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A Question Of Hope and Stars Crew Neck Printed Men's T-Shirt White Medium
A Question Of Hope and Stars Crew Neck Printed Men's T-Shirt White Medium
Price: 29.40

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2.0 out of 5 stars be warned, 7 Feb 2014
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I liked this at first, good fit, nice fabric, nice design. Sadly it shrunk terribly after the first wash and I won't be wearing it again.

Blood Moon Rise
Blood Moon Rise
Price: 12.33

5.0 out of 5 stars milk and honey for the ears, 7 Nov 2013
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This review is from: Blood Moon Rise (Audio CD)
I can't think of many albums better than this one.

It took me a shameful while to get into Jex Thoth having being exposed to them around 4 years ago I picked up the debut LP a few months back. It's great by the way, a wonderful slab of psychedelic doom and you should buy it. Now.

My one complaint was the shortness of the songs which gave it a somewhat "stop start" feeling initially. Blood Moon Rise is better paced with fewer, longer songs which breathe with more ease than in the debut.

The production is perfect for this kind of genre. Everything has room. It's a very sparse production if that makes sense. Imagine the direct opposite of a really densely produced death metal record like Portal or something. Everything sustains and re-verbs and echoes and it sounds like you're listening to the jamming session in the grand canyon and it's exquisite. The guitar sound in particular with blatant dis-regard for abusing the Crybaby weeps and bleeds and seeps and melts into your ears knocking out crushingly heavy distorted riffs one second and gently melodic ear titillation the next

Special note has to go to Jex herself who has moved on from her more "shouty" style in the debut to a more "crooning" style here. At times she reminds me of a deeper voiced Lana Del Rey which I mean as a compliment. Despite what biologists will tell you it is possible for your ears to orgasm and Jex Thoth must be some kind of tantric master, her voice it that good.

One thing I will say is an album that, when listened to on a bus packed with noisy, bratty, 15 year old girls who just WILL NOT SHUT UP! At 9:30 pm when I'm tired from work and in no mood for anything remotely happy, Blood Moon Rise can bring me back to happiness, bliss, sorrow and sadness is one simultaneous clash of pure human emotion.

There isn't really a Separated at Birth or Warrior Woman on this album. No real stand out track that you'll leap forward too but that's to the over all benefit of the album as everything here is so good there's no chaff for the wheat to stand out from.

I write this with a sense of forboding since, as with the latest from Wodensthrone and Cult of Luna, I'm not completely convinced this thing can be topped! Nor is this an album just for the doom/metal/psych heads amongst us. I'm not sure I would baulk from playing this LP to anyone regardless of musical taste. It's one of those albums that is not only an amazing piece of metal or rock or doom or hip hop or transcendental Ukrainian dub folk... it's just an amazing piece of music.

Bravo Blood Moon Rise. Bravo Jex Thoth.

Official Xbox 360 Play and Charge Kit - Black (Xbox 360)
Official Xbox 360 Play and Charge Kit - Black (Xbox 360)
Price: 11.86

1.0 out of 5 stars breaks after a short while, 11 Jun 2013
= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
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I've had two of these and I've given up. Both stopped dependably recharging my controller after around 2 - 3 month mark only charging if the wire was in a very specific, fiddly position until finally dying entirely shortly after.

A really cheap product overpriced cause it's "officially" for the 360, by a battery charger for AA's instead and save yourself some money and hassle.

Gangster Marilyn Monroe Mens T-shirt, Marilyn Monroe With Tattoos and Guns Men's Tee Shirt, Medium, Black
Gangster Marilyn Monroe Mens T-shirt, Marilyn Monroe With Tattoos and Guns Men's Tee Shirt, Medium, Black
Offered by UltraD
Price: 13.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Really nice shirt, 8 May 2013
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Got this today and was really impressed. Nice bright, thick white print very large on the chest. Got a few good compliments wearing it out and about.

Very nice fit for me too. I got a medium and it fits very well. For reference I'm 5'11" with a 40" chest and 32"waist and it fits very well. Snug but not tight.

Fabric is of a high quality feels well made and durable. Also it's very well prices I have paid twice as much for lesser quality shirts in the past.

Can't say anything bad about it. Top quality shirt.

Marshall Distressed Logo Black Mens T-shirt Medium
Marshall Distressed Logo Black Mens T-shirt Medium

2.0 out of 5 stars Poor quality product, 20 Mar 2013
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This is an incredibly flimsy shirt. It's very thin and very small for a medium. Also it has a low slung neck unlike in the photo which makes it look very odd for me as you can see about an inch of shoulder when I wear it.

It's Gilden soft style shirt which past experience has shown me shrink in the wash an incredible amount. These shirts are very thin, tear extremely easily and provide very little in the way of warmth.

To cap it off the print on mine wasn't white it was a light grey.

Open the Gates
Open the Gates
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: 11.83

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2.0 out of 5 stars Here there be a doubter, 24 Jan 2013
This review is from: Open the Gates (Audio CD)
Manilla Road are legendary. One of those bands who are held up as nigh on perfect by a fanbase so loyal it verges on zealous. In all my years of following metal in all it's forms the only other band who seem to be so very untouchable are Slough Feg, and like Slough Feg I never really got into Manilla Road.

So it was with a sense of almost obligation I picked up Open The Gates to finally sample what seems to be THE band to point to, especially from an underground perspective.

So did I like it? Not really no.

The album kicks off with Metal Storm and everything seems peachy. The production is reminiscent of Slough Feg in some regards especially the bass. Everything is pretty clear without sounding sterile it's kind of a perfect production for a heavy metal album.

The guitar riff is pretty good. I mean it's not Hell Patrol good or Paranoid good or Seek and Destroy good but it's alright. The guitars through the whole album are alright. The solos are alright too. We're not talking War Pigs melody, Raining Blood insanity or anything but they're pretty good.

Everything is pretty good or alright. It's just not outstanding in any particular way. Let me clarify that as it does not stand out from the standards we have set with other Heavy/Power/Thrash metal acts. Less melodic than Maiden, less rabid than Judas Priest, less "rawking" than Saxon. Is this just me?

One thing that does stand out, and I mean it stands out like marmite in a mars bar, are the vocals. And this is where I'll probably get flamed but the vocals are horrible. This guy can't sustain a note to save his life his vocal chords wobble all over the places. A really good example of this is Weaver of The Web and Open The Gates.

I'll tell you what he sounds like: he sounds like the vocalist for an ageing pub metal tribute band not some Legendary American icons of power metal and all things epic. This guy does not have the chops or the throat to sound epic. Alan Averill sounds epic. Johan Längquist sounds epic. Ronnie James Dio (RIP) sounds epic. This guy sounds... dare I say pathetic?

So yeah. This album is fairly highly regarded that's why I chose it. Maybe it's a grower but right here, right now it's an average heavy metal recording with quite poorly written songs ruined by bad vocals.

I will give credit to The Ninth Wave which has some really nice re-verb drenched guitar riffs, again nothing exceptional but enjoyable. In the end I really can't see why these guys garner such adoration in a genre as well populated as Power Metal. Maybe those people never heard Painkiller....

Gildan Plastic Head 2000AD ABC Warriors Men's T-Shirt Black Medium
Gildan Plastic Head 2000AD ABC Warriors Men's T-Shirt Black Medium
Price: 13.50

1.0 out of 5 stars Gilden Soft Style Shirts Suck!, 23 Jan 2013
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The print on this shirt is not pure white like the picture suggests, it's off white, more like a very pale yellow which gives the shirt a dirty unwashed look.

The shirt itself is a Gilden Soft Style shirt, not Heavy Cotton. There are three problems with this style of shirt:

1) The fit is much tighter than the traditional heavy cotton or FOTL style shirts and as such if those shirts fit you well, this one won't. Also the crew neck is looser making it look like one of those trendy shirts you see in H&M or Topman.

2) The fabric is extremely thin. It provides zero insulation and feels very flimsy as if it would tear very easily.

3) After one wash your shirt will shrink beyond measure. Everything else comes down to personal taste but this one is damning. After you wash your shirt for the first time they all shirt a little bit, these ones shrink a huge amount to the point where a medium size shirt looks more like a small.

So buy a large when you would buy medium instead? I tried that and all that happened was after one wash I had a shirt that didn't even reach my belt whilst flowing out behind me like some kind of cape.

Price: 11.07

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5.0 out of 5 stars A blissfully crushing album, 18 May 2012
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This review is from: Curse (Audio CD)
Well Wodensthrone have topped themselves somehow. 2009's Loss was my album of that year and probably my favourite Black Metal album of all time. It's a fine LP that can overshadow an album like Loss. Curse may well be that very LP.

What's changed? Well old vocalist Brunwulf is out the vocals now being handled by the guitarists and drummer. To be honest I wouldn't have guess if no one had told me. Brunwulf had a good voice and the vocals here are excellent too but it's not a dramatic shift. There is the inclusion of clean vocals however but not the crooning wussy kind so don't fret.

The clean vocals kinda key in what has changed here. Everything that is heavy, is heavier. The guitars thunder, crunch and squeal louder. The drummers roll across the sound scape like the stampede when needed but Wodensthrone do now turn it down from time to time.

Don't fret! This is not dumbing down! What they've done is built on the progressive elements of Loss to let the songs breathe ever so more. The result is an album that is somehow even more epic than Loss was with orchestral scores (Don't fret! Not dimmu style!) and gang vocal esq chanting that feel woven into the fabric of the sound. These catches for breath make the heavy blasts of violence all the more violent when compared to the serene nature of the more soothing passages.

The band still have their influences on their sleeve. They channel Hvis... Era Burzum and early Drudkh like on Loss but one song has a distinct Emperor style guitar tone and the inhaled vocals that close out the album reminds me of Ahab of all bands!

This is a thoroughly satisfying album to listen to from beginning to end. Perfectly paced with all the dials turned up on all fronts it is both heavier, more soothing and more epic than Loss whilst remaining familiar at the same time. It's basically the perfect sequel to the perfect debut; the Godfather Part II of Black Metal.

Outstanding on all fronts, an amazing piece of work.

UFC: Best of 2011 [DVD]
UFC: Best of 2011 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Brock Lesnar
Price: 10.30

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1.0 out of 5 stars Where are my fights?, 16 May 2012
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This review is from: UFC: Best of 2011 [DVD] (DVD)
This is not like the other UFC best ofs. What you have here is a collection of highlights, not entire fights.

Disc 1 consists of lots of back story on the year plus highlights of key fights, usually the last 30 seconds or so. So for example you don't get all of Big Nog vs Schaub you just get some back story followed by the finish at the end of the fight. And I later learned that the entirety of Disc one is actually a televised special shown on fuel tv! It's not even original content!

That. Sucks!

Some of the fights highlighted on disc one are on disc two in full like Wand vs Cung Le and Edgar vs Maynard 2. Disc 2 is actually not bad but I can't really get across how baffled I am by the shoddy presentation on disc 1. Why on earth you wouldn't provide the full Shogun vs Hendo fight on disc 1 just to have it on disc 2 just seems insane to me. Get rid of all the nonsense about fox and let us see the fights in full!

I'm really gutted by this DVD some of the fights this year were awesome but without them being shown in their entirety it just comes across like those poorly thought out Knockout DVDs.

Really disappointed and not worth the money when you look at past DVDs in the series. In fact I kind of take it as an insult that this was released like this, it's pathetic.

Post Script: Here's a thing. The DVD says 30 matches. The DVD doesn't have 30 matches, it has 12 (two on disc one are JDS vs Cain and Wand vs Leben plus 10 on disc 2). A blatant case of false advertising.
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British Steel T-shirt
British Steel T-shirt
Price: 13.41 - 15.20

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2.0 out of 5 stars A warning, 18 Feb 2012
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This review is from: British Steel T-shirt (Apparel)
The photos of this shirt do not represent the actual design. The front design covers the entire front of the shirt rather than just the chest as shown. Also the motto "defends of the faith" is absent from the back of the shirt.

It's standard Gilden so decent enough quality, but the shirt you get is not the shirt shown. Be warned
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