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5.0 out of 5 stars Faith Some more!, 12 Mar. 2007
This review is from: 7 (Audio CD)
Chronology: Founded in 1992, with original lineup still intact. / First album "Harmful" released in 1995 on Blu Noise/EFA / Album chronology in consecutive order: "Harmful" (1995), "Apoplexy" (1997), "Counterbalance" (2000), "Wromantic" (2001), "Sanguine" (2003), "Sis Masis" (2005) / Tours with No One Is Innocent, Clutch, Unida, Machine Head, Iggy Pop, Unsane, Alter Bridge, Paradise Lost / Latest album "7" recorded in June 2006 with Billy Gould producing/ Flemming Rasmussen mixing / In October, Gould joins band as second guitarist to support album "7" and tour.

Details: The seventh album. 2007. A clear statement, no more or less than necessary. HARMFUL stands for nothing other than HARMFUL. For the seventh time in 15 years, punctuated by endless touring. An institution in Germany. A small one maybe, but still a solid one. Noiserock. Alternative. Metal...ROCK.

And yet, with their first album release outside their homeland, a completely new discovery to the eyes and ears of many Europeans. Great songwriting shimmers through and the production keeps up with highest international standards: raw, lean, and transparent while simultaneously full of power and fragility--all with the confident delivery of a unit that knows what it is, and sticks to it's strengths. Perfected at the hands of mixing-legend Flemming Rasmussen, (producer of albums such as "Ride The Lightning", "Master Of Puppets" as well as "...And Justice For All" for a band called METALLICA) Then there's the producer and newest member of the band -(joining the band on tour in April!) - Billy Gould, ex- bass player and founding member FAITH NO MORE hopping into the van to tour "slightly" smaller stages again for the first time in almost 10 years

Price: £9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars simply good, 5 Feb. 2007
This review is from: Burial (Audio CD)
Its easy to dismiss the new stuff as noise, its the exact same thing that happened when punk came along. If you can't appriciate subtle texturing and dark atmospherics masterfully put together in a new, fresh way then of course you'd be prompted hark back to things you find easyier to understand. A safer place.

'Leftism' is a great record, 'Burial' is a great record. Although they are not the same genre.

Naked Dancing Ep
Naked Dancing Ep
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5.0 out of 5 stars Honey, Ah, sugar sugar.., 3 Jan. 2007
This review is from: Naked Dancing Ep (Audio CD)
Tough Love Records mark the turn of the New Year with the second release by Midland-based four-piece Honeytrap.

The Naked Dancing EP, released on Monday 15th January, marks the first release by Honeytrap on CD format, following a successful 2005 spent touring the UK, America and Europe. Consisting of four new songs and replete with wax sealed card packaging, the EP will be strictly limited to just 500 copies.

Opening track "Let's Do Naked Dancing", recorded with Editors cohort Gavin Monaghan at the Magic Gardens in Wolverhampton, is typical of Honeytrap's brazen pop sensibilities. Drawing influence from mid-period Flaming Lips and the vocal acrobatics of Sparks, the title track is imbued with the wit and imagination fans will have long associated with the band. Representing Honeytrap's most instantly memorable moment recorded to date, the track stands testament to the band's famed eccentric personality. Standing in stark contrast to the euphoria of the opening track, "I Don't Know How It Begins" displays the range and quality of material at Honeytrap's disposal. At 6 minutes long, the brooding intro and climactic crescendo combine with an enigmatic vocal performance to recall the dynamic tension of the more melodic strains of Post Rock.

A longstanding live favourite, "Spotlight" sparkles with pathos and a wide-eyed innocence, built around the two schizophrenic vocal performances that suggest carefree celebration and emotional depth in equal measure.

Closing the EP is "Mussolini's Son", the most recently written recorded of the 4 tracks and thus the most demonstrative of Honeytrap's current muse. Drawing heavily on the klezmer punk the band encountered on their tour of New York in February 2006, the band embrace the transcendal energy of eastern European folk, recasting it as a 21st Century polka rock hoe down.

Sea Changes and Coelacanths: a Young Person's Guide to John Fahey
Sea Changes and Coelacanths: a Young Person's Guide to John Fahey
Price: £21.80

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fahey = Legend, 10 Nov. 2006
In the 43 years between his first recordings and his death in 2001, John Fahey stomped across the American soundscape, leaving behind footprints of influence so breathtakingly vast that entire genres now huddle within them. His mesmeric guitar compositions fused the blues' syncopated rhythms with contemporary dissonance; eastern influences with musique-concrète. He was the first to demonstrate that traditional steel-string fingerpicking techniques could be used to express a universe of non-traditional ideas. Playing with versatility and a fierce imagination, Fahey expanded the boundaries of the guitar, and his contribution to American music is immense. In the early 1960s, a young John Fahey searched out the missing bluesmen Skip James and Bukka White, thereby

igniting the acoustic blues revival. By the early 1990s, it was Fahey's turn to be rescued from oblivion by young enthusiasts -- and reawakened from his hibernation, he had no intention of pandering to traditionalists. Invigorated by the contemporary music underground, the man was ready to set minds ablaze. Through his partnership with Table of the Elements, Fahey released a series of extraordinary records, now compiled for the first time as Sea Changes & Coelacanths. Here is Fahey's trademark American Primitive sound at its most harrowing and resolute. Featuring Skip James-influenced vignettes, deep-sea string-bendings, sonic collages, oaken reverberations and lengthy, impressionistic suites, these recordings -- made between 1996 and 1998 -- comprise a major portion of

Fahey's canon, and are the logical next-step in his life-long journey of exploration. Sea Changes & Coelacanths embodies an artistic essence, with sounds that are undiluted, uncompromised, starkly honest, and pure of vision and in every way innovative -- just like the man himself.

"Now that John Fahey, the Great Koonaklaster no longer walks among us, it may be possible to review this final period of his amazing trajectory with the requisite objectivity. There is no more New John anymore; no more Old John. There is only John Fahey -- Immortal Motherf*cker of the 20th Century. "And it's time for you to eat his dust." --Byron Coley, from the liner notes,

"John Fahey has created a universe of complexity, emotion and exquisite otherness for acoustic steel-string guitar. His musical inventions match those of John Coltrane and Harry Partch for sheer transcendental American power . . . He is as monumental and singular a musical talent as any this country has produced." --Spin

"Fahey explored the mystique as well as the manner of roots music, evoking a mythic America."

--Rolling Stone.

2xcd and 4xlp sets feature over two hours of music; 64-page book (cd) / 12 page libretto (lp) includes new essays by Byron Coley, David Fricke and David Grubbs, an interview with and original text by John Fahey; plus previously unreleased photographs (cd only)
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The Big Cats Will Throw Themselves Over Ep
The Big Cats Will Throw Themselves Over Ep
Price: £11.45

5.0 out of 5 stars NYC!, 10 Nov. 2006
They take their name from the dolls of Hans Bellmer, the German artist whose highly charged work characterized Europe's interwar period and foreshadowed the impending cataclysm of World War II.

There is definitely something of the reckless abandon of the cabaret in New York City's Bellmer Dolls, as well as the cruel probing of the surrealist, making the Weimar-era artist an appropriate point of reference for them. The juxtaposition of the dark and the sensual in their own work is expressed through pounding beat cut by bursts of feedback that sears like an exposed nerve.

These Dolls boast a highly impressive CV of ex- Love Life (whose other alumni formed the celebrated Celebration), Universal Order of Armageddon, and Vanity Set members and Jim Sclavunous (known for his work in Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, the Cramps, Sonic Youth, and 8 Eyed SpyB as well as producing The Horrors) is at the helm as producer, so it is not terribly surprising how cruelly effective they are.

A fantastic debut like a cross between The Birthday Party and The Cramps in full flow.

Poor Trace
Poor Trace
Price: £6.77

5.0 out of 5 stars Bitter best, 10 Nov. 2006
This review is from: Poor Trace (Audio CD)
Third release this year from Bitter Springs Brings you 5 new songs in just over 25 minutes From the one take primal howl of ALL YOUR OWN WORK Through the growing pains of parenthood With the 80s style pop and pomp of BIG SWEATY DAD And the prison death ballad duet with Jack Hayter on DEEP BLACK WATER And staying with the water theme there's the off shore perspective of WASSERFARBE

And finally the reflective peace of A TEMPORARY HUSH

Live at the Roxy London: April 1st & 2nd 1977
Live at the Roxy London: April 1st & 2nd 1977
Price: £10.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Wire LIVE!, 10 Nov. 2006
Very few deliberate live recordings of Wire exist from the1970s. Board recordings and bootlegs aside, only three full live sets were put to tape in the early years with any aim other than archival use. The first, 'Live At The Roxy' was recorded over two consecutive nights at London's Roxy Club in April 1977. The CBGB set was captured at the New York club's auxiliary theater in 1978 for a radio broadcast. These recordings were released only once before, on 'Wire: 1977-1979', the limited box set available only from the band's website. A third performance, taped at WDR's studios in Germany in 1979 for the Rockpalast TV show, can be heard as part of the CD+DVD package 'On The Box: 1979'. The '77 shows presented on disc one feature the "classic" four piece line up making their debut in front of the world (or at least the half dozen or so who turned up to see the opening act of a "Punk Festival" in a club that held a hundred people max). The '78 recording on the other hand depicts a band hardened from extensive touring to promote their first album 'Pink Flag' and fresh from the studio, having just finished their second, 'Chairs Missing'. Recorded for the now defunct WPIX, the songs on disc two documents one of the handful of gigs they played on their first and only trip to the USA in the 1970s. These essential preludes to the seminal studio recordings of 'Pink Flag' and 'Chairs Missing' provide an illuminating context to any fan of those records, and at the same time show just how tight and angular the band were as a live proposition during a period when wilful amateurism masquerading as chaos and anarchy were the rather tired order of the day.

Starless & Bible Black
Starless & Bible Black
Price: £21.78

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5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful folk, 18 Oct. 2006
This review is from: Starless & Bible Black (Audio CD)
Folk strains, art songs, and electronic atmospherics combine for a beguiling blend in the debut by this Manchester trio. The British folk comes mainly from guitarist Pete Philipson, whose playing recalls the era of Pentangle's Bert Jansch and John Renbourn. The art comes from French transplant Helene Gautier, Philipson's songwriting partner, whose upper register sounds ethereal on "Time Is for Leaving" and "Tredog," but reminds of darker chanteuses such as Nico or Marianne Faithfull on "Allsight." The atmospherics are provided by Raz Ullah, whose keyboards and other electronics suggest the "treatments" that Brian Eno once brought to Roxy Music. With a rhythm section on some cuts and chamber horns on the jazzy "B.B.," the music covers a lot of territory and offers continual surprises, without straying from the folk underpinnings of Philipson's guitar. There's an Irish lilt to the instrumental "Untitled Cantiga," while the following "The Bitter Cup" opens with a drone of an Indian rage. The propulsive "Hermoine" could pass as a Velvet Underground outtake. --Don McLeese


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5.0 out of 5 stars Well Mega!, 9 Oct. 2006
This review is from: Sophie (Audio CD)
"Sophie" is The Wave Pictures first official release, the songs have the naivety of Jonathan Richman, and the music has the DIY immediacy of early Hefner or Herman Dune. In-fact David-Ivar Herman Dune has said "they are probably one of the best bands nowadays performing on this planet" and that the songs are "really accessible and uplifting". The Wave Pictures have put out an array of different cdr albums in the past, played with John Darnielle (of the Mountain goats) for a 7" on 4AD, have featured on a Peel session with Herman Dune.

The album is full of beautiful songs with interesting and playful lyrics; the music is striped down to the bare essentials of drums, bass and ace guitar solos, its only time before there talents are noticed. Smoking gun records likes them & we are told that Dean Wareham (of Galaxy 500 and Luna fame) loves them too!

My First Billy Childish Album
My First Billy Childish Album
Offered by nagiry
Price: £14.17

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5.0 out of 5 stars Blistering Barnacles..Its top notch, what what., 21 Sept. 2006
The second in our `My First...' series...this time it's Billy Childish and we've put together collection of some of his liveliest tunes.18 Tracks including The Buff Medway's, Thee Headcoats, The Mighty Caesars as well as his latest band The Chatham Singers. There's also a couple of tracks with the girls, Thee Headcoatees (Feat: Holly Golightly) & The Buffets. Billy Childish is a musician, Poet & Painter from the Medway towns, He played in his first band The Pop rivets in 1977, since then he's released over 100 albums, 25 books and hundreds of paintings. He regularly shows his art in London and at galleries around the world, Billy still plays over 50 gigs a year and is currently working on another full-length novel and several music projects. The Buff Medways and The Chatham Singers will both be playing gigs in the near future to support this album. Lookout for more Billy Childish related re-issues from Damaged Goods over the next few months

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