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Seeking Dr. Magic
Seeking Dr. Magic
by Mr. Scott Spotson
Edition: Paperback
Price: £8.24

4.0 out of 5 stars Convincing story and characters that will keep you interested until the end, 20 Sep 2014
This review is from: Seeking Dr. Magic (Paperback)
‘Seeking Dr. Magic’ written by Scott Spotson is a book that brings together not so often seen combination of detective suspense genre and magic motif – the result is a book that can be read quickly, especially given its not too excessive length.

The novel introduces two main characters – a good guy, known Detective Hetfield, a private investigator recently released from the FBI who will get caught up in the chase to stop the other, a bad guy, powerful rival that poses a threat to the world. As the story will move away further, the reader, but the hero as well, will both realize that this battle will not be easy to win because Dr. Magic is everything but an easy opponent…

This is the second work written by Scott Spotson that I read, and once again he managed to create unique and well-imagined world where magic is an integral part of normal life.

Albeit the story is for the most part told from the Detective perspective, both characters through the novel are undergoing transformation and realize the consequences of their actions. And although some hard-core fans of Detective novels might reject this work because of the magic mentioning it must be emphasized that this aspect is shown convincingly and seamlessly, in a quality fantasy manner that doesn’t diminish the story suspense.

Therefore this Scott Spotson novel is work that can be recommended both for the fans of fantasy and those who like to read good investigative stories, a novel with a convincing story and characters that will keep you interested until the end.

Vengeance Is Mine: A Benjamin Tucker Mystery: 1
Vengeance Is Mine: A Benjamin Tucker Mystery: 1
by Harry James Krebs
Edition: Paperback
Price: £8.83

5.0 out of 5 stars Potential start of successful new series with great twists and a bit of romance, 20 Sep 2014
‘Vengeance is Mine’ written by Harry James Krebs is start of obviously successful ‘Benjamin Tucker Mystery’ series that is introducing troubled though still likable main protagonist.

The main character named Ben Tucker is a crime author and journalist who will become consultant in a police investigation due to the irrational drive to seek justice for victims of extreme violence. During the investigation, many things from his past will surface as the reader slowly puts together s mosaic of life of the main character that started with a horrific event in his past that haunts him since then.

When a serial killer will begin assaulting women, Ben will provide his help but everything will get personal when the villain will turn attention to Ben's beloved ones…

The main qualities of Krebs novel are certainly believable characters and action that takes place on his pages. With Ben Tucker character, the author managed to introduce protagonist that despite his flaws will quickly become favored by reader.

‘Vengeance is Mine’ is one of those books that fans of thrillers usually read in one breath, unable to leave it because of all the excitement and upheavals that are happening on its pages, with occasional humor and romance motives.

Therefore if you are looking for a new crime novel, and potentially successful new series that features great twist and turns and provides a bit of romance and humor, ‘Vengeance is Mine’ by Harry James Krebs can be fully recommended.

Life Of Love: A Novel
Life Of Love: A Novel
Price: £1.80

3.0 out of 5 stars The author has talent though his book has all the self-published work characteristics, 20 Sep 2014
‘Life of Love’ written by Santonu Kumar Dhar is the first installment in Life Of Love Trilogy series, a romance story that will be enjoyed by people who like to read about great love stories.

On its pages reader will meet perfect couple Sarah and John who will fall in love and the book will actually follow their relationship. Though their story is not very complicated, the author delivers his story in beautiful and romantic way which manages to keep the reader's attention to the end.

Unfortunately at the end of the novel a twist will come that was not expected, but Sarah and John’s fate will be taken in a completely different direction from what the reader initially expected…

Santonu Kumar Dhar has talent and his work is written in a nice way, although the book has all the qualities that are normally a characteristic of self-published titles which do not necessarily have to be bad.

If you consider yourself to be lover of romance novels, you do not mind the occasional grammatical errors and an author who is not so well known (yet), feel free to give ‘Life of Love’ a chance, it will not disappoint you.

Zero Hour, Shifting Power (The Before the End Series Book 1)
Zero Hour, Shifting Power (The Before the End Series Book 1)
Price: £0.77

4.0 out of 5 stars Recommended to those who love science fiction (with a bit of politics and history, 19 Sep 2014
‘Zero Hour, Shifting Power’ written by David Berko is a fantastic story about a not-so-distant future in which the U.S. are being divided into six territories as a result of unrest and a brutal civil war.

All six of them are lead by cruel despots that have no obligations to anyone except to the organization that brought them to the leading position – Scorpion, who devised the whole plan of dissolution of the state.
But there are two territories, Alaska and Hawaii, which will not give up without a fight, the organization called Free Republic of North America led by President Alexander Toporvsky who want to overthrow the tyrant and restore the land, what was once.

‘Zero Hour, Shifting Power’ brings an interesting premise of a future in which leftist ideology takes even a fortress of capitalism. David Berko’s work is certainly interesting to read, although it maybe sounds a bit unbelievable.

However, the book offers a lot of fun, thanks to author’s style is easy and quick to read so I can recommend it to those who love science fiction (with a bit of politics and history) novels that take place in a familiar environment, and not on some distant planet.
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The Memory of an Elephant: An Unforgettable Journey
The Memory of an Elephant: An Unforgettable Journey
by Sophie Strady
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £9.09

5.0 out of 5 stars Imaginative and visually appealing book for children and their parents, 19 Sep 2014
‘The Memory of an Elephant’ written by Sophie Strady and illustrated by Jean-François Martin is beautifully designed book (not only) for children, but for adults as well, which combines made-up story about leading elephant character combined with numerous actual facts about places and animals.

A main hero, an old elephant Marcel is thinking about his life and all the beautiful memories he collected during rich life he lived on. Marcel remembers all the beautiful years spent on his travels and when his friends will come for his birthday celebration, Marcel will tell them a story of his life.

Within the story, young reader will learn many useful facts about the different countries Marcel visited, but also about the nature and animals, especially elephants, making this book kind of encyclopedia full of facts in form of children book…

Sophie Strady with her book managed to create an extensive but still highly interesting book for children that will equally be appealing for older readers. In combination with imaginative and visually appealing Martin’s drawings, ‘The Memory of an Elephant’ is one of the most interesting books which appeared on market last few months, equally made for children and their parents to enjoy.

Corsair 750W CX Builder Series Power Supply Unit
Corsair 750W CX Builder Series Power Supply Unit
Price: £71.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Another powerful, silent and reliable Corsair PSU, 19 Sep 2014
CX750 PSU is another power supply from Corsair company with which I have lot of good experience due to many products I used without any problems.

I had chance to try this model for a few days given that I want it to compare with CX750M PSU and except for modular cabling there no big differences between them:
- silent work regardless of constantly running fan
- low consumption of energy
- reliable and constant power level
- compatibility with newest hardware
- three year guarantee which ensures it’s product you can rely on

Though CX PSU models are treated as cheaper series of Corsair main difference is absence of Smart fan feature which in my case (because of some bad experience from past) is more drawback than feature.

Given that you don’t have to worry with the noise of this PSU even on higher temperatures and you want to spare some money for some other components, look no further because CX750 is solution worth your consideration –compatible, powerful, silent and reliable - what more can you ask from power supply.

Therefore I can fully recommend both CX750 and CX750M PSU models because except for modular cabling they are equally good products.

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate
This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate
by Naomi Klein
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £13.60

5.0 out of 5 stars Topic that concerns all of us to become aware of where our world is heading, 18 Sep 2014
`This Changes Everything' written by always interesting, and usually equally controversial author Naomi Klein is story which speaks of times ahead of us, seen through the consequences of unrestrained and only profit driven capitalism.

Though reader may agree more or less with her views, undoubtedly with her book she managed to tackle all the challenges facing humanity if we want to progress. Or simply survive.

Klein shows how profitable is denying of climate changes, but the question remains for how long we will be able to wait, until we get to the point of no return. She proves how uncompromising race for money threatens the very foundation of nature, our environment whose integral and indispensable part is human race.

She invites her readers not to wait anymore because very soon it would be too late and the collapse of our civilization will become inevitable, or as she said - "...society has no choice but to take dramatic action to avert a collapse of civilization. Either we will change our ways and build an entirely new kind of global society, or they will be changed for us." And whatever you think about capitalism or the author I believe you will agree that the topic she is talking about is too important to be left to someone else - it is something that concerns all of us.

In her book, Klein is not just criticizing - she provides many solutions (solar, wind and renewal energy in general), shows examples of things managed to be done differently, but also debunks some myths that are often accidentally or intentionally used in the media as a means of environmental protection such as natural gas which is even more dangerous to environment than coal.

Overall, `This Changes Everything' is book which will not by itself change anything overnight, but it will certainly make think more people to become aware of where our world is heading, and that this is the one-way street with catastrophic consequences if we do not act quickly. Therefore Naomi Klein is work that can be highly recommended as something that will help us start paying attention to what is truly important and begin to act, as much as anyone is able to.

Disney Christmas Storybook Collection
Disney Christmas Storybook Collection
by Disney Book Group
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £10.55

5.0 out of 5 stars Beautifully designed collection of Disney/Pixar stories, 18 Sep 2014
‘Disney Christmas Storybook Collection’ is updated anthology of 18 popular Disney and Pixar stories which share similar theme of Christmas.

The book is beautifully illustrated and with its 300 pages within hard covers this storybook collection would be a beautiful present for your kid or for some other.

Given their length, the stories included inside collection are perfect for bedtime while new generation of kids will be happy even the stories with latest heroes from the recent movies can be found inside - Wreck-It Ralph, Tangled and mega popular Frozen.

Therefore, if your child loves Disney characters like mine I can highly recommend this collection with which you can be sure they will enjoy alone or together with you because of stories which can be found in this beautifully designed collection of stories.

Toshiba SD-T008UHS1(BL5 8GB UHS-I Series Class 10 SDHC Memory Card
Toshiba SD-T008UHS1(BL5 8GB UHS-I Series Class 10 SDHC Memory Card
Offered by Kikatek
Price: £4.22

5.0 out of 5 stars Bargain card that works flawlessly, 18 Sep 2014
Toshiba's SDHC Class 10 card is good solution for people in need for cheap extra storage for their phones, tablets and other devices.

Though the capacity of 8 GB these days is not so big anymore compared to few years ago, still if you need bargain card this one is worth your consideration.

As other Toshiba memory card products user will enjoy 5-year warranty and given specifications it could be used for devices which require highest read/write speeds.

So far I used this Toshiba cards one several devices – camcorder, laptops, phones and two models of iPhone mobile phones and regardless of the device card worked flawlessly.

The Means
The Means
by Douglas Brunt
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £14.98

5.0 out of 5 stars For those who relax with fiction that combines politics and media highly recommended, 17 Sep 2014
This review is from: The Means (Hardcover)
‘The Means’ written by Douglas Brunt is the first book I read of this author because of recommendations I read in several magazines I read; though this book will not be for everyone, if you are fan of politics fiction which nicely depicts behind-the-scenes of political campaigns and media games, look no further, this is novel you’ll fully enjoy.

Douglas Brunt in his novel has three main characters while his book covers the period of four years in which their life paths will intertwine.

Samantha Davis is an ex-child actress and lawyer who choose to try out in journalism. Because of deadly combination of her looks and intelligence she is quickly going to the top and one day she will be introduced to a story that can become breaking news in world of politics. Samantha will do whatever is necessary to fulfill her ambitions in pursue of this story, not thinking too much about the consequences that might bring.

The other character, Mitchell Mason, is former New York governor, been raised in family that had big political aspirations, and from the youngest age prepared to take some high position in administration, maybe even the highest one – those in White House. In the end Mason will succeed to become elected US President, though the way in which he sees governing the country, no matter how good it is, will be difficult for some to follow…

The last leading character is North Carolina defense attorney named Tom Pauley who because of his pro bono work on trial full of controversy will make himself known man. Because of his style and good looks he will be spotted by Republicans trying to make him perfect governor candidate. But soon the expectations will grow much higher…

‘The Means’ manages to build compelling world of political games managing to show in detail many unknown pieces about political campaigns and governing. Though this is work of fiction and therefore not all of things found inside are fully accurate, readers will be able to enjoy exciting story full of surprising twists and turns, combining media and politics world in a way that will stop you to leave book until the last of its pages.

Douglas Brunt manages to intrigue reader with his writing style and obvious knowledge of world in which his characters are living. Combining that with fact that his characters are not flat, but fully believable players on the scene set by author, this novel manages to bring more than reader will expect.

Therefore, if you like to relax with fiction that combines politics and media I can highly recommend ‘The Means’, and if you have not read his earlier novel ‘Ghosts of Manhattan’ you will certainly, just like me, after reading this one will do so.

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