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Red Dwarf - Back To Earth - Director's Cut [DVD] [2009]
Red Dwarf - Back To Earth - Director's Cut [DVD] [2009]
Dvd ~ Chris Barrie
Price: £7.00

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1.0 out of 5 stars buried in a pauper's grave..., 11 July 2009
I'm not a hardcore fan. I have most of the collection on dvd, but I always found it hilarious. The biggest disappointment here however, is that it's just not funny. It is no exaggeration when I say I think I laughed twice across all the episodes, and they were mainly pity laughs born out of not wishing it to be such a dismal failure, but there's no disguising that fact.

There are several reasons why I have given it such a poor rating. The writers have never concerned themselves with linear progression. Past series end on a cliffhanger and reappear with, at most, a casual explanation of how it all panned out. This has often been the main negative aspect of the writing, as frankly, it's just lazy, but the comedy of the show makes you happily ignore this. This one has hit a double whammy, as it asks you to take a massive pinch of salt regarding the transition of plot, and doesn't offer any comedy value to take your mind off the stupidity of it. The last series ends with a fully resurrected crew, red dwarf about to explode essentially, and the core characters stuck in different parallel dimensions. A huge cliffhanger to end a series and keep people waiting for the next installment years later. It does nothing with it though. Back to Earth starts with 4 of the characters casual as anything, and the writers have reached a new low in laziness. It's not too much to ask to offer even a mediocre explanation of what happened that explains how the characters avoided what seemed like an imminent death.

Other than that the writing continues to disappoint, trying to be clever and write with a level of self awareness that is misguided. I know they were trying to tie it off and give a sense of closure, but instead it just offers more nauseating 'what ifs' and GCSE standard philisophical questioning. The performances are washed up, almost like the actors feel the script is as weak as the audience do. They seem to miss the studio audience laugh to egg them on. The only reason I can guess for them leaving out canned laughter is the simple reason that there's not one excuse for a hearty laugh during the entire thing.

Price: £8.73

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5.0 out of 5 stars best live band around, 1 April 2008
This review is from: HAARP (Audio CD)
I'm only going to write about the DVD, essentially because I went on the 17th when it was filmed, so I haven't had much inclination to listen to the audio cd from the 16th. Although if it was as good as the 17th it should merit a listen.
I've been a big fan of Muse for a while (and will concede that it makes this far from impartial), but this was the first time I'd ever been to see them. I was not disappointed in the slightest. From start to finish they delivered an explosive performance, with the amazing music, spectacular set design, added bonuses like the balloon gymnasts during blackout, and a stadium filled with such exhiliration. A must have for any Muse fan, and a good indication of why they are the most exciting live band I've yet seen. My only slight disappointment in watching the DVD back is that they cut the song (that may or may not have been bliss) where they threw tens of huge confetti-filled balloons into the audience. Magical moment ommitted from the DVD. Oh well, buy it :D

The Matrix: Path of Neo (PS2)
The Matrix: Path of Neo (PS2)

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4.0 out of 5 stars ooooh so good, 13 Dec. 2005
Well, before i bought it the standards had a lot to live up to. Although the last game was of little interest by way of characters and occasionally the story, but the action gameplay was incredible, and now we have a marked improvement in path of neo. Let's face it you don't buy the game for the story, one which cinematically opens up new questions in every scene without answering any of the previous ones, you buy it for being neo and laughing as helpless CGI characters fall under your might.
When they say you follow the trilogy, that's all they mean and more. You start by choosing whether to take the blue pill or red pill at the start of the film. You also have loads of crazy in depth sub-quests. Anyone who bought the previous game knows that you spend time in the locations such as the chateau, as you do in this one, except it's some crazy physcadelic S&M factory with weird mazes (don't worry, it's not a set of puzzles like prince of persia, though there are gameplay similarities). These sub-plots are interesting and weird, but can get repetitive.
For gampeplay i give it 9/10. You follow a very accurate progression, with new abbilities either given to you or you upgrade them yourself. Like the previous reviewer said, in the burly brawl, you can do more or less all the same moves. Fighting wise, they've just massively improved on the last game, which was always going to be difficult.
There are one or two drawbacks. Upon completion, which i mastered in 1 and a half days (and frankly i'm a rubbish gamer)
you can go back and repeat all the joys of your old missions, but you can only do it with the abilities you had at the time, so now my neo is the hardcore guy you see at the end, if you play a previous mission used to the other techniques and moves, it's weird cos it's like you take a step down and makes it less enjoyable.
Graphics are good, not amazing but there's so much interaction available you really can't complain, basically everything can be destroyed. The controls aren't the most sensible ever but they shouldn't give you a claw hand.
Overall i'd give it a 4.5, cos the game is immense, you can literally step into neo's shoes, leading up to code vision, stopping and reflecting bullets, flying/super-jumping and kicking around an army of smiths. BUY It.

Sony D-EJ119 CD Walkman
Sony D-EJ119 CD Walkman

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2.0 out of 5 stars does exactly the opposite of what it says on the tin, 29 Aug. 2005
My first review of this product was never displayed, so i will keep the language in moderation this time, now i've had time to calm down... now i'm in the zone. I bought this cd player for several reasons: it's jog proof, slender for pockets and good value for money. It was only when it arrived the full truth came out. My first discovery was that whilst the description claimed it was 136mm thick, an attractive statement as this would suggest it was unbelievably thin, ideal for pockets. When i received it it measured about 236mm. This may sound petty on my part but that is larger than the 7 year old player i had just lost to old age, and does annoy me, seeing as that was the primary reason for my buying it.
The jogging function does work... provided that you're running at a gentle pace with the discman in your hands to cradle it from any harmful bumps or vibrations.
The volume function is also dissapointing. Whilst walking down a mainroad, at optimum volume i still struggle to hear it over vehicle sounds, similarly difficult to listen to when you yourself are in the car.
The only brownie points i award it, which redeem it from receiving one star is the battery life. The other reviewer had it right. i bought it about two months ago, and despite frequent use, still retains the majority of it's battery power. So much so in fact that i'm questioning whether the display is working...

"Muse": "Absolution" for Guitar TAB
"Muse": "Absolution" for Guitar TAB
by Muse
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars absolute perfection, 29 Mar. 2005
let me get this straight, i have been playing guitar for about 8 months, and the only reason why i am pretty good for that time, is because of this book. I thought before i bought it that i'd be jumping into the deep end without knowing how to swim, yet it's so clearly laid out i've mastered evrything from the guitar crescendo in Hysteria to the piano rythm in ruled by secrecy. Aside from the fact that it's one of the greatest albums ever made, it allows average joes like me to aspire to the astounding heights that those lovely chaps have risen to. It now gives me a buzz every time i start playing. With guitar and bass tabs, vocals music notaion and piano parts to every song, you cannot go wrong with this book, i assure you.

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