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Blood Ties - Complete Season 1 [DVD][2006]
Blood Ties - Complete Season 1 [DVD][2006]
Dvd ~ Christina Cox

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5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely amazing., 27 Nov. 2007
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Blood Ties is one of the best new shows on TV this year, because it is a) full of extremely talented unknowns, and b)so simplistic. It really shows that you don't need an infinite budget to make fantastic television.

The premise of the series is steeped in ancient history made modern, the occult made ordinary and the dark and dangerous made very, very sexy indeed.

Christina Cox is beautiful, witty and confident as Vicki, much like an older Veronica Mars. She simply oozes vulnerability and confidence in equal parts, so you never know what she's going to do next, or with whom. Everyone loves an unpredictable heroine.

Her partner in crime (amongst other things...) is the darkly attractive and actually very talented actor Kyle Schmid (he described himself best: "he doesn't need sexual advances because he IS one.)The nice thing about him is that he is gorgeous without becoming vapid. He never comes across as anything but all too aware of his sexuality, but is intelligent and cunning with it, more than a match for Vicki's own razor sharp wit.

Dylan Neal as Mike is a diamond in the rough, such a nice foil for Henry, as he's the opposite and yet has one important thing in common with Henry: he wants Vicki too. And he's willing to fight the undead to get her. What's not to like about that?! We'll just ignore that overly pretty police woman who keeps interfering.

We mustn't forget Gina Holden, who plays the lovely, if a little weird, part of Coreen, who has a neverending crush on Henry that I have a feeling will have serious consequences somewhere down the line. Vicki just doesn't have time to do all the research, coffee and takeout toting that Coreen spends her days doing, and always proves a highlight of the show, if only to see what she's wearing this episode.

The show is smattered with enough flirting, banter and sexual contact between the three leads to keep the love triangle interesting, with tossing in Mike's partner just to make Vicki feel a little less pampered. The small character base gives you a chance to get to know them all, and follow them all closely. It all feels very intimate.

This show's only downfall is that it doesn't receive the publicity and advertising and primetime slot that it should because it's Canadian, not American. It really deserves more, much more.

So get onto Lifetime to make sure we get a Season 2 DVD boxset!!
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by Jilly Cooper OBE
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.19

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5.0 out of 5 stars What are all YOU thinking? From a teenager, for a different perspective..., 1 Sept. 2007
This review is from: Wicked! (Paperback)
I don't usually review, but I felt really inclined to do so once I'd read the small minded and unrealistic approach many of you are taking to this brilliant book.

Maybe it's because I am 15 myself, and so relate to many of the characters, but the sad truth is that teenagers DO drink excessively very early, and I've yet to go to a party where some soft drug hasn't been circulating. I have friends who have been sexually active since they were 12. Therefore, I can see past the hurdle where so many of you have fallen, which is the underage debauchery and crime.

Yes, there are far too many characters, but at the same time, it allows you to build up a world that is so rich and busy, aflutter with drama, humour and sexuality, that it's almost worth it. Not to say I agree with the goings-on on the Geography trip (I don't care, teachers just DON'T do that with their students, THEY should know better, they were drunken/stoned 13 year olds), but alcohol affects teenagers differently to most adults, so I can just about comprehend what this lot (minus any adults) did on the Geography trip (only just).

It was very long, I'll admit, but for personal reasons, I much prefer long books, and you come to understand the main characters (once you've sifted out all the inconsequential ones) and they have real depth.

A favourite section the Romeo and Juliet, from audition to opening night, which had so many twists and turns I could barely wait to turn the pages. Also fantastic was Xav and Paris getting drunk/stoned and trashing the house, looking into Xav's past and understanding why Paris did what he did. Paris and Dora were simply adorable. The Geography trip, whilst somewhat pushing the boundaries too far, was comical in its unabashed chaos.

The characters are, however, overblown on the Bagley front (the Bagley Babes and their endless new haircuts and long weekends in exotic places etc. etc. etc.) and stereotypical on the Larks front, (how is Kylie Rose one of the chief troublemakers in the whole school when all she does is have babies? She's perfectly sweet and kind, especially to autistic Rocky.)

Wicked! was a wonderful story, and one I will personally continue to read again and again, as it weaves a great tale, and the fact that so many of you were sickened by the story of Paris' abuse at the end just proves that paedophilia is still a taboo subject that makes the masses realise things they never wanted to, even in this age of free speech and publishing. Whilst it does read as a last-ditch effort for a bit of drama, it is effective, and wraps up the undertones and hints we were seeing from Artie Deverell etc from the beginning.

A wonderful book, both totally original and comfortingly familiar, and one book, where I can truly say, I HATED to put it down.

P.S. She isn't all THAT bad at the teenage idiosyncrasies...good going for someone her age, no offence meant.

Robin Hood - Men In Tights [DVD] [2010]
Robin Hood - Men In Tights [DVD] [2010]
Dvd ~ Cary Elwes
Offered by westworld-
Price: £20.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars LOVE IT, 29 Nov. 2006
It's stupid. It's inane. It's puerile. Of course it is.

Having said that, IT DOESN'T MAKE THIS MOVIE ANY LESS HILARIOUS AND FUN!!! This is my favourite movie ever, because it is so light hearted, and the humor is clever enough to be funny, but not so intellectual that the jokes aren't universal. Considering comedies produced in the current movie industry, this is GOLD. When you compare Men In Tights to garbage like Little Man and Scary Movie 4, you realize that the true humor lies in the actual SCRIPT, not the amount of naked people in the movie at once.

I love this movie because of the comic musical interludes, the much cooler than you'd think Merry Men and Maid Marian's nurse. Amongst many other things, but this movie will always put you in a better mood, and Prince John's moving mole is amazing.

Get the movie, you won't be disappointed!

Madagascar [DVD] [2005]
Madagascar [DVD] [2005]
Dvd ~ Ben Stiller
Price: £2.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Don't buy this, 26 Oct. 2006
This review is from: Madagascar [DVD] [2005] (DVD)
Madagascar, whilst enjoyable for those young enough, probably won't appeal to the parents of these children, maybe not even their older siblings.

Whilst the storyline is different and the animals are varied, the animals don't actually act like animals. The one serious threat in the story, when the lion was taken over by some form of near-uncontrollable bloodlust, was negated so quickly it wasn't worth being in there.

All the jokes are about farts or poop and the movie ends abruptly and without any kind of closure. It's a waste of time, in all honesty, go watch The Incredibles instead. Or Monster House.

The penguins should have their own movie, because I feel they were the best part.

High School Musical [Encore Edition] [DVD] [2006]
High School Musical [Encore Edition] [DVD] [2006]
Dvd ~ Zac Efron
Offered by DVDBayFBA
Price: £3.23

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4.0 out of 5 stars Amazing, but not without its flaws..., 26 Oct. 2006
I love High School Musical, don't get me wrong. I do. The songs are so catchy and upbeat you've got to be a jaded person not to at least see why they're so popular. The storyline, while cliched, does the cliche very well indeed and somehow makes you love all of the cast. And, let's be honest here, anything with someone in it called Sharpay is SO worth watching! (As is Zac Efron, any day...)

However, as I've stated, the movie is not without its flaws. Whilst it is cleanly pulled off and a real mood enhancer, with easy to learn/sing songs and some very likeable characters, it's unrealistic. High schools on either side of the Atlantic are not anywhere near as full of good, clean fun as this one seems to be.

I mean, I know it's in New Mexico, but I've never seen such a kind hearted little school. And that's because they don't exist! It's the little things, like Gabriella's way demure outfits, or the fact that there is a larger than life poster of Troy's head in the hallway. What school makes that much of a deal out of their sports stars and still expects people's self-esteem to stay up? People don't generally stab you in the back and then turn around less than a day later and fix it. Not in high school. Or the fact that they can spend the first two seconds actually looking at a song they've never sung before and yet finish it like they've known it all their lives. But then, that part's just the way musicals roll.

And frankly, I know it's sanitized Disney, but they could have kissed. At least once. They had EVERY opportunity, so there's no excuses! I know some people like how clean it is, but let me point out that the movie is called HIGH SCHOOL Musical. Thus, it should have represented HIGH SCHOOL more. But I'll let that slide, since it's Disney and that's just the way they work. I can only say that because at 15, I know what high school is really like, and that IS NOT it. (English though mine is, and especially bitchy because it's an all girls...) Tweens are gonna love it, because to be honest, it's aimed at those who are naive enough to believe that what happens in that movie actually would in real life, and who can't wait to get out of junior high/Year 6 or thereabouts.

There are also some major glitches in the music itself. If you listen to Breaking Free very carefully, you'll see that most of Zac Efron's singing isn't actually his. This comes up time and again in the movie, where some other guy is singing half of Troy's songs. All I know is, it isn't Zac Efron. He's practically dubbed out of existence. A note in We're All in This Together from Ashley Tisdale that she couldn't really reach was badly masked by a particularly loud part of the music. Any harmonies were nice simple ones, easily followed, and I did notice that Zac seemed to get all the easy, lower parts of the harmonies, whilst Vanessa seemed to carry the main melody.

Really, it seems a shame that just like Stormbreaker, you don't actually have to be able to do what the movie requires you to do to be the star, and we'll probably never find out who the voice behind Troy Bolton really was. But like I said, that's Disney, and he really is cute.

Final opinion. A fantastic movie, one that you can actually bear to watch over and over again, and one of the best soundtracks Disney has ever produced (EVER), but older teens won't find it believable. They'll love it, but won't believe it. I didn't. ADORED IT. But didn't believe a word they said. Especially, in We're All In This Together.

Grease/Fame with a chastity belt and PTA chaperones.

Score: 4/5

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