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Metallica: Cunning Stunts [DVD]
Metallica: Cunning Stunts [DVD]
Dvd ~ James Hetfield

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2.0 out of 5 stars Poor Show, 12 Oct 2003
This DVD is an average performance by MetallicA
It's downfall, too many Load and Black Album tracks.
The medley is a very poor show, with only a tiny slither of MetallicAs best songs. Many other songs could have been taken out and they could have performed all of the classic "Ride the Lightning" or "No Remorse".
As usual the performance of One is getting worse every year, On release this song was performed as a Metal Classic, now the metal crunch of the guitars has faded and the powerful burst of the chorus is gone, the song has been turned into a heavy rock ballad.
I WAS impressed when i read the DVD and it said "MASTER OF PUPPETS" i went straight to this classic song only to find they stop half way through and play into "Enter Sandman", outrageous. Can't you even play the full 8 minutes anymore.
If you make a DVD at least play some songs we want to hear
ONE isnt the only song on "...AND JUSTICE FOR ALL" there are 8 others.
From their best album "master of puppets" they perform , 1/2 a song, disgusting.
Best on DVD
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Edward The Great - Greatest Hits
Edward The Great - Greatest Hits
Offered by westworld-
Price: £19.98

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4.0 out of 5 stars Edward lives on, 1 Sep 2003
Iron Maiden have taken a good idea by arranging the tracks by the date they were released but why put on songs like FUTUREAL etc
These songs aren't their greatest. They didn't have to put the new releases on.
I do like the idea of the live track being put at the end as a sign that they are still going and won't stop for whatever
Well they have put on certain classics like - Run to the Hills, Number of The Beast, The Clairvoyant, The Trooper and Flight of Icarus.
You don't have to be a maiden die hard to buy this , it is still a good album, but id ask you to buy BEST OF THE BEAST.

Master Of Puppets
Master Of Puppets
Price: £6.54

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5.0 out of 5 stars Best Thrash/Speed/Heavy Metal Album ever, 1 Sep 2003
This review is from: Master Of Puppets (Audio CD)
This is the best metal album ever made, almost every vote I have seen in magazines or T.V. says it also
Every song on this is a MASTERpiece , clocking in at over an hour this album has everything any classic metal fan would want.
(Melodic solos - Master of Puppets, Welcome Home)
(Crushing Riffs - Master of Puppets, Damage INC, Disp Heroes)
(Lightning Speed Solos - Battery, Leper Messiah)
(Strong, powerful lyrics - Master of Puppets, The Thing That Should Not be)
This Album defines metal
Battery - One of the best intros I have heard to an album or a song, Classical acoustic guitars which was different from anything they had done because of Kirks lessons with satriani. This song has the fast solos , the amazing riffs and strong lyrics. No downfalls
Master of Puppets - A Metal Classic, this song starts strong and ends stronger. It comes complete with the melodic 2 guitar solo and a speed metal massacre of a solo! This song clocks in over 8 minutes and you are never bored, especially when you hear this beast of a song live. Highlight of the album
The Thing That Should Not Be - This songs riffs are unbelievable and so is the solo a major wah wah solo which is different from all the others on the album. It's just amazing to listen to and you cannot help but thrash your head around to the pure metal guitar riffs!!
Welcome Home (sanitarium) - Slow at first and goes out with a bang, this song starts as if it is from a horror film and has chilling harmonics used on the guitar. Excellent song, Strong lyrics and the rest
Disposable Heroes - This is without a doubt the heaviest song on the album, with backing vocals shouting throughout and very very fast palm muting, this is a Thrash Classic. Its only downfall is the length, I enoy the long songs but this could have been cut by a minute or 2.
Leper Messiah - Cool title isnt it! This has the excellent riffs just like THE THING THAT SHOULD NOT BE. This song is great but just doesnt have the same excitement as the rest.
Orion - An instrumental complete with bass solo , guitar solos and an amazing intro. The guitar riffs at the beginning seem to go on and on. This song is brilliant but once again could have been a little shorter. But yes this is one of the best intrumentals I have heard!
ORION - 4 / 5
Damage INC - What a way to finish this album, another beast of a fast song. A highlight has to be the whisper of "Damage INC" after the chorus , that is just excellent. The solo is fast the riffs are fast the lyrics are strong , couldnt of finished this album any better

The World Needs a Hero
The World Needs a Hero

3.0 out of 5 stars The World Needs A Hero, 1 Sep 2003
This review is from: The World Needs a Hero (Audio CD)
This is by no means their best album, but its not their worst either. At least they tried to bring back their thrash roots unlike some bands *coughs* Metallica
This album has double bass drums, guitar solos, crushing riffs and vintage Dave Mustaine lyrics.
Every song is well done and they really pulled themselves together after the farce that was RISK
The album intro is excellent with DISCONNECT being one of the highlights of the album. Especially the solo and the rhythm to the solo is brilliant I really enjoy this song
Now this is by far the worst song on this album, voice sampling and cheesy lines, i really hate this song, luckily it wasnt just Megadeth who wrote it :-)
This is an O.K. song, short but it's not bad, the coming home version is much better. I cn listen to this song because the video is quite good, leather jackets and up close guitars.
Another song with voices added, another cheesy song , but if you hear the live version you then realise this song is actually great, it is a love song but the riffs are excellent, but Im not rating the live version im rating the album version so...
1000 TIMES GOODBYE 3 / 5
This song is OK, it does have an eerie intro and the drums are cool. The pre chorus and chorus realy bring this song together, it isnt a highlight but its a good listen
A love song with a weird backing vocals sound , It is acoustic and is a good song
Now this song is a tricky one , it is vintag Megadeth merging 2 songs together, Cool bass at the beginning and cool lyrics, the solos are excellent, I also enjoy the way the songs are merged and Dave starts to actually sing, it is a good song and as usual the guitar solos at the end make you drool!
I do not like this song, its not as enjoyable as some others , I must admit I sometimes skip this one :-(
This is definetly a highlight of this album, a cool intro which reminds you of their metal classic SWEATING BULLETS, and great riffs with amazing vocals. This song is excellent and has a solo to match!
An instrumental which involves trumpets and has a totally different sound to Megadeth , I like this song as it doesnt prepare you for the Massacre of a song which follows
Now we come to a song which all Megadeth fans should enjoy, Excellent song and brilliant when played after HANGAR 18 in concert. It doesnt have the real class that HANGAR 18 had but it is still a great idea.
The longest on the album , and maybe the worst , I think they try to hard in this song, a very bad outro , WHEN will it finish
WHEN 2 / 5

St. Anger [Bonus DVD Digipak]
St. Anger [Bonus DVD Digipak]

6 of 10 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars St Anger tut tut tut, 1 Sep 2003
Ok We're talking about Metallica the most powerful Thrash band there ever was and ever will be...What the hell are they doing??!!
This album is by far one of their worst maybe even worse than Load I don't know yet , at least Load had some guitar solos! Nearly all songs sound the same and not one of the songs stands out from the rest , thank god that when i saw them this year they only performed two songs from it!
What is Kirk Hammett doing on this album, he's playing his guitar like some guy from a nu Metal band, We're talking about THE KIRK HAMMETT!!! One of the greatest guitarists ever!!! He says hes bored of guitar solos , then do what you done on Garage Inc and let James do them!!
im a huge fan of Metallica and they seem to of just went further and further down hill by each album they release after the Black album...
They said on an interview that ST ANGER would be like the old days with the crushing riffs and strong lyrics. Why are you lying , its just a bar chord, de tuned, disgusting drum and ONE NOTE SOLO evil album which i would burn if I wasnt such a big fan.

... And Justice For All
... And Justice For All
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £7.48

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5.0 out of 5 stars ...And What is the problem???, 1 Sep 2003
This review is from: ... And Justice For All (Audio CD)
Almost everyone who comments on this album has to bring up the production issue...Does it really matter?
From start to finish this is easily one of their best albums.
It may not have the stroke of guitar genius like MOPs but it has stronger lyrics and is a joy to listen to. The intro to the album is brilliant: So build up to a lightning fast song.
Blackened 4 / 5
The title track , even though it is a long song , is never boring. This song somes up the full album , incredible.
..And Justice For All 5 / 5
Eye of the Beholder is probably the worst on the album but is still good to listen to. The chorus is good listening it just doesnt have the power which songs like ...And justice and Blackened do.
Eye of the beholder 3 / 5
Now we come to Metalllicas most famous song. A classic of a song with a video to match. This is no doubt the best song on the album , a slow melodic intro bursting into a power chord frenzy of a chorus and with the finale of a double bass drum massacre of an outro
One 5 / 5
Shortest Straw has an excellent solo and excellent Verses but its the chorus im not a big fan of...I think it's the way James says the word "straw" it gets annoying. Anyway this song is still a good listen an I would never dream of skipping this track
Shortest Straw 3 / 5
This intro is fantastic , the chilling guitar and the powerful smash of the power chord. This song has a great solo which stands out from songs like Frayed Ends of Sanity and Blacekened which are mega tapping freak solos. This solo reminds you of Metallica classics such as Welcome Home and Fade to Black.
Harvester of Sorrow 4 / 5
Now this is another song which has a moderate length - for Metallica - fo rany other band this is a long song. Another amazing intro with an equally amazing guitar duel near the end. This song is a must hear from the album
frayed Ends of Sanity 4.5 / 5
This song with no lyrics except the words of Cliff Burton spoken by James is a classic even played by Joe Satriani in memory of Cliff. It has an acoustic classical intro which is incredible and a Solo to match. The part in the middle of the song where the tune just suddenly changes is brilliant and one of the best songs Metallica have made...
To Live is To Die 5 / 5
A powerful, Double Drum Mega Frenzy of an outro to a great album, Dyers Eve is one of the shortest songs on the album, and is not th best pick to finish this album, disappointing but still good.
Dyers Eve 3 / 5

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