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In Between Dreams
In Between Dreams
Price: 11.59

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Music, 17 Jan 2006
This review is from: In Between Dreams (Audio CD)
In a short space of time, i have now accepted that Jack's Vibrant blend of contemporary guitar strumming and hypnotic lyrics is the way all music should strive to be. His thoughtful progression through each song, including slightly cheeky, sarcastic comments about life in the 21st Century is truly a work of Art. I'm the only person, bar my Girlfriend that i know of that actively seeks out and listens to Jack Johnson. Forget David Gray, Clapton, Bowie and even James Blunt. This guy has a sense of rythm and melody that transcends all the competition.
As far as a recommendation goes, i'd have to deny it. I like his music so much that if too much people end up listening to it, i'll get bored!!!
Isn't that just the way?!?

HP Photosmart 7450 Photo Printer
HP Photosmart 7450 Photo Printer

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great Machine... Good Value.... Now the bad bit...., 16 Jan 2006
After taking a quick look inside the box, i felt full of stress, not another Sunday wasted on useless junk that doesn't work....
However, after a quick think and examination i had the HP PHOTOSMART 7450 up and running within 55 mins of opening the box, it's quick, easy and..... Drat! paper jam!
The loader comes with a photo-sized holder that slots inside the loading tray. Just dont use stacks of glossy paper in the loader, or you'll get one photo divided on two or three photo-slides, which is a waste of time, ink, glossy photo paper and..
... MONEY.
mind you, at the price, you can't expect everything to be easy.... Just use one photo-slide at a time!
Connecting the PC to the Printer is a doddle, just make sure you have a USB Printer cable handy, cos the box doesn't have one inside :(
The card readers on the printer are a blessing, at least i don't have to get one for my PC anymore, 5 different kinds, inc Smartmedia, Memory Stick and HP's own brand, as well as SD cards.
It came with all the ink you need to start printing photo's and the software is easy to use that even my techno-phobe girlfriend can print stuff off... Yeah, long gone is the Lexmark Z22, long Live the HP 7450!!!

Morrowind: Game of the Year Edition (Xbox)
Morrowind: Game of the Year Edition (Xbox)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Immerse yourself..., 13 Jan 2006
you'll see other people reviewing this game saying it's not good, but these people are the goldfish of the gaming world, they want a game which can be completed in one sitting and with this game, i'll give you all my money if you can do that.
The thing is, most people are turned off by the fighting part, which is to start with, very humdrum.
When you start out, your a pleb, just outta jail, not a bean to your name... THAT'S THE POINT! Your weak, new character MUST EVOLVE. (no wonder you can't hit anything, your levels are at the lowest they can be)
Here's a tip: Find a spell-salesman who sells SOUL_TRAP and FORTIFY LONG SWORD, (or fortify ANYTHING) and combine the spells together. So that's Soultrap ON TARGET, and fortify Longsword 10pts for 1 sec.
have a look at your long sword stats, then cast your new spell on an inanimate object. Look at your Long Sword Level and smile!!
cast spell repeatedly and change the fortify to any skill or ability (making sure your enchant, conjuring and intelligence gets the same treatment or the spell will fail)
I wont spoil it for you, but this will help ALL NEW characters to become a bit more ferocious early on, only finding Chrysamere or the Umbra sword will make you relatively invincible.

Shining Soul II (GBA)
Shining Soul II (GBA)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Shining Soul IS the best multiplayer RPG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 11 Jan 2006
This review is from: Shining Soul II (GBA) (Video Game)
I'll be honest, this game has everything that makes Shining Force, Zelda, Final Fantasy and Phantasy Star the games they are. There are limitless types of Weapons, Armor, and Secret Items that can only be found using a couple of Methods. The most Fun being the "Kill them All till they drop something Useful" method, alongside the Smithy, who will convert your expensive materials (Found using aforesaid method) into deadly weapons of War or Immense Armor Items. I have easily spent the best part of 3 months (2160 Hours) playing this game on my stepson's GBA, and as a result I have a 180 Level character on Advanced Mode, with More Heavy Duty Armor and Weaponry than the US military. As a multiplayer game it comes into a league of its own, giving good items and weapons to lower level characters to bolster their weak stats. So enjoyable, miss it and die unfulfilled.

Morrowind: Game of the Year Edition (Xbox)
Morrowind: Game of the Year Edition (Xbox)

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5.0 out of 5 stars This Game Stretches The Term Open Ended to New Boundaries, 10 Jan 2006
Firstly, This game has everything an RPG should have, which is..
1) A World-Ending Plotline where YOU are the saviour.
2) Absolute freedom within the lands of Morrowind, Solsteim and The City Of Mournhold.
3)Ability to Summon Multiple Demons to Aid you, or find the various wandering warriors who will follow you everywhere.
4) Hundereds of Main Quests, Hundereds of Side Quests and a Variety of Play that can range from the Ultra-Holy to the Uber-Demonic.
5) A vast Array of Legendary, Deadly Weapons and Spells that can be wielded in a similar deadly fashion.
6) Through extreme perseverance you can become a God, and thus wield the power to Kill all the other Gods.
7) Special Spell Combinations mean you can bolster your abilities... PERMANENTLY i.e. Soultrap on Target + Fortify Jump 20 PTs = Permanent Ninja style Mile-High jumps (watch your landing though ((!!!!AGILITY!!!!))
If any other game could offer you that then buy it.

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