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Eric & Ernie: Live [VHS]
Eric & Ernie: Live [VHS]
Offered by smallerneil
Price: 18.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Classic duo in classic setting, doing what they did best!, 21 Aug 2008
As I was collecting every tape which had their names on it, I came across this tape, so I bought it and it turned out my favourite. On this tape you can see, why they were so populair. The TV-shows were rehearsed and perfected over a period of several weeks. This was performed live, so no second takes. It was what it was. So you can see their chemistry at work in a live-setting and notice why they were made for each other. They clicked like a jigsaw puzzle. To Use one of their catchfrazes: you can't see the join.
This is a must have tape for every M&W-fan. I hope they will rerelease this tape on DVD soon, maybe with additional material. Untill then I transferred this tape on DVD, so I can watch it over and over again, because 30 years later they are still very funny. And besides Laurel and Hardy I can't think of anyone who stood the test of time that well. (well ... maybe Billy Connoly!)

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John Denver In Concert [Australian Import]
John Denver In Concert [Australian Import]

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3.0 out of 5 stars How a good idea, could have been better, 9 Jun 2008
Because my parents liked John Denver a lot, I was infected with the JD-virus at an early age. Thanks to my addiction to collect every song from an artist as soon I like him/them enough I got quite a John Denver collection. That's why I am disapointed from a collectors point of view. I am disapointed because:
a) John has released about 280 different songs on his albums and then to see the same "hits" being released here live again (and 1 song even twice on the same album!) is a bit sad. There are 45 songs on this album. One song is performed twice and of the rest, only 12 were never released in a live-format before. Wich means about 2/3 was released one way or another on previous live-concert albums.
b) The recordings do not give a true "live"-experience, because these are soundboard-tapes. Which means there were no microphones pointed towards the crowd, what in turn means, no crowd noise was recorded execpt what was leaked into the mics on stage pointed towards the band. This gives a bit "cold" and "clinic" recording. The Live In The USSR does have recorded crowd noise, which has got a lot nicer feeling to listen to. Plus ... That album is completely acoustic, which was his strongest side. And that gives us collectors "new" arrangements on old songs, which was a nice welcome.
c) The DVD is an old and recycled video programme. The quality is really bad, at least it was on my DVD-player. The programme itself is very good and gives us a good idea, how John was as a person as he tells the stories behind his most famous songs.
Are there any upsides? Sure, any John-release is welcome. I get feeling a lot of thought went into creating this CD/DVD-set and it was made with a lot of love towards John and his legacy. I can only hope they will release more "unknown" live recordings in the future, because if you already own "An Evening With John Denver", "Live At The Sydney Opera House" you will already got that 2/3 of this CD and with more atmoresphere than these recordings, since they have recorded crowd noises. Again, any John Denver release is welcome and will be bought, but it remains a shame from a collectors point of view.

Verdict: if you're not a Denver-addict, look for "An Evening With John Denver" and "Live At The Opera House" for a true "live"-experience. If you're fan, then this is absolute must-have item, if not only for those 12 unreleased live-versions.


Morecambe and Wise
Morecambe and Wise
by Graham McCann
Edition: Paperback
Price: 9.23

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5.0 out of 5 stars Everything I wanted to know...and more!, 13 Feb 2008
This review is from: Morecambe and Wise (Paperback)
I never did this before, but I wanted to let people know about this book and my love for Morecambe and Wise. Being probably the only dutch fan in The Netherlands, I have become to rely on the internet on information about this famous double-act. So after I bought every tape/DVD I could get my hands on (including all volumes of Two A Kind-serie), my hunger was not stilled, that's why I bought my very first book here at Amazon.Co.UK. It was a very revealing-experience for me. I must admit that some of the words I did not know, but reading around them I learned a lot about those two I love so much. I know I don't have the emotional attachment you people have with Morecambe & Wise seeing them "live" on TV, when you grew up, but they found their place in my life and now and again I need a shot of Morecambe and Wise and play of their tapes. Fortunately for me, they are re-releasing all of the complete original series in the right running order on DVD and I intend to buy the all and play the often. On the first DVD set I watched I only saw 2 minutes of material I recognised, everything else was completely new for me.
Having read this book I understand them so much better. Where they came from, what their impact has been (or maybe still is) on people living the UK, how difficult their early years have been, the little did-you-know-facts about routines I know so well, why they worked together so well, how much the relied on their writers and what made them so incredibly funny.
My advise? Buy this book, when you think you know them already from your childhood and want to learn more about them. Buy this book when you know nothing about them, because you were simply born in the "wrong country". Or buy beacause this book is almost mandatory reading material, when you love good timeless comedy.
The book is tells their stories from their birth, untill the second half of double-act has passed away. It sometimes makes small detoures, but makes them understandably and they always enriches the general flow of the story instead of confusing things. And because Morecambe And Wise were so funny, this book is also at times very funny. I found meself laughing out loud on several places, because it would recall routines I know by heart. (like the Andre Preview-sketch).
Thanks to this book I know my heroes so much better and appriciate them so much more. Thanks!


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