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Ultimate Spider-Man Volume 14: Warriors: Warriors v. 14
Ultimate Spider-Man Volume 14: Warriors: Warriors v. 14
by Andy Kubert
Edition: Paperback
Price: 13.50

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4.0 out of 5 stars Its the mighty marvel team-up in the ultimate line, 17 Jan 2006
After the hobgoblin arc, which to my mind was damn good, and Pete hooking up with a new girl things are going well for this book. This story arc is based around a gang war that erupts due to the fact that the kingpin was taken down by spidey in a previous arc. To fill in the vacuum an old favourite has been given new legs..or should that be head? Along with him, we get the reappearance of other characters such as Iron Fist (who was in the summer special a few years back) the ever popular Black Cat and new for this week...Shang Chi (yeah i know..who he? just think karate kid x1000 and youll be alright). Art work as always with Bagley is one else can do this title. While the art is great, Bendis' dialogue is touch and go for him..compared to Chuck Austen this is war and peace, but i get the feeling Bendis is coasting somewhat. The next book will have the appearance of silver sable and ties in to the videogame apparently..and so begin the marketing ploys.
There are also threats of the clonesaga reappearing..sigh
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Teen Titans: The Future Is Now (Teen Titans)
Teen Titans: The Future Is Now (Teen Titans)
by Geoff Johns
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars What is the real difference between the Titans and boyscouts, 14 Jan 2006
Apart from the fact that there are girls in the team..a hell of a lot actually.
This graphic novel collects one hell of a story, kind of like the seminal days of future past storyline in the xmen. After getting SB back from the legion (we finally find out how he got there in the first place) the team get shunted off 10 years after they left. This storyline is one of the precoursers to Infinite Crisis and it shows. Nearly each member of the team is represented as their future selves, and lets just say that they could give the authority a run for their money. Johns and Mckone's work is always of a high standard. Its a shame that Mckone left after the next storyline. Anyway this storyline forshadows a hell of a lot in the DC universe, as well as being important to the batcharacters as well. If you like this sort of thing, check it out.

Batman: War Games Act 1
Batman: War Games Act 1
by Anderson Gabrych
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars Poor old stephanie, 18 April 2005
Amazon are getting a bit mixed up with the reviews, the previous one has nothing to do with war games..but hey whatever.
Part 1 of 3 graphic novels, at a very very cheap price for what it is.
Baisically the story centers on a massive gang war that erupts due to someone putting certain contingancy plans into effect..what doesnt bruce have on his computers? Youd think he would learn after the whole thing with the JLA's weaknesses, and lets not mention the incoming OMAC/Infinite Crisis probelms.
The writing is a bit hit and miss sometimes, the robin and nightwing issues are as always great, but i dont like catwoman so..meh..
A great purchase for the money and story....get the rest to see what happens to Steph, including her close encounters with powertools and black mask.

Arana Volume 1: Heart Of The Spider Digest
Arana Volume 1: Heart Of The Spider Digest
by Mark Brooks
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars Spider-girl goes latino, 1 Feb 2005
Well this is interesting stuff..
Marvel have decided to do something called Marvel Next(tm) and this happens to be the first of many new characters. I suppose this whole scene was jumpstarted by the wonderfully written Runaways series..if you havnt brought the first 3 books go buy those instead. If you have well the writing for the origin of arana is actually pretty sharp. Ive read the first 2 parts so i cant speak for the rest of the book but the art work is in the same as Runaways and Academy X etc so it all looks pretty sharp and the story goes along at a brisk pace. The inclusion of magic and stuff like that i believe is pretty cool and the main character is very likeable...reminiscant of Jubilee in her prime.
If you like this then keep an eye out for the upcoming Marvel Next titles:
X-23 (wolverine but as a teenage girl)
Livewires (robo-manga-hitech-espionage)
Spellbound (Charmed for the marvel generation)
Young Avengers (Cough...teen titans...cough)
Jubilee (well i think thats obvious)
and the return of Runaways, a truly brilliant book

Destiny (X-Treme X-Men)
Destiny (X-Treme X-Men)
by Chris Claremont
Edition: Paperback

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3.0 out of 5 stars It may be chris claremont, but it reads like chuck austen, 9 Dec 2004
Okay, ill start by saying that i love days of future past, and the dark phoneix storyline but god do i hate Xtreme Xmen.
The death of one of the best characters in the whole marvel universe isnt the only bad thing to come out of it. This book also steals the rajin cajun and rogue from the main cannon titles and the storyline has a lot to be desired.
That all said the art-work is magnificant, painted frames never looked better.
This line did very little to add to the xmen mythos apart from kill one character and bring into focus another. The two additions to the team are sooo boring it is incredible.
Go read a Geoff Johns written book instead, i personally prefer teen titans or the flash. Or stick to Morrisons run on New Xmen, or better get Astonishing Xmen..ahh wolvie's face in issue 4 of that is the stuff comics were made for.

Fable (Xbox)
Fable (Xbox)
Offered by Bonkers4Bargains!
Price: 44.95

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4.0 out of 5 stars A great game, but too short a story, 12 Oct 2004
This review is from: Fable (Xbox) (Video Game)
Now please realise that ive only had a weekend with this game, so some of what i may say could be a load of rubbish..but anyway,
I do really like this game..its fun,unique and well handled.
You start as a highly impressionable child and end however you want..thats one of the great things about this game. Be evil or good, its up to you..though to be fair it's more fun to be evil.
The graphics are the best ive ever seen, by miles..though i have yet to see halo2 or half-life 2 so im sure that will all change soon.
The gameplay is well thought out and very addictive..beware of the balverines though..arghh go to the arena and see what i mean.
There is one big problem though, its too easy. That and its too short story wise, i mean like most rpgs these days you can play it to the ends of the earth but dont expect final fantasy 7 (which i was playing 3 years after i originally got it..damn i hate those ruby and emerald weapons)
so long story it, you can get married to whoever you want, kick chickens, get tattoos and sacrifice your wife for ever lasting youth...what other games let you do that?

The Darkness Volume 1: Coming Of Age: Coming of Age v. 1
The Darkness Volume 1: Coming Of Age: Coming of Age v. 1
by Garth Ennis
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Jackie Estacado. Man, Myth, Legend., 3 July 2004
Right, now where to start? At the beginning i suppose, though thats rather boring. This is the story of a mafia hitman, who upon his 21st birthday discovers that his family is the recipient of an ancient power known as the darkness. There are good things and bad things about this situation.
Good things:
1)He is able to create anything(as long as he can understand it)
2)He is immortal(well to some that would be a plus)
3)He can call forth demons to do his bidding
4)He has a really cool suit type thing(symbiote like i suppose)
Bad things:
1)It only works in the dark, in daylight he's a regular guy
2)He's being stalked by a crazy angel type thing and a brotherhood of crazy monks
3)One of the monks is totally obssesed with him(in the totally wrong way, though sometimes he's a help)
4)..and this is the big one,If he impregnates a woman and she gives birth the power goes to the baby and he dies on the spot. Considering that Jackie prides himself on his way with women, and that's his favourite passtime..well you can see how that could piss someone off eh? The art is great, the story is great, the characters..especially Wenders and The Butcher(who doesnt work in a butchers shop) are brilliant. I reckon this dude could take Batman(though i havnt read the crossover and only at night) and believe me i dont say that lightly...Bats decked Superman, and could probably take down Galactus alone. Anyway buy this, then heart of darkness, Family ties(with witchblade)spear of darkness and finally ressurection. Shame they didnt publish the rest of the first series.

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