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Watson "Paulstoy" (Edinburgh)

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Feast Triple (3 Discs) [DVD]
Feast Triple (3 Discs) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Balthazar Getty
Offered by HarriBella.UK.Ltd
Price: £4.45

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5.0 out of 5 stars One out of three ain't bad., 18 Sept. 2012
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This review is from: Feast Triple (3 Discs) [DVD] (DVD)
Feast is a great gory horror movie, full of sick humour and violence. It has a few moments that will have you thinking - did they really film that? It's filmed mostly in three or four rooms, with a couple of exterior scenes, which makes it a tense kind of stand off situation. Some of it is laugh-out-loud nuts but mostly it's gross-out stuff.

The story is pretty straight forward. A few locals are trapped inside a roadhouse, while a bunch of monsters try to get in and eat them. And its all done very well.

Unfortunately, the sequels suck. In this case more is not better. The films just get more gross, and plain daft, until they are just this side of watchable. The final shot of the last film is just ridiculous. A wasted effects shot. The money could have been better used. Having said that it did have some great characters. All in all, worth buying for the first film.

Price: £2.86

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3.0 out of 5 stars It's Slade but it's Slade-lite., 18 Sept. 2012
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I am a huge fan of Michael Slade's Special X series of books. One of the things that kept me interested in the series as it progressed was that no characted seemed safe. Over the years Slade has put these mounties through the ringer. Some have died. Some have come through horrifically scarred either physically or mentally. I remember reading the end of his first novel, Headhunter, and being blown away by the last minute reveal, and immediately craving more. That particular story wasn't fully resolved until five books later. I also loved the history that was layered into the present day plot, and into the fantasy lives of the serial killers hunted by the mounties of Special X. And since Special X deals with crimes reaching outside of Canada I was treated to stories with roots in Jack The Ripper, Rorke's Drift, World War 2, Romans and Picts.

So now we have Red Snow, where a villain known as Mephisto, who has thumbed his nose at Special X twice before, intends to avenge himself upon the mounties during the winter olympics being held in Canada. This time he has brought along a group of merceneries, led by Stopwatch, another villain who has slipped by. Stopwatch's mission is to kill all of the people who saw Mephisto's face during the events of Death's Door.

Personally I was really disappointed by this story. It's Slade, but it's Slade-light. All of the things I loved are there but it seems watered down. It feels like it has been abreviated. Red Snow is filled with major events for the regular characters. In fact seven of them are killed off. One of them is the girlfriend of Robert Declerq, one of the main characters, who barely registers the fact that his friends are being killed around him. In fact virtually no-one seems to show any emotion at all. The history element seems to have been given only lip service, and the plot isn't nearly as complex as it usually is. What it amounts to is Mephisto killing some skier, and displaying his shrunken head, in a reference to the Headhunter case, in order to get Special X involved. That's just lame. You don't have to kill the skier, just kill the mounties, you know where they are. To top it all off, Mephisto escapes - again. Totally unsatisfying.

But then again, this is Slade. Maybe I missed something. I
can only hope that something was left out of the Kindle edition.
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The Gathering Dead (A Zombie Apocalypse Novel)
The Gathering Dead (A Zombie Apocalypse Novel)
Price: £5.99

5.0 out of 5 stars This is how it should be done., 18 Sept. 2012
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This is the best zombie novel I have read. This is how they should be written. Knight drops you right into the action of an over-run New York City, a team of Spec-Ops soldiers trying to evacuate a scientist with a potential answer to the undead infestation, and doesn't let up. Even the quieter moments are instilled with tension. There are no idiotic characters doing stupid things that invite danger (you know, the people in movies who do something so dumb that they're just asking to be eaten?). Everything the characters do is logical and believable. And I loved all the military jargon. There are no cliched cowardly soldiers here. While the soldiers have their humorous moments they are all professionals. Each dangerous situation that they find themselves in is due to their deteriorating predicament and the sheer number of zombies. The idea that when soldiers die and are resurrected, they retain some memory of their training, is handled well and not heavy-handedly at all.

I liked this a lot, and I'm already reading the sequel novella, Left With The Dead, which is also proving to be excellent. It's the kind of thing that inspires you to write something yourself.

Stormhouse [DVD]
Stormhouse [DVD]
Dvd ~ Katherine Flynn
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £1.96

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1.0 out of 5 stars Ghosthouse, 18 Sept. 2012
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This review is from: Stormhouse [DVD] (DVD)
The premise for stormhouse is that the British military have captured a supernatural entity and imprisoned it nine storeys underground in a base called stormhouse. Into the base comes a ghost whisperer from Whitehall to investigate.

I was hoping for a ghost story, a little mystery, maybe some gore, and action. Instead we get the usual compliment of morose, unlikeable characters, and that is before they are possessed by the ghost. Again, we have a movie filled with idiots who wander off into dark corners to be killed off in scenes so darkly lit that you can't see anyone or anything. In fact the whole film is too darkly lit. What, the army can't pay the electricity bill? The only thing it had going for it was the last scene, where the minimum is explained. But it's too little, too late. Afterwards you might look a little more deeply into it, but it's too much effort for a horror movie.

Unfortunately, I bought my copy. I would feel guilty if I sold this on to anyone else. So I'll just have to use it as a coaster, and rest a beer on it.

The Child [DVD] [1977]
The Child [DVD] [1977]
Dvd ~ Laurel Barnett

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1.0 out of 5 stars A steaming pile, 18 Sept. 2012
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This review is from: The Child [DVD] [1977] (DVD)
Wow! That was bad. That was bad plus bad, with a side order of bad, with bad to go. I realise that it was made in the seventies, but still... Bad acting, bad score, couple of nice make-up effects (remembering it was the seventies). Don't waste your money.

Halloween: Uncut (Director's Cut Edition) [DVD]
Halloween: Uncut (Director's Cut Edition) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Malcolm Mcdowell
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £4.50

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4.0 out of 5 stars Happy, happy Halloween..., 18 Aug. 2008
This isn't a slasher movie in the traditional sense. There is a lot more to it. The depth displayed in this film by Rob Zombie is amazing to me. I loved the Devil's Rejects, but I felt that maybe Zombie would go over the top with the gore here, and just go for the gross out effect. But the first half of this film is a good character study of Michael Myers and bases it firmly in reality. It's really what Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning should have been for Leatherface. We don't see exactly what makes Michael into a monster but we get a glimpse of the world he's living in and the people he has to live in it with, none of whom are sympathetic. It humanises him in a way that took me by surprise. We meet him just before he goes over the edge and spend almost an hour with him after his arrest for the killing of his family, and follow his incarceration for some of the fifteen years he spends in the sanatorium before his escape and rampage in Haddonfield. There is no supernatural element whatsoever, it's all psychological.

My only problem with it really is the lack of a satisfactory ending, which is the kind of thing most of these movies suffer from. In this case there is an alternate ending, or what was the original ending, on the disc too. I think the original ending was better because for a moment I thought Michael was going to allow himself to be returned to his cell. I think that would have been revolutionary in a film centred on one of horror's modern icons. This film has already humanised him to a degree that I didn't think anyone had the balls to try, and that alone made me think that there was actually a slasher movie that wouldn't end with the villain going down in a hail of bullets but going meekly to a prison cell. But in the end Zombie resorted to the old villian-gets-shot-and-we`re-supposed-to-think-he's-dead-but-he-isn't ploy. The second half of the film suffers a little from having to keep up with the stalk-and-slash of the original Carpenter film and it does keep a few of the gags from that film. I'm torn as to whether it's better than the original because the first hour is fantastic, simply stunning that it was done at all, but also done well, yet hampered still by the fact that the second half can't compare with the original in the minds of people like myself who've had it engrained in their movie-memory for decades.

The film has a good cast, a couple of my personal fave's in Malcolm Mcdowell, Brad Dourif and William Forsythe, and Tyler Mane did well as the adult Michael. I think just about everyone who was in Devil's Rejects was in this film, with a few exceptions, and that's fine by me since they did a good job there too. It's like the old days when Hammer had all the same actors showing up over and over again. Zombie obviously knows what he wants and who he can get it from. Sybil Danning shows up as a nurse who unwisely pisses Michael off, and in the deleted scenes Adrienne Barbeau gives Loomis a hard time, and Mickey Dolenz sells him a gun.

The violence (which let's face it is why we were attracted to Halloween in the first place) is handled realistically, not overblown like Devil`s Rejects. You can easily buy into a guy the size of Tyler Mane doing these things. There's something down and dirty about the way it's handled.

The extras are a bit disappointing. The commentary isn't as illuminating as you'd hope, and neither are the extras. The deleted scenes are good though.

Great film. Average disc.

by Chelsea Cain
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars Better Than Silence, 18 Aug. 2008
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Heartsick (Paperback)
The first thing I noticed about Heart Sick was the quote on the back by Tess Gerritsen, informing me that the story concerned what may be the creepiest serial killer ever created. Secondly it was compared favourably to The Silence Of The Lambs. While I think the first comment is true, I can't agree with the second. I think this is better than SOTL. I was never able to fully engage with the character of Hannibal, mainly because he was such a snob. In Gretchen Lowell and Archie Sheridan, Chelsea Cain has created characters with a hundred times the potential for further stories than Hannibal ever had. The manipulation displayed by Gretchen is astounding and I have a feeling that the true damage she has done to Archie could fill several books. It has a good story, and although there is a plot twist that seems to come out of nowhere it pays not to judge that until the very end of the novel, and it has several characters that I'd like to read about again. It's one of those novels that will be kept after the first read.

Welcome To The Jungle [DVD]
Welcome To The Jungle [DVD]
Dvd ~ Sandy Gardiner
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.90

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2.0 out of 5 stars Welcome To The Bungle, 13 July 2008
This review is from: Welcome To The Jungle [DVD] (DVD)
Don't buy this rubbbish.

As is my flaw I was sucked in by the cover art and proclamations of this being possibly the most terrifying movie in the last decade, and the fact that it was directed by Jonathan Hensleigh, who directed Thomas Jane in Punisher, and produced by Gale Anne Hurd, responsible for the Aliens and Terminator movies. It's a Cannibal Holocaust Blair Witch rip off and don`t let the commentary tell you any different (yes, I watched it again with the commentary running and still didn`t feel like I got my money's worth).

The story revolves around four people who go traipsing around the New Guinea jungle looking for some guy who disappeared there in the sixties, and who are set upon by cannibals in the final half an hour in shaky-cam.

The last 30 minutes are okay, what with the actual cannibalising going on, but until then you're taken for a ride, and I don't mean the enjoyable roller-coaster of terror kind.

This film really sucked marrow. I would have still been angry about this even if I had found it on new & used for fifty pence.

The best thing about this DVD was the trailers.

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