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Just Laptops Acer SADP-65KB D (19v 3.42a 5.5mm x 1.5mm diameter connector tip) Compatible Laptop Power Supply Charger Adapter with Power Cord and 1-Yr Warranty
Just Laptops Acer SADP-65KB D (19v 3.42a 5.5mm x 1.5mm diameter connector tip) Compatible Laptop Power Supply Charger Adapter with Power Cord and 1-Yr Warranty
Offered by Just Laptops Ltd.
Price: 9.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Just the replacement I needed, 11 Aug 2010
On the sudden failure of the intial cable that came with my laptop I was at a bit of a loss with no access to my c drive. However, I found this product to continue the job admirably. It works - that's what it needs to do - great!
ps (I have had it for some time now and it still works)

No Title Available

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4.0 out of 5 stars Will do the job it was intended for, 11 Aug 2010
I have only worn it once but I was happy with the top. The quality of the product and the material are completely acceptable (especially at this price). I wore it for an early morning run and with a chill in the air to begin with, to brilliant sunshine by the end - the top did indeed control my temperature (not sure how this works) much better then a normal t-shirt I had been wearing previously. It's got flat seams and according to the info SPF. To my mind, the only issue that potental purchasers need to consider carefully is which size to go for. It is a compression top and so sure it is a tight fit -and I mean tight, it leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination! Being a size 8 women, I normally fit into 9/10 year old boys clothes. On getting the boys size I wasn't sure if I would get in it let alone for it to fit (it looked the right size for my small dog!) but I gave it a go thinking that I would be sending it back but it did fit (just) as it is quite strechy.

The Prisoner Complete Series [DVD]
The Prisoner Complete Series [DVD]
Dvd ~ Jim Caviezel
Price: 14.36

9 of 15 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A revelation!, 25 April 2010
Having read the criticism and being of the opinion that 'The Prisoner' was NOT a series that could be successfully remade, I approached this version with caution...and I was blown away by how good it is!

With its shimmering, dream-like quality and highly subjective approach to the material (even the weirdest pre-'Fall Out' episodes of the original series still offered rationality), 'Prisoner 2009' is extraordinary stuff. Refreshingly slow-to-build in an era of ADHD television, it veers away from any direct competition with the original series, replacing its anger and colour and obsession with Behaviourism and individuality with incredulity and haziness and obsession with corporate homogenization.

Jim C doesn't try to ape McGooghan's force-of-nature and is much more of an everyman figure. Sir Ian is, as one would expect, brilliant. Added to this, the Village, the threat of Rover and the clever adaptation of the rather clunky 'Lost' flashbacks are all first-rate. Dammit, it even goes to places the original never went!

It's not better - 'The (1960s) Prisoner' is too iconic and revolutionary and essential to beat. Unlike McGooghan's baby, its wormed its way into the current TV landscape by smuggling in differences rather than blasting through with innovation after innovation. It is subtle. It doesn't top the best of the original, but at 6 episodes, it isn't clogged with filler either (there are arguably about 10 essential episodes of the classic version and Mcgoohan reckoned only 7). Give it a go - it's really quite impressive in a very different way than you might expect.
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Jack The Ripper [1988] (Michael Caine) [DVD]
Jack The Ripper [1988] (Michael Caine) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Michael Caine
Offered by HalfpriceDVDS_FBA
Price: 14.98

5.0 out of 5 stars Rent day!, 7 Nov 2008
There are some niggles with this big budget mini-series from 1988, including a pointless love affair between Caine's Inspector Fred Abberline and Jane Seymour's Emma Prentiss. For one, she seems a couple of classes out his league and we get precious little detail about their background, why they are no longer together and why we should be bothered about the prospect of them getting re-acquainted. For a couple of scenes, Emma skirts with the main plot but it all seems very contrived. Added to this is the most bombastic music score,which is mostly wonderful but just a little too OTT in places. Then of course, being a trans-Atlantic production, we get an unusual glossing over of the realities of Whitechapel in 1888 that one suspects a British-only production would have highlighted. But hey, the Americans put in the cash and by God it shows - therefore, a little romanticizing about Victorian east end London isn't such a problem, even if the prostitutes look amazingly sober and well turned out!

Onto the good stuff. The cast are brilliant across the board and the production values are very high with superb design, lighting and some really unnerving and horrifying scenes (I watched this go out when I was 10-years-old and two decades later it still has the power to disturb in its own unique way). Caine is superb - wonderfully still, his watery eyes intense and his delivery beautifully understated without being dull. Lewis Collins shines as his partner, dispelling memories of the ludicrous escapades of 'The Professionals', while the likes of TP McKenna, Ray McAnally and Hugh Fraser put in some lovely turns too.

Despite claims that this is the real story, the production team take huge liberties and offer a revelation that isn't remotely accurate. However, the psychic visions of Robert Lees (Ken Bones) and the moment after David Ryall calls on one of the victims of the Ripper with a jolly "Rent day!" are unlikely to be forgotten in a hurry.

Doctor Who - Battlefield [DVD] [1989]
Doctor Who - Battlefield [DVD] [1989]
Dvd ~ Sylvester McCoy
Price: 5.60

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2.0 out of 5 stars We're knights of the round table!!, 11 Oct 2008
'Battlefield' exposes the main problem with `Doctor Who' in the late-80s: unlike the haunted house tale`Ghost Light' that followed this one, for example, the lack of budget is painfully obvious here - this production coming on like a glorified corporate video, which strongly suggests that the creative team would have done well to stick to the stylized serials that revel in their own artificiality ('The Happiness Patrol', 'The Greatest Show in the Galaxy') and the period pieces that play to the Beeb's strengths ('Ghost Light', 'The Curse of Fenric') because this looks extremely cheap, especially when one considers how solid and impressive the early-70s UNIT adventures could be such as `The Silurians' and `The Mind of Evil'.
It is frustrating that a show with such a good heart, lovely ideas and marvellous moments is so badly marred in the execution. It looks like a BBC magazine show (the music is woeful) and this is a great shame because it is clearly got the potential to be a sure-fire winner, with a memorable villain and some lovely isolated scenes. A great pity.
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Doctor Who - Four to Doomsday [DVD]
Doctor Who - Four to Doomsday [DVD]
Dvd ~ Peter Davison
Price: 5.50

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3.0 out of 5 stars A good middling story, 21 Aug 2008
THE FIRST STORY Peter Davison recorded shows the awkwardness of the new regulars as they try to settle in. The younger cast (presumably brought together to invest a fresh, innocent quality back into the series after the more mature Doctor/Romana relationship of the year before), are a mixed bunch. Davison is instantly appealing, even if he lacks some of the otherworldly edge needed for the role and Janet Fielding has real potential. Sadly, Sarah Sutton's Nyssa is too dull and mannerly to set the screen alight, while pudding-bowl-haired boy genius Adric got on everyone's three-penny bits!
Nevertheless, following a stilted first episode, this emerges as an intriguing tale. The mood and narrative style are reminiscent of the show's earliest days but the concepts are very contemporary (for 1982). Stratford Johns is a wonderfully charming villain and his schemes are both engaging and barking mad. There is wit rather than all-out clowning and the design is gorgeous to boot. Not a story to illicit the panning it has received by others here, or great acclaim either - it's a diverting, middling episode with some interesting ideas and perhaps best if - like me - you watched it go out as a kid where the rush of nostalgia is as powerful as for anyone old enough to remember earlier years and equally influential on one's opinion.

Star Trek The Next Generation: The Complete Seasons 1-7 [DVD]
Star Trek The Next Generation: The Complete Seasons 1-7 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Star Trek the Next Generation

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1.0 out of 5 stars There's probably a reason I never got this as a young lad, 7 May 2008
Never got into 'Star Trek Next Gen' as a kid but being that the wife has the DVDs and is a bit of a fan, I decided to give them a look-see. My word, it's bad. Po-faced, lacking the engaging characters of the original series, cliched-hole-ridden plots...Terrible. One story stood out about two binary aliens and the 'DataLore' episode was pretty engaging but oh, dear...I heard 'Next Gen' gets better - three episodes into series 2 there's no sign as yet. This is bad but there's nothing quite as bad as the Okana episode!
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Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut [HD DVD]
Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut [HD DVD]
Dvd ~ Christopher Reeve
Offered by Quality-Books-UK
Price: 23.99

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars As close as you can get to the Donner vision, 16 Mar 2008
The strengths of this cut are: the general beefing up of Lois' role, so that she is acting as a proper investigative reporter who works out about Clark from the get-go and acts on it, rather than having her suspicions confirmed by a convenient trip on a bear-skin rug; the removing of Non's comedy squeaks; the editing back in of the scene in which Jor-El sacrifices himself to restore his son's powers; the nuclear missile from the first movie being the cause of the destruction of the villains' prison, and more footage of Hackman.
The strengths of the theatrical version remain: the better pace (Donner's cut may be faster but the moment of the villains' first arrival on Earth to the army coming in is ludicrously quick, excising the much-needed scenes in Lester's movie of them roughing up the townsfolk); the heart-wrenching moments between Reeve and Susannah Yorke, who gets the chance to do her motherly bit when Superman confesses his love for Lois; the villains' story being given more weight and menace because they are seen to do terrible things more frequently in this cut, and the greater amount of action, including the fight in the Fortress of Solitude between the four super-beings.
Perhaps the biggest revelation is how both versions rely on jokes no matter what the anti-Lester brigade argue about his version being more comedic. It isn't. Sure Donner is less interested in slap-stick to lift the violent moments but he's not above a toilet joke or three either!
Ultimately, neither the Donner cut nor the Lester version is perfect but the latter feels more complete (obviously), better structured and with a greater amount of action. While the full Donner version we were denied may well have been better, this one truncates too many essential moments (was it necessary to be quite so ruthless with the available Lester footage?)
How about someone give us a version that pulls together the best of both directors' work? This is interesting but I'll stick with the cinema release.

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