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Crosby, Stills & Nash: 2012(NTSC DVD+CD]
Crosby, Stills & Nash: 2012(NTSC DVD+CD]
Dvd ~ Stills & Nash Crosby
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: 16.12

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5.0 out of 5 stars We have all been here before, 9 July 2012
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Treading on safe ground with only a couple of new songs CSN go through their 'hits' and it's great to see them playing well and enjoying themselves. Stills is still an astonishing guitarist but the voice has gone, Suite Judy Blue Eyes is better as an acoustic song and some of the Nash loving it mannerisms I find a tad embarassing. But 43 years on they're making music so hats off to them. It would have been great for individual spots to break up the concert and have Stills play 'Go Back Home' solo.

The bonus interviews are fairly tedious and cover familiar ground i.e the recording of 'Ohio'.

Why does Nash play guitar on most of the songs?

Roll on the release 0f CSNY 1974 on DVD when they had voices, the songs & Neil on board.

Compare 'Carry On' 2012 to 1974 with the blistering Young & Stills guitar work.

I think the US blue ray versions are not compatible with UK/Europe multi-region players - be careful here.

Official Release Series Discs 1-4
Official Release Series Discs 1-4
Price: 12.08

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5.0 out of 5 stars Neil's younger days in all their ragged glory, 11 Jun 2012
Priced at under 12.00 this represents a real bargain, but who hasn't got these seminal records? It's an odd release as these were also re re released and remastered at the time of the Archives release (vol 1) in 2009. There are no bonus tracks or photos just a rehash of previous releases in a nice package. Anyone without a Neil record and this would be the place to start -containing several high water marks of his career songs such 'Old Laughing Lady', 'The Loner', 'Down By The River', 'Cinammon Girl', 'Southern Man', 'Birds' & 'Out On The Weekend' this is timeless stuff. As a critic of his recent out put this is a reminder of how great Neil's song writing was in his early 20s.
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Original Album Series
Original Album Series
Price: 15.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars It was always more than a Horse with No Name, 11 Jun 2012
This review is from: Original Album Series (Audio CD)
Tagged as CSN & Neil Young soundalikes America have always suffered from this comparison. Here their first five records are now released in one pack, providing great value but not sure about the packaging and sleeves. But the music is pretty fine from their mainly acoustic debut in 72 to about 75 Hearts where you can you hear the MOR influence that diluted the initial sound. Although they spent much of the 80s & 90s in MOR land their last record with Fountains of Wayne & Ryan Adams showed all was not lost. If you don't have any America records then start here. Dan Peek passed away last year and this is a fitting tribute to the original trio.

All Fall Down
All Fall Down
Price: 10.07

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2.0 out of 5 stars Shawn Colvin in the need of a few small repairs, 8 Jun 2012
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This review is from: All Fall Down (Audio CD)
It always gets the alarm bells ringing when an artist is away for a few years (6 for SC) and songwriting duties are shared. As other reviewers have observed it's a rather down beat record with only the title track standing out with a reasonable melody. Yes there are some excellent lyrics, but the melodies have gone and the production seems a little lack lustre (heiracy I know as it's Buddy Miller). I'll give it a few more listens but this is hard work with the 30 odd minutes plodding along at a snail's pace.
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That's Why God Made The Radio
That's Why God Made The Radio
Offered by produXa UK
Price: 5.04

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2.0 out of 5 stars Surfs Up Forever, 4 Jun 2012
Without Dennis & Carl this is not the Beach Boys, ok Brian Wilson is in there somewhere and yes 2-3 of the songs sound very good considering the age of the participants. It's a strange record lyrically this could have been made in 1965, the sound of the vocals sounds as if they've been enhanced in the studio. Over the years Brian has resurrected his career with the help of some stellar musicians from The Wondermints as here, but has always struggled with writing new songs - and on this record the songs are pretty feeble - anyone with a passing knowledge of their history will want to know how Brian & Mike Love (Hang On to Your Ego) repaired the damage in the relationship. The sound is fine but the songs are weak!
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Price: 6.19

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2.0 out of 5 stars Neil back to his Old Ways heading for a ditch, 4 Jun 2012
This review is from: Americana (Audio CD)
This record has been the subject of much discussion and arrives with much anticipation. Readily available on Neil's site for some weeks his fan base appears to like the record as Neil has got back together with his chums from Crazy Horse. There's also been some excellent videos to accompany these traditional Americana songs. In fact in mid July there's a DVD blue ray release with songs, videos & bonus material on its way. As a fan of many years I'm used to expect some of Neil's changes in direction, but a covers record? This record is basically Neil and his mates mucking about - no harm in that but do we need this record. Some of the songs work really well others sound turgid and the rework of God Save The Queen is bizarre. Overall it's nice hear Neil enjoying himself and to know that his muse is still taking him off in different directions. But is this a Neil record I'll return to? sorry NO. File next to Greendale and Fork In The Road but away from Landing on The Water. There's a new Neil & Horse record due with new material, but knowing Neil he'll have moved on to another project soon. What we need is Archives II and Time Fades Away released - love that he's still making challenging music but I'd prefer some of his earlier nuggets released from the 70s ahead of this type of project.
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Shape Shifter
Shape Shifter
Price: 7.51

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5.0 out of 5 stars Santana moves back to his roots and (hardly) and singing! but oh for Rolie, Shrieve, Areas et al, 14 May 2012
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This review is from: Shape Shifter (Audio CD)
An instrumental record only so we don't have any of those soul/funk/jazz vocals that have marred many of the recent records, at long last we have a Santana record with the guitar taking centre stage. There's no 'Incident at Neshabur' or 'Song Of the Wind' but it's better than any Santana record of the last 30 years. The songs date back a few years and whilst we still have some of that synthesiser keyboard sound at long last Santana has allowed the guitar to have some room & breath.

I've had the record a week or so and I can see why there are some negative reviews as there's far too much synthesier/keyboard fill but when left on his own Carlos manages to conjure up mid 70s Santana (Festival) but not the dizzy heights of the first 4 records. On the title track, Nomad, Canela & on Macumba in Budapest there's much to like this could be from III if not for that dreadful keyboard noise - but the stand out track is the superb Mr Szabo.

The sleeve notes are odd, hardly any mention of the musicians with much space given over to the plght of the Native American Indian, the record is dedicated to Davy Crockett. There's also some words about the devil from Carlos - all a little schmaltzy. Carlos give Greg & Neil a call next time.

But if you do see this in the local charity shop buy it !

Eleven Eleven (Expanded Deluxe Edition)
Eleven Eleven (Expanded Deluxe Edition)
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: 20.76

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5.0 out of 5 stars Alvin's Stardust, 22 April 2012
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Currently touring in the UK Dave Alvin's music is American Music at it's very best - Alvin's songs have that world weary feel to the them, whether singing about lost friends & band mates (Chris Gaffney & Amy Farris) or recounting the story of Johnny Ace Alvin is at the top of his game on 11 11 and this expanded edition. The live DVD will give you an idea what you've missed on this latest tour. Alvin rarely visits the UK so catch him while you can.

The new release is essential - with new records from Neil Young & Springsteen this year Dave Alvin manages to put these two 'legends' in the shade.

*A unique slip-case hardcover box containing all three CDs and the DVD

*The original Eleven Eleven album on digipak CD

*A second CD featuring 9 songs recorded live on the official Eleven Eleven US Tour at the Ark in Ann Arbor, MI on July 2, 2011 including Dave's classic songs "Fourth of July," "Out Of Control" (see full tracklisting HERE)

*A bonus CD including 3 unreleased bonus tracks from the original Eleven Eleven recording session, including "Never Trust A Woman," "Signal Hill," and "Beautiful City 'Cross the River" featured in FX's hit television show "Justified".

*A DVD [NTSC] of live performance footage featuring Dave Alvin and The Guilty Ones live at The Ark in Ann Arbor, MI including a live performance of "Abilene" (see full tracklisting HERE)

Every pre-order of the Eleven Eleven Expanded Edition will include instant digital download of the bonus song "Beautiful City 'Cross the River" and the full Eleven Eleven digital album instantly in your Stash to start enjoying right away!

Price: 13.25

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5.0 out of 5 stars Ex-Merrymaker makes merry on solo debut, 31 Mar 2012
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This review is from: Soundshine (Audio CD)
Already being hailed as one of the best pop records of 2012. David Myhr brings together his Jellyfish influences and has managed to self pen a dozen pop songs, all different with superb melodies - unlike other records this never drops off the pace. Some 'pop combos' would give an arm & leg for songs of this quality.

Hermit Of Mink Hollow/Healing/The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect (3 Albums On 2 CDs)
Hermit Of Mink Hollow/Healing/The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect (3 Albums On 2 CDs)
Price: 8.73

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2.0 out of 5 stars Avoid The Healing, 16 Mar 2012
Hermit is a classic Todd Rundgren record, Todd returned to his simpler way of song writing without challenging his audience to some of the self-indulgent doodlings of previous years. By now alas most of his audience had disappeared, The Ever Popular Artist is also worth a purchase but The Healing is an odd choice jammed in amongst these two recordings. Edsel would have been better off releasing Todd's back catalogue under titles such as Todd the Songwriter, Todd the Self-Indulgent experimentalist, Todd the records nobody bought etc etc - Hermit is his second best record after Something Anything.
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