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Super Slim External USB Portable 24x CD-ROM Drive UK
Super Slim External USB Portable 24x CD-ROM Drive UK
Offered by PsmGoodsuk
Price: £10.59

2.0 out of 5 stars Very poor, works occassionally, 1 Nov. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this device hoping it would work, due to rather poor reviewing by other customers. I wish I hadn't really bothered. I bet you haven't read any of my reviews before, but I usually include a "Advantages" and "Disadvantages" part to most of them. I am even going to in this review as it would take me hours to find advantages.

Ok, it looks ok and is cheap. You might think, there you go, they are "Advantages", but is it as cheap as not bothering and does it look as good as a free space? No!

I plugged the device in and my computer recognised it straight away, "Yes" I thought, but when I tried to install the software CD that you must, if you want the device to work. I out the CD in and it started to turn (you can hear it clearly), but then it just stops and doesn't work. Finally, one hundred attempts later, it worked! But it might as well not have bothered. The whole front of the device came off, the ejector button is broke (I have to pull the tray out now) and I doesn't read CD or DVD's still.

The only reason I gave it two stars is because, after many, many attempts it reads disks, but it really is a waste of time and money. I wouldn't recommend this device, I would look elsewhere if I were you.

Pinnacle Dazzle Video Creator Platinum
Pinnacle Dazzle Video Creator Platinum
Offered by AOT (VAT registered)
Price: £64.82

4.0 out of 5 stars Great, just don't use it much any more, 1 Nov. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
So, I bought this for recording gameplay on my X-Box 360 and I chose the right product. Cheap, yet I receive good quality video capture. Note: You need an RCA plug to 2x RCA splitter and double ended RCA cable to record with this device.

The Advantages:
Comes with Pinnacle Studios video editing software
Looks the part
Cheap alternative to a HD PVR
Trusted Brand

The Disadvantages:
Bit of a pain to get all the wires connected
Requires addition software to record in colour
Very annoying installation
Very annoying to get working for the first time (Advise looking up on YouTube)

After all the messing around installing software, wires etc. The device is very, very good. The secong is easy, turn on the X-Box, Playstation or whatever you are using, turn on the tv, turn on laptop. Bang, start recording. No more messing around.

The reason the reson I have given it four stars instead of five is because of the excessive amount of software, wiring and installing, it took me hours to get mine up and running (or I might just be stupid!). After that though, the device worked fine.

Recommend for recording gameplay on gaming platforms for people on a bit of a budget. The HD PVR would be a better choice if money is no object. As I said, would recommend checking out some YouTube videos about setting it up, installing and recording in colour.

Gold plated splitter RCA plug to 2 x RCA sockets
Gold plated splitter RCA plug to 2 x RCA sockets
Offered by HuaSL
Price: £0.68

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4.0 out of 5 stars Work fine, break easy, 1 Nov. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I want do my usual review, just a quick one this time.

To be honest there isn't masses to talk about. I bought these with a Dazzle to record gameplay from my X-Box 360. They are unbelievably cheap and work just fine. Unfortunately, one of them broke about a month in (the RCA plug snapped off), so I had to buy another, no biggy, because they are just so cheap.

So, if you really want something just cheap that works (for a bit) then you are looking in the right direction. If you want a heavy duty, durable product, I would probably suggest looking elsewhere. Having said that, the new one and the other two have lasted ever since. Maybe I broke the first one? Who knows!

No Title Available

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3.0 out of 5 stars Incredible, until the invention of the Nexus 7, 1 Nov. 2012
If you are looking for an E-Reader, look right here. The Amazon Kindle has always been top of this class and this edition is no exception. As you can see, this product has over thousands and thousands of reviews and has been given an average of around four and a half stars, which is exceptional. I have enjoyed reading loads of books on this device.

The Advantages:
Perfect size for portability
Offers thousands of books for low prices
Stores all the books you will ever want
Keyboard works very well
Very light, perfect for long reading sessions
All the features are spot on
3G and Wifi connectivity

The Disadvantages:
Erm, blank

I spent rather a long time trying to pick out disadvantages and as you can see, I didn't have great success! Yep, this device is perfect... Oh, hang on a minute

The creation of the Nexus 7. A beautiful seven tablet. I want go into details on it, but it also can act as an E-Reader, pretty well in fact. Amazon have kindly created the Kindle App for Google Play (Android App Store), which means you can have all the books you will ever want on your phone or tablet. You may be thinking, "yes, well, I bet that costs twice as much!" Sorry, but you're wrong, it cost about £10 more (depending on which one you get).

So, this means I can have apps, songs, pictures, videos, internet and books all in one place. Now that is perfect. Of course though, if you want an E-Reader, not a tablet, then you are looking in the right place. Get the kindle.

I would give the Kindle five stars without a doubt as an E-Reader, you just can't beat it. Unfortunately the Nexus 7 is around, which means (for me) I could only give the Kindle three stars.

No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing, 23 Sept. 2012
I have Sennheiser HD205, Sennheiser HD419 and now these absolute beauties! By far the best headphones I have ever used with nearly all genres. They are perfect for me, fit my every need perfectly.

The Advantages:
Design is absolutely fantastic
Build quality is top notch
Trebles and mids are spot on
Decent sound cancellation
Doesn't leak any sound
6.3mm Jack adapter
Extension lead
Carry case

The Disadvantages:
Bass seems a little weak
Cable isn't detachable

As you can see, there is a long list of advantages and a short amount of disadvantages. That is always a good way to go.

Unfortunately, people who listen to bass-heavy songs aren't going to make these there first choice. By no means is the bass bad, in actual fact, its much better on here than on HD205's and not far short of that on the HD419(a headphone designed with bass as the primary focus). I listen occasionally to bass heavy songs and it does cope very well. However, for this price you can find better bass in a headphone.

As I have mentioned, the cable isn't detachable. This, of course, isn't a major problem. However it might have been nice on headphones in this price range, as other headphones do have. I doubt whether this will affect your decision at all, but worth keeping in mind.

I will only touch on audio quality, as the rest of the advantages are pretty self-explanatory. I find the audio quality amazing. I think it delivers 'incredible sound detail and clarity' (as described in the product name). I works splendidly with rock, dance, indie, hip hop, classical, techno, drum and bass, rap and dubstep. Some of the latter genres don't work as well as the first, but still fine for the average listener.

In conclusion, a listener with an all-round genre liking with suit these headphones perfectly. They produce fantastic highs and mids and pretty good bass. All with an even balance, creating an all-round headphone. People who prefer more bass may want to look elsewhere, as they aren't specifically designed for that. Overall an incredible set of headphones. Would recommend to just about everyone!

No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars There Sennheisers, enough said!, 21 Sept. 2012
I am a long term Sennheiser fan. I had previously owned HD205's, but they unforunately broke. So, I decided to purchase these beauties.

The Advantages:

Incredible Bass Response
Great Trebles
1.4 Metre Cable (Perfect Length)
Low Impedance (Great for use with portable devices)
Closed Ear Cup (Blocks ambient noise well)
Unbelievably Comfortable
Great 'stealthy' colour scheme
2 Year Warranty
Made by Sennheiser!

The Disadvantages:

'Old Fashioned' Ear Cup Padding(Cloth)
Thin Cable (Feels a little cheap)
Adjusting Joint becomes weak after time

I spent a lot of time picking out disadvantages with these headphones, the ones I did are really very insignificant. They definitely should not affect your decision of purchase.

Sennheiser are, in mine and many others opinions, the best headphone producer. The only problem is they are prone to break. That is where the 2 Year Warranty comes in very handy. So you can have a least 2 years of pure amazing audio listening. These headphones are the best in their price range. Not only that they have a better listening experience than Dr Dre Beats and they cost a third of the price.

I would recommend these Sennheisers to everyone looking for a fantastic audio experience. Perfect!

No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars Incredible, 12 Aug. 2012
This was my first road/race bike. I choose this one for three reasons:
It looked good
It was cheap
Quite a good brand

Had it a month now, no problems as yet. The initial assembly was very easy (didn't even look at the instructions). By the way, you should buy this bike if you are around 32"-34" inside leg, doesn't really matter about your height (I am only 5ft 3" and the bike fits me perfectly and the saddle can be adjusted. My dad, who is 6ft can just about ride it in comfort.

Brilliant value for money
Looks fantastic
Gears are smooth
Very light (around 12kg)
Stable at high speed
Great brakes

MAYBE could have done with 18 gears (not for me though)
Saddle is a bit firm (as are all road/race bike saddles)

The disadvantages don't effect me at all. 14 gears is enough for most people and you should get used to the saddle in time.

WARNING! When you are out on the road and coming to a stop, remember to unstrap your toe clips so you can put your foot down. Might be a bit embarrassing otherwise.


I was looking a the Vittesse 21 Speed Road/Race Bike. Seems quite popular (77 reviews, about 4 star average). Decided I would go for this instead, because it is a much, much, much better brand and build quality. It was very much worth spending a bit extra on this to get a lighter, more durable and better riding bike.

I would recommend this to everyone who is looking for a entry level road/race bike!

5 stars all the way!

Sandisk 8GB Secure Digital Card [PC]
Sandisk 8GB Secure Digital Card [PC]
Offered by Flashmemo-Uk
Price: £4.68

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect, 18 April 2012

I purchased this SDHC card for my new camera. I have taken 1500 pictures so far and I still have at least 500 to go. Plus it handles HD videos nicely.

The Advantages

Around 2000 Pictures
Around 30 Mins
Stores Fast
Fits nearly all cameras

The Disadvantage

Slightly Delicate
Takes Around 2 Weeks To deliver

Just remember this is a SHDC card, so it probably won't fit your mobile phone and make sure it is compatible with your device before you order. Your device might only accept a SD card.

Also, I noted it takes around 2 weeks to deliver. This was when it said it would only take 3-5 working days. Make sure you buy it at least a week before hand if you are ordering with standard delivery.


Very impressive, powerful memory card. Very reasonable price and holds plenty of data for your needs.

7dayshop Square Filter Holder
7dayshop Square Filter Holder
Offered by 7dayshop Limited
Price: £2.81

4.0 out of 5 stars Decent, 13 April 2012
For the price, I wasn't expecting anything special, but it gave me a pleasant surprise.The plastic seems to be decent quality and very durable (dropped it twice and has been damaged at all).

The advantages:

Holds up to 3 filters

The disadvantages:

Filters are a little loose

The only disadvantage can be solved easily if you put some electrical tape just over the top of the filter, this adds a tiny bit of width and prevents the filter from falling out.

Obviously you need an adaptor ring that fits your lens and converts to 72mm, you can pick one up for £5 and obviously filters. Fortunately, the 7dayshop filters are good and only cost about £8 or so. Unfortunately, I am currently unable to find a polarising filter that will fit. If you have any idea I would be very grateful if you let me know.

That and the disadvantage is the only gripes I have, so that is why I am not giving it 5 stars. However I still would recommend purchasing it.

DURAGADGET 14 inch Padded Camera Rucksack Backpack Bag for Canon EOS and PowerShot Range - Now with Rain Cover!
DURAGADGET 14 inch Padded Camera Rucksack Backpack Bag for Canon EOS and PowerShot Range - Now with Rain Cover!
Price: £44.25

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5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect, 4 April 2012
I bought this camera bag mainly because it held all my equipment and is actually a rucksack. Having only spent £19.50 on it, I wasn't expecting the amount of equipment I could fit in and how well made it was.

The advantages:

Adjustable Dividers
Well Padded
Tripod Hook at the bottom
Room for 2-3 Lenses
Room for flash
Room for Camera
Handy Zipped Compartments
Room for accessories

The disadvantages:

Slightly Small (but adequate)
Zip is a bit hard to undo

The title says for canon ranges, but I have a Fujifilm DSLR as well as a Canon and the fujifilm fits in nicely as well. I huge bonus is that I can actually fit my 13"Macbook Pro on top of the equipment (just about), and the dividers stop it making contact with my equipment.

At the top you get a little handle for picking it up, at the front a handy compartment, at the back 2 shoulder straps and another little compartment, I put manuals in there and at the bottom 2 hooks for hanging a tripod off. Inside you get fully adjustable cussioned dividers and enough room for pretty much al my equipment.

I am extremely please with the bag and would definately recommend it to anyone.

Hope you found thus review helpful.

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