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5L Pump Action Pressure Sprayer - use with water, fertilizer or pesticides
5L Pump Action Pressure Sprayer - use with water, fertilizer or pesticides
Offered by Garden Selections
Price: 8.49

1.0 out of 5 stars Not Impressed, 15 Jun 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this sprayer as I have quite a few patches of lawn that needed re-seeding and thought this would make life easier keeping them watered and also for plant food on the flower beds. Considering the price I wasn't expecting it to be the best quality but I still expected it to at least work! The instructions state that you should pump it 20-25 times to build up the pressure... hmmm... when full the pressure release valve kicks in after about 6 pumps which gives you about 5 seconds of spraying. Once you've got down to about 1/3 full you can manage 20-25 pumps but you get virtually no pressure at all. After about 10 minutes of pump, spray, pump, spray, pump, spray, water started dribbling from where the spray head attaches and no amount of tightening the joint made any difference.
Think I'll stick with the watering can!

Early Learning Centre - Foot Pump
Early Learning Centre - Foot Pump

1.0 out of 5 stars Expected more from ELC, 20 May 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Having just bought a paddling pool for the grand-kids chose this pump expecting that from Early Learning Centre it would be reasonable quality. This pump managed JUST ONE SINGLE PUFF before breaking!!! The glue sticking the hose to it's attachment clearly not adequate for the job. A little more quality control needed from ELC me thinks.

Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Rotary Lawnmower with 32cm Cutting Width
Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Rotary Lawnmower with 32cm Cutting Width
Price: 79.99

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Fabulous Value, 15 April 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Having struggled on last summer with my old Flymo I decided enough was enough and treated myself to this Bosch. Money is tight so I was a little concerned that at this price my new mower would not be up to the job - I needn't have worried.

First off I'll give you some context; I have an illness which, amongst other things, can give me symptoms similar to ME so mowing the lawn is not a job I relish. Added to that I have about an 80' square garden of which about a 3rd is full of lumps, bumps, dips and slopes and is mostly what I call "meadow grass" that grows 10 times faster than lawn grass. This same area gets very little sun and only dries out properly after 6 weeks of drought! So you get the picture - it's, for me, seriously hard work.

Not any more! This little dream machine has dealt effortlessly with the first cut of this year, on long, very wet in places grass and weeds. It is so light and easy to manoeuvre and the only time it let this horrible meadow grass get the better of it and became a little clogged round the blade was when the grass box was full. The Flymo had to be unclogged every 30 secs on the first cut with an empty box!
The roller leaves beautiful stripes, and it really does cut right to the fence edges making a strimmer virtually redundant.
The only thing I would put on a wish list to make this machine totally perfect would be a longer lead (even with a 20 metre extension I only just reach the farthest corners). Others have said they feel the grass box is too small; it is smaller than my old Flymo but a larger box would require the machine to be heavier in order for it to not tip it backwards when full so for me smaller is just fine thank you.
To address a couple of the other criticisms made, firstly regarding putting it together. I'm a 50+ female with very few brain cells and had no difficulty. Yes, the instructions could be clearer but personally I had no problems. The grass box pieces clipped together easily and once this is done it doesn't feel that flimsy - certainly for the amount of grass it's expected to carry. Again, sturdier would mean more weight so for me this is a plus point.
Secondly the cutting height which is adjusted underneath. I did find this a bit awkward initially, however I would opt for this over the "tabs" on the side method as on the Flymo. It seems to me to be a much stronger and more sensible design. With the tabs method if the plastic casing warps slightly (as mine had) the tabs don't stay in place. Plus when the tabs catch on something and snap off (again, as mine had!) you have no way of raising it at all.

The bottom line is this is an extremely reasonably priced mower and I don't think you could beat it on Value for Money. It's done my garden in literally half the time it took my much larger Flymo so I'm a very happy bunny!

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