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Corsair CMX8GX3M2A1333C9 XMS3 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1333 Mhz CL9 Performance Desktop Memory Kit
Corsair CMX8GX3M2A1333C9 XMS3 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1333 Mhz CL9 Performance Desktop Memory Kit
Offered by Base
Price: 71.31

4.0 out of 5 stars Its erm... whats it called - MEMORY!, 8 Oct 2012
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Not much to say about this. Memory has to be the most cost-effective (and simplest to do) upgrade for a PC. With 8Gb on board your PC will stop thrashing the hard drive swap file and run much smoother - unless you're using very memory hungry software oin which case buy 2! Fully recommend.

AINOL NOVO7 ELF II - Amlogic 8726-M6/MX dual core 1.5GHz 7'' HD (1024*600) android 4.0 ice cream sandwich tablet pc WIFI 2MP camera HDMI Flash player supported, new google play store
AINOL NOVO7 ELF II - Amlogic 8726-M6/MX dual core 1.5GHz 7'' HD (1024*600) android 4.0 ice cream sandwich tablet pc WIFI 2MP camera HDMI Flash player supported, new google play store

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5.0 out of 5 stars Superb value tablet, 6 Aug 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
For the purposes we had in mind for a smaller tablet, this Novo7 has performed way above expectations.

This tablet was purchased as a gift for my wife to take away with her on business. We have a Motorola Xoom as our household tablet, but this was too large to carry in a handbag. This 7" tablet is about the size of a kindle, lower in price - but has 10 x the functionallity (including using it as a Kindle with the Kindle app if you choose to do so!!). She can now leave behind her laptop and kindle when travelling and is very relieved to have the weight off her shoulders!

We're very satisfied with the tablet for the price bracket.

I'll limit my review to the details that cannot be gleamed from the product description and which may concern potential buyers considering buying a budget tablet over a premium product.

Performance: With the double memory and dual core chip, there is absolutely no lag or delay with the tablet. We've ran HD video through to the TV and there are no skips, stutters or hang-ups.

Screen Responsiveness: The screen is very responsive and was my greatest concern in buying a 'budget' tablet - very pleased that the screen is more than sensitive enough to cope with the lightest of swipes and pinches.

Screen Readibility/Resolution: This unit has a slightly higher resolution screen from most of the budget units and was the main deciding factor in buying this as opposed to another. The screen quality is good. At 1024x600 it is a little bit pixelated compared to higher end products if you look really closely at it - but it is more than readable and has good contrast. I haven't tested the screen in bright sunlight (I live in the UK and we haven't had any sun all year!) - but I think it would be 'just' legible. Our tablet has a screen protector on and as this tablet doesn't have gorilla glass it's prudent to have one fitted.

Build Quality: The build quality is adequate and the unit feels quite tactile - this isn't a high end branded product, so no metal case, hwever it benefits from being light enough to use as an ebook reader or kindle repalcement and feels robust enough.

Manuals and Apps: The manual is in Chinese - so no use whatsoever. There are a number of apps pre-installed on the device, but again these are in Chinese - so no use at all - don't even kno0w what they are supposed to do! By buying from a UK supplier, at least mine booting up into English setup.

Limitations of this budget tablet over a higher end one that I have encountered are:

1. No GPS - very difficult to search by omission, but there is no built in GPS unit - doesn't matter too much unless you want to use it for Sat Nav, wifi location is good enough for most searches.

2. No rear camera. Once again not an issue for me personally as using a tablet as a camera is a bit like using a desktop for sat nav - it just isn't really suitable for that job.

3. No gorilla glass - use a screen protector - unless you can be sure it will never be used in a hostile environment.

4. Manual and some apps in Chinese - if you haven't played with Android before, it might be wise to hand this over to a tame 6 year old to set it up for you first.

Good points of the tablet

1. Very responsive, has plenty of memory and processor power to cope with demand

2. Good battery life

3. Tactile feel

4. Sensitive screen

5. Plenty of onboard capacity and ability to expand by micro SD card

6. Very good value for money.

In conclusion, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this tablet to anyone as long as the limitations don't preclude use for your intended functionallity.

All in all, a very satisfied customer.
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PURE Twilight, DAB/FM Radio with Mood and Wake Up Light
PURE Twilight, DAB/FM Radio with Mood and Wake Up Light
Offered by Oxid7
Price: 99.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars No gimmick!, 14 Jan 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I was sceptical about the whole idea of a light making any difference to rising on these winter mornings as no more than a gimmick.

Anyway, my wife complained about getting up in the dark (we both leave the house in winter at around 6:00am) and wondered if a 'SAD' alarm would help. So I duly obtained one for her Christmas.

I looked through lots of reviews and specifications and finally settled on this one, primarily because it's the only one with a built in digital radio available and also because it had a 'touch' dome for the light and snooze function.

Having set the alarm up to light up from 30 min before a 'forest ambience' noise - we went to our beddy byes and waited to see if we'd notice any difference.

Well three weeks in and I can honestly say that it does make a real difference to both of us in the mornings. We are quite often awake just before the noise alarm goes off and both are certainly in a better frame of mind to face the working day.

Referring to the Pure Twilight specifically, I can honestly say I'm very impressed with the quality, functionallity and specification of this unit - it was a little more expensive than most out there, but you certainly get a solid 'lump' for your money - this DOES NOT feel like another piece of chinese plastic wares. All in all a superb piece of equipment that really does make a difference to how you feel first thing on those dark winter mornings.
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Koolertron For 2009-2013 Subaru Legacy DVD GPS Sat Nav Navigation Player With 7" HD Touchscreen + PIP 2-ZONE RDS V-CDC Bluetooth + Steering Wheel Control
Koolertron For 2009-2013 Subaru Legacy DVD GPS Sat Nav Navigation Player With 7" HD Touchscreen + PIP 2-ZONE RDS V-CDC Bluetooth + Steering Wheel Control
Offered by Kldeals
Price: 255.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars OEM quality unit for a fraction of the price, 4 Oct 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I held off ordering this unit for a number of weeks because I could not find any comprehensive reviews of the product. Eventually I took the gamble and ordered the unit and I am delighted to say it was worth taking a chance!

To help others who are considering this unit (or indeed any 'sister' unit for another car), I thought it merited a full review. The review is in sections so you can check the pertinent area if you like. I've had this unit now for about two weeks, and hence think I have enough experience of it to comment.
The review sections are:

1. Installation and set-up
2. Quality - Hardware
3. Quality - Software interface
4. Functions
5. Value for Money
6. Problems/Issues
7. Summation

1. Installation and set-up

As installing this unit requires knowledge of how to remove and replace your car's dashboard components, if you aren't confident of this (and hence might 'break' components that could cost hundreds of pounds to replace) I suggest you have it installed professionally. My unit has CAN bus steering wheel controls which I had to reset and allocate. My car also has twin diversity aerials which have taken a bit of adapting to work with the singular ISO connection into the head unit. Once again if you're not comfortable with things like CAN bus and aerial configurations - have the unit installed professionally.

Physical installation is relatively straightforward. Having removed the dashboard and the original head unit, I just had to transfer the brackets from the original unit to the Koolertron and place it in the dash - no cutting of dashboard or bending metal strips to install required - by far the easiest aftermarket head unit install I have ever done.

For set up, I have to say that this is a sophisticated product. The sheer amount of options, settings, functions and features means it is not for the technologically faint hearted - but if you spend a bit of time setting the unit up it is well worth it.

The manual of course is useless - it's written in Chinglish - it would be so easy for these manufacturers to ask a competent technical author to write these manuals in native tongue for a few hundred pounds, and it would change the `quality' of the product from being something Chinese to being something mainstream. Still the manual was good for some bedtime laughs at the grammar and structure!

Luckily enough if you've experience of operating an original in-dash unit like this or even a good smart phone - you'll find your way around.

2. Quality - Hardware

My biggest concern before placing my order was how would this unit look in the dash of my brand new car? My car has a brushed aluminium dashboard finish and the original radio, climate control and ancillary switches all had a `look and feel' in keeping with the car. I have to say the Koolertron unit matched in almost imperceptibly - if you didn't know it was a replacement unit I challenge anyone to spot that this is an aftermarket install.

I replaced my old Subaru last year with a brand new one. My old car had the built in `factory' kenwood satnav system, which was very good. When it came time to replace the car, the factory satnav option was a staggering 2000 extra!! Needless to say I told the dealer I'd have it without and just make do with my TomTom.
So how does the `hardware' of this Chinese unit stand up against the original OEM unit (in Subaru's case a Kenwood) - well the answer is incredibly well.

The touch screen is as good as the Kenwood unit, if not better. For some reason it doesn't show the finger marks as much as the original unit did in my old car. The buttons are suitably tactile and nothing in the unit feels cheap. I cannot comment on longevity of the unit, but I have high hopes.

3. Quality - Software interface

As I've said before this unit brings an incredible array of functions and options which I always wanted in one unit to the car. By the time you've bought a parrot kit and a iphone dock, you could buy this unit and add SatNav, handsfree telephone, DVD viewing, photo browsing, etc to your car.

However all these requirements mean that there has to be a sophisticated software interface to navigate the features. The unit is a Windows CE device and as such has a typical Windows CE flash interface. Each function has its own graphical user interface. Short of a couple of very minor spelling mistakes, the interface all works adequately.

The satnav software packaged with the device is as good as TomTom or the likes and considerably better than some OEM packages I've used.

4. Functions

Want to play your music from your Bluetooth phone through your car stereo? Make handsfree calls? Fill a DVD with MP3's and play them back? Hook up your I-player and shuffle through songs using the steering wheel controls? Have the satnav running in the background to warn you of speed cameras? Load up a micro SD card with music or videos and watch them? Have a reverse camera installed (you can get these for around 50 pounds) that selects automatically when you go into reverse? Have the equivalent of 6CDs loaded into memory? Well all of this is possible with this unit.

I won't review each function individually - suffice to say they all work

5. Value for Money

Let's face it; if your car doesn't have a satnav and you don't have a Bluetooth hands free installation you'd pay more than the cost of this unit just for those two external devices stuck incongruously to your windshield. But for around the same money you get a superb OEM standard unit that adds a whole raft of other functions.
My car came with the option of a built in unit equivalent to the Koolertron - but at a price of 2000 pounds. At a little over a 7th of the cost - this unit far exceeded my expectations for value for money.

6. Problems/Issues

None of the problems/issues I have make the unit inoperable, some are even preferences that I would put into the Koolertron `suggestion box' for future firmware updates, but for what it's worth here they are:

I had a particular problem with radio reception as my brand new car had a different aerial setup from the previous model year that Koolertron developed the unit for. I am confident that some additional components (which Kuletong are supplying) will resolve this issue.

I would have liked a `shuffle' mode on the SD card and DVD music player.

I would have preferred if the firmware allowed the GPS mouse to remain `hot' (powered) as it does with OEM units - this would mean that GPS locks were instant when starting up.

I think in future Koolertron will have to cater for the possibility of twin diversity aerials in their units as these are becoming far more common in European cars. Perhaps the ability to take both connections with a dip switch to activate the diversity circuit would be an acceptable route to manufacture?

I would have liked to be able to adjust the `night' setting of the screen completely independently of the day setting. The programmed difference between lights on and lights off is not ideal for me.

The manual - I was grateful that Koolertron included a printed manual, but as it was clearly written by someone who wasn't fluent in English it was useless. Even allowing for the grammar, the manual structure was not written from an operator/function/workflow perspective - essential in any good technical authoring.

7. Summation

This unit was less than 16% of the cost of the OEM option in my new car, yet in most areas it is far superior. It is therefore excellent value for money. The manual is poor and written in Chinglish as is usually the case with such products. The quality and fit and feel far exceeded my expectations and were my biggest concern until the unit arrived. The settings and options are complex and it may be worthwhile having the unit professionally installed if you are not technologically and automotive competent. There are a few minor issues with the interface software but nothing which cannot be worked around acceptably. All in all - a superb product that far exceeded my expectations. If you're wondering whether to buy this or not - just do it - you won't regret it!
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DSL-Brodit HTC HD2 Brodit Active Holder Tilt Swivel Fits All Countries - #512086
DSL-Brodit HTC HD2 Brodit Active Holder Tilt Swivel Fits All Countries - #512086
Offered by DSLDevelopments
Price: 37.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Active clip, 14 Jun 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Very sound mounting cradle. A little stiff, but this means it can readily be used in landscape mode if desired. Does not activate Navpanel mode - which is OK by me as I don't like Navpanel as I don't have co-pilot and like using my media player in the car.

The 'gap' in the cradle to the left of the USB socket at the base of the phone allows you to connect to the 3.5mm jackplug for audio output - ideal if you have a car with an aux in socket. I must admit I'd have liked to have seen a version with a built in 3.5mm jack so I could slide in and connect to both without messing around with wires.

No Title Available

5.0 out of 5 stars Brodit mounting clip, 14 Jun 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Ideal as it saves making a mess of the dashboard. Secure enough even without the double sided tape supplied

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