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4.0 out of 5 stars Peaky performance, 29 Oct 2013
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I really like the convenience of these pocket sized combi sticks, the non-greasy formula, the reliable protection factors, and the reassurance of a known big name brand. However, the pack and stick lack any sell by or use by dates, which is a concern. Especially after I got a bit of a reaction a few months ago after using some suncream that had been open for, perhaps, 8-9 months. In fairness I'd never had this with other tubes of suncream by same manufacturer that had been open longer, so perhaps this was an unlucky one-off. It hasn't put me off this brand, and I'd still recommend the product, but just be cautious and throw away tubes that have been open for some time.

Hailo Compact-Box Stainless Steel Bin, 15L
Hailo Compact-Box Stainless Steel Bin, 15L
Price: £39.52

4.0 out of 5 stars Could have bin a bit better, 29 Oct 2013
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This is a compact and good looking behind door waste bin, with a clean stainless steel and black plastic finish, a capacious inner grey plastic bin with metal handle to lift it out, and a tilting black plastic lid. When new everything works well, although the lower face of the lid is difficult to clean without lifting out the bin assembly (fortunately an easy thing to do).

However, this is now my third such bin, due to breakages at all the same weak points. The worst of which is the plastic track on the underside of the bin, which is pulled by a lug fixed to the door. The edge of the track is made of thin plastic, and inevitably weakens with time and then breaks. It can be repaired by sticking over another piece of plastic, but this is hardly ideal. The other weak point is the plastic clip on the bin lid, that connect to a metal arm, which snaps or distorts after a more extended period of use, and cannot be effectively repaired.

As the price is good and the alternatives require more holes drilling in my kitchen units, I guess that I'll keep ordering more of these bins every 5 years or so!


5.0 out of 5 stars It's earned its stripes, 17 Aug 2013
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I've preferred Signal toothpaste since childhood, but since Unilever took over the brand its become more and more difficult to find in its home UK market (but strangely not abroad). As such I've been forced to go online to buy it. Fortunately this is a pretty painless operation, as this retailer provides it at a good price with reasonably quick delivery.

Masters 12 Ti Balls - Orange
Masters 12 Ti Balls - Orange
Price: £6.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Well pitched, 17 Aug 2013
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Move over Tiger Woods, now I can see where my wayward teeshots are going, with orange balls against an invariably cloudy sky. These are good quality golf balls at a really excellent price, with quick delivery.

Bosch PMF 190 E Multifunctional Allrounder Set: Oscillating Multi-Tool with 13 Accessories
Bosch PMF 190 E Multifunctional Allrounder Set: Oscillating Multi-Tool with 13 Accessories
Price: £74.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Take the plunge, 17 Aug 2013
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Initially I was doubtful about the whole concept of multitools. Were they a solution for a problem that doesn't exist, given the fact I already have a circular saw, jigsaw, drills, planer, chisels and various hand saws. Also, those blades looked a bit puny, with few teeth, and a reputation for quickly going blunt.

Anyway, I took a chance, and now wonder how I ever did without it! It's tremendously useful for a whole range of fiddly tasks, like fitting door hinges and striking plates, cut outs for latches, small plunge cuts in pieces of wood, shaping wood (even on top of a ladder where a jigsaw or chisel would be a no-no), cutting laminate flooring, slicing thru tongues on floorboards to allow lifting, cutting nails and pipes, and so on.

This particular tool seems fairly robust, with enough power for every task I've put it to so far. I was initially going to get the battery version, but reviews indicated the battery life was quite poor. I can well imagine this, as the small blades can take a fair bit of time to do deeper cuts in wood. Also it's easy to hold and use, although the Allen key fixing of blades is a bit slow. I realise now that you often have to change blades, so it might have been better to pay the extra for the PMF250.

Talking of blades, I recommend new users to check out the Bosch "C Tec" range. These weren't mentioned in my brochure from Bosch, but they have a slight curve to the toothed edge, which makes cutting easier than with the straight edged variety. Also, if you're using the delta sanding attachment (which I thought would be a gimmick, but is actually brilliantly effective), I recommend you use Bosch's sanding pads, as I found cheap alternatives didn't have the same lifespan or sanding power.

The tool came in a great little plastic carry case, with a small selection of blades and sanding pads. There's enough room in there for a whole heap of extra blades and pads, which you will almost certainly need. Therein lies the main drawback, as the consumables are pretty expensive and fairly short lived.

But the benefits outweigh the costs, so I'd recommend this tool to any keen DIYer. Also the seller is recommended, providing the item at a good price with a quick delivery time.

LadderMat Trim to Fit Replacement Feet for Box Section Ladders
LadderMat Trim to Fit Replacement Feet for Box Section Ladders
Price: £13.84

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4.0 out of 5 stars A foot up for my ladders, 17 Aug 2013
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My old ladder had badly perished feet, and not being able to source anything to fit, I thought these "universal" feet would fit the bill. The ad does say to suit all ladders. However, on receipt of the new feet, the pack advised that they could only be reduced in length, not width. The seller confirmed this. So I was initially disappointed.

The seller did however try to locate more suitable feet in their warehouse, even sending me a free sample. Also they offered a refund on the universal feet. In the end the other options proved to be unsuited to my ladder, so I stuck with the universal feet, cutting them down in width as well as length. As they are solid rubber (most feet are usually hollow inside), this didn't seem to compromise their integrity.

So, after a bad start, I ended up reasonably happy with my purchase. At least I can now use my old ladders, which would otherwise have ended up on the scrap heap.

Cable-Tex Rubber Cable Floor Cover Protector Trunking Black 67x12 2m
Cable-Tex Rubber Cable Floor Cover Protector Trunking Black 67x12 2m
Offered by PCArena
Price: £15.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars All your requirements covered, 17 Aug 2013
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This cable protector is robustly made, with enough room for a standard electrical cable to alleviate any concerns about overheating. To avoid disconnecting the wire at the terminal or plug fitting, the base of the protector can easily be cut open with a Stanley knife, without losing rigidity. The base is ribbed to stop slippage along the floor if you catch it with your foot.

So, as cable protectors go, this one is great. Also, it arrived quickly in the post. Therefore I'd recommend both it and the seller

Philips 37PFL4007T/12 4000 Series 37-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Smart LED TV with Pixel Plus HD
Philips 37PFL4007T/12 4000 Series 37-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Smart LED TV with Pixel Plus HD

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5.0 out of 5 stars One to watch., 8 May 2013
After my old CRT telly gave up the ghost, I spent a considerable amount of time deciding on a flat screen replacement. My requirements included LED backlighting, smart capabilities, 32-37" screen size, and above all good picture quality, in a £350 - £500 price range. I had no interest in 3D or other gimmicks.

My initial research online, including Which? magazine, all appeared to suggest that the Korean makes, Samsung and LG, were the best (Sony also got good reviews, but cost a lot more) within my price range. My own bias was towards Panasonic, as previous (non-TV) devices I'd owned from this manufacturer had proven very reliable.

Having narrowed down my list of candidates, I wanted to see the picture quality for myself, and then decide largely based on this. Initially I went to Currys, but they don't play live TV pictures, only having a loop of clips, which made every TV look like it had low resolution. I found that John Lewis did play live TV, so I travelled a bit further afield to one of their stores, and this proved far more useful.

The Panasonic picture quality was not atall bad, but a little disappointing next to most of the Samsungs, LGs and Sonys. The Sonys could be ruled out on cost. So it was down to the Samsungs and LGs. I preferred the LG, based on both resolution and a natural colour bias. One of the "rated" Samsungs was quite poor in these respects. Whilst going back and forth between the various TVs to try and pick a winner, a particularly sharp looking picture caught my eye, tucked away in the corner of JL's showroom. It was on a 37" Philips.

After double checking against the other TVs, changing HD channels, trying SD channels, and checking for motion blur, I still thought the Philips had the edge over my previous favourite, the LG, and all the other similarly specced TVs. Also, it was competitively priced with the LG and cheaper than the Samsungs, had amongst the lowest energy use, had flat fitting aerial/HDMI slots (for wall mounting), and looked better with a more subtle casing (than the LGs and especially the Samsungs). So, much to my surprise I decided on the Philips.

Once delivered, I found it simple to set up and fairly intuitive to use (although some of the menus are a bit labyrinthine). Having now owned it for about 6 weeks, I am still very pleased with the picture quality, especially after tweaking the settings to get a slightly more muted colour balance. As reported elsewhere, the EPG (electronic programme guide) is quite poor, whilst the sound quality (like most of the thin LED TVs with small, rear facing speakers) is sometimes a bit lacking. However, for me the EPG is not an issue, as I refer to the one on my PVR or the printed one in my newspaper. If you like anti-social levels of sound, you'll probably need a separate sound bar or other external speakers (with this or pretty much any thin TV).

To connect external devices there are a good number of USB and HDMI slots, and even a Scart one for VCRs. In some countries you can record and pause live TV by inserting a USB stick into one of the slots. But you can't in the UK (something to do with our type of broadcasts). This is not made absolutely crystal clear on Philips' websites, and some reviewers here and elsewhere have been overly critical as a result. I don't think this is fair, as Philips do state that the function doesn't work in all countries.

The smart TV function is easy to access and fairly quick to respond, but the choice of apps is a bit limited. There's your usual BBC iPlayer, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube, some lesser known film rental ones (Acetrax, Viewstar, Blinkbox), a browser, and a few other less desirable apps. The TV needs either a hard wired ethernet connection, or a Philips dongle (PTA01/00). The latter unfortunately has to be bought separately, but that's not unusual at this price point.

The supplied remote control, whilst better looking than the garish Korean or Japanese equivalents, was confusing, with nothing to differentiate the top from the bottom, and very similar looking buttons, making it easy to hit the wrong one. It's also doesn't sit that well in your hand (like all OEM remotes). You can alternatively use your iPhone or iPad as a remote (via MyRemote App) but this needs an internet connection, and is a bit of a gimmick (except when trying to enter text, say into the browser, as the App has a virtual keyboard). So I bought a Philips universal remote control (SRP5004) which is better in every way (and will work with nearly all tellies).

With reference to the MyRemote App, the ads for this telly suggested that you would be able to stream pictures and videos over from your Apple device, and see an EPG on your iPad. In fact you can do neither (the EPG function only works in countries with a certain type of broadcast technology, but not in the UK). You can however, link your You Tube account with the telly, so you can use the easier search capabilities on the computer/tablet but see the video on the larger TV screen.

I had a couple of teething problems, that had to be referred to Philips customer services. I'm pleased to report that they came back to me quickly on both occasions, and with a useful resolution. The first was a problem with the menu showing the Freeview channels shifting programmes around (resolved by a reset). The second involved a problem accessing the BBC Red Button site - when I pressed the red button on the remote, a TV menu came up instead. I was advised to wait about 15-20 seconds for it to load up after changing channels, which mostly resolved the issue.

Overall, though it's not perfect (but that reflects in the price), I'm very pleased with my Philips TV. Most owner feedback I've seen is also very positive, especially about the picture quality. Oddly this seems to contrast with its ratings on online reviews, who I can only assume are looking for different things than the average TV viewer. My conclusion is that it's best to make your own mind up by seeing the TVs in the shop.
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Securit Security Bolt Key Nickel Plated
Securit Security Bolt Key Nickel Plated
Offered by CKONE
Price: £1.34

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4.0 out of 5 stars A little star, 17 April 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I initially bought the non-nickel plated version, which was not really fit for purpose, being too short and having relatively "soft", bendable ribs. This one, by comparison, is a whole heap better. It feels altogether more robust. It operates my rack bolts without problem. And the price and delivery were both excellent.

Offered by Trade Supplies-UK
Price: £1.31

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1.0 out of 5 stars Lacks star quality, 17 April 2013
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Whilst the item arrived quickly and was well priced, the quality left a lot to be desired. The main problem is that it's too short. I found it difficult to operate my rack bolts with this key. When it does work, the metal ribs start to mark up after only a couple of uses. I predict it wouldn't last long in service. I subsequently bought the nickel plated star key, and that is hugely better.

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