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The Mortal Instruments 6: City of Heavenly Fire
The Mortal Instruments 6: City of Heavenly Fire
Price: 5.70

5.0 out of 5 stars City of Heavenly Fire, 24 July 2014
Sebastian is targeting institutes all over the world and is turning the Shadowhunters there into darker versions called the Endarkened. With Emma, Julian and the rest of the children, the only ones to survive the attack on the Los Angles institute, every Shadowhunter withdraws to Idris to develop a plan of action to stop Sebastian. There is only one weapon that can defeat Sebastian, Heaven Fire, but it is in Jace and he has no control over it. When the Nephilium are betrayed by an ally, Clary and Jace along with Isabelle, Simon and Alec must travel to the demon realms. With Sebastian wanting to get his hands on Clary and Jace, will the young Shadowhunters and vampire be able to survive the battle that is coming which decides the fate of the world?

City of Heavenly Fire is the brilliant final book of the Mortal Instruments, it is a big book but is never dull as it has action, politics and romance. This book is better than the last two books in this series and is up to the standard of the first 3 books.

Clary is stronger and has grown over the last 6 books as she knows who she is and what she wants. Jace is more open and we get to see the real Jace behind the mask and, even with the Heavenly Fire in him, his and Clary’s relationship is the most stable and happiest it has been in this series. As well as familiar characters there are some new characters, Emma and Julian, which gives us a nice glimpse into the next series

While I have really enjoyed this series, I am glad it is over as I feel that these characters stories have finished. I am looking forward to the next series The Dark Artifices and seeing how Emma and Julian have grown up. I would recommend City of Heavenly Fire to everyone who enjoyed the rest of the Mortal Instruments and this series to fans of paranormal books.

Enchanters' End Game: Book Five Of The Belgariad (The Belgariad (TW))
Enchanters' End Game: Book Five Of The Belgariad (The Belgariad (TW))
Price: 3.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Enchanters' End Game, 15 July 2014
The fate of the world depends on one duel. Garion is now the King of Riva, but he knows there will be no peace as long as Torak lives. Garion along with Belgarath and Silk set out to find him. In order to keep Torak’s forces focus away from Garion, and also to keep the peace in the West, Ce’Nedra has gathered her forces and is ready to take on the Angarak’s. With Garion getting close to Torak, he knows he will have to fight him, but how can he possibly win against a God. With the two prophecies converging, which side will win?

Enchanters’ End Game is the final book in the Belgariad and it wraps up everything from the previous books. There are two storylines going on in this book and whilst I liked Ce’Nedra and Pol’s, I was more interested in Garion’s.

Garion is really depressed in this book but is also very determined, and it has been enjoyable watching him grow up. Whilst I like Ce’Nedra more than when we first met her, she doesn’t realise how dangerous and serious war can be, and doesn’t think about the consequences of her actions

This is the end of a really good classic fantasy book and I would recommend Enchanters’ End Game to people who enjoyed the first 4 books and if you have enjoyed this series, I would suggest you read the sequel series, The Malloreon, and the prequel’s Belgarath the Sorcerer, and Polgara the Sorceress.

Castle Of Wizardry: Book Four Of The Belgariad (The Belgariad (TW))
Castle Of Wizardry: Book Four Of The Belgariad (The Belgariad (TW))
Price: 3.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Castle of Wizardry, 12 July 2014
The companions have retrieved the Orb and are travelling to Riva, to return it to its rightful place. On the journey back, with both Belgarath and Polgara incapacitated, the role of leadership is thrust on Garion, which is made difficult with the Orb fascinated with him. When Garion arrives in Riva, his life changes forever, but Torak is still out there and waking up. Garion discovers he is the only one who can defeat him. With war brewing between the West and the East, Ce’Nedra and Polgara must gather an army to hopefully protect Garion.

Whilst I still really like Castle of Wizardry, I did miss the quest as it was the main plot in the first 3 books, however, it makes up for it with more politics and character growth. The big twist, which I knew from the first book, is revealed, and it really changes the characters and the dynamic of the story.

Garion is more responsible in this book and has to learn how to deal with power and people with different opinions than him, and it is nice to see him change, but I do miss the farm boy a bit. I still like Silk as after everything they have been through during the quest and at Riva he has never treated Garion any differently.

Castle of Wizardry is really good book and I would recommend it to people who enjoyed the first 3 books.

Magician's Gambit: Book Three Of The Belgariad (The Belgariad (TW))
Magician's Gambit: Book Three Of The Belgariad (The Belgariad (TW))
Price: 3.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Magician's Gambit, 9 July 2014
With the Orb now in Cthol Murgos, the group go to the Vale of Aldur so that Garion can learn more about sorcery from Belgarath and Pol and to talk to Aldur. However, the group has to still retrieve the Orb which will mean travelling into enemy territory. With people both leaving and joining the travellers, they may not all survive and if they do they will not be the same. With the prophecies starting to come true will they be able to regain the Orb?

Magician’s Gambit is the third book in the Belgariad series and I enjoyed it more than the last two books. This book has more action, was faster paced and I found it easier to get into the plot as we are getting nearer to the end of the quest.

While I like and sympathise with Garion, it is not that hard to figure out the big secret that Belgarath and Polgara are keeping from him and he should have guessed it ages ago. I liked Ce’Nedra more in this book, mostly because we got to see how she thinks.

Magician’s Gambit is really good and I would recommend it to people who enjoy classic swords and sorcery fantasy books.

Queen Of Sorcery: Book Two Of The Belgariad (The Belgariad (TW))
Queen Of Sorcery: Book Two Of The Belgariad (The Belgariad (TW))
Price: 3.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Queen of Sorcery, 6 July 2014
Belgarath and Polgara are on the trail of the Orb, hoping to retrieve it before it wakes up Torak. Garion is still tagging along with them, confused as his life has changed a lot is a small space of time, and everybody seems to be focusing on him for some unknown reason. He has never believed in sorcery but as the journey continues there is a power inside him that seems to be growing. Will Garion be able to accept and control his powers before he endangers their quest?

Queen of Sorcery is the second book in the Belgariad series and is just as good as the first book. The pace is a bit quicker and in this book we get to see many different lands and cultures.

Garion is still very likeable but is also very conflicted and confused (not helped by Belgarath and Pol) but that being said I wish he would stand up for himself a bit more and be less of a doormat. I was not a fan of new character Ce’Nedra as she is a spoiled brat and just unlikeable. I also did not like how everyone disapproved of Garion having a go at Pol, as she and everyone else have been keeping secrets, he was going through a lot of changes and he is still a teenager, if I was in his shoes I would have snapped a lot earlier.

This is an enjoyable series and I would recommend Queen of Sorcery to people who liked the first book Pawn of Prophecy.

Pawn Of Prophecy: Book One Of The Belgariad (The Belgariad (TW))
Pawn Of Prophecy: Book One Of The Belgariad (The Belgariad (TW))
Price: 3.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Pawn of Prophecy, 3 July 2014
Mr Wolf, the storyteller, says that according to the prophecy, the Evil god Torak seeks domination over the world, but the world remains safe as long as the Orb of Aldur is in Riva. However, farm-boy Garion thinks that this is only a story and has lived a good and quiet life with his Aunt Pol. But, when the orb is stolen, Garion realises that his life has been a lie, and is led on a quest to different lands that will change his life forever.

Pawn of Prophecy is the first in a traditional fantasy series which has the classic setting of a young farm boy setting out on a quest to defeat evil. I first read this series as a teen when I had just started reading, and whilst I still enjoy it I can see the flaws in it.

Garion is a brave and nave young man who is very easy to empathise with as you can easily put yourself in his shoes. Also, Silk is one of my favourite characters as he seems complex but is rather easy person to understand, also he is not as wholesome as most of the others. I didn’t like Pol as she says she loves Garion but she doesn’t treat him like she cares about him only who he is meant to be, and allows Garion to find out about Pol’s secrets from others.

Pawn of Prophecy is a good start of the series and would recommend it to fans of traditional fantasy books.

Tower Of Obsidian
Tower Of Obsidian
Price: 3.90

2.0 out of 5 stars Tower of Obsidian, 30 Jun 2014
This review is from: Tower Of Obsidian (Kindle Edition)
Kale mac Tadhg and Aoife of Westgate are childhood sweethearts but after a lengthy conflict, Kale is forced to choose his loyalty over his heart and breaks their engagement. However, Kale is then betrayed, taken captive and is ultimately sent on an impossible mission to slay the witch in a tower and free the land from its curse. Both Aoife and Kale’s best friend Aaron set out to rescue him but their journey is not as straight forward as they initially believed. With all their fates tied to the tower’s, will they be able to stop the curse without paying too high a price.

Tower of Obsidian is an ok historical fantasy as it was hard to get into and had a very slow pace, but did pick up a bit towards the end. It had an interesting plot, however, I did find it a bit confusing.

I did not get on well with Kale because he said he loves Aoife but if he did he would have fought a lot harder to stay engaged to her. Aoife is not much better as she is too impulsive and was so obsessed with finding Kale she did not treat her friends very well. I liked Aaron as he was kind and much more chivalrous than his noble friend. My favourite person was Fianait as she was fierce and had the most interesting POV, but about a third of the way through her story just disappeared which was disappointing.

Tower of Obsidian had potential but was let down by slow pacing and characters I found hard to connect to.

The Seven Kingdoms: The First Crown
The Seven Kingdoms: The First Crown
Price: 2.63

4.0 out of 5 stars The First Crown, 28 Jun 2014
There is a new emperor on the throne of Justava, and the Masked Man is more cunning and ruthless than his predecessor. When Torrin, an explorer from a distant land, comes to Justava he comes across an old man who gives him a stone which is very dangerous and must be hidden, but the Masked Man will do anything to get his hands on it. Meanwhile the resistance needs more forces to fight the emperor’s tyranny, so Brenik divides his friends and sends Nalia and Yukov to Al Quidin to seek aid. While Ornith and himself go to Resgard, along with a young woman called Jess, who might be the key to success for the resistance.

The First Crown is a good second book, with lots of intertwining stories, action and drama, and had a very Lord of the Rings feel to it, especially with the stone. However, because I had not read the first book, The Darkening Lands, in a while, I had trouble remembering the different characters and some of the things that happened, but after a while I got back into it.

I like Brenik as he is surer of himself in this book and is accepting that he is a natural leader. Nalia has a lots of changes in her mood, but I don’t mind this because in the last book she came across as too perfect. I liked Jess as she has had a bad start in life but it has not turned her bitter, however, she did come across to me as not being too affected by it, which seemed a bit unnatural.

I don’t know if Nalia’s reveal at the end was meant to be a surprise, but I knew what was happening from the beginning. I am looking forward to the next book and would recommend The First Crown to fans of the first book, The Darkening Lands, and the Seven Kingdoms series to people who enjoy books that are similar to The Lord of the Rings.

Threats of Sky and Sea
Threats of Sky and Sea
Price: 2.48

4.0 out of 5 stars Threats of Sky and Sea, 26 Jun 2014
Bree has lived a normal 16 years as a barmaid at her father’s tavern, until her father’s past catches up to them. Bree discovers that her Da was a good friend of the king but ran away after his last mission. With her father in prison, Bree is throw into a new life of politics and lies. Bree is desperate to free her father and escape but that becomes difficult when the king finds out that she is the weapon he has been waiting for. With time running out for Bree, her da and her friends, will Bree be able to unravel her past and escape from the king’s grasp before she is used to destroy a nation.

Threats of Sky and Sea is a very good if predictable fantasy book, with danger, a hint of romance and magic. It was slow to start, but as we got to know the characters it quickly picked up.

I like Bree as she stands up for herself but is also kind and handles the changes in her life reasonably well, however, because she was so headstrong it caused her problems as she did not know which battles to fight and which to not. Bree’s Da is a very mysterious person and even at the end of the book there is more to discover about him. Prince Caden is a charming character who is torn between loyalty to his father and what he believes is right. However, the characters which I was underwhelmed with are the villains, the king and lady Kat, as they are not original.

I saw the twist at the end I saw coming but I still want to see what happens next in Riot of Storm and Smoke. I would recommend Threats of Sky and Sea to fans of Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas or Fireblood by Trisha Wolfe.

The Girl with the Windup Heart (The Steampunk Chronicles - Book 7)
The Girl with the Windup Heart (The Steampunk Chronicles - Book 7)
Price: 4.20

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4.0 out of 5 stars The Girl with the Windup Heart, 24 Jun 2014
Mila, a part-automaton is struggling to find her place in the world, especially with the criminal mastermind, Jack Dandy, not seeing her as woman, she decides to leave his house in search for independence. Meanwhile whilst stopping a killer, Griffin is taken to the Aether and is held captive by his archenemy The Machinist. Finley, along with her friends, find that the only way for them to go into the Aether to free Griffin is for Finley to temporarily die. With The Machinist determined to destroy Griffin, body and soul, Griffin must confront his greatest fears but will he survive the destructive power within him.

The Girl with the Windup Heart is the really good final book in the steampunk chronicles, which is very fast paced with non-stop action and romance. There are 2 stories going on at once in this book and while I enjoyed Jack and Mila’s it felt like it should have been in a separate book or novella, as it was distracting form the main story.

Mila is a likeable character as she is a nave and innocent young woman who, during this story, learns about both herself and others. In this book we got to see a different side of Jack as he was caring and protective. Both Finley and Griffin are the same from the other books, as they were strong and loyal, and were willing to do anything to save each other.

I really enjoyed this series and I hope Cross writes more books like this in the future. I would recommend The Girl with the Windup Heart and the whole series to fans of YA steampunk.

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