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Offered by Bridge_Records
Price: £4.13

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4.0 out of 5 stars Not Bad!, 12 Dec. 2004
This review is from: Invincible (Audio CD)
On release Invincible received a luke warm welcome. Critics branded it as 'average', and many long time Jackson fans felt disapointed by it. But how good or bad is invincible really?
Well for anyone familier with Jacksons previous releases, invincible didn't live up to the sky high expectations. As you've heard a thousand times already, its not as good as Off the wall , Thriller, Bad etc. But there's several things you need to remember about comparing Invincible with previous releases! It was the early albums that cault the publics attention and pushed Jacksons success through the roof. As with any artist, the work that cault the publics attention first will mostly always be branded their best!

Take George Micheal for example, another Pop artist who has survived the 80's and the 90's, continuing his career in the new millenium. His latest offering, 'patience' also received fairly negative critisism and was almost always compaired to early works like his first solo effort, 'Faith'. Other artists like Prince, seem to suffer the same problem too.
Jacksons Thriller album was his comercial and possibly creative peak, all works from here on then are expected to match the quality, coming close to it isn't good enough! And thats the problem here.
I found the key to Invincible is ,for one moment forget about all of Jacksons previous work, and yes it's hard 'cos they're so dam good, sit back and listen to the album for what it is. Don't sit there compairing the new tracks with the old, it'll take the shine of a decent album.
You must admire Invincible though, for Jacksons first release in about six years, it sounds bang up date and equal in quality with the very best of todays R&B/pop artists.
It may not be an album of Classic tunes, but Jacksons voice still lives upto every expectation. It could be argued that some of his best vocal performances to date can be found here.
Theres a few memorable songs here, Unbreakable, Heaven can wait, Butterflies and the sublime 'speechless' are just four of many. Some other tracks are memorable for not so good reasons such as the dreadfull 'Lost children'.
Although some of the tracks aren't great, you have to admire Jacksons willingness to be experimental, is '2000 watts' really a Jackson song or even the repetative up-beat, 'Heartbreaker'?
Overall Invincible is experimental, well produced and sound's up to date. In some respects, its also some of Jacksons most mature sounding work. Once you overlook the lesser material featured on Invincible and focus on the good stuff, you may be pleasently suprised at how listenable it really is!
Of course it's a must for a dedicated Jackson fan and not a bad addition to your CD collection as a general music listener either. Maybe Invincible is Jacksons experiments for better stuff to come, fingers crossed!

The Ultimate Collection [4CD + DVD] (black box)
The Ultimate Collection [4CD + DVD] (black box)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding!, 11 Nov. 2004
As mentioned by others here, there has been many Micheal Jackson 'greatest hits' , but this boxset is the only one to give such a detailed look at Jacksons 30 year career! Think of it more as an audiable C.V! There isn't more than about a CD's worth of new/unrealeased material here, but what they have included is intended to give the listener an insight into Jacksons thought processes and experiments in the studio. The set allows you to listen to how Jackson has developed as a song writer, singer and entertainer.
The Box set is presented beautifully with pictures of Jackson in all of his classic poses. It also includes the bonus DVD of one of Jacksons 'Dangerous' concerts as well as a great booklet giving details of his career and new pictures of Jacksons own personal memorabilia.
For Fans and anyone keen on Jacksons work, then this comes strongly recommended. It's a stunning document on Jacksons career to date!

Blood On The Dance Floor/ History In The Mix
Blood On The Dance Floor/ History In The Mix
Offered by Bridge Media UK
Price: £3.81

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5.0 out of 5 stars New material & new remixes!, 9 Aug. 2004
When the album first appeared in 1997, due to unsuccesful marketing, the album caused much confusion for buyers and critics alike. Was it a remix album or an album of new material?
In the USA the album failed to top the charts, a first for Michael Jackson, the UK didnt fail though, it shot straight to number one in the album chart! Critics, as you'd expect, wrote the album off. The poor sales means its one of Michaels lowest selling albums ever!
However, sales do not have any bearing on how good the material is! It contains five new songs and eight remixes of songs taken form disc two of the 1995 release 'HIStory'. The new material was great. It had been some time since michael had written, composed and arranged his own material (much of Dangerous & HIStory was co-written with Teddy Riley and other writers).
As for the remixes, if you liked History disc two, then your sure to like these, many of the original mixes are outdone by these remixes...The 'History' track particularly.
The new material included the great track 'Blood on the dance floor', and check out the video release 'Michael Jacksons Ghosts' (available here at Amazon!) if you like 'is it scary' & 'Ghosts'!
If your a fan of Michaels then you'll probably like this one!

Offered by Bridge_Records
Price: £4.13

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5.0 out of 5 stars Bang up to date!, 8 Aug. 2004
This review is from: Invincible (Audio CD)
Invincible. The fans love it, the critics hate it!... but hay, since when have critics had a clue what the public want anyway?
The majority of press reviews for this album are destructive and spend a single paragraph describing the album and the rest of the review reviewing Michael Jackson, using the opportunity to give him a kick in the teeth!
Ignore them, it's almost impossable to get a fair review on any new release from MJ these days anyway. Your at the right place at least, finding out what the public thinks!
The albums opening few tracks are super, 'Unbreakable' could have been a chart topper!, 'Heartbreaker' certainly a top five hit, Ballards 'Break of dawn' & 'Heaven can wait' demonstrate some Michaels best vocal work to date while 'Butterflies' is MJ like you've never heard him before and 'Speechless' is sublime.
As for the electronic, pounding '2000watts' you may find yourself double checking if it's Michaels voice!
After that things get a little sloppy before he returns with the more 'rocky' up-beat 'whatever happens'. If this is the rock offering, then it does seem a little watered-down in comparison to previous efforts such as 'come together' (History),'Give in to me' (Dangerous),'Dirty Diana'(Bad), and of course the brilliant ' Beat it'(Thriller).
The final track 'Threatend' is like a modern day 'Thriller' and similar in some respects to 'Ghosts' and 'Is it scary?' from the 'Blood on the dancefloor' album. To get maximum enjoyment from this track you'll need to crank up the volume!!!
Overall it's an enjoyable listenable album! Check it out!

Number Ones
Number Ones
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £4.75

11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars 18 of MJ's most succesful Tracks!, 8 Aug. 2004
This review is from: Number Ones (Audio CD)
Don't say you have'nt got a copy of this yet? This CD is a must have for every music collection! Millions of us have already rushed out and got a copy so whats stopping you?...Oh, don't like Michael Jackson? Forget about his recent troubles and what you read in the press and give it a listen!
Theres tracks here that everyone will remember, starting with the the 1978 classics right up to present day with the new 'one more chance'. It's a CD that shows almost 26 years of work and is a great example of how music have changed over that time.
For those of us who already own many of Jacksons other albums such as Thriller, Bad, HIStory etc, then theres nothing much new to be found on this release, although it's ideal for a one stop listen to all the hits rather than trawlling through your CD's trying too find Billie Jean or Smooth Criminal for example!
Anyone familiar with Jacksons chart positions over the years, will notice that not all tracks featured have hit the No.1 spot, but still, who cares? it wouldn't be as good a listen if hits like Smooth Criminal, You rock my world etc had been left out.

Philips SBC HP890 Headphones
Philips SBC HP890 Headphones

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Big headphones, Bigger sound!, 21 July 2004
Firstly, these headphones are big! no photo will ever give away their actual size. But don't be put off by that, they're not heavy or uncomfotable. Thier luxurious velvet ear cusions provide superb comfort, even for long periods of use, and they don't get all sweaty like leather cusions!
Sound wise, they produce a full bodied sound, crisp clear highs and detailed punchy lows. For those who like to listen loudly, they cope fine, only when pushed to the top end of your voume selector will they begin to distort.
The build quality is good and the detachable cable a handy idea. The speaker drivers can be adjusted to many angles, ideal for DJ's and they've also included a very handy stand for when they aren't in use.
Give them a listen with your favourate CD and see what you think!

Philips Mini Audio System FWM390
Philips Mini Audio System FWM390

31 of 32 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars FWM399 in silver!, 21 July 2004
over a year ago i wrote a review (under the name janowen4) about the superb Philips FWM399 mini system (still for sale here @ amazon). One of my only critisisms was the design, a dull finish with odd yellow inserts as speaker ports. Now the unit returns with a slightly different model number and a new finish. The glossy silver would look great alongside any modern home entertainment system. The sound is still amazingly clear, the bass big yet well in time with the music. the mid and top end frequencies float from the speakers with the clarity you'd expect from a top end expensive unit. The only difference between the 399 and 390, other than price, is that you can't remove the cloth speaker grills from the new 390 and more obviously, the power outputs are different. The 120watts of the 399 have been reduced to 60watts for the 390, but unless power is of real importance to you, you'll find the output of the 390 more than adequate. Turn the volume and it's not shy, your hair will be blown out of style, every last watt of power is there!...this one's well worth a listen.

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