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S. Skelton "Angel Apocolypse" (UK)

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Wasting Light
Wasting Light
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £11.36

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4.0 out of 5 stars FF Consistant if nothing else., 30 April 2011
This review is from: Wasting Light (Audio CD)
Contrary to the beliefs of one of the people (Mister Joe) who reviewed this album, i have listened to all dave grohl's work and i understand that from nirvana he released an album taking influences from Nirvana and other bands/genres he enjoyed, and since progressed further away from the days of Nirvana with the likes of IYH. its evident that the man and the band itself are maturing both musically and personally (i beleive they are releaseing a film about the band in which DG said to each member there is at LEAST one part of the film for each of you that you will despise and want removed, DG included, but they kept them bits in in the interest of truth as aposed to trying to come accross as perfect plastic gods). There are many people who will regard this album as a failure, but i beleive it is another great progression of a timeless band, lets face it if the foo fighters were still releasing variations of stacked actors half the people reviewing and listening to this album wouldnt have being doing so, because as the music progressed so did the band in the limelight to the household name they are today.

If you like the foo fighters chances are you will enjoy tracks on this album.
If you like the queens of the stone age, chances are you will like certain tracks on this album.
The same can be said about many other clear influences you will hear throughout the album.

The Foo fighters have been churning out albums for over a decade and yet they still surprise people. Be it for better of for worse but im willing to wage that minus a few negative people who appear angry at the world rather than the band then you can take something from this album and genuinly enjoy it.

Another great album (in my opinion)

Foo Fighters. Consistant if nothing else.

Zombie Britannica
Zombie Britannica
by Thomas Emson
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars I'm sorry., 7 Feb. 2011
This review is from: Zombie Britannica (Paperback)
I was genuinely going to leave this book on my shelf and never look at it again until I needed space, I would then throw it in the bin with no remorse for what I had just done. After reading the reviews (mainly the 5 and 4 stars) I felt compelled to write a review of my own so that people who have similar tastes to me weren't disappointed with their purchase.
I had a reason for buying this book as I am currently writing a zombie novel also based in the U.K, and figured (looking at the reviews) this book was a good place to set the bar. I believe it's rather low.
If you're a fan of the old, OLD style zombies that rise up from the grave this book could possibly be for you. If you're after a book that you can switch off and just enjoy some gratuitous violence then again this book could be for you. I personally cannot get away with this book, I understand its appeal for people who just want a trashy thriller of sorts but, anybody wanting a genuine story, realism (that is, as far as realism goes in a zombie novel) empathy, which I personally felt lacking then I don't think this book is for you.
A few reviews have mentioned certain parts in the book that affected them, one in particular is the scene at W.H Smiths, and other stores along that street, *SPOILER* I urge any of you who were affected by this to find the smallest room in your house and invite as many people as you can into the room, literally climb on top of each other so that there is actually no room left to move and your fighting to take a full breath... then try and close the door. It is literally impossible, unless these people had fallen from the floor above this is physically impossible, not to mention the majority of these doors aren't meant to withstand intense pressure.*SPOILER END* things like this take away from the realism for me and I find myself drifting further from the fantasy world to question the reality of it all, something in the ground for 500 years wouldn't have eyes, wouldn't have muscle and would essentially be bone, unable to move, see or "think".
I personally found the authors writing almost childlike in a `he went over there. Then he sat down. After he sat down he was hungry. He ate some food. He wasn't hungry any more. The end.' Kinda way.
Any zombie novel fan who enjoys a story to go with a book and a little realism try `FEED' by Mira Grant, I have read plenty of books about or with a zombie theme and this is the Top dog in my book (no pun intended) I found myself lost when I finished it and believe I will read it again shortly and feel an equal amount of sorrow when I finish. I have actually spoken to Mira about this book and she is very down to earth (although she sleeps with a machete under her pillow) which I think only boosts my opinion knowing a good person wrote a great book.
If you want a fast paced easy read with little realism or character build, plenty of violence and a few shocks... get this book.
If you need a story and good writing? I'm afraid I cannot recommend this book.

I Am Legend [Blu-ray] [2007] [Region Free]
I Am Legend [Blu-ray] [2007] [Region Free]
Dvd ~ Will Smith
Price: £7.81

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4.0 out of 5 stars Allow me to try and clear a couple of things up..., 7 Jun. 2010
the source:
Iv not had time to read all the reviews but, the ones i have read lead me to beleive a lot of people are giving poor reviews having not understood the source materials. the book I am legend by Richard Matheson is actually a completely different story about one man and only one man, defending himself from a hourd of vampires and protecting himself from his own hatred for the monotiny his life has fizzled to. The film 'The Omega Man' was made when Charlton Heston was recomended the book 'I am legend' by Orson Wells who himself loves the book, then heston made the film 'The Omega Man' very losely based on the book, more taking the idea of solace, loneliness and a hourd of diseased humans (vampires in the book) who have went mad, kind of like the film 'the crazies'. the film 'I am legend' is based on THAT film 'The Omega Man' and actually follows it quite closely so thats the source.

my review:
the reason i am reviewing on the blu ray title instead of the origional dvd version that i own is because of the alternate ending available on the disk. i have seen this ending on the internet and i beleive it isnt a mile away from the books ending and suits the film better (i also adore the books ending) than the origional. the acting in this film is absoloutly breathtaking by will smith and he manages to make the lack of any further cast applaudable rather than a hindrance and pulls of his role with gusto. the scenery is beautiful and worth the money alone. i personally would recommend reading the short story by richard matheson before watching this film, however, in its own right this movie is brilliant. the s.f masterworks of i am legend by richard matheson is available from amazon fairly cheap and well worth the money, i will say its a short story and is about 140 pages long though. the reason i gave this four stars instead of five is because the name the omega man would suit the film better as that is what its based on rather than the source material of the book.

Monster Island: A Zombie Novel
Monster Island: A Zombie Novel
by David Wellington
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Not the best but i would still recomend, 13 May 2010
I agree in a way, that as a zombie novel it does lack certain aspects you expect from the genre. But if you think of it just as a general horror fiction like a stephen king novel it becomes a more, not so much realistic but palatable work of fiction. I noticed people saying this was too unrealistic to enjoy. with a group of somali teenagers armed and ready but the fact of the matter is its not far from the truth in that respect. So as i say if your going to purchase this book which i WOULD reccomend, you go into it with an open mind not expecting a zombie novel but a horror and sit back and read and enjoy.

Last of the Living [DVD]
Last of the Living [DVD]
Dvd ~ Logan McMillian
Price: £4.87

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2.0 out of 5 stars Dull Poorly Acted and Predictable, 7 Feb. 2010
This review is from: Last of the Living [DVD] (DVD)
I for one wasn't expecting much from this film and it duely delivers just that.. not much. i fear this film intends to be a zomedie (zombie comedy for those who aren't a regular to this style of film) yet fails dreadfully with the awkward acting of the main characters making the fact they are meant to be old friends very unbeleivable, as a survival horror its equaly adept at failing with plot holes obvious outcomes to terribly over used scenes in this genre and a sense of of being dragged kicking and screaming through the "story" to get to the eargely anticipated end credits shouting "WHY DID THAT HAPPEN? HOW CAN THAT POSSIBLY HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE FILM!? WHEN DID MY GIRLFRIEND FALL ASLEEP AND LEAVE ME TO SUFFER THIS ALONE!?" basically this dvd makes a brilliant coaster a fairly poor door stop (just isnt heavy enough... perhaps if more where purchased) even a decent frisbee but i struggle to call this a film or at least a half way watchable one.
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Pontypool [DVD] [2008]
Pontypool [DVD] [2008]
Dvd ~ Stephen McHattie
Price: £4.54

2 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant film with just as solid acting, 7 Feb. 2010
This review is from: Pontypool [DVD] [2008] (DVD)
After watching this film, me and my girlfriend had two different oppinions mine largely based around the word "wow" and hers revolving the word "what?" which partly im inclined to agree with, as one reveiwer has mentioned the "cure" i find a bit of a cop out, however i have to dissagree with the way the virus is spread as too unbeleivable, as iv seen far more far fetched premis (id like to point out 28 days/28 weeks later with the virus being Rage.. an emotion.. yet i love the first and can put up with the second film) and im sure it wont be the last.

For me this provides a fresh change to the somwhat stale story of a mad scientist/military/slightly altered strain of an already discovered common virus or disease like small pox or rabies spreading wildly and a small group of uninfected trying (usualy in vain) to survive, but this film offers a brilliant new medium for an outbreak which also delivers a moral and difficult decision wether better to stay on the air and try and help the survivers, or shut off the airwaves to minimilise risk of infection.

I think of this film as a mixture of the film the thing (could be anyone style horror) and alien (suspense that keeps you guessing without actually showing you anything) with zombies, thats brilliantly acted all round and a must have for any fan of the survival genre.

while writing this reveiw i have changed my rating from 4, to 5 stars with the pro's heftily outweighing the only con in my opinion making this film a personal favorite.

On another note i dont agree with the word origional being thrown about so often because its essentially the survival horror we all know and love but with a different means to a familure yet brilliant end.

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