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The Harrow & The Harvest
The Harrow & The Harvest

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5.0 out of 5 stars Oh wow, this is brilliant, 4 Aug. 2013
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Just great. If you like country/folk female singer songwriters and meaningful lyrics combined with great intsrumentation then this is for you. If you don't then you should.

Timex T5K638 Marathon GPS Watch - Black
Timex T5K638 Marathon GPS Watch - Black
Price: £65.71

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3.0 out of 5 stars It's okay for a bargain price, read the spec., 4 Aug. 2013
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This review is from: Timex Marathon GPS Watch (Sports)
Read the specifications carefully, there's a lot that this watch could do that it doesn't.

I bought this at a reduced price, my local running shop had the non GPS Marathon for the same price, so I figured it was the same, but with GPS, it probably does less.

What it does:

1) Tells the time, time can be set by the GPs signal, so that's good.
2) Stopwatch with 30 lap/split memory
3) charges off a USB socket.
4) Records distance from GPS
5) Displays time, pace, distance, speed, calories (nobody needs this)
6) Records 5 runs
7) Has alarms
8) Two time zones
9) Auto lap

What it doesn't do that you might have expected

1) Record routes. The GPS just records distance from place to place and uses this to calculate all the other stuff. This is good because

2) Output data. You have to read the display to get your recorded run times out. the USB is purely for charging. There are two unused contacts on the watch which may be there for use on other models. You can't get an output of your route as you can on other devices.

How well does it work ?

The Timex watch is perfectly fine. The wrist band is comfortable and fits smaller wrists.

The controls are not particularly intuitive and it is easy to make a mistake while running, pressing STOP instead of START or resetting the display.

The GPS can take a few minutes to find a signal. Once it does, it is generally okay, but can lose signal in open country. It seems fairly accurate, good enough for my purposes anyway. Pace and speed will update as an average of the recent pace/speed so it won't give a precise spot readout if your speed is varying. Basically, it won't work too well as a speedometer, so run a steady pace for a couple of hundred meters before checking the readout other wise you'll get a feedback effect from trying to speed up from a false slow reading and then overspeed your training pace.

The display. Small, I have to hold it close to read distance and chrono time.

Auto lap. You can set distance intervals of 0.4, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. These are miles or kilometers. In run or chrono mode the watch beeps as the GPS comes up to the set distance and starts a new lap or split. The beep is not very loud and it's possible not to hear it at higher running speeds. There are no time intervals, so all your intervals would have to be distance based. Its' easier to use it like a regular stopwatch if you are doing distance/time based work like 800m runs with equal time rest jogs.

Overall. It's a Timex with decent quality from a well known manufacturer. It's wearable as a watch for everyday use. You won't find much else in this price bracket from a respected manufacturer. If you are not too demanding and want a GPS watch that cost less than your running shoes then this could be for you.

Terrain Black Velcro Strap Gents Sports Surf Watch TV-970G
Terrain Black Velcro Strap Gents Sports Surf Watch TV-970G
Offered by eurosparkle
Price: £15.95

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4.0 out of 5 stars A bit like my old Timex., 22 Jan. 2011
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I was looking for a Timex Expedition like the one I bought a few years back. The only reason I don't still have that is that Timex fitted a traditional, leather strap that got weakened at the buckle holes so that one day I found myself without a watch.

Timex no longer seem to do a basic watch with a revolving bezel, the few available as new old stock are priced like a regular high quality watch. Given that I can destroy a wristwatch in a few months, I decided o try for a cheaper option.

I have a couple of old watches that I thought I might fit a velcro sports strap to. Whlile I was searching for 'Velcro Strap', I turned up this item at a bargain price.

It looks pretty much like the watches that boys had back in the seventies, green phosphorescent numbers and a revolving bezel to time off minutes or seconds. That's it. The strap is a comfortable fit because of the multi adjustable velcro bit wich will hopefully be more water resistant than the succession of worn out leather straps that I have broken. It should also be more resilient than then metal straps that I have burst from sudden muscular contractions. Hopefully it won't snap like the resin straps that I have had.

The strap loops through the pins at the side of the watch case, so those shouldn't pull loose like they have done on wathces with stronger straps that I bought hoping to preserve the strap.

The numbers on the dial are reasonably sized and all there, so preventing mistakes.

It's packed in a nice tin, not the usual useless plastic display case.

It tells the time, so if it's within a minute or two it should suffice.

Orgone Accumulator (Live At Liverpool And London; 1996 Remastered Version)
Orgone Accumulator (Live At Liverpool And London; 1996 Remastered Version)
Price: £0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Derrr, derr der der derrr, de derr , der de derr derr ,, 8 Jun. 2010
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'kin brilliant!

This one really takes me back, not necessarily one to relax to, but if you're signed up to a gym and have a low boredom threshold like me, then it's one of the few things that can keep you hammering away on a treadmill. I like to start off with Damnation Alley to get going and then when I'm starting to flag, off it goes...

Derrr de de Derr Derr, De derr de De Derrr Derr,

And I'm off for the next ten minutes. Thank you Nick Turner and chums for blasting me through the wall. Full volume to drown out the horrible pop music that gyms seem to think inspires you (possibly for bulimics).

Odd to think that it celebrates the work of the quack doctor and one time jailbird Wilhelm Reich who invented a metal lined box that was supposed to allow the body to accumualte Orgone energy and thus become healthier, more energetic and able to cure cancer.

It was that last claim that got the poor chap busted by the FDA and bunged in the slammer. Fortunately the song doesn't make that claim, so you can sing along without the risk of doing time in the federal pen.

It's no SOcial InteGRator
IT'S a ONe Man IsoLator
It's Back BRain StimULator

Dangerous Pursuits (Panther Books)
Dangerous Pursuits (Panther Books)
by Nicholas Salaman
Edition: Paperback

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1.0 out of 5 stars Apparently I can't award no stars!, 8 Sept. 2008
this book has a cover that is intended to emulate the Paul Sample covers used on Tom Sharpe books. There was a quote on the back of the library copy I borrowed that said "funnier than Tom Sharpe".

Possibly Nicholas Salaman is funnier than Tom Sharpe, I've never met either of them, but think they edited the quote and it actually said "If anyone thinks this dross is in any way, shape or form funnier than Tom Sharpe, that person has no idea of the meaning of the word 'funny' and should be confined indefinitely for the good of society", that's what I reckon anyway.

There is no plot, the situations aren't funny, the main character tries to make the occasional wisecrack, but that isn't funny either. The cover illustration doesn't even have the amusing birds and animals in the corners that a real Paul sample picture has.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Mar 3, 2011 6:51 PM GMT

Contaflex manual: The complete guide to colour and black-and-white photography with the Contaflex single lens reflex cameras
Contaflex manual: The complete guide to colour and black-and-white photography with the Contaflex single lens reflex cameras
by Edward Stanley Bomback
Edition: Hardcover

5.0 out of 5 stars Very useful, 21 April 2008
256 pages of useful information (plus supplements)

If you have or are planning to buy one of the earlier Zeiss Ikon Contaflex SLR cameras, this book is a great substitute for the manual, that you will probably not get.

It covers the basics of what to do and has handy warnings about handling the Contaflex.

There is the usual guide to photography

There is a guide to accessories and there are tables for depth of field when using the Proxar close up lens system.

I highly recommend both this book and the Contaflex 4.

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