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The Mystery Of Zulu Dawn [DVD]
The Mystery Of Zulu Dawn [DVD]
Price: £9.86

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5.0 out of 5 stars Forensic-Style Examination Of Isandhlwana, 18 Jan 2013
The oracle of the Zulu Wars, Ian Knight, takes a team to re-examine the battlefield of Isandhlwana to try to uncover answers to the mysteries which shroud the defeat of an imperial, modern, British army, armed with the new Martini-Henry rifle.
One thing they've always thought is the difficulty getting into ammo boxes. But a box of the period is hit with a piece of wood and easily comes away, so that particular theory is a bit weak. So what caused it?
Well, the shamen would prepare a concoction for the Zulu before battle - a 'snuff' which, under forensic examination in England (a sample purchased by Ian from the Zulu) shows very high content of THC, which they conclude would have made the Zulu trance-like, extremely aggressive and able to keep attacking even with one or two wounds from British fire.
Includes nice footage of the battle site with the team finding bits from the battle with metal detectors.
There is examination of the rifle also. The Martini-Henry heats up very quickly to a very high temperature which could cause a bullet cartridge to stick and need taking out with a bayonet - perhaps leading to a breakdown in the thin red line, allowing Zulus to penetrate. The other thing was the accumalation of smoke from the gunfire which could have made visibility poor. If you're into the Zulu War battles, I would definitely buy this. I got it originally on video from the States as you couldn't get it in the UK back then.
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Stewart Lee - Carpet Remnant World [DVD]
Stewart Lee - Carpet Remnant World [DVD]
Dvd ~ Stewart Lee
Price: £17.78

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5.0 out of 5 stars Better and better and better, 14 Jan 2013
Okay. If you're reading this you are either a fan of Stewart Lee, in which case, don't waste any time, just buy this it's fantastic. OR. You're someone who likes 'comedy' and watches the usual BBC 'stand up comics'. In which'd prefer McIntyre et al. Which is's refining the's like trimming the fat off a piece of fillet steak.
I have all of Stewart Lee's DVDs, including the Go Faster Stripe DVD. I have seen him live and the guy just gets more and more impressive. Yes he is sharp, yes, he is smart, yes he is uber-intelligent - and can be controversially as shocking as the next when he wants to be - but he is also extremely funny. Now a 40-something with a kid, Stewart finds himself kind of lost as to know what to do...his previous material/tours/DVDs have always come off the back of something. But now 'he has nothing' in which to dip into for material. And let's remember, Frankie Boyle said comedy shouldn't be done by anyone over 40...
Well, when you watch Stewart Lee, you're not just watching a stand are...but you are watching a masterclass of stand up, performed by someone with such an incredible insight into the job that you are elevated far, far beyond just comedy.
I thank goodness he won't go 'mainstream' as this would be a massive loss. I am a massive Bill Hicks fan, in fact Bill Hicks, George Carlin and Stewart Lee are my holy trinity of stand up. But it's true what Stewart says in this DVD...Bill Hicks left a legacy of a few hours of stand up. Living stand ups have to continue writing and performing class material...and believe me Stewart does. The guy, in my eyes, truly is a genius of stand up comedy. There were bits in this routine that had me crying with laughter (the internet slaggings off). Hilarious. Genius. Master. Very clever and above all, funny.
So.....yeah...I'd recommend this.

Ricky Gervais Live IV - Science [DVD]
Ricky Gervais Live IV - Science [DVD]
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £2.59

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1.0 out of 5 stars Awful garbage, 16 Dec 2010
As the reviewer Alex has rightly stated, Gervais stole the Derek & Clive 'gag'. He also steals one from Bernard Manning - yep, about the Antiques Roadshow.
Whereas once we laughed at his 'playful cheekiness' and found it funny when he bigged himself up as the 'big I am' because we thought he was being tongue in cheek, now I get the feeling he genuinely does think this way of himself. Everything is "I flew by helicopter" and "I was alone in first class" etc etc.
I don't think I so much as grinned at this DVD all the way through.
As Alex says, if you want intelligent and clever, Stewart Lee IS the master. If you want 'sicker' jokes, people like Frankie Boyle and Jimmy Carr are funnier. Where does that leave Gervais? Dunno. But he seems to be another British comic a victim of his own success. Anymore drivel such as this and he may find he comes down to Earth with one massive bump. Though he'd probably never believe that was possible. I have all of the Extras and The Office and bought (and sold) his first three stand up DVDs. So I'm not just being flippant. This genuinely is awful.
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