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National Lampoon Vacation Boxset [Blu-ray] [2013] [Region Free]
National Lampoon Vacation Boxset [Blu-ray] [2013] [Region Free]
Dvd ~ Chevy Chase
Price: 12.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great set of films., 27 Sep 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This set is great value for money.

You get all four films on Blu-ray including Vegas Vacation for the first time on high def.

All are in 1080P 16x9 1.85:1 ratio.

All have have DTS HD MA soundtracks.
National Lampoons Vacation and European Vacation are 1.0 and run for 98 mins and 94 mins respectively.
Christmas Vacation is in 2.0 and runs for 97 mins.
Vegas Vacation is in 5.1 and runs for 94 mins.

Subtitles include English,French and Spanish plus more.

Special Features:-

All have Audio Commentaries except Vegas Vacation which only has a trailer.

The first film also has an introduction,a trailer and an 85 minute documentary.

Film two just has an audio commentary by Chevy Chase.

The PQ on all four are a step up from DVD and are worthy of being on Blu-ray but wouldn't score more than 3.0 out of 5.0 with the exception of Vegas which is the best quality and gets 3.5-4.0 IMO which isn't a great surprise as it's the latest one.

The AQ gets the job done focusing on voices and music mainly and is clear with no hiss etc.

This UK box set is great value for money and finally we have all four together for the first time on Blu-ray unlike the US which has them for sale separately.

All the films come in two standard Blu-ray Amaray cases. Two films are in one and two in the other. Both cases are housed in a cardboard slip case. Four discs altogether. (Each film has its own disc)

If you like these films this is the best version to own.
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Precision Training - Portable Football Tactics Board (Size: 30cm x 45cm )
Precision Training - Portable Football Tactics Board (Size: 30cm x 45cm )
Offered by ACA Sports Limited
Price: 23.35

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Visual Aid., 27 Sep 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this as I am a youth football coach and wanted to improve my coaching style to aid the teams understanding and learning.
It is an excellent piece of kit and helps me get my ideas across a lot easier.
It comes with a black carry bag that has a pocket inside to hold pens ,markers etc,two sets of different coloured magnetic markers, two dry wipe board pens and a rubber.
Has a full pitch on one side and one half on the other.
It's a decent size and easy to hold plus you can hang it on a wall if you wish.
Excellent visual aid.

Ooh! What a Lovely Pair: Our Story
Ooh! What a Lovely Pair: Our Story
Price: 3.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Entertaining and Engaging, 24 April 2013
Funny, entertaining, engaging and frank. An excellent, easy read with Ant and Dec's effortless wit and banter. I wish I drank at their local.

Papillon (Harper Perennial Modern Classics)
Papillon (Harper Perennial Modern Classics)
Price: 4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Added to my favourites, 24 April 2013
The voice of Papillon is unique and eloquent without being strange or difficult to understand. His imagery and emotional descriptions of harrowing situations give an insight into what a tenacious and positive spirit Charriere owned. A highly recommended read for all.

The Marine 3: Homefront [Blu-ray]
The Marine 3: Homefront [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Mike Mizanin
Price: 7.00

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3.0 out of 5 stars Back in the USA!, 12 April 2013
After the disappointing and boring 2nd instalment set outside the USA, here we have part three back on home turf! I thought that after the 2nd that would be it as far as The WWE Marine films were concerned, so I was a little surprised to see a third instalment and if Neil McDonough wasn't in it (of Band of Brothers and Walking Tall fame) I probably wouldn't have bothered watching it. I'm glad I did though as it was entertaining and much better than number 2! It's just not as good as number 1 though!

This time around we have The "MIZ" as the Marine. Here he is on leave from the corp for two weeks and decides to go home to see his two younger sisters as he hasn't seen them in 14 months. All three lost their parents a few years back and Big Brother The Marine tries to be some kind of father figure every time he comes home, but always seems to mess up, reading between the lines. His younger sister is seeing a local boy,whom big brother doesn't approve of and when lil sis and boyfriend are hanging out together near the river for some ' private time' they witness a murder by a terrorist played by McDonough. Both the little sister and the boyfriend are then taken hostage aboard an old boat. Just before this little sister manages to ring big sister who rings big brother who then goes into Marine mode to get his sister and her boyfriend back!

There are hand to hand fights, shoot outs, explosions and all the usual stuff and its nothing we haven't seen before but it was entertaining. It's definitely one of the better straight to home video releases I've seen but not with out its issues!

The director who also wrote the script did a good job right up until the 2nd part of the movie and there after about fifty minutes it all goes down hill and the quality drops. The part where the FBI gets involved is where it becomes a poorly executed low budget mess. The big shoot out where all the FBI S.W.A.T agents were killed by McDonough and his crew in about 30 seconds was so poorly done, it was laugh out loud ridiculous. It had me rolling my eyes saying "come on,please......"

There were parts where I was thinking what was the point of that. For example there is a part where a state trooper drives his patrol car into the cargo hold of the terrorists boat after the FBI shoot,out gets out,stares at McDonough before being shot in the back by another goon terrorist. It made no sense.

The 2nd part makes the movie loose all credibility as it looks like they spent the budget on the first half of the movie. The action scenes i.e shoot outs were just awful and looked very amateurish. The hand to hand fights were good though and The MIZ showed his fighting skills very well. He just didn't looked comfortable with a gun, which is a shame since the part he is playing is of a combat ready Marine. The acting was pretty ropey throughout except McDonough who showed he was a far better actor than the rest put together. Ashley Bell who played the younger sister was particularly poor IMO.

The big pay off at the end in Seattle never happened for me, probably due to budget restraints and we are left with a pathetic death for the baddy and a cheap explosion.

It's not all bad though. Like I said the 1st half was handled really well and I thought to myself this is good we may have a decent DTV effort here but then it just went downhill when the action started. It did leave me thinking at one point when is all the action gonna kick off and when it did apart from a few fist fights it became stupid.
I liked the introduction to the main character and the song that went with it at the beginning. That was well done and also the ending montage and its song aswell, that was a nice touch if a bit cheesy!
Overall i was entertained and it showed potential, so guess it did its job but it could have been so much better after the dangle of the carrot in the first part. I think that the director was either out of his league by the end or ran out of ideas or money with the 2nd half of the script. I think there should have been a bit more humour in it rather than take itself too seriously.

The PQ is not bad. It's crisp and clear,with good colours and does have a filmatic look and feel to it. This is unusual for a DTV film as they usually have the standard TV movie of the week look, but overall it does lack really fine detail for a Blu-Ray. I would give it 3.5 out of 5.0.

The sound was typical fair with lots of loud explosions and the music and dialogue came across well. I would say 3.5 again.

The extras came to about 40 minutes and weren't too bad. They were a bit EPK and not really in depth pieces but its nice to have them. Not sure they have much rewatch value though.

Overall, with some beers and pizza etc its a good way to spend 90 minutes relaxing after work, even with its limitations. Definately the 2nd best Marine movie. Cenas is still the best!

Aliens Colonial Marines Official Strategy Guide (Bradygames Strategy Guides)
Aliens Colonial Marines Official Strategy Guide (Bradygames Strategy Guides)
by BradyGames
Edition: Paperback
Price: 10.39

4.0 out of 5 stars A good companion to the game!, 22 Mar 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Like all Brady strategy guides you are getting a first rate product as far as the info goes.

You gets all the maps,low down on the five main characters from the story modes but not on the multi player film characters,locations of the special collectables,weapons guides,tips and a list of all the challenges.

The only thing I would say is that some of the pictures of screen shots are a bit small and its difficult to see exactly where things are. The print quality of the pages could be better. Other than that it does the job.

No Title Available

5.0 out of 5 stars Just what I wanted., 17 Feb 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The Retro Dog Wall Planner is just what I wanted. It fits in with my office decor and is a refreshing change to the standard design I've been reluctantly used to. Already it's covered in reminders and I'll definitely be ordering another at the end of the year.

The Sylvester Stallone Collection [Blu-ray] [2012] [Region Free]
The Sylvester Stallone Collection [Blu-ray] [2012] [Region Free]
Dvd ~ Sylvester Stallone
Price: 9.50

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4.0 out of 5 stars Value for Money!, 30 Jan 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This box set is great value for money. The set is a Tenner on Amazon. That's five Stallone action films for 2 each.

I am a big Stallone fan ( have been since Rocky)

All the films are great entertainment and you get a kick out of watching them. They look a bit dated now but they are great fun.

You get:-

Cobra-includes Commentary, Making of (7 mins and 50 seconds) and a Cobra trailer.
Tango and Cash-Trailer.
The Specialist-Trailer.
Demolition Man-Commentary and a Theatrical Trailer.

Fans will like this Boxset.

The picture quality of these back catalogue releases IMO range from 3 star to 4 star. All are 1080P.
All the films have DTS HD 5.1 MA soundtracks except Tango and Cash which has Dolby True HD 5.1.
Audio quality IMO is between 3 stars for Tango and Cash and 4.0 stars for Assassins.

Some might consider these a guilty pleasure, but they don't make em like this anymore. These are good old fashioned 80's and 90's actions films and a product of their time,which makes them quite fascinating just from the feel and visual point of view of them.

Cracking set for Stallone fans.

Marvel's Avengers Assemble [Blu-ray] [Region Free]
Marvel's Avengers Assemble [Blu-ray] [Region Free]
Dvd ~ Robert Downey Jr.
Price: 10.10

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1.0 out of 5 stars Special features Assemble.......Not!, 21 Sep 2012
What were Disney thinking by releasing a bare bones edition in the UK. Less features than the US, not a triple play, the list is endless!

The US gets a fully packed 3D four disc edition. If it weren't for the retailer exclusive at Sainsburys with the 98 minute doc, you would have a disc with four measly extras!

I have given 1 * for the disc content. The film I would give 4 out of 5 stars. AV quality 5 out of 5.

Disney need to change their release policy or they will start losing customers! Don't bother with the naff UK release, import the 4 disc US version from Amazon.Com instead.

Fortress [Blu-ray]
Fortress [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Bug Hall
Offered by nagiry
Price: 5.58

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2.0 out of 5 stars Worth a Watch., 29 Jun 2012
This review is from: Fortress [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray)
I've watched the film twice now and can honestly say its not as bad as the other reviewers are making out.
Yes it's a very low budget war movie, with some iffy cgi in places, but it serves it's purpose and helps tell the story very well.
You can see it was a labour of love for the filmakers and I think the director, editor cast and crew did an admiral job, which I think the other reviewers didn't get. At the end of the movie there is a message from the film makers saying they did there best on such a low budget etc.
For a DTV film, with such a small budget I was amazed at what they achieved. My favourite part of the film was the first ten minutes which featured lots of aerial combat.
I really enjoyed the film and that's what's important to me as a viewer. If a film achieves that, then its done what it's meant to do in my book. It's not perfect but what film is.
I say give this film ago, as even though it's not a big budget Hollywood movie with expensive production values, it is a solid and enjoyable WW2 film and much better than some of the tripe that goes straight to DVD these days.

No bonus features.

PQ 3 out of 5. Audio 2.5 out of 5.

If I made this film, I would be proud of it. Let's hope it becomes a cult hit on home video.

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