty I was holding in my hands - I would take it up to my room and put it on. Wow. I thought, just wow. I'm playing an 18 rated game, that allows you essential to live and breath in a virtual world and do genuinely just about anything that I can think of (well, within the constraints of the game). The games I had played prior to this were just either flimsy boring racing games or strategy games that would leave me in fury at not being able to complete it or whatever. I did, however, have The Simpsons Hit & Run - now that was a game I loved. Little did I know, it's core game play was literally based off Vice City. Anyways back to what I was saying; As I put the game on I promised myself I wouldn't do the missions... but of course you kind of have to do the first one, to get going. So I thought, `OK, I'll do this one, but that is it!'. Of course, that wasn't it.
But after the first mission, I explored this game. And dear God, what I had read and seen on numerous YouTube videos - it was true. You could do virtually anything you wanted. And it had been sitting downstairs, for 4 or 5 years right under my nose and I had no idea about it - can you imagine how annoyed I felt? In my first session of the game I felt alive; driving around Los Santos listening to the classic 90's heavy metal - and gradually I began to love all the other stations (Through this game alone I have now collected over 20 hip-hop albums, 10 alt. metal albums and 16 other classic albums on CD because the music chosen here is incredible) - and seeing all the amazing sights. It was amazing, I mean honest to God - when I accidently somehow drove into the countryside, I thought I was dreaming, literally. But I wasn't, and I bet many of you had the same experience as to thinking it was a dream. It was real, alright and it was and still is to this day the best video game I ever played.

This is because of it's simple complexity. By that I mean - I found it incredible how there was all this stuff to do, driving, walking, flying, sailing, cycling, getting fit, eating, in-game arcade games, gambling, buying houses, modding cars, dancing, killing people (no, I'm not a sadist), weaponry - all this, could be done with touch of a few buttons. Incredible, don't you think? And it wouldn't rub it in your face or make you over-use everything. It would let you decide what, when and how you would like to do something.
The plot of this game you ask? Is simple. A long-time, well known crook-gangsta comes back from Liberty City (Rockstar's New York) to bury and avenge his recently deceased Mum, but in the process discovers the corrupted police and the Ballas gang have taken over Grove Street. And you can kind of guess what happens from there - I mean if you've played this game or any other GTA game for that matter, than you will definitely know what I am talking about.
The free-roam factor was what appealed to me the most and since then I've come across numerous GTA-'clones' (more like rip-offs) and they just don't do what this games does. This game does anything and everything you could potentially imagine within a criminally active, living and breathing world. Now of course, if this game was just free-roaming and all the above mentioned - the world would have to be pretty big, vast, believable and detailed in order for it to succeed, right? Well that's what it is - what I just said. San Andreas - isn't a city, it's a state. This game is HUGE and by huge, I don't mean the size of a games' interpretation of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway - I mean the size that can't even be put into context - it really is that big. And you'd think with such a big world - that there'd be very little detail. Wrong. Very wrong. Infact, I love the complex detail and little features you see around the state - every time I play it, I always see something new - whether that be a horse-betting station or just a hot-dog stand on the side of the road in the middle of the country side somewhere. The game is never the same twice - if you were to re-load it and take the same actions you did before, everything would be different! Several occasions I've had police cars ram me in the back of my car due to them being terrible drivers and letting their culprits go. I've also been in a mission when an actual plane came crashing down right next to me... infact I kind of drove into it and blew up myself... not a good move, I guess. But hey - that's San Andreas. And that's what makes this so good - take all of what I just said, add THE BEST game soundtrack ever made (ranging from hip-hop, alternative rock/metal, classic rock, soul, funk, dance, chat stations) and the funniest dialogue you will ever hear within a video game - you've got yourself one hell of a game.

Not everything is amazing though, I mean there are definitely pop-in issues when driving at tremendous speeds, and there are LOTS of glitches, and other strange things that happen (I shot a man in the head 19 times before he decided to stop getting up off the floor and getting shot at again). Sometimes, yes - this can be a nasty little pain that happens say sometimes in a mission but it is so rare and so miniscule - that you'll hardly notice it. I will tell you also there are some missions within this game - that are SO hard that you actually convince yourself that you will never complete it, but eventually with time, strenuous patience and a stress ball - you will.
Speaking of the missions, they are good. But you never really buy a GTA game for the missions, let's face it - you buy it for the free-roam. Now that's not to say that the missions are completely dull and boring because they are FAR from it. They are vast, energetic, sometimes furiously aggravating, but all the time exciting - so much can go on at one point, you actually wonder if you will get out alive. You never know with this game. You're usually given an objective, sometimes within a time limit (my worst enemy) but most of the time you just get the objective and take as long as you want. In fact, you could explore the entire game and then complete the task at hand. This adds to the sense of freedom I spoke of earlier. Without some time limit constantly and slowly driving you mad or a strict route or routine you have to take in order to get there and do the task at hand - it really is so much more enjoyable. The game does have it's own clock and weather system - and some missions do rely on the time of day (or night, for the brilliant burglary missions) as to whether or not you can actually start the mission or complete it within the hour or something. Always different, like I said before. The weather system by the way - is incredible... always changing and never the same routine.

The voice cast is superb, infact you have tons of people who you would NEVER expect in a game like this - including; Samuel L. Jackson, james Woods, Peter Fonda, Frank Vincent, Chris Penn, MC Eiht, Chuck D, Axl Rose, Phil Collins, Ice-T, Shaun Ryder - to name a few - and the weird thing is, you wouldn't even know this unless you watched the end credits (I did as it was THE first PS2 game I ever completed, believe it or not) and it's not as obvious unless you know their voices well. Each of the names I just mentioned, gets their fair appearance, Jackson the most.

The graphics are superb, well for 2004. I mean I'm not saying, `they are the best graphics you will ever see!' - because believe me, their not. But they are great. They look and feel very different from it's predecessors (III, Vice City). They are quite bold and everything is quite clear until you get up really close when it can become pixelated and a little blurry... but you're not really going to be walking head-first into a building the entire time you're in the game, are you? Pop-in is there, yes - but generally only at fast speeds and sometimes when you move the camera too quickly (this happens 1/10 times roughly per game session) - it's not really a distraction from what you're doing within the game.

The presentation is nice, your weapon `wheel' is nicely located at the top right of the screen in a little round-edged square with your life underneath in a red bar. Also is the wanted system, 1 being the lowest and easy to escape and 6 being the hardest and about as easy to escape as it is from Alcatraz... if you don't count the film.

As for the box and packaging it comes in; well of course - this is Rockstar so it's going to be top notch. You get a basic guide - however this isn't done like your average (press x to run, etc, etc) - it's done like 'a guide to the state of San Andreas'. It is geniusly crafted and looks lovely. Behind this, in the box - you get a map. An entire map of the whole game. This is really handy when it comes to wanting to find something in particular within SA. The disc has a picture of a artist-drawn-sexy-woman on it and it really gives you the sense that this game is going to be something very unique indeed.

Overall, this game is sensational, spite of what I said earlier, it actually is revolutionary as it did inspire Saints Row (that tot) and other game designers to go out and make a gangsta-style game with as much freedom as this - but let's face it, no one will beat Rockstar at their game. They invented, it and they will dominate it for as long as they are around. The game is my favourite of any console, any franchise and overall just an amazing game. If you haven't got it or played it before, then I suggest you do now - otherwise you will miss out on the greatest gaming experience you may ever have.
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The X Files - Complete Season 1-9 (New Packaging) [DVD]
The X Files - Complete Season 1-9 (New Packaging) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Gillian Anderson
Price: £49.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars The X-Files (New Packaging - 2012) - 'The Truth Is Out There', but this isn't it - Buyer beware..., 3 Nov 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The X-Files truly is an amazing show - within the first 7 seasons there is only one bad episode and that is in Season 2 and it's called '3'... I won't explain why, but if you watch it, be warned. I've yet to watch 8 and 9 - but this review isn't about the show it's about the DVD.

I originally bought the Complete Collector's Edition of The X-Files which is essentially what this is, except THIS DOESN'T have some of the extra discs the original DVD sets had or the Collector's box, for that matter. The Collector's box also has an extremely nice episode guide telling you each episode. I originally bought this for more storage space but... well just read on...

The DVD box is almost identical to the packaging of the complete 24 box set that was repackaged in 2008 (24 - Complete Season 1-8 + Redemption (New Packaging) [DVD]).

So what you get is 2 huge Amaray DVD boxes (4 single DVD cases, all next to each other's, width) contain 4 seasons each (1-4, 4-8) and then you have a smaller DVD box about half the size of the huge boxes (2 DVD width) and within there contains Season 9 and the 2 feature films. The outer box is small, yes - and looks lovely, and the bulky plastic box design is quite nice yes - but the fact there's NO extra discs on Seasons 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9 - it really is kind of a 'rip-off'... But then again on the front of the box it does say 55 discs (which is what confused me) as my original box has 61. I was shocked to discover it was the basic show and films with 2 extra discs... And the only reason they're included is because they have the last episodes of Season 2 & 6. It's a shame these 6 extra discs - featuring tons of documentaries and deleted scenes, out-takes, and other material - weren't included.

So, overall - the packaging is nice, but with the exclusion of the 6 discs and collector's episode guide - it feels incomplete. At least all the shows are in tact and how they should be.

Also, if you don't care for your extras - then buy this as it is great value for your money, and worth price just for the 9 seasons and 2 films as well.

P.S. In case my review makes about as much sense as the existence of aliens (bad joke...) - I have uploaded 24/25 pictures of the set itself so that you, the buyer, don't end up making the mistake that I made and thinking it was the same as the previous 61 disc set, when it's not.
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Sherlock - Series 1-2 [DVD]
Sherlock - Series 1-2 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Benedict Cumberbatch
Price: £10.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars The wait is over, the DVD is finally here., 17 Aug 2012
This review is from: Sherlock - Series 1-2 [DVD] (DVD)
The show:
2 years ago, I was on holiday in Portugal. Before we went away, I vaugely remember seeing an advertisement for a little show called 'Sherlock'. It looked quiet interesting, and I'm always interested by adverts for crime/dramas on BBC yet I never get around to watching them. But for some reason, when this aired in Portugal I was glued to the screen, unfortunately I didn't get to see the end that time, and I didn't see the second episode. But I did see the third, and by God it was amazing. That ending, I actually wondered to myself constantly 'how in the hell are they going to get out of that?'. I then bought the DVD after about year since it came out, infact a couple months before Series 2 aired and I was able to watch all three gorgeously crafted masterpieces. As many people have said each individual episodes are like films, not just because of it's length (which is 90 minutes) but it's because of it's high standard of filmmaking. This includes the acting, writing, storytelling, emotion, humour, camerawork, music, editing and overall feel of the show. These episodes are incredible. And I was able to re-discover what I had seen before only this time being a little older, meaning I understood it and I was able to see the full episodes. When I saw the cliffhanger again, I was amazed, in love with the show and I thought to myself 'When Series 2 airs, I'm watching it.' And so, I did just that. And ONCE AGAIN the show continued to be absolutely intriguiging to watch; fun and so incredibly full of life and you just don't see this in other TV shows. Of course, the show gets better each episode, with some either delving more into plot or character development whilst others take you through a tense and emotional ride that will have you on the edge of your seat the entire way through.

Some people moan at how there are only 6 episodes... but all I have to say to that is 'THEY'RE AN HOUR AND A HALF EACH!? HOW CAN YOU COMPLAIN?' These are 6 high-standard TV episodes that are basically films... I mean honestly these SHOULD have been put on to the big screen. Speaking of the big screen, before the Series 2 finalé aired, I was dragged along to see 'Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows' which was reminiscent of what happens in the Series 2 finalé (as I looked the episode name before it aired) and even though I knew what could potentially happen after seeing the film, I still had no idea it was going to. It was played out SO MUCH better than the film (those who have seen the show/film will know what I mean) and and actually comparing these episodes to the films, Sherlock is better in every way, but the films are mediocre action films with a bit of mystery involved that some people prefer but for me, it's this. Sherlock wins hands down.

Mark Gatiss and Stephen Moffat have made a show that will stand the test of time as one of the greatest adaptations of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes.. And to think, 2 years ago I was really unlucky to have missed bits but I relax in thinking that in 2 years time (2014), I will eagerly be watching Series 3 and enjoying every second and hoping there are many more episodes to come. (Please note this review is also currently on iTunes, posted by me)

The DVD:
I, myself, do not own this box set. I do however own the individual series DVDs. They are the same as what can be found in this, no difference except this package includes a nice shiny outer hard-cardboard slip case which keeps them nicely together. The episodes are beautifully presented in widescreen (1:78.1) in 5.1 Dolby Digital. The three episodes of each series are spread across a two disc set, so the first two episodes will be on Disc One and the last episode will be on Disc Two along with an array of extras. For Series One's extras you get the original hour long pilot as well as a making of which are all very nicely done. Series Two just has a making of but still is worth the watch as they reveal how the Series 2 finalé was achieved (I now feel stupid for not actually figuring out how it was done). Overall the set is nice but (and here comes the chichéd) if you've got them already, you needn't bother' (speech) as they are the same as the individual releases. But if you came here seeing a few of the episodes and eager to buy the DVD or you're on here just browsing then you should buy this.
If you've read this far as to where I am speaking currently, then there should be no doubt in your mind that this show is incredible and worth the £14.99 (it is currently) price tag, this will come down in time of course, to a price that is even more worth it. But seriously, if you're in a debate as to weather to get this? Don't be. It's settled. You should buy this.

Thank you for your time,
Michael S. Yelland

South Park - Season 14 [DVD]
South Park - Season 14 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Trey Parker

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4.0 out of 5 stars No "200" or "201"... but still a fantastic series., 17 Sep 2011
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This review is from: South Park - Season 14 [DVD] (DVD)
Season 14 of South Park. Oh how I've waited for the day it would finally be released in the UK! I finally recieved it today after pre-ordering it three weeks ago and I had heard rumours that the episodes "200" and "201" were missing. So when I recieved the boxset I was anxious to know weather it had them or not. I looked at the blurb, now normally every South Park boxset says something like "All 14 classic episodes"... or something like that... this one only had "All episodes from South Park's notoroious 14th Season"... I thought it was odd because they normally tell you how many episodes there are in each season. This one however, doesn't because it only has 12 episodes and anyone who buys it will know it's not complete if it says 12,so they're kind of hiding the fact there's 12 episodes. Moving on, I opened the boxset to discover in the episode list that there were no "200" and "201" (hence the 4 stars). I even checked the discs to see if it was a mis-print or just not put on the box for some reason, but they weren't there. I wasn't COMEPLETELY distraught as I was originally though, because I saw it coming. "200" was previously avaialable on iTunes and then it was taken off a month before news of the UK DVD release. You would of thought they could of put the censored version on here, wouldn't you? But anyways, I was still disapointed. The absence of the (perhaps) series' best episodes are missing and it makes this series feel incomplete (which it is, but it feels wrong). It is an utter disgrace that is has been removed the from set BUT that doesn't make the whole boxset a waste of money. Paramount have only done this for "our safety" oh, and theirs.

The 12 episodes you DO get are all uncensored and are beautifully prestented in the anarmorphic 16:9 format (1:78:1) and have a 5.1 surround sound mix. I haven't watched the complete series yet but I'm fully aware it is awesome. There are some AMAZING episodes here; "You Have 0 Friends", "Insheeption" and The Coon Trilogy. That is only some of what is here.

So, if you're going to wait FOREVER (there is no way they'll correct this anytime soon) for a RE-release of Season 14, then be my guest. BUT - if, however - you want the rest of the episodes then get it. It is worth it. Brilliant comedy, all round. Perhaps in time, "200" and "201" will be put on the DVD format... but until then - be grateful we have this!
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Jackass: The Lost Tapes [DVD]
Jackass: The Lost Tapes [DVD]
Price: £4.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Jackass: The Lost Tapes - The best stuff, 27 July 2011
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Why is everyone slating this DVD as just another "crappy rip-off" - People are also saying there's no new material? Well obviously not, MTV originally released three volumes of Jackass (each being the best of each series) and left out the best stunts/sketches/skits such as "God Vs. Satan", "Self Defense Test", "Stun Collar" and "Fast Food Football". Other amazing sketches include "Unicycle Poo Barf", "Roller Jump" and the sickly-grotesque "Vomelete" - that sketch really is a great way to make yourself feel really sick. The Lost Tapes is just a compilation of all the stuff left off the volumes in a normal cheap DVD package. The DVD comes in a normal black amary case, the screen is full frame and the sound stereo. It is 104 minutes in length and there are 93 chapters which means they're are 93 stunts, sketches and skits. This infact is actually the best stuff and people who are saying this isn't funny clearly hasn't watched this fully because this is by the far funniest Jackass TV show collection DVD I've ever seen. It really is one of the funniest TV compilations of all time, and the best thing about Jackass is no matter how you order all the segments - it's still loads of fun! Some of the sketches sort of cut out but it's not really surprising because it is obviously connected to some other stunt that's not on the DVD, but hey? It doesn't really matter. For £3 this is a bargain, (The price may have changed by the time you read this) and a fantastic one at that! Seriously, buy this DVD because it is the BEST OF the TV show. The films are obviously better but this is the best TV stuff.

[NOTE: Amazon, for some reason, have the wrong DVD cover with a PINK skull and crossbones when actually it's orange]

South Park: Imaginationland [DVD]
South Park: Imaginationland [DVD]
Dvd ~ Trey Parker

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5.0 out of 5 stars Imaginationland - Uncut & Uncensored, 8 May 2011
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If you're reading this then, you're either a massive fan of South Park, considering buying the "movie version" of Imaginationland or you're just trying to buy a cheap South Park DVD for someone as a present - Either way. This is a good purchase, but it is not essential. If you've seen the episodes individually, then you'll know what to expect - Fantastic humour and excellent quality. The "movie version" apparently contains some minor edits (which is what they're calling uncut) and, like I said, it is all uncensored. This "movie version" isn't much different from buying Season 11 and pressing the "play all" button on the disc (the trilogy is on) - The only differences I can is the feature length film has no opening South Park credits and the ending credits are longer than usual - That's all I can tell, to be honest. Despite the fact the back of the slipcase says its full frame - It's not. It's 16:9 Anamorphic which is even better. The sound is mixed into 5.1 and sounds ok but actually sounds better in the 2.0 Stereo mix (on Season 11) because the voices are louder and don't sound as further away as they do on here. The trilogy itself is hilarious, and is a good little buy if you're into the odd South Park episode and not fussed about getting the collection.

Extras wise, there is an exclusive DVD commentary and two bonus episodes "ManBearPig" (Season 10) and "Woodland Christmas Critters" (Season 8). It runs for about 68 minutes and is a fantastic trilogy. If you already have Season 11 - there isn't really much point in buying this except for the commentary and the anamorphic transfer, 5.1 sound. The Season 11 dvd boxset is uncensored (as is Seasons 12 & 13) so this DVD isn't as essential as it's made out to be.

So, all in all - a good South Park DVD. Extremely funny (as always) and a nice little package. But beware - if you're buying Season 11 or you already have it, there isn't much point in buying this. I can't stress that enough. Enjoy!
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Pulp Fiction: Music From The Motion Picture
Pulp Fiction: Music From The Motion Picture
Price: £7.96

5.0 out of 5 stars You won't know the facts, until you've heard this..., 24 Jan 2011
First things first; Pulp Fiction is a fantastic film and is one of the most mind-blowing experiences you will ever witness. The thing that adds to that experience though, of course, is the soundtrack. The amazing soundtrack, that is just as brilliant as the film itself. Quentin Tarantino is an absolute genius - He picked ALL the right songs for his masterpiece and placed them in the perfect place within the film.

You also get some excerpts from the film before some of the tracks - which is a nice feature, I guess... If you just want to stick the song on without the excerpt you have to skip couple of seconds or put up with the excerpts

Apart from that though great album - oh and the remastering is amazing; Loud and crystal clear sound quality adds to this fantastic soundtrack.

Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City (Xbox 360)
Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City (Xbox 360)
Offered by Super-bargains
Price: £9.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City - Two games, one disc, so much fun!!!, 29 Oct 2009
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
If you liked Grand Theft Auto IV, then you're gonna love this. This disc contains the newly released DLC (Downloadable Content) "The Ballad of Gay Tony" and the first DLC "The Lost and Damned". I knew about this package since April and I've been desperate to get my hands on it, and I'm so glad I did!
The game does exactly what it says on the box! "Two complete games. The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. Two complete games on one disc. Grand Theft Auto IV not required to play". Those are all key features and they're clearly stated on the box, highlighted in gold banners!

Description (From the back of the box):

The Lost And Damned:
In The Lost And Damned, experience Liberty City as Johnny, a veteran member of The Lost, a notorious biker gang. Johnny has been creating business opportunities for The Lost in Liberty City, but his first loyalty must be to the patch he wears on his back and to Billy Grey, the club's president. However, when Billy returns from rehab hell-bent on bloodshed and debauchery, Johnny finds himself in the middle of a vicious turf war with rival gangs for control of a city torn apart by violence and corruption. Can the brotherhood survive?

The Ballad Of Gay Tony:
The Ballad Of Gay Tony injects Liberty City with an overdose of guns, glitz, and grime. As Luis Lopez, part-time hoodlum and full-time assistant to legendary nightclub impresario Tony Prince (a.k.a. "Gay Tony"), players will struggle with the competing loyalties of family and friends, and with the uncertainty about who is real and who is fake in a world in which everyone has a price.

The game (or should I say games?):
Basically, the game loads exactly like "GTA IV", you get the same warning menu at the beginning and then the two Rockstar Logos, except the only difference is after that, you get a menu to pick which game you want to play (first time ever in a GTA game, I think), with the protagonist and the logo beneath them. You then get to play that game, and it loads exactly like it does, if you had of downloaded it (I presume).

"The Lost And Damned" is a brilliant game with new weapons, vehicles and better bike handling (IE you don't fall off as easily) and "The Ballad Of Gay Tony" is brilliant aswell, also containing new weapons, vehicles and let's not forget a new chopper that will steal the online and offline experience.

I would tell you about the games themselves, but I don't want to give anything away, seeing as it startles you when you put it in and play it, without a clue of what's going to happen. But I will tell you a couple of things. ON THIS DISC ONLY: You can get, three EXCLUSIVE radio stations; "Vice City FM", which plays mostly unfamiliar 80s Pop (with the exception of Marillion), "Self-Actualization FM", which plays music to relax you and "RamJam FM" which is the replacement of "Tuff Gong FM" (but nowhere as good) with reggae music. Also you don't have to waste valuable Xbox hardrive Space to fit the games on like you would if you bought them off Marketplace (unless you install the game to hardrive, like I have). The game calls itself "GTA IV", so basically all the achievements that you get in this game are added to the achievements you got in GTA IV (if you haven't downloaded TLAD you'll notice you'll have more achievements to get on GTA IV) And if you're thinking "I don't want to buy the games online, I want them on disc! But I want those achievements..." You're prayers have been answered. This disc adds to those achievements. I am new to both of these games, so I can't tell you much about them. But one BIG difference is that TLAD has a grainy picture, if you look carefully, it is optional though (it comes under the name "noise effect").

Anyway, this is a fantastic package, which contains two GTA DLCs on one disc and is only available on Xbox 360, and is the most fun you could have with a video game. You must buy this, if you've played "GTA IV" and you've wanted TLAD for a while, but wanted it on disc. Also this is cheaper than buying both games on Marketplace! Buy this now! (Please note you will be able to find this on my IGN and Gamespot accounts)
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