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Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns by Weisberger. Lauren ( 2013 ) Paperback
Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns by Weisberger. Lauren ( 2013 ) Paperback
by Weisberger. Lauren
Edition: Paperback

3.0 out of 5 stars A vicious woman in Prada suit returns, 21 Nov 2014
It's been a long time since the first part of this trendsetter novel by t Lauren Weisberger has delighted many lovers of fashion, fame, power, and romance. In the first part, called the Devil Wears Prada, a young and ambitious Andrea got a dream job working for the most glamorous fashion magazine; however, the chief editor Miranda Priestly turned her dream into an unimaginable nightmare.

It's been ten years since the day when Andrea quit, and the second installment reveals an entirely new life of Andrea. With his best friend she launched a luxury wedding magazine The Plunge and married Max, the successor of prominent family. But, a seemingly perfect and peaceful life is shaken by one unexpected letter and even more unexpected phone call.

On the wedding day, Andrea in the bag of her future husband found a letter of his mother in which her mother in law writes against their wedding, considering Andrea unsuitable wife for her son. Andrea, who found out that she was pregnant, decides to get over it and promise herself that nothing will stand in the way of their family happiness. But ghosts from the past will reappear. At Andrea's dismay, and Emily's and Max's enthusiasm, the great and powerful vicious woman decides to buy The Plunge offering them sky-high figure. But even worse than the appearance of evil Miranda is the betrayal of the closest people that Andrea will soon feel...

The good news are that readers who have not read the first part will be able to unburdened read (and enjoy) this one because the author skillfully introduces flashbacks to past events. Although it is a trendsetter novel that tells in detail about fashion trends and high society, the author cannot be denied the successful psychological profiling of her characters, well-made story design by mixing retrospection and introspection, and an unexpected twist at the end.

So, for the fans of Lauren Weisberger's first part the sequel will be equally entertaining, and although it is a novel that deals with high society, in which the signature on the clothes is more important than the personality itself, the novel at its end points out the true value and therefore, to those younger ones, can be recommended.

Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone
Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone
by Deborah Madison
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £24.66

5.0 out of 5 stars Benchmark in vegetarian cookbooks, 21 Nov 2014
‘The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone’ prepared by Deborah Madison is a new edition of popular vegetarian cookbook that is often taken as the benchmark in this kind of cooking, which for this occasion was complemented by a number of new recipes and additional content.

The vegetarian diet, although usually perceived as willing decision of particular person, is often motivated by health reasons, prevention or necessary need. And I some time ago found myself in a similar situation when I literally overnight had to change my life, especially food I eat which has previously been dominated by meat, especially fried. So I was forced to seek help on Internet and diet books on this topic which are widespread in the market, not always the best quality. But very quickly someone mentioned one particular good book - Deborah Madison’s ‘Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone’ that although released almost 20 years ago is still an endless source of great tips and recipes in which ever since I enjoy.

So when I heard that a new release is coming out that immediately attracted my attention - what I've seen so far, this is definitely a book that is worth the purchase if you have previously used the old edition, and especially if you've never had the pleasure to own this great book.

All the original material is still inside, while the book was expanded with the additional 200 recipes, but equally important, both for old and new recipes the way they are showed is changed what make recipes now presented in 2 columns more convenient to read. Therefore it also had an impact on the number of pages and though the book was expanded with new materials it has fewer pages, so it is easier to handle and use in the kitchen

I am glad that the author stayed at the position that content of the book is much more important than turning it into a colorful picture book; this book that is not full of pictures will be especially appreciated by those who truly cook, not admire the colorful pictures of food for which is often difficult in practice to manage look like in the pictures.

Much could be written about this book, and yet do injustice to those things that would not be mentioned because the author managed to make a balanced manual for the best vegetarian cuisine can offer, a book that non-vegetarians can also easily use.

Therefore, besides the great recommendation for this new version of Deborah Madison book, I certainly suggest that if you would not decide to buy this one certainly try to find older edition whose price will now surely decline.

Eric, the Boy Who Lost His Gravity by Jenni Desmond (2014) Hardcover
Eric, the Boy Who Lost His Gravity by Jenni Desmond (2014) Hardcover
by Jenni Desmond
Edition: Hardcover

3.0 out of 5 stars What happens when a child becomes angry?, 21 Nov 2014
‘Eric, The Boy Who Lost His Gravity’ written and illustrated by Jenni Desmond brings an interesting premise that is not so common in world of picture books - what happens when a child becomes angry.

Eric is preschool boy who played on a rainy Sunday with his train toy, unable to go out because of bad weather. Everything will be great until his younger sister came and scattered his railway toys all around the room. Eris decided to play with some other toys, but whatever he picked up his sister would also ruin that at the end made Eric depressed.

But after Eric’s mother sent him to the room blaming him for all the problems, Eric will become angry because he felt wronged that always he is blamed for everything.

However, after Eric took a bit time to think, he will realize that things are not as they may seem at first glance - he will find out there is a way that both him and his sister, and his entire family become happier…

‘Eric, The Boy Who Lost His Gravity’ is somewhat unusual picture book regarding its subject, but even more with its illustrations that are made in a similar clumsy technique younger preschoolers are using when drawing their first works.

However, it seems that this is a deliberate choice of the author who in interesting and expressive way speaks about an important children subject that is often taken with insufficient attention.

Therefore although Jenni Desmond with her book brought an interesting topic my advice would be to before buying look at the preview or browse through it to make sure you also like the graphics side of this interesting book.

Experience Your Good Now!: Learning to Use Affirmations [With CD (Audio)]?? [EXPERIENCE YOUR GOOD NOW W/CD] [Hardcover]
Experience Your Good Now!: Learning to Use Affirmations [With CD (Audio)]?? [EXPERIENCE YOUR GOOD NOW W/CD] [Hardcover]
by Hay. Louise L.?(author)
Edition: Unknown Binding

4.0 out of 5 stars Helps reader being more positive and productive in everyday life, 20 Nov 2014
"Experience Your Good Now" by Louise L. Hay is another work from author who became known due to her many works in more than past 20 years in which she is trying to help people to discover and implement their potentials needed for additional personal growth and self-healing.

This time Louise is speaking about affirmations, how to use and create them in order to help reader being more positive and productive in everyday life.

The author is giving detailed guide how to deal with many areas of your life with her method that can be easily followed teaching you making workable affirmations.

And although I'm not big fan of self-help literature, the way the book is structured is giving a solid foundation for reader to start creating her/his own affirmations pretty soon.
I think that every reader who is interested in such change in her/his life after several months of book use, should try to evolve for her/himself progress and see how much this book really helped.

Therefore, whatever previous opinion reader has about the self-help literature, seems like Louise L. Hay has some nice things to teach us about the topics she obviously knows a lot, as well as due to her tone in which she's been writing this book.
And due to that, beside those who are fans of her previous works, this book can be recommended for those looking for their first book which will help them to change in a positive way.

Practical strength Training: 30 Days Secret Exercise Cheat Sheet for A total Body Transformation (Total Body Transformation (strength training, starting ... fitness, strength and conditioning) Book 1)
Practical strength Training: 30 Days Secret Exercise Cheat Sheet for A total Body Transformation (Total Body Transformation (strength training, starting ... fitness, strength and conditioning) Book 1)
Price: £1.87

3.0 out of 5 stars With some additional time spent on editing it could become a book which could be recommended, 20 Nov 2014
‘Practical strength Training’ prepared by Ben Williams is a solid book on fitness and training, but unfortunately its feel is greatly spoiled with the common flaw of many self-published works - a lack of editing.

Besides many useful advices that can be found on these topics, the author especially emphasized the importance of Paleo diet and exercise early in the morning substantiating that with the examples so that people who are not familiar with all the facts, after reading Williams booklet, will became much more aware.

So overall, praise to the author for the book content though recommendation to invest some additional time on its style - and ‘Practical strength Training’ could become a book which could be recommended.

The Complete Low-Carb Cookbook (Best of the Best Presents) by George Stella (2014) Perfect Paperback
The Complete Low-Carb Cookbook (Best of the Best Presents) by George Stella (2014) Perfect Paperback
by George Stella
Edition: Perfect Paperback

4.0 out of 5 stars Gourmets will certainly enjoy, 20 Nov 2014
Although I'm not a person who likes sensational news stories that fill newspaper columns about the incredible changes that can be made by doing this or that, or eating something, and cutting out something else from your diet, to this book attracted me truly amazing story of George Stella.

Now known Chef Stella weighed 467 pounds, having numerous medical problems until he decided to make some changes in his life which resulted with him losing more than 250 pounds by changing the way in which he looks at nutrition. However, except that he managed to reduce his own weight, George’s path followed his family members who together with him lost more than whopping 600 pounds.

In his book ‘The Complete Low-Carb Cookbook’ George Stella is trying to share his secrets with readers explaining them that it is not only the calorific value what affects our weight, but the whole lifestyle and look at the food that must be corrected if we want positive change in our lives.

The value of his recipes lies among other in the fact that he uses ingredients that are easily accessible, easy to prepare and will satisfy people from those who do not have advanced expectations to those seeking a bit more from food than a satiety - pleasure.

Stella’s book is nicely designed; his about 130 recipes are accompanied by seventy full color images so those who love trying out something new in the kitchen should certainly pay attention to this book.

As for its effectiveness, from personal experience I cannot attest how successful are author’s methods of losing weight because (unfortunately) I do not need to lose them because I don’t have them enough. But what I can confirm that by using this book and preparing recipes author provided, the gourmets will certainly enjoy.

Pilot G210 Gel Rollerball Pen Refillable Medium 1.0mm Tip 0.6mm Line Black Ref 043101201 [Pack of 12]
Pilot G210 Gel Rollerball Pen Refillable Medium 1.0mm Tip 0.6mm Line Black Ref 043101201 [Pack of 12]
Price: £17.16

5.0 out of 5 stars Comfortable, clean and smooth writing, great price, 19 Nov 2014
I start using Pilot Gel pen while I was in college and been using them since then regularly. The G2 has a nice, clean design, a black tip on one end and a black rubber grip that separates the clear shaft from the clear plastic tip. Inside it has a nice yellow section on the top end of the ink fading beautifully from orange to yellow which adds to overall impression of good designed product.

The Pilot G2 is a smooth writing pen with whom it is easy to write on paper, although it's little less sliding than some other gel pens. The fine point provides a nice thin line, pen doesn't bleed at all even if hold for couple of seconds on some spot. Its writings don't look as shiny on paper as usual gel ink pen does and due to that G2 have more professional writing look.

Pen is easy to hold due to abovementioned rubber grip which is quite firm being more of a grip than a cushion. The pen's clip on its top comes down low enough to rest on your hand while you are writing if you don't have it rotated away from you which could annoy some people but that don't bother me. Made of solid plastic, looks durable and it proved it in many times when it fell off the table but there was no damage. Its price, especially in package like this where you get each pen for approximately $1 is additional recommendation for its purchase.

The Pilot G2 is a good gel ink pen that provides a comfortable, clean and smooth writing.
I use these pens over decade and due to that I can fully recommend them.

PeaPod Plus Travel Bed in Kiwi by Kidco Baby, NewBorn, Children, Kid, Infant
PeaPod Plus Travel Bed in Kiwi by Kidco Baby, NewBorn, Children, Kid, Infant
Offered by Hendelman & Co.
Price: £207.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Great travel bed/tent/even playground full of features, 19 Nov 2014
KidCo PeaPod is great accommodation for a child while away from home. I bought is a present for a little boy aged 2 and he was thrilled that he got his tent to sleep. It comes in a nice green color that makes it, at least in my opinion, a bit more suitable for the boys although that is a matter of taste. It's pretty big, even a child up to the 4 or 5 years can easily sleep inside.

It's packaged fully assembled with a Micro-Lite pad for sleeping that is already attached to the floor. Also it has two large zipper panels, lightweight mesh to good air circulation and insect protection, window screens that can be adjusted, anchor straps to keep it secured to the ground, UV protection and a bag in which you can carry it.

It's really lightweight to carry, around 1,5 kg (3,5 lb) and when it is ready for use it measures 1,3m (L) x 0,6m (H) x 0,8m (D).

Fully recommended as great travel bed/tent/even playground for your kid while you are traveling but also you can consider it as a great gift.

Kindle Keyboard, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display
Kindle Keyboard, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display

5.0 out of 5 stars I read 3-4 times more books than I used to read before thanks to Kindle, 19 Nov 2014
After more than one year of using the Kindle Keyboard 3G+Wifi I should say it is still and will remain for sure my only e-ink reader.
I'm very satisfied with it using it exclusively for reading e-books nevertheless that beside this device I own other devices on which I can read e-books.
Reading experience on Kindle is best.

Starting with the good things, it is excellent to have lot of books on your disposal which Kindle allows, although I'm type of person who reads most 2 books at same time, usually only one. But having a possibility to remind yourself or search for something quickly in some of the books read earlier, e.g. books with several sequels, is excellent. This device is light, easy to use, page turn buttons are placed on most logical place so it's probably easier to turn e-page than the real one, contrast is good on daylight, ability to increase/decrease font as well. Internet browser which works worldwide free of charge is excellent, although called experimental saved me lot of money and helped me a lot in situations when using regular notepad would be difficult or even impossible.

Considering things which could be improved are Kindle store, which could be more user friendly, providing more possibilities for sorting or more categories. Although I use Wifi rarely, because of free 3G, sometimes there are problems with connecting before time-out expires which could be time consuming and repetitive if you change settings. Main critic concerns screen contract if the lighting is not adequate one, especially too dark because there are no built light. So purchase of extra light or cover with built-in extra light is mandatory for those who wish to read at night not disturbing someone sleeping next to you. It is also fair to say that Kindle mainly should be used for text-only books because sometimes it could really slow down if you have big book with lot of rich graphics and of course everything is black and white.

As final verdict I could say that since I bought Kindle I read 3-4 times more books than I used to read before. So, my big recommendation for buying if you still can find this little bit older Kindle device.

To Probe A Beating Heart
To Probe A Beating Heart
by John B. Wren
Edition: Paperback
Price: £8.54

5.0 out of 5 stars Everyone is born as a blank book, 18 Nov 2014
"To Probe A Beating Heart" by John B. Wren is a fascinating story about the birth and growing up of serial killer, but also the book that besides judging gives an explanation.

All of us had witnessed many stories in which multiple murderers were released from prison and placed in the mental hospitals and due to such decisions we often criticize the legal system.

We do it because we don't know the causes why someone became a serial killer, because becoming a serial killer isn't some feature of our personality that we're born with.

To be clear, I don't want this to be understood as asking for mercy to someone who never showed it to her/his victims, but this book shows that each person is born as a blank book, and our surroundings will write into it sometimes creating monsters from an early age.

This exciting and sometimes difficult book to read is a story about the boy who got raised in strange circumstances, in a dysfunctional family that marked him from the youth. Originally from Eastern Europe, adopted as a baby and brought to U.S., Averell Danker was terrorized and molested by his adoptive parents and others that resulted in his slow transformation into the monster. For his thrill he first started killing small animals but as he will grow up he will realize that something else is needed, something human that will give him more fun...

The story starts and ends with missing of one young girl and soon we will realize that crime is connected with Averell. And even through the many years he outwitted the police in many occasions, there are other people who throughout history seeks such people elusive for the law, and when and if they find him before the police do, the question is whether anybody will ever heard or find anything about him...

"To Probe A Beating Heart" is the author's debut book and although at times reader can feel that the writer wasn't so experienced while writing it, the book is an excellent psychological thriller with good and believable characters.

The only drawback for some could be very detailed descriptions of murders and torture of the victims, especially considering that most of them are kids.

The book raises many questions, of which the most painful is how to help children who suffer such violence in the family but also draws one sad conclusion how many missing children were killed in the manner described in the book without ever finding out where they sad innocent life finished...

Like it's written on the book cover, "To Probe A Beating Heart" is a fictional, but realistic study about creation of a killer. If you are interested for and have the courage to step into his sick world, this is a book that I can fully recommend.

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