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Ex-Pro® Easylec AA R6 Battery Holder clip Flat [PACK of 5]
Ex-Pro® Easylec AA R6 Battery Holder clip Flat [PACK of 5]
Offered by ExpressPro
Price: £3.92

5.0 out of 5 stars very good, 15 Dec 2012
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Very well made item. Has 6 inch long black lead on negative terminal and 6 inch red on positive terminal. The wires are a bit thin but would be fine if you were installing inside a radio or other device. The thing I like most is that the rivets which are the terminals are made of copper so are incredibly easy to solder to. I soldered on thicker more flexible wires as I was using this device in an item that would get a lot of heavy handling. Of all the battery holders I have come across this is the most well made and holds two AA batteries perfectly. I ordered the set of five holders on the Saturday and they were delivered the following Saturday. This was free delivery which added up to great value as the five holders plus delivery cost just £2.80. Very pleased with this item and the quality of the people who sent it to me, many thanks to them, and to Amazon for making it such an easy purchase.

Vindication of the Rights of Woman
Vindication of the Rights of Woman
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3.0 out of 5 stars Hard work, but I hear a voice., 28 Aug 2011
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This is hard work indeed. However, reading between the lines of her complex and slightly overwhelming text, I hear an intelligent but troubled woman.

I hear a quiet soul responding to her situation in the world. Various factors (difficult to identify in single entities) cause her moments of serious distress, she doesn't mention her distress but I detect it in her writing. This may have been as a result of all the philosophical books she has read, Rousseau in particular.

Her train of thought has to be followed through long passages. And concentrating hard on what she is saying is not at all easy. She details a large amount of Rousseau and then intermingles her own thoughts. This made it difficult for me to separate her own original thoughts from those of Rousseau. This is a serious flaw in her writing.

I kept on having to remind myself of the time in which Mary was writing (the last quarter of the eighteenth century). The way the world must have closed in on her at times must have been quite dreadful.

There are so many devices available nowadays to ease that sense of isolation. Even the distraction of a TV programme can help. Also radio programmes and now access to the net. All useful (admittedly sometimes only in small ways) to lifting our mood.

If Mary Wollstonecraft could visit us today she would instantly appreciate the benefits we have, and take for granted so much of the time. (The ability to put on some of our favourite music whenever we feel like it, for example.) I think she would love to be here with us now.

As indicated I found it quite difficult to work my way through her writing. And I don't think you are missing much of vital importance if you can't be bothered with it. The imprint it made on me was to think of the desolate places that Mary must have arrived at in her mind.
She appeared to want to gain enough knowledge in the hope that it would enable her to avoid the predicaments and unpleasant situations that life in her time period were full of.

If anything her voice from the past has made me more appreciative of all the mod-cons we have at our disposal nowadays. Life may have been simpler in the eighteenth century (but is there anything simple about working out how to survive in a rather harsh society). But even in our over-complex, hi-tec world, it has a lot that's good going for it.

The good thoughts I bring from the writings of Mary Wollstonecraft are that we have slowly made progress towards a better world.

Mary would have been happier with us in our time (with all its faults) I feel sure of it. And the fact that she can't be is a sad loss.

Black Beauty
Black Beauty

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3.0 out of 5 stars I enjoyed it thirty years ago, I should have left it there., 24 Aug 2011
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This review is from: Black Beauty (Kindle Edition)
Nothing is quite as good as you remembered it, is it? This was great when I read it through my young and wondrous eyes. But I didn't really enjoy the way the author was talking to me as an adult. I'm not going to make any criticism of the story itself because any criticism of this book by anyone over the age of twelve is not hugely valid. I should have left it in the past. It still had some good bits though.

Silver Spitfire
Silver Spitfire
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4.0 out of 5 stars Not a bad book, 24 Aug 2011
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This review is from: Silver Spitfire (Kindle Edition)
I bought this book to read to my two nephews ( aged 7 and 10 ) and they loved it. None of the chapters is too long ( there are 24 altogether ) and each chapter was exciting and not quite what I expected. Yes it does contain a silver spitfire in case you didn't know. And the story follows it all over the place. There are two main characters - a boy (Jack) and his 10 year old cousin, Su-Lin. This book is an enjoyable one and is not really much to do with the war.

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