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Last Alpha: A Highland shifter romance
Last Alpha: A Highland shifter romance
by Ruby Fielding
Edition: Paperback
Price: £9.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Five star alpha, 19 Jun. 2015
Loved this shifter story, this one keeps you guessing for a while, and I must admit I was so tempted to look ahead to see what was going to happen because of the twists and turns. Loved the characters Billy and Jenny are so alive I would love to meet them one day if I'm ever in Scotland. Mr Carr keeps you guessing always sort of around but with a air of mystery surrounding him. Well written the scenery very well described I could almost feel the fog and the midges, the romance was true and led into the steamy scenes effortlessly. A great read can't wait for more.
I received a free copy for an honest review

Guarding His Heart (Half Moon Bay)
Guarding His Heart (Half Moon Bay)
Price: £0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Sweet five star, 10 Mar. 2015
I fell in love with Half Moon Bay in Tangling with the CEO and then again with Brushing off the Boss but I longed to read Georgie's story and it was worth the wait.
Once again we meet old friends and make new ones especially Liam, I loved the references to Mr Darcy and images instantly spring to mind. The writing was once again spot on, when I eventually make it to San Francisco I think I'll have my day of sightseeing planned as it was all bought to life in such a delightful way.
You are with Georgie and Liam every step of the way, cheering them on, but understanding them because you are with them,feeling their emotions.
Annie Seaton has again offered a delightful romantic escape, one that you can relate to while whisking you away to the tight knit community of Half Moon Bay. Truly a five star romantic read.
I received an ARC for an honest review

Uncaged Love #5: MMA New Adult Contemporary Romance
Uncaged Love #5: MMA New Adult Contemporary Romance
Price: £2.14

5.0 out of 5 stars Five star finish, 22 May 2014
After the cliffhanger of the last instalment I was glad to see that the tension was carried on for a while in this one too, just the perfect amount, and then loose ends were tied up even some I didn't see coming.
I also loved the way Dylan Wolf was bought into it so we caught up with him again, it's great to see how they all tie together.
Jo has become such a strong character now, the way that she and Brittany yes the two of them take their own revenge is poetic to say the least but that she has the strength of character to do it is wonderful to see.
Colt has learnt to much too, and I was glad to see that his dad seemed to have learnt some lessons as well, because his attitude was so much better, I actually liked him, and Eve Colt's mum was a delight.
Zero trying to get into the hospital in drag is an image it will take me a while to get over, and all the others are there Buster who lies and says he's Jo's family to get into the hospital, Killjoy, Nate all your favourites.
This was a fitting end to this story that has taken us on an emotional journey with two characters who will live on in our memories for a long time.
I received a free copy for an honest review.

Dirty Nights: The Novel
Dirty Nights: The Novel
Price: £0.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Dirty five stars, 22 May 2014
If you want a book that is just going to let you coast and not feel then this is not the book for you. Talk about bring your emotions out, A.M. makes you feel everything that Skylina and Ryder go through it's not pretty and nice, at times it's downright ugly, but at every turn you are going with the characters and feeling what they are feeling hurting, or loving, happy or sad, every emotion will be wrung out of you.
Skylina has had such a hard life and has very low self esteem and you can understand and you just want to encourage her, at times you could hit people for what they make her go through, especially Ryder because she has allowed him in and then he has the power to hurt her.
Ryder while I liked him at times I did want to shake him and say get over your pity party, and live, love. He had so much and yet still found it hard to open up, but I did love how he grew during the story and was able to get over himself and be able to not only love Skylina but help her.
This is a steamy and stormy book, one that will engage your emotions from the start nod not let them go till the very end, so put aside time because you won't want to put it down as you get so involved. A beautifully written story about two wounded souls finding and being able to heal each other and help each other yo grow to be the person they are meant to be.
I received a free copy for an honest review.

Out of Control (Babysitting A Billionaire Book 2)
Out of Control (Babysitting A Billionaire Book 2)
Price: £2.37

4.0 out of 5 stars Four star control, 22 May 2014
What lovely characters you met between the pages of a book, some you will love straight away and others will grow on you as you often see them growing up. Especially with romance books so often the hero is not entirely loveable at the beginning but by the end you are cheering him on.
Well that's what Zach like after being smothered growing up all he wants is fun and no commitment and all the girls know this, at least he is very honest and upfront about it which is probably the reason that so many have remained friends, but then he meets someone who turns all his ideas upside down and he is left gasping like a fish out of water not knowing what to do or how to act one thing he'd better move carefully because she carries a gun.
Dani an injured Sergeant who is pulling guard duty because of an injury and to help out a friend, after being in the army you tend to get used to having men all around but there's something about Zach that moves her and causes feelings that she has never felt before.
Zach and Dani are a perfect match and it was great to see them becoming friends as well as lovers there was a real a quality between them as they were both very strong characters but each with their own weaknesses but together they became even more. I must admit it was a while before I realised this was the second in the series but this didn't interfere with my enjoyment at all though I will go back and read the first simply because I think I'll enjoy it.
I received a free copy for an honest review.

Renovating a Heart (Love Under Construction series Book 3)
Renovating a Heart (Love Under Construction series Book 3)
Price: £2.14

5.0 out of 5 stars Five star renovation, 21 May 2014
This is a series where it is best to read them in order starting with the preview, The Grounbreaking and I must admit I have gone back to this to find out the backstory on different characters as they come along, each book builds upon the last one growing just like a family and each and every person in the Walters family do become family to you as you read because they are so alive. This book will draw every possible emotion from you, I was laughing and crying, smiling, and then of course my heart was torn out at the cliff hanger ending.
This book mainly focuses on Steve and Kelly, and they do make a wonderful couple amazing chemistry and this gets into some pretty heavy BDSM including ménage scenes.
Both Steve and Kelly have been wounded time and time again but they have dealt with it differently, Kelly still has an innocence, a joy about her, seeing the good in people and wanting to help but being able to open up and let people in, whereas Steve has closed and while he has friends he has never let anyone in and hates that anyone might see the softer side of him.
They go into a D/s relationship and it's fascinating to see the trust that is needed, and once that trust is lost can it be returned, I can see how this would vary from couple to couple just as every relationship varies.
One thing I absolutely love about this series is that all the main characters are older and the stories focus on them, the younger generation are there but as secondary characters all in settled relationships I think it's wonderful and explores a reality that is present in today's world but often forgotten in fiction especially romance that just because you are older doesn't mean that you don't have wants and desires and that it's sad but true that there a many single middle aged people out there so it's exciting to see thm portrayed so realistically. I cannot wait until what I believe to be the final instalment arrives to find out what transpires and what the Walters clan will get up to next.
I received a free copy for an honest review.

Crazy About Curves: 10 Luscious Reads
Crazy About Curves: 10 Luscious Reads

5.0 out of 5 stars Five star curves, 21 May 2014
Okay I haven't read them all but I love the BBW and the writers collected here are amazing some of the favourites and favourite stories too.
Love Adriana Hunter with a book I have yet to read but can't wait to hop into.
Another favourite writer with Christa Wick, so far I haven't read a story of hers I've not liked and her writing got me hooked on the BBW so looking forward to this one.
Scarlet by Celia Kyle is the first in the series and I love this series about sisters finding their shifter mates I'm not sure which sister is my favourite but Scarlet and her alphas are probably number one.
I'm just starting to read Ava Catori but so far I am really enjoying her writing and looking forward to more books from her.
Olivia Rigal and Ripped every time I read this I feel the emotions again, I have read this a couple of times and will definitely not skip one of my favourites even if I cry again.
Alexx Andria and the Billionaire Brothers this was one of the first books I read by Alexx so of course it holds a special place in my heart I just love the heroine Penny and the brothers are hot.
New author and new story always a delight with an anthology Bikini Curves by Charlotte Summers sounds like a great story.
Danielle Duncan and the Reluctant Billionaire is another new to me author another one up I'm looking forward to.
Something a True by Malia Mallory a rock star in trouble and a curvy heroine , you've got my attention.
Kaiden Bear by Marina Maddix is another favourite shifter story by an amazing writer and a couple that are just wonderful together.
So a mixture of read, not read favourite authors and new but a five star collection

I Married a Bear: A BBW Paranormal Shifter Romance
I Married a Bear: A BBW Paranormal Shifter Romance
Price: £2.32

5.0 out of 5 stars Five star bear, 20 May 2014
This is definitely a case of opposites, Laura is a rich spoiled tiger who has never been allowed to run free but always kept like a pampered princess, and because she has a few curves just doesn't fit in with the tigers where the women are fit and lean. James is the Alpha of the neighbouring bear clan, they have kept themselves much closer to nature and he loves to roam free he has a lot of responsibility and the latest one is his new wife!! Yes because of an old treaty the two have to marry, and James loves a girl with curves.
Laura really grows on you as she grows into herself, not knowing what she is getting in for but knowing what her father has planned has her tied up in knots, because surely it's not the big bear shifter she's married to that has, how could she have feelings for him, but love will where love will, but that doesn't mean that it's all honey and flowers ahead, a tiger and a bear aren't meant to fall in love and lots of people try to get involved.
James I fell for as soon as I saw him at the altar and my opinion of him just grew as the story progressed willing to fight when be necessary but to use negotiations when possible he really does have all the wonderful alpha traits as well as being gorgeous of course.
But what's a couple to do when they not only have to contend with fathers plotting war, elders causing divisions, shamans making no sense and a very jealous bear and a blackmailed doctor. Yes it's all there and more in this latest offering from A.T. Mitchell, most definitely another one on the not to very missed list.
I received a free copy for an honest review.

Falling Back Together: A Military Romance (Crashing Book 2)
Falling Back Together: A Military Romance (Crashing Book 2)
Price: £2.77

5.0 out of 5 stars Five star fall, 20 May 2014
This is one of those series that you really should read in order, I started this book first but then went back and read Crashing Back Down before coming back to Falling Back Together and it was absolutely the best decision. This story takes up immediately following Crashing and after the cliffhanger of the first you will love the HEA of this book. All the characters in these books work so well together fitting like a wonderful jigsaw that makes sense when they are all fitted in properly.
Mags is a wonderfully wounded person, so real with what she goes through but in this second book she really grows up, and finds herself in ways she didn't know, being there for others and having them lean on her is a growing experience that she needed to break her out of her pity party.
I'm on team Walker for sure but he also did a lot of growing in this second book, taking responsibility and not only opening himself up but believing that he is good enough to be loved.
Cali and Mitch, Liz and Jim, Buck, Elena, and even Tony from Charlie's are all back and each one of the adds such a depth to this beautifully written story, and although we never actually meet Randy he is such an important part of the story and by the end you feel like you had known him and that you miss him too.
There are twists and turns that drag the emotions out of you, steamy scenes, quite a few black eyes, and of course some scotch, though that is being cut back on, though I don't think they will be cutting back on the tattoos.
This is a story that will have us either hugging our own true north or setting out to find them as it shows that relationships aren't always easy and clean but complicated and messy and that love and hate are close friends but in the end if we let the love win then we win a treasure beyond price, that of someone's heart.
I received a free copy for an honest review.

Shifting Fates: Betrayal (Urban Fantasy Shifter Romance Book Three)
Shifting Fates: Betrayal (Urban Fantasy Shifter Romance Book Three)
Price: £0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Five star betrayal, 19 May 2014
I loved this latest in the series there was some excitement, action and romance yes there was some steam between Bindi and Cage.
I really enjoy their relationship, Bindi has taken on so much and at such a young age caring for the children when she was little more than a child herself, having to be mature and do things, make decisions that affect not only herself but the others as well as now there's Cage and suddenly she isn't only thinking about the others but herself as well, all these new feelings and emotions.
And Cage who is now discovering more about not only his brothers death, but also about himself and what he is becoming, but one thing is certain and that is the feelings he is having for not only Bindi but also those she has under her care, love and protectiveness. Then he is called on to do a mission but he is torn between duty and love and then in an instant a decision is made and his life is forever changed again.
But this is not the end of the series and it leaves you on a cliff wondering what is going to happen next, Nim has stepped over the line and the entire family is torn apart. How could you do this to us I want to know what happens next I got so involved I didn't realise it was the end and kept looking for more, so now I'll have to wait impatiently for the next instalment. But please hurry.
I received a free copy for an honest review.

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