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by Nick Harkaway
Edition: Paperback
Price: 5.59

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1.0 out of 5 stars Hard going!!, 14 Jan 2014
This review is from: Angelmaker (Paperback)
Well where to start. I didn't get on with this book. It was bought for me and since reading it the best thing I liked was it's cover, which is very pretty and intriguing.
I love fantasy, sci-fiction and mystery novels and have read oodles of these types of books over the years. I read this to the end as my daughter bought it for me. After persevering for half way through the book and still not finding much happening, it dragged on and had far too much unnecessary detail, i got a bit lax with reading every word. It needed a good editor and then it could have been half the size.

I loved Edie as she had some bite, but Jo was sooo....boring and nothing much seemed to happen so i started to speed-read @ the half way mark. About three quarters of the way through it began to get a lot better and even though i had sped-read it was easy to catch up as not much had been happening. Little tip bits were added so slowly that it was easy to understand what was going on as it wasn't a very diverse book; I didn't feel surprised by anything and when the Ruskinits ran off with Jo quite frankly i was thrilled and thought they could keep him.

If like me you need a bit more punch this book isn't for you but if you like a slow burner that's on the wordy side then this may be right up your street.

Bioidentical Hormones Made Easy!
Bioidentical Hormones Made Easy!
by Y. L. Wright
Edition: Paperback
Price: 6.38

2.0 out of 5 stars Not the best book on Hormones, 27 Aug 2013
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This book was a bit disappointing. It was also very depressingly written and I didn't want to go on reading it. There were a few good things in it. I have studied Bioidentic hormones in the past and wanted to update myself but was looking for a clear concise book to do this and I felt this didn't reach my expectations for this.

Daily Guidance From Your Angels: 365 Angelic Messages...: Oracle Cards
Daily Guidance From Your Angels: 365 Angelic Messages...: Oracle Cards
by Doreen Virtue PhD
Edition: Cards
Price: 9.79

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Product and service, 2 Jan 2013
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cards were a present as i have them already and i wanted to give them to my daughter. she loved them. they arrived earlier than expected. all round very good.

Baby Alive Learns to Potty
Baby Alive Learns to Potty

1.0 out of 5 stars Unimpressed after hearing so many good things about this product., 23 Sep 2012
= Durability:1.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:1.0 out of 5 stars 
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This review is from: Baby Alive Learns to Potty (Toy)
When the doll was opened we didn't have time to test it out fully as we were at a family function, but from what we could tell it didn't seem to be working as we had been shown on video. Our son and d-i-law took the doll home and kept it from our G/daughter until we could do this. They then let her play with it under supervision only. It soon became clear that all was not well with this doll. The doll seemed to repeat the same sentences without the others being included. she just kept on repeating in a circle that she had a stinky and even when wiped this did little to assure this mini computer that she was in fact clean.
It was a disappointment to our g/daughter but she didn't want to part with the doll. I contacted the manufacturer and explained that the doll had only recently been used and under supervision and that we would appreciate another being sent out and then sending this defunct doll back. They continually insisted that no matter how our g/daughter loved this doll we would have to package it up and send it back and that this was the only way they would do this.

this is a children's precious toy and most of the advertising you see demonstrates this, only the people who sold it to us did not carry this through. When our G/daughter opened this doll around Easter time we suspected there were problems with her dolls programs from the start, but we thought it best to give the doll a good trial first to see if it would work fully. When I tested out the full programs on the doll it was clear that we were right and it had arrived defunct.
(It is also hard to test out this doll. it isn't straight forward, as the program is random and so it missed some of the content at times anyway. It took retesting several times over one afternoon to find out that it really was stuck in a couple of loops and just randomly replaying them so at times its program didn't even make sense)

the company gave us a deadline for sending it back. our little G/daughter had named this doll which now sat on the sideboard. she did not want to see her new friend go. So we didn't send it back.
This doll has proved to be very poor value due to this. i am sure that mostly these dolls work very well and that we were unlucky, but we thought that the company, under the circumstances could have acted better. It wasn't a cheap purchase by any means, so we wont be buying anything from this company again and would find it hard to recommend either the doll or this UK seller as it stands. Not a good experience.

In the Ruins (The Crown of Stars Series, Book 6)
In the Ruins (The Crown of Stars Series, Book 6)
by Kate Elliott
Edition: Paperback
Price: 8.05

3.0 out of 5 stars In The Ruins, 13 Jun 2012
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This is the sixth book in the series of seven volume's. Well what can i say, its long and so much of it unnecessary. There were so many different groups of people who were captured and got away that it became monotonous and unbelievable. I agree with some of the other readers that the first two volume's were the best and very original. These books and this is no exception are a cast of thousands and so much of it disjointed, hard to read but gripping only to find some weird odd conclusions that somehow, for me doesn't hold together. lots of myth and religious input that was frankly over the top. In this book i found it a waste of time. i think Kate Elliott could easily have skipped this volume and condensed the story more. it she had done that i think it would be a better series. I have no problem with detail, but so much detail - too much on food drink and it could go on and on. I frankly skipped pages and passages like this many times over and not just in this volume.

Also what i found irritating and self indulgent in the book and previous ones is the italics and how they rambled on and on and virtually every time you didn't know who was talking and what was going on. Also when i did find out who was talking i often had to go back and reread the italics again to connect them to the person talking in the book. It felt such a mess. I read these books back to back so my heart goes out to anyone who had to wait years for these books to come out as they must have really lost the thread of what was going on.

At one point two characters in this book were talking and at first we didn't know who (that's nothing new) then when we eventually find out we still don't have a clue what they are going on about. This is when Hugh and Heribert are talking about someone Heribert loves. I was and am still totally lost here - anyone got a clue!! This is not clever writing and was very irritating.

I think Kate Elliott is amazing to write all these complicated books and that she holds it all in her head and that's why it gets 3 star and not 2. I think she is very talented but needs to unravel whats in her head and think about what she is trying to get over to her reader. As it is i find her work painful to read and annoying, too many characters, even if they are well drawn.

I will read the last book, but i don't hold out much hope as i am sure there will be loads more italics and like this book too much left unsaid after a build up.


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1.0 out of 5 stars The Logixx8 doesn't like to spin for me, 3 Mar 2011

I have previously had a Bosch washing machine which was fantastic as it lasted 20 + years, so I bought another one - This time the Logixx8 which i bought in 2009. I was seduced by the large drum size, which i think is a great idea. The down side to this is the fuzzy logic frequently stops the loads spinning so you end up with soggy washing that just wont spin. Sometimes it takes around 5 or more attempts at different spin speeds to try and persuade the machine to actually do its job and spin. Do check that they have ironed out these problems now.

whilst it is great to improve on technology it is only useful if this is done with care and attention. If you increase the drum size it seems logical to increase the support for the drum so that it can perform all tasks, like spinning effectively. Mostly the machine has problems with towels, sheets and anything that is a bit heavier. Even if you mix the loads up it still seems to hate it.

i don't find this machine fit for purpose and if i could afford it would throw it out and buy something else - with a smaller drum. I don't want to give it any star rating, in fact i would give it a minus if i could. If you have hours to spare fussing over this washing machine then buy it but if like me you don't then i would steer very clear of it. Be wary of any machines that say they have fuzzy logic as I have found it generally is 'very fuzzy.'Always check with the manufacturer very carefully and look on blog's to see what other people say.
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Soul of the Fire: 5 (Sword of Truth)
Soul of the Fire: 5 (Sword of Truth)
by Terry Goodkind
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

1.0 out of 5 stars Disappointing, 17 Jun 2008
Having read the first four books in the serious 'Sword of Truth', book 5 was nowhere near as good. T Goodkind has done an amazing job creating the first four books, which are outstanding, but this one was like coming up against a wall and being bounced right back off it. i had to force myself to read it, waiting in vain for something to happen - the word slow doesn't cover it.

T. Goodkind has an annoying habit of repeating himself throughout all the novels to remind you constantly about previous situations, this is bearable as the other previous books are so good you can forgive him for this, but i found this book so poor that it was near impossible to stick with it. i am ok with new characters, but in this novel it lost its connection to the main characters for far too long.

This was so.... boring and unnecessarily violent and abusive. he does seem to like his abuse!!
For me he over egged it in this novel and made me feel i had wrongly recommended these novels to my friends. i feel that many people who like Science Fiction Fantasy would be offended by the continual level of abuse, which detracts from the overall story. felt like he was filling in rather than writing from his heart/soul

So for me this book was a big disappointment. I would suggest he end the series sooner rather than later, and for the next novel in the series persevere to the same high quality level of writing and plot that he managed in the first 4 books!

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