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Sid Red Rim
Sid Red Rim
Price: £2.10

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4.0 out of 5 stars Well-made work for secondary school kids, 9 Feb. 2016
This review is from: Sid Red Rim (Kindle Edition)
‘Sid Red Rim’ written by Haley Kate is not too long, yet well-made adventurous work that will be loved by secondary school kids who enjoy reading ghost stories.

The main character, boy named Sid is a desperate because he is fighting eternal insomnia. Because of curse from a witch, Sid can interact with the dead and he is going to find out about two ghosts haunting a castle who may be able to cure him from his problem… And the quest begins.

Haley Kate with ‘Sid Red Rim’ wrote an interesting and adventurous title that could easily become the beginning of new exciting book series. Her book will have appeal mostly on secondary grades kids who are not so young anymore not to be able enjoying some good frightening story.

And because of all mentioned, I can recommend ‘Sid Red Rim’ as not-so-long, easy-to-read, interesting and exciting piece of work for bit older children.

I was given a copy of this book by the author for the purpose of unbiased review, while all the presented information is based on my impressions.

Glass Sword (Red Queen)
Glass Sword (Red Queen)

5.0 out of 5 stars The wait is finally over!, 9 Feb. 2016
For thousands of readers tomorrow will be the day they circled in their calendar - “Glass Sword”, the sequel to Victoria Aveyard’s worldwide YA bestseller “Red Queen” is coming out. I had chance to read it before official release date and though impressions are still fresh, I could say to you – it was worth waiting for…

The book continues to follow Mare Barrow, a seventeen-year-old Red girl from the poverty-stricken Stilts, exactly at the same spot we left her in previous installment. For those that need to be reminded, Mare lives in a dystopian world divided by color of blood – while Silver people are elite, the Red ones are common people.

I am not going to disclose details series’ first part written by Victoria Aveyard, but the most important thing we found out in “Red Queen” was that Mare is much more dangerous to Silvers than anyone could imagine – something she realized when started working in the Silver Palace. And that something threatens to change the established order…

Victoria Aveyard still writes her story from main character’s perspective taking us on the double journey with Mare. The first one is real physical journey where Mare is going to join Scarlet Guard, in search of other members of her caste that have Silver characteristics with one purpose only – fighting against Maven, the new King and his mother. The other journey is something that happens inside of her – she needs to understand who she is, after pretending for so long to be something else, something she is not…

Though it is difficult to go more into the analysis and not spoil the fun of own discovery, I especially loved the slower pace of sequel, together with some intriguing moments when we start discovering Mare as a person of flesh and blood, not some flat book character we usually encounter in many books.

Therefore, in my opinion Victoria Aveyard made good decision steering her series in calmer waters, yet with enough actions and thrills to keep you interested until the very last page.

How To Earn Money Fast: Earn Easy Money Quick Starting Today!
How To Earn Money Fast: Earn Easy Money Quick Starting Today!
Price: £0.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Will it make you rich over night? No, but it will teach you some fundamental things, 8 Feb. 2016
These days seems lots of people have enough ideas and time to write books on how to ensure financial independence. And yet people seem failing to follow those principles, taking into account the crisis that we see everywhere. Or perhaps those people should read books such as this to find answers and help?

I’m receiving lot of books that share the main idea how to avoid life that comes down to survival – and though not all of them are of decent quality, this one “How To Earn Money Fast” written by William Blackburn managed to grab my attention.

The reason is simple - author provides some fundamentals when it comes to investing, saving, defining goals and negotiating, to name a few. The author on book start explained the motivation behind writing such work – why he chose to share the advices from his own personal and professional experience in order to create something that gives people the facts about how to get started with entire money making process, physically and mentally.

William Blackburn on the pages of his book does not offer the secret recipe to get rich overnight, but instead offers some principles and ideas – something that he sees as a way out of the trouble. Therefore, readers should have realistic expectations of his booklet, because on its 40 pages you will get fundamentals and some good advices – their realization would depend on each and every reader after they close the last page.

I was given a copy of this book by the author for the purpose of unbiased review, while all the presented information is based on my impressions.

West of Eden
West of Eden
Price: £9.99

5.0 out of 5 stars The real history behind Hollywood, 8 Feb. 2016
This review is from: West of Eden (Kindle Edition)
Jean Stein knows what she is talking about – being daughter to Jules Stein who invested his money in MCA, making it the most important address when it comes to talent agencies. She knew lots of stars before they even become one, while they were just one of the many faces in search of glory.

Therefore, Jean Stein with full right and authority delivers in front of readers the real history behind Hollywood, more or less structured around some of the families that ruled Hollywood - the Dohenys, the Selznicks, the Warners, and, of course, her own family. And though it can be seen as biography of these powerful families, it is much more than that because Stein is an insider and therefore it is not problem for her to introduce us to the numerous, mostly nasty, details – such as cover-up of a murder-suicide, all forms of corruption, anti-communist blacklists, to name a few…

Though there are numerous stories that could be recounted in this review, for me some of the most interesting were those about Judy Garland and one (more sketch than a story) of particular tour guide who forgot to use the handbrake resulting in his bus going down the hill while he was looking…

The book opens with Raymond Chandler’s quote “I smelled Los Angeles before I got to it. It smelled stale and old like a living room that had been closed too long.”, and precisely that sentence describes what the author superbly done with her book – she let the fresh air in the space that seems so familiar, and yet hold many secrets. So, her intelligently written book will be a real treat for all fans of the movies, American history and show business.

Brotherhood in Death
Brotherhood in Death
Price: £9.99

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Difficult to put down, 8 Feb. 2016
“Brotherhood in Death” written by J.D. Robb is another installment in highly popular “In Death” series. And though the formula is already well-known, the good news for all the fans is the newest sequel is one of the best Robb wrote so far.

It begins with the assault that would result with hurting of someone dear to Lt. Eve Dallas. But that would be only the start of big case with many victims and even more suspects, all wrapped up in numerous secrets that are going to make Eve’s life harder.

And though I would not spoil the fun by disclosing the plot, I must emphasize this novel can be read as standalone, though there are some great motives that only regulars would be able to fully appreciate – such as Eve and Roarke relationship or some emotional scenes between Eve and Dennis who is not present in all the books, yet he is with us for all these years.

Full of conspiracies, twists and turns that only J.D. could think of, I would say “Brotherhood in Death” is great book for weekend – you would not feel guilty of being tired the next day at work like me – because the latest sequel in “In Death” series in novel difficult to put down.

Pugs of the Frozen North (A Not-So-Impossible Tale)
Pugs of the Frozen North (A Not-So-Impossible Tale)

5.0 out of 5 stars Excitement, adventure, monsters, twists and turns, 6 Feb. 2016
“Pugs of the Frozen North” made by great artistic duo Philip Reeve and Sarah Mcintyre (responsible for artwork, as well) is another great story full of excitement and adventure for existing and new fans of both imaginative authors.

My middle daughter who is right audience for this book went through its 200 pages in two days, so I had to do the same, ahead of the queue, because of all the praises coming from her.

The story begins with introducing of main character called Shen who works as cabin boy on the ship named “Lucky Star”. The ship is going to become stuck in ice and the only way for Captain to save the ship is to get rid of excess load. The choice is made – the sixty-six pugs will be left and Shen is going to share their fate.

Shen, in search for help, will find Sika who is going to tell him about the Great North Run - with the pugs who are going to pull the sleigh, the prize “Your Heart’s Desire” does not seem unachievable…

I do not want to spoil you the fun of discovery what lies ahead, but rest assured – there will be lot of adventure, monsters, twists and turns, up to the very last page where unexpected surprise is awaiting…

Though this is first book of Sarah Mcintyre I had chance to go through, I have read several Reeve’s books and with this one he again didn’t disappoint. Though not short, I would recommend its reading for kids 7 years and older – besides the adventurous story, some great illustrations can be found inside. Younger children would also enjoy listening to you reading aloud and believe you will spend great time accompanied by bunch of pugs.

Opening Belle
Opening Belle
by Maureen Sherry
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £17.25

4.0 out of 5 stars Humorous piece about women in business, 6 Feb. 2016
This review is from: Opening Belle (Hardcover)
"Opening Belle" by Maureen Sherry is a humorous piece about women in business – a story told by woman who worked on Wall Street having chance from own perspective to realize how almost impossible is to juggle private life, love and family with business and ambition.

Maureen Sherry who after college went to work on Wall Street, retired as a director more than ten years of hard-working – but she chose to tell her story based on actual events in a bit different way.

Though Sherry takes reader on not-boring-for-one-single second journey through the demanding choices in exciting and predatory business world, in same time "Opening Belle" is funny piece full of humor.

Therefore, if you want to read book that is in same time exciting, insightful and humorous, Maureen Sherry’s "Opening Belle" certainly would not disappoint, even if you are a man given the book is somehow advertised as written for women only.

Calm the F*ck Down: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book
Calm the F*ck Down: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book
by Sasha O'Hara
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.41

5.0 out of 5 stars Humorous, but only for adults. I mean it, 6 Feb. 2016
„Calm the F* Down“ is a kind of must-have if you are in for the latest trend – coloring book for adults. Though, be advised that this book is for adults, not younger than 18 year olds, at least taking into consideration some of sentences found inside.

Don’t get me wrong, this book is actually humorous, but in a way that only grown-ups would understand, younger people could get confused or even ashamed.

Speaking about the coloring part, actually there is not so much material compared with some other coloring books in market – 21 one-sided drawings and 2 test pages, though the drawings are challenging and diverse yet fit together completely as a series. The paper quality is passable, though due to medium paper thickness, the book is intended to be used with pencils - therefore be aware when using pens because there is a big chance for paper to soak through.

Can it help you to (f*) calm down?

Yes, definitely. After coloring only one of the drawings you would definitely feel better given the numerous possibilities how to color them that should keep you occupied for some time.

Overall, this is a nicely made adult coloring book with humorous quotes and detailed illustrations, therefore I would recommend it.

Pax (Signed Edition)
Pax (Signed Edition)
by Pennypacker Sara
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £11.77

5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful story and remarkable artwork, 5 Feb. 2016
This review is from: Pax (Signed Edition) (Hardcover)
“Pax”, made by two well-known names- written by bestselling author Sara Pennypacker and illustrated by well-known artist Jon Klassen - is a beautiful story about the friendship between a boy named Peter and his fox Pax, endangered by the devastating war conflict.

Pax and Peter are friends since the day when the fox was young, but suddenly bad days are coming and they need to separate - Peter's dad enlists in the military and boy needs to return his friend to the wild. Now, separated by huge distance, both Peter and Pax are feeling miserable and though the dangers of war are all around, Peter decides to embark on the journey to reunite with his only true friend…

Sara Pennypacker, known for his “Clementine” series and “Meet the Dullards”, with her latest book delivers a profound and emotional read for younger school children which manages to keep attention through all of his 300 pages. It is a story of friendship, kindness, sacrifice, a wonderful message how important are friends in our lives.

Speaking about the artwork, Jon Klassen again produced beautiful illustrations characterized by appealing, though not so usually encountered, use of black and white that makes this book equally enjoyable to read and look.

Therefore, “Pax” with its beautiful story and remarkable artwork is work worth of recommendation – a book that would inspire children with its profound lesson.

Stars Above: A Lunar Chronicles Collection
Stars Above: A Lunar Chronicles Collection
by Marissa Meyer
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £12.32

5.0 out of 5 stars Fans can celebrate, 5 Feb. 2016
I have two young daughters. And, you know… young girls love reading Lunar Chronicles. And when they heard about this new LC edition, well… that was a cause for a real celebration.

Of course, publication of “Stars Above” was driven by marketing departments in order to continue hype caused by publishing of long-awaited “Winter”, the fifth book in Marissa Meyer’s “Lunar Chronicles” series, but one should admit the author managed to do this in a big style.

This is the first book of stories set in the Lunar Chronicles’ world and Marissa Meyer even changed her initial plan of including two original stories – instead she went beyond writing five completely new stories, including a prequel and epilogue to “Winter”.

For Lunar Chronicles fans this book would be real gem, something that they should not miss, while for other young readers (if there are such who had not read LC) my daughters told me reading of LC books would be recommended first.

You can rest assured that kids are going to love it…

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