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Invasion Earth (Delroi Connection, Book 1)
Invasion Earth (Delroi Connection, Book 1)

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4.0 out of 5 stars Action-packed and intense, 31 Oct 2011
Sergeant major Laney Bradford has been battling alien invaders for two years on an earth like ours, but a few hundred years in the future. She is considered a brilliant strategist and has given the invaders a run for their money despite their overwhelmingly superior technology. It might not have been possible if not for the fact they wanted to preserve earth, and it's female population. Despite not realizing these reasons, she was able to exploit this weakness until now. The invaders want to end the conflict and have threatened to use one of earth's doomsday devices against them unless they surrender. Already the planet has seen a decline with resources thinning and she cannot risk such massive destruction or loss of life. This means sitting down and negotiating some type of peace that earth can live with. As the highest ranking enlisted soldier, she will play an important part.

General Alric Torfa is one of the leading generals on the alien side of the conflict. He and the rest of his race appear much like humans with only a few physical differences. The men appear somewhat larger and muscular than the humans. They also have a unique mating system that the humans don't. From the first time he saw Laney, he knew she was meant to be his permanent mate. The female population on his planet has been declining in recent years which is the main reason his people sought out earth. His people also need the resources due to a lack of them on the desert climate of his homeland. Gaining earth's surrender is a priority no matter the cost. He finds the ideal solution in stipulating a marriage to Laney as part of the deal. Though earth's leaders see it as an alliance of the two peoples, it is much more than that for Alric. He knows Laney will have to agree if she wants to protect her people from further war.

When they finally meet, the sparks fly. Laney could not hold back the overwhelming desire she immediately felt for Alric and didn't understand how she could feel so strong for one of the leader enemies. Knowing her mating with him could save lives, she eventually accepts her fate, but nothing is ever simple. There are those on both sides who do not want the peace negotiations to be successful and will do anything to sabotage a final deal from happening. It will be up to Laney and Alric to put aside their differences for the greater good of their people.

Invasion Earth is the first book in this series. I absolutely loved seeing a strong female character with a military background. It is rare for authors to do this. It is also obvious the author had served in the military herself as the military terminology was accurate, unlike some writers who throw around words and concepts they don't fully understand. She provided a futuristic look at how the planet earth and it's defense capabilities would look several hundred years into the future and made it feel credible. Also, though the heroine came out strong, she had a soft side and proved to be realistic. Sometimes main characters can rail against their fate to the point of being ridiculous. Laney is no such woman, she takes what she has and works with it rather than spending too much time bemoaning her circumstances. Alric also proved to be strong and irresistible. You could certainly imagine the sparks flying between two such strong people. These were the best factors of the book.

I only have a few complaints which prevented me from giving five stars. One is the story premise, plot, and action scenes had so much potential that I thought the author could have done more with them. She had so many great concepts started that she could have worked with. She also began building a strong relationship between Alric and Laney, but spent much of the story in the physical aspect. There could have been more to solidify their growing love for each other before the end. It felt like the story cut off just a bit too soon. Setting aside these few complaints, I truly loved this story and look forward to reading the next books in the series. The author has true writing talent and will no doubt build on what started in this first one.

Forced Heritage (The Denebian Empire)
Forced Heritage (The Denebian Empire)
Price: 1.94

5.0 out of 5 stars A compelling read!, 31 Oct 2011
A powerful ruler of the Denebian empire containing dozens of planets, lord Jason Terell rules with an iron fist. He is ruthless and will stop at nothing to gain what he wants. Though he was the youngest son of the previous lord, he fought to gain his position by murdering his father and sending his elder brother to exile. His people fear and respect him. Those beyond his empire see him as a useful ally and, also, a potential threat. The empire's power and technology are beyond what most others in the galaxy have. This results in their activities being closely monitored. Additionally, the society is considered backward in nature. Women suffer under a patriarchal life that affords them few rights compared to the rest of the universe. They live in a traditional, old style way that is much like regency England. Most of the superior technology cannot be seen on the planets of the empire. Life is simplistic with land battles being fought the old style way with swords and knives. Technological weapons remain off world for defense purposes.

Falisha is a woman from the planet Terra (what we know as earth). She serves as an officer for the Galactic alliance and believes strongly in the cause to unite all planets in order to ensure peace. Though her expertise is in weapons technology, she has also recently gained training in espionage. After Alliance intelligence reports show that Jason Terell's military may be testing a new forbidden weapons technology, they request Falisha to infiltrate the Denebian Empire to confirm the reports, and gather any further information on the technology. She is reluctant at first to take such a dangerous assignment knowing her experience for such a job is limited and, if caught, the punishment would be certain death. It will also be difficult as the Denebians do not appreciate women in politics, military, or anything outside of old traditional roles. Despite her misgivings, a superior convinces her of the importance of the mission. Her only warming is to avoid lord Jason Terell at all costs, as he has ways of discerning her true intent. Should he meet her, he will know she is not simply the ambassador her role portrays.

She initially plays her part convincingly, but avoiding the Terell lord proves impossible. He quickly ascertains her intentions and moves to ruthlessly force confessions and information from her. The normal end result would be death, but circumstances prevent such an option. It is discovered that Falisha is the long awaited and destined mate lord Terell has been looking for. He despises the idea of being forced to join with a woman from an inferior race and makes no move to hide his feelings despite the need to gain Falisha's affections. Without her cooperation, the power he could gain from their joining will remain out of touch. She has no desire to join with him either. He has been abusive , condescending, and cold with her from the start. Not only this, but he has promised to never let her go. They were destined to be together despite their overwhelming differences and must find a way to reconcile. This is especially true as outside forces will work to undermine Jason's position and use Falisha's unconventional behavior against him. He will make strong attempts to force her to his will, but he will find she is the greatest adversary he has dealt with yet.

Forced Heritage is a novel that kept me engrossed to the end. It is much longer than I expected and took me more than 24 total hours to read, but this made it even better. The husband-wife team that wrote the book certainly knew how to tell a story. Their descriptions are vivid, but not exhaustive. They provide excellent character development, even on the less important people in the book. You truly become invested in the story and it almost never slows down. The action is intense. Also, they hold nothing back in revealing the ugly side of human nature. People can be ruthless and unforgiving. Not only this, but the storyline prevents the two main characters from falling for each other easily. In fact, they didn't even acknowledge real affection until nearly the end of the book. The battle between Jason and Falisha is unfettered and continuous. When they do finally reach an intimate level, it is not conventional like many romances. Their relationship is explosive keeping the reader guessing what will happen between them next as neither side is willing to fully submit to the other. The only thing I found somewhat disconcerting is Falisha's flirtatious attitude. She has no problem using her beauty and men's attraction to her to get what she wants. This would normally turn me off on a heroine, but the authors manage to spin it in a way that works. This characteristic in her is outward and does not reflect the real woman on the inside.

For those who enjoy a hero that appears completely irredeemable. This is your book. Jason is anything but a softy. His actions and methods are brutal. There will be no covering up for his negative side. The heroine has to learn how to deal with this part of him as he is not a man who will change for anyone. Despite this, you will learn to like him and hope for a happy ending. After checking the books website, I did find there will be more books coming that further explore this world and the characters involved. I will certainly be purchasing the next installments.

Mercy Blade (Jane Yellowrock, Book 3)
Mercy Blade (Jane Yellowrock, Book 3)
by Faith Hunter
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: 4.66

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4.0 out of 5 stars Another intense novel for the Jane Yellowrock series, 31 Oct 2011
Jane Yellowrock is back at it again for this third book in the series. Though things start out a bit slow with Jane and her boyfriend Rick out of town in the Appalachian mountains, it quickly heats up. After seeing startling media reports that show Weres (particularly werecats in the beginning) are finally coming out in the open, they are both called back to duty in New Orleans. Jane continues her duties as an employee of Leo, the Master Vampire of the city, and Rick continues his as an undercover cop. Though they apparently began growing close over their one month relationship, this latest crisis certainly puts a strain.

Upon arriving back, Rick quickly disappears to his undercover job and Jane is requested to head up security for upcoming talks among the supernatural creatures. Other duties and tasks quickly pile up as she gets into the swing of things and, as usual, nothing in her job goes exactly as planned. In the aftermath of some bloody battles, she is forced to work quickly to solve mysteries that have a far more reaching impact than she has faced yet. New creatures and secondary characters add to her growing list of troubles, but add also to the excitement. The action is as deadly and bloody as previous books. Jane is left with little time to recover before the next confrontation begins keeping the reader in suspense. This latest installment brings back many of the characters seen before and delves further into their backgrounds. While some questions are answered, many more are brought out. Janes ability to keep her identity a secret will also become difficult. She is exposed to more supernatural races and they join the others in being suspicious of her nature.

Though I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, there are two main problems I would mention. As stated in others reviews, Jane spent far too much time in angst over Rick. For only dating him a short time and having avoided serious relationships up to meeting him, it just didn't seem credible for her to be so obsessive. The author could have shown Jane had some concern without it going overboard. Also, it seemed that Jane spent entirely too much time worrying over her religious sins. Particularly over having slept with Rick out of wedlock and nearly sleeping with another man. She is a woman that kills others for a career. Technically, Christianity emphasizes peace and turning the other cheek. She obviously doesn't follow those tenets so why all the inner dialog on her sinning? This happens frequently as the story goes along. It should also be considered that Jane follows some of her Indian heritage beliefs. This puts the two belief systems at odds. It would have been better to leave out all the unnecessary religious connotations. Her Indian beliefs have far more importance for this series anyway. If these two complaints were taken out, I would certainly label this a five star review for everything else in the story was excellent.

For those who have not read the first two books in the series, I would recommend reading them first. It is possible you could read this one alone, but it would be difficult to gain the emotional attachment and understanding of all the characters without reading the others. This is an excellent series and well worth the time to read. It is not romance heavy, but there is some elements to it. The Jane Yellowrock series is best suited for those who enjoy a bit of mystery, a tough [...] heroine, and lots of paranormal elements.

Demon's Captive
Demon's Captive
Price: 1.84

4.0 out of 5 stars Not what I expected!, 31 Oct 2011
This review is from: Demon's Captive (Kindle Edition)
Charity is the last human on the run after earth is brutally taken over by an alien civilization. Her status as the final hold out doesn't last long before the commander of the invading force, Melmanon, captures her. His initial plans are to torture and kill her for causing him so much trouble by running. It is soon obvious, though, that her defiance only held until capture. Fearing pain and torture, she chooses to be meek and compliant to his demands. This is new to him as he comes from a warrior race where even the women fight. He soon grows fond of his newly acquired slave and works to gain her trust. Things aren't so easy for Charity. She saw what Melmanon and his people did to earth. So many lives were lost and her family gone. Though she doesn't fight him physically, she does resist him emotionally. The battle to gain her heart may be the greatest he has faced yet.

Demon's captive is a well written and enjoyable story. While it is at novella length, the author manages to pull you in emotionally to the two main characters. I might have liked to see some strong secondary characters, but at this length it would have been difficult. Other reviews led me to believe this story would be far more brutal than it was. Melmanon may have been a bit forceful and harsh in the early stages, but not nearly as much as expected. I actually enjoyed the progression as circumstances changed for the hero and heroine. Their roles evolved and changed to reveal other facets of their personalities.

There isn't a major plot beyond the romance, so for those who would prefer it, this isn't your book. You will not see much action either. Demon's Captive is simply a tale of two opposing people from different races and planets finding love under difficult circumstances. I highly recommend this book to those that are looking for a captivating short story (a couple hours read) that proves romance can happen even when least expected.

Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits

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5.0 out of 5 stars A good complilation of Nancy's songs, 31 Oct 2011
This review is from: Greatest Hits (Audio CD)
For those who are familiar with current popular Arabic music, you don't have to be told these songs are great. For that reason, I will focus on those customers who are looking to try out some of the more modern and upbeat artists available in this genre and are not familiar with the music.

This compilation is a rather good one. It lacks some of her most popular songs, but does include many of the best ones. I would describe most of the songs on here as very upbeat and fun. If you like to dance, the songs on here will certainly inspire you to do so. Nancy has a beautiful voice that can be appreciated by anyone. It transcends any language barrier you may have. I am not fluent in the Egyptian dialect she generally uses (though she is actually Lebanese), but it hasn't stopped me from playing this CD over and over. If you do really want to get access to the translations, many of the songs have English subtitles on the YouTube music videos. That would also be a great place to hear the songs first so you can see why they are so popular.

For anyone who is looking to try out modern Arabic music and wants something upbeat, this is a great Album to start with. I highly recommend it.

Offered by Shopplay
Price: 25.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent product, 31 Oct 2011
I have extremely dry, curly hair. It produces little to no oil. During a visit to a hair stylist about two years ago, she recommended this product. Having seen how well it did when she used it on my hair, I was convinced to buy it. After all this time, I do not regret my purchase. It adds shine and helps relax wayward hair that does not want to lay down. I use it right after washing and before blow drying/flat ironing. The product holds up during the process and makes styling easier. It also makes detangling a much less painful process. Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother is a great choice for those that need a little extra help in managing their hair.

This product lasted me for over a year since you don't need to use a lot. That makes it well worth the price. Another product I use in addition to this one for extra control and shine is Isoplus Oil Sheen Hairspray. It is heavier than this Aveda product and should only be used on the driest hair that needs extra help.

Beast of Caledonia
Beast of Caledonia
by Kate Poole
Edition: Paperback
Price: 7.70

4.0 out of 5 stars Amazing mix of Roman and Pict romance, 31 Oct 2011
This review is from: Beast of Caledonia (Paperback)
Annachie is a Pict warrior who was once captured by Roman soldiers and became a slave of one of their leaders. Though he resisted his new life, one young girl, Sara, won his heart. After saving her from a near fatal wild boar attack, she turned to him for comfort. Unfortunately, before their attraction could turn into more, her father discovered them in a compromising position and sold Annachie to a slave trader. Sara would not see him again for many years.

In her grief she realized no other man would do for her. When her father moved them back to Rome, she chose to dedicate her life to being a Vestal Virgin. A highly respected and religious position that prevented any man from having her. Only now she has heard of a famous gladiator whose description sounds suspiciously close to her beloved Annachie. When she chooses to watch one of the games, her suspicions are confirmed. As if no time has passed, the love she felt for the man returns. Despite her vows of chastity, she cannot resist getting close to him to profess the love she could never voice before. It will mean risking everything for the punishment of a vestal virgin breaking her vows is death. Not only that, but Annachie's position as a gladiator means he is still a slave and he may not be able to save her should their actions be discovered.

Beast of Caledonia is a suspenseful novel filled with heartache and romance. It will take you to a time and place few other historical romances go. It is not for the soft of heart as some experiences the characters face are painful, physically and emotionally. Yet the author ties it all in to make the story feel real and believable. While the pacing and plot are well done, my only complaint would be that the dialog could have been stronger. Despite this, I truly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to others.

Dark Protector (Paladins of Darkness)
Dark Protector (Paladins of Darkness)
by Alexis Morgan
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: 5.54

4.0 out of 5 stars Great start for this series, 31 Oct 2011
Laurel Young is a doctor whose primary job is to take care of gravely wounded paladins (and the ones who temporarily die). She has managed to keep her relationship with those under her care at a strictly professional level until now. Devlin Bane has been the one paladin she has kept a soft spot for and her resistance weakens when she realizes he feels the same way. The both attempt to fight the growing attraction, but dangerous circumstances keep throwing them together. Now they, along with other paladins, must work together to vanquish an unseen foe. Only once the danger is over will they have the chance to discover if there can be something more permanent between them.

I wasn't sure how I would like this book. The mention of paladins made me think of the "World of Warcraft" game. Of course, this author has a completely different story line from that, but the premise behind those noble characters was there. As the story went on, I got the feeling that a touch of Christine Feehan's Carpathian series had influence as well. Just like her series, it looks as though these male warriors who slowly lose sanity from so much fighting and death will need a special woman to keep them whole. The difference being this first book does not fully answer this question and no one realizes this may be the answer. Regardless of those minor similarities, I found myself really enjoying this novel. It had a new an interesting twist on the paranormal. The end of the book brought it's own surprises and the writing got better. I will certainly be looking at the next books in this series!

Signed, Sealed & Delivered
Signed, Sealed & Delivered
Price: 2.87

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5.0 out of 5 stars The author sets the bar high for this genre, 31 Oct 2011
It's been a few weeks since I read this novel, but the story has stuck with me.

The beginning starts Alana, the main character, just arriving in England to meet with Ethan, the master Dom that has reluctantly agreed to train her. He has refrained from it in recent years for personal reasons, but Alana insisted that only he could help her. From the airport to the end of the story, she battles with the demands he places on her as a submissive. No aspect of her life is left untouched by his control.

There are other secondary characters under Ethan's employ that play important roles as well which helped to add more depth. Despite the length of the novel, character development was good. I couldn't exactly buy the idea of her falling in love under the circumstances and so quickly, but the story was definitely one of the most erotic I've ever read. If your into this genre, you should really enjoy this book.

Price: 0.77

4.0 out of 5 stars Not what I expected!, 31 Oct 2011
This review is from: Inhuman (Kindle Edition)
Cassia is an orphan raised by her adoptive grandmother on a Hopi Indian tribe reservation in Arizona. Wanting to make a new life for herself she left for college to Washington D.C. Two years before. The problem, money is tight to make tuition so she volunteers to be the medical students guinea pig for the cash she needs. Having been unusually healthy her whole life, all of these tests are new to her. During the course of her daily tests she meets an amazingly Handsome man who takes her out a couple times. He is the first guy she has ever dated and it makes her feel she is finally fitting into her new life.

Everything does not go as she expected though when the results of her blood tests come back and they prove she has DNA that is not remotely human. Her life suddenly becomes a nightmare and she desperately seeks to find out who she really is. This isn't easy, though, as the government test facility she is now confined to will do anything to keep her from getting away. Escape becomes a matter of life and death. Unexpected help will come, but will they succeed?

This story is rather moving. I wouldn't consider it a traditional love story. That isn't the focus of the book, but it is a part of it. The real plot is Cassia trying to find out who she is, why she is different, and what that means to her future. The end is not an HEA but I wouldn't call it unsatisfying because the author did close up all the loose ends. She also gave hope for a brighter tomorrow that gives the reader closure.

If you are interested in this book as a romance, it will probably not satisfy you. There is a love story there, but it is limited and the love scenes are brief and less descriptive. If you want a story with a new concept, a bit of mystery, and a love story on the side, all packed with emotional turmoil, this is a great book. I don't regret buying it, especially not for the price. It took me in a whole new direction than anything I've read before.

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