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Creative Zen Micro 6GB MP3 Player - Black
Creative Zen Micro 6GB MP3 Player - Black

11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A great player in my experience, 14 Feb 2006
In my experience, this little player has been excellent. Now, I think its fair to say about half the reviews here on Amazon praise this MP3 player, and half completely slate it for being unreliable. Now I'm not saying the negative reviews are lies, but what I will say is that it seems to me that there have been a few dodgey batches of these players delivered to suppliers.
I've had mine since Christmas, and have had no problems whatsoever. I listen to it every day while at work, its battery lasts a constant day of use (about 8.5 hours) with battery time to spare. The player seems solid, and I've even wiggled the headphone jack on purpose and it seems solid. I think latest of these players have better headphone jacks, and are a lot more reliable. I really hope some of the reviews on here aren't for the old 5GB version of the Zen Micro, I really really do. If I had read the reviews on here before getting my Zen Micro, I wouldn't currently HAVE a Zen Micro. That would be a shame.
Reliability aside (which seems to have been an issue for some people) I don't think anybody has/could ever complain about the menu system...its straight forward, logical, and even customisable. The player is very small, it looks great with the blue glow, and the glow even pulsates as it charges. Looks-wise its great. Complaints about the touch pad (a common complaint of this player) are ill-founded, as I've never had trouble with it. If you have ever used a touch pad on a laptop, then that's exactly what to expect on this player. The people who can't use the touch pad on this are the same people who still can't drive after their 200th driving lesson, and still haven't quite worked out how to send a text message yet.
The sound quality is top notch. I compared it to my brothers iPod nano and the sound is noticably sharper and fuller than the nano, although this may have been due to the earbuds and MP3 encoding quality. However, I bought some AKG K26P portable earphones for my Zen, and now the sound is absolutely amazing, and I've never looked back. The Zen has a customisable equalizer, as well as a range of equalizer presets, which are great.
6GB storage on this device is just about enough. I have some albums on mine that I don't listen to so, at least for me, there is pleanty of room for every single one of my favourite albums/songs. If you install Win Media Player 10 (included with Zen) then this device is also simply drag & drop through Windows Explorer, which is the single greatest feature of this player in my opinion. Why the hell would you have it any other way?! iTunes = Excess messing about.
All in all a fantastic player. I haven't even mentioned the FM radio (which is better than reviews make out) and it has a voice recorder too. Incredible value for money and a great player.

Cky: 2k [DVD]
Cky: 2k [DVD]
Offered by 247dvd
Price: 6.66

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5.0 out of 5 stars A great piece of entertainment for different reasons, 25 Jan 2006
This review is from: Cky: 2k [DVD] (DVD)
Its hard to describe why I like this. I do like the childish stunts in CKY and Jackass, although they wear very thin after a while for me. However, this DVD is seriously is PURE ENTERTAINMENT. I first watched this DVD a good few years ago when I was a student, but not just once. We watched it loads. The music in this DVD is absolutely superb, even the CKY unreleased tracks are great (the Arto Saari bit, for example), and I'm not even a massive fan of the band! Hell knows why they never released some of the stuff on this DVD. You can just chill with this DVD and happily listen to the music without even watching it. The stunts aren't just dumb, they are funny, extremely funny (the kicking-a-football-at-the-car bit.) The skateboarding bits aren't just the best brainless skateboarding they could get footage can tell the location and event actually mean something great to Bam + crew. Even the way some other bits are put together potray real atmosphere, such as the iceland bit. All in all a must buy DVD...unless you are over 30. By the way, Brandon's rap is rubbish...I can't understand why people find this so funny. The same people who like things like the Crazy Frog I've concluded.

AKG Folding Mini Headphones.Closed-Back. Leatherette Ear Pad
AKG Folding Mini Headphones.Closed-Back. Leatherette Ear Pad

13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I'm simply amazed, 10 Jan 2006
Before I went ahead and purchased this item I knew exactly what to expect; a closed can delivering sharp punchy bass and decent sound isolation. It was a choice between these and the Sennheiser PX100s (the AKG K26Ps main rival), but I chose these as I listen to a lot of rock/electronic music that would put the bass to good use, and I liked the idea of isolating outside sound (something the PX100 don't do.)
When I got my hands on these AKGs I looked at them and thought "Hmmm, like Tom Cruise, a lot smaller in person" and I nearly dismissed all the claims I'd read about them on the Internet.....that was of course until I tried them out.
Now, I knew these cans had good bass definition, but I wasn't expecting quite the level of bass these cans achieve! It really is some kind of witchcraft that headphones this small produce not just perfectly defined bass, but such powerful bass! Honestly, you sometimes forget you are listening to headphones and not your home stereo.
Now, as you may have read elsewhere on the Net, these headphones do have a tight fit, but this is pretty essential to create a good sound seal, as these are closed cans afterall. I've been using them for a few hours now and, although fairly tight (not as tight as I thought though), they are well padded and comfy.
I almost gave these 4 stars instead of 5 as I initially thought that, while the mid range is excellent, the treble and crispness on these phones was somewhat compromised. Now, while I don't think they are quite as sharp as the Creative earbuds which came with my MP3 player, I feel the treble just seems muddy due to the amount of bass these kick out in comparison. The treble is actually very good if you turn the bass output down a bit. I have also heard that these cans take some breaking in time (30 hrs?), so the sound may become a little more balanced all round over time, but it is excellent as it stands.
Now, I use these with my MP3 player and I have found that encoding your music at 192 kbps instead of 128 kbps is well worth it, as these cans offer so much more clarity and definition to higher bitrate music. At 128 kbps, songs sound a bit flat, but at 192, its a different planet all together. I was very surprised when I heard bits in my music I had never heard before, such as percussion and guitar that had been 'brushed over' before by other headphones. Although the bass is overpowering at times, these cans never feel stressed and always feel composed as they deliver every part of a song, not just the most prominant sounds. These goes the bass again! You have to listen to The Prodigy on these.
Overall an excellent pair of headphones, and EASILY worth the cash. If pure clarity for a portable headphone is all you want, then the Sennheiser PX100s are probably your best bet (although I haven't tried them), but the power with which these deliver music to you is superb and probably unbeatable at this price/size of headphone.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Price: 7.07

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5.0 out of 5 stars Be excellent to each other...and this album, 9 Feb 2005
This is great. I bought both Bill & Teds on DVD fairly recently and was watching the first the other day and I had forgotten how good the soundtrack is on this film. I just love classic rock with guaranteed solos throughout as well as a great sense of simply a great song....which all tracks on this album have of course. Can't even point my finger at a badun' on the whole album. The last 3 however are the best (Bricklin, Robbi Robb and of course Power Tool) Look, just buy this if you like Bill & Ted in the slightest. Even of you don't you will still have a great album!

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