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3.0 out of 5 stars A Rollercoaster!, 24 Dec. 2006
This review is from: B'day (Audio CD)
Beyonce's 2nd album album B'Day has been very successful this year selling in excess of 2.5 Million. Despite worrying sales drops and chart dips, 'Irreplaceable' seemed to have saved this album, making it eventually sell more than Ms. Aguilera. Despite success, this album has it's highs and it's definite lows. 'Deja Vu' was one of the weakest first singles I have heard in a long time. It's forced over-singing and pointless rap verses make it all feel very over-hyped. Things don't get that much better with, 'Get Me Bodied', which sounds like a bunch of poor shouting verses put together, but the 3rd track seems to have what the previous two tracks lacked: Magic. 'Suga Mama' has great beats and improved vocals and takes you back to, 'Crazy In Love', despite it not being an instant hit it will grow on you. 'Upgrade U', is the 4th single from the album and has a killer beat that stounds out, although Jay-Z shouldn't be present here and I feel he ruins the whole theme. It's a high point of the album but once you actually read the lyrics you'll find it weak, dull and very uninspired. The next tracks are skipable and lack everything a pure R'n'B Beyonce song should have. 'Kitty Kat' is the weakest and some of the vocals are dire. Track 8, 'Green Light' is a Neptunes track and its catchy hooks and simple beats combine into a nice slice of R'n'B. It shows Beyonce at her bets and proves she can make magic with Pharrell. 'Irreplaceable' is the song of this year and immediately stands out. It feels Destiny's Child influenced and has the most catchiest hook ("To the left, to the left") present on, 'B-Day'. It finally ends with the weak, Victoria Beckham cover, 'Resentment'. This track is awful and should have been replaced with the hot leftover track, 'Back Up'.

B'Day is an okay album and does have it's catchy moments. If you do not like, 'Deja Vu' then you'll be sure to find better on here. But be warned... her overpowered (and sometimes extremely irritating) vocals can cut through you like a knife. I do not recommend this album unless you are a true Beyonce fan! This album is slighty dissapointing and rarely makes my CD player, but 'Irreplaceable' is fantastic so just by the single instead!

1) Deja Vu - 7/10

2) Get Me Bodied - 6.5/10

3) Suga Mama - 8.5/10

4) Upgrade U - 7.5/10

5) Ring The Alarm - 5/10

6) Kitty Kat - 4.5/10

7) Freakum Dress - 6/10

8) Green Light - 8/10

9) Irreplaceable - 9/10

10) Resentment - 3/10.

11) Check On It - 7/10

Listen - 5/10

Get Me Bodied (Extended Version) - 2/10

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5.0 out of 5 stars Completely different to what I thought!, 23 Aug. 2006
This review is from: Stripped (Audio CD)
Why have I got the Album 4 years on?......

I never used to be a fan of Christina's image or her music when her first album were released. Especially when Stripped was released back in 2002! When I was much younger I used to be a strong Britney fan, (...I know!) and I used to love all that sugary sweet pop stuff. So obviously when Christina came out with Stripped I was outraged. Her image was horrible and I thought it was just a sleezy RnB album after hearing Dirrty! I then got out of that Pop world and started to like a variety of stuff and no longer was I crazy Britney fan.

4 Years on from Stripped I purchased 'Back To Basics', her new modern take on Jazz/Soul/40's Music. I listened and was absolutely amazed and 5 days later I bought Stripped.

Stripped is a collection of fantasticly produced music with catchy beats and mind-blowing vocals. I love this album and listen to everyday and I agree that her voice is one of the best in our generation. She uses her voice well and makes any song (as simple as a piano and a drumkit) into a fantastic song. Her voice takes you through the album and her different voice sounds fit in with all the moods. Here's how I judged the album.

1)Intro - Should have made this into a proper song, fantastic start 10/10

2)Cant Hold Us Down - One of the highlights of the album, a great differnce. Its not about love for a change and the rap is certainly worth having in. Great 10/10

3)Walk Away - Great Ballad with a touching Chorus and vocally it is thrilling ranging many octaves, possibly could have made this shorter! Great 9/10

4)Fighter - A change from the last two and shows a powerful side to Christina's Vocals. Another highlight of the Album. Great 10/10

5)Interlude - Her spanish is suprisingly good and it is a good start to Infatuation, not really needed, couldn't this have been included in track 6? Anyway the guitar is great and her voice is beautiful and has a nice sound! Great 9/10

6) Infatuation - WOW! Very poppy but very, very good! The lyrics are great. This one is certainly worth listening to and I think this is another highlight! WOW 10/10

7) Interlude - Rainforest sounds with highpitched voices. Hmm. I dont think this was neccessary and really should have been included with track 8. Still nice to listen to and fits nicely before Loving Me 4 Me. Ok 8/10

8)Loving Me 4 Me - Not really much to say about this, it's nice but not really exciting, I often skip and is very slow! Still good and it's a grower. Good 8/10

9)Impossile - I swear this sounds like another Alicia Keys songs but oh well. Very nice touch with Alicia on the track and is a very nice jazzy song! I like this one, not a highlight but still great! 9.5/10

10)Underappreciated - Alot of people think this is a filler and I strongly disagree. It's upbeat and the chorus is very catchy. Nice work, Scott Storch! Great 10/10

11)Beutiful - What is there to say, you already know. WOW! 10/10

12)Make Over - Woooooooh this is rocky. Great chorus, lots of booming energy and strong and powerful vocals. Well done, a highlight not to be missed! Great 10/10

13)Cruz - Whats with the name? A fantastic song like I keep saying to all of them. Is there any bad on this album? NOPE! Great 10/10

14)Soar - This is amazing if you want to hear her voice at the best. Not the greatest song but her voice, is well..... WOW! If someone like Britney did this song I would have given it a 7 but Xtinas vocals make this song for me a great highlight! Fab! 10/10

15)Probably one of my favourites, the first time I heard this it was live, and above many of the other songs this one stood out! Similar to Underappreciated as far as catchy chorus' go! Great 10/10!

16)I hated this song when I first heard it, the video was well... DIRRTY! Although Christina says its about how the woman is the main focus and its about being powerful and strong! NOT what I had in mind! After time this has come to be one of my favourites of the whole album. Maybe is she hadnt have been so 'out there' with this single maybe this album would have sold more. If beautiful was released first I dont think it would be as slated as much! Known as her first Flop - Its Dirrty! But I like it - 10/10!

17) Stripped part 2 - please read intro!

18) The Voice Within - I think Christina has been clever by spreading the best songs out. Because Im Ok and this are beautiful ballads and are my favourite and so near the back! TVW - Beautiful 10/10

19) Im Ok - What can I say? She sings about her father and her abuse with such emotion and care that it sends chills down your spine! Another favourite! WOW! 10/10

20) Keep Singin My Song - Another hit from Scott Storch and it sure pleases! Vocals are great! But why so long - Over 6 Minutes, but then again at the end it stops for a while then has a load of voices saying, 'Can we Go'! Great End - 9/10!

No Fillers, amazing. Please get this - you will NOT regret it!

Back To Basics
Back To Basics
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5.0 out of 5 stars Back To Basics, 16 Aug. 2006
This review is from: Back To Basics (Audio CD)
This album is fantastic! It's completely different to what you hear out there. It has been 4 years since 'Stripped', so my expectations were obviously going to be high and I wasn't dissapointed at all.

The first CD is a mix of jazzy horns and fantastic vocals with a RnB beat or Feel to it, something edgy and modern. My favourite 5 would have to be Slow Down Baby, Without You, Here to stay, Still Dirrty and Oh Mother.

Disc 1

1)Intro (Back To Basics)...8/10

2)Makes Me Wanna Pray......10/10

3)Back In The Day..........9/10

4)Aint No Other Man........10/10


6)Slow Down Baby...........10/10

7)Oh Mother................10/10

8)F.U.S.S (Interlude)......9/10

9)On Our Way...............8.5/10

10)Without You.............10/10

11)Still Dirrty............10/10

12)Here To Stay............10/10


The Second Disc is Old School, Classic 20,30,40's Music from the Upbeat and Fun Candyman to the muffled vocals of I Got Trouble. I prefer the first Cd but this Cd is still Brilliant in every way! My Favourite 5 would be, Candyman, Hurt, The Right man, Save me from myself and I Got Trouble!

Disc 2

1)Enter the Circus.....9/10



4)Nasty Naughty Boy....8/10

5)I Got Trouble........9/10


7)Mercy On Me..........8/10

8)Save Me From Myself..9.5/10

9)The Right Man........10/10

If you're looking for a CD that you can just play in the car and never have to skip and you can just enjoy, this is for you! If your looking for completely Old School Jazz then dont get this neither if your looking for something to dance too! I can see why she separated the Cd's for different sounds and it is fantastic! If you're an aguilera fan, then you'll love this and even if you're not then still get it! Seriously it's nothing like anything else at the moment. Im sure you'll enjoy it very much! I give it 10/10 - FANTASTIC! GET IT NOW!

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