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Kipling Women's Alenya Shoulder Bag K1062384H Tango Red
Kipling Women's Alenya Shoulder Bag K1062384H Tango Red
Price: £60.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Elegant yet modern and stylish, 10 Sep 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
'Tango red' suggests it has overtones of orange but this is not the case at all, it is just a very prominent red colour.

I found it an extremely well-made bag with a very secure zip and spacious interior. The sewn in security clip is a nice addition if you are a little paranoid of something valuable falling out. I'd imagine it is intended to fasten your purse to but you could use it for something else such as your phone or keys, if required. When empty the bag is very light but I would not doubt the strength of the fabrics used. The inside linen is grey with light pink polka dots and is similar to the fabric of a waterproof, so without a doubt this bag is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Size wise it would be considered slightly on the large size for everyday use but ideal for flying as your 'personal item'. In terms of travel bags I'd consider it small, but plenty of room for flight essentials such as phone, makeup, tissues, passport etc, even an iPad or tablet.

The strap is adjustable so you could use it as a shoulder or across the body bag, whatever your preference.

My sister in law had asked specifically for a bag of this brand and assured me it was a very renowned brand. I thought the trademark gorilla keychain was a cute touch.

Rubies 887535-STD Captain America Costume
Rubies 887535-STD Captain America Costume
Offered by FuW Store
Price: £35.70

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5.0 out of 5 stars EPIC!, 4 Sep 2014
I'm in love with this costume. It looks amazing and went down really well with all my friends (and plenty of strangers). It resembles the Marvel kids costumes they sell at the Disney Store in terms of look, material and quality (an all in one suit with some padding). I'm 5 8" and 145 lbs and got the standard size. There is a lot of space in it without it looking like it is too big. I could comfortably wear it over other clothing and wouldn't struggle to get it on. Both the mask and jump suit fasten together with velcro. I personally didn't have an issue with that but have read of others who said it came undone a lot. The costume has a belt sewn into the front of which you can attach guns if you so wish. The best shoes to go with it are brown boots, or anything army like really.

I've cross checked the official costumes they offer in the US and this one looks like a European exclusive. The american version seems to be a 'plus sized' costume for much bigger guys. This is definitely the better Captain America one.

Oral-B Trizone 6000 Smart Series With Bluetooth Technology Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush Powered by Braun
Oral-B Trizone 6000 Smart Series With Bluetooth Technology Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush Powered by Braun
Price: £91.44

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4.0 out of 5 stars An oral hygiene dream, 4 Sep 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
I've been having great results with this toothbrush so far. Oral hygiene has always been really important to me and I've visited a dentist regularly since I was 4 years old, so I feel like I've tried a lot of different products over the years, manual and electric brushes.

Previous to this brush I was using the Oral B Professional Care 600 'Floss Action' brush which retails approximately around £30-£50 mark. This brush is quite a big jump in price from that but it isn't a little more beneficial... it is A LOT more beneficial.

The obvious things are battery life. Once charged you can get a good week out of this brush. Other electric brushes I've had manage 3 days at max. The other obvious plus for me with this brush was the very compact travel case it comes with (it's slightly longer than a glasses case but not much thicker). When I travel I'll usually leave my electric brush at home because it is either a pain to charge, too bulky to carry or leaks water all over my other toiletries. Not the case here. I will happily travel with this, and if it's less than five days I know I won't need to take the charger with me.

The trizone brushes were new to me and they look a lot bulkier than I'm used to. The majority of electric brushes have a round brush that rotates in a circular motion. These brushes are better. They give you a feeling of total control and seem to reach hard to get to areas a lot better than the circular brushes.

The different settings might come across as overwhelming but they are very easy to pick up. There are two buttons on the toothbrush; a power switch and an arrow button. Simply put your brush on and it will start in daily clean mode. Press the arrow and it will switch to a different mode. You will need the timer to assist you with this as when you switch modes a different icon will appear on your timer (or smartphone app). Each icon matches a different setting so this is the only way to tell what mode you are in unless you become really adapt to the rhythms of each mode. The brush is completely wireless so as soon as you switch it on it communicates with your timer and it does the rest for you. The only thing you need to do with the timer is take it out the box, insert the batteries (included) and set the clock on it.

If you already have immaculate oral hygiene you might find some of the features of this brush a little tiresome. For me personally I don't need to time myself to know when I have adequately brushed enough. For someone wanting to develop better habits though or doesn't get regular coaching from their dentist, this is a useful tool. What is good about the timer though is the smiley face you see on screen will soon flash to a sad face if it detects you are putting too much pressure on your gums.

If the whiter tooth look is something you desire this brush is a healthy investment for that. Many people feel the need to harshly scrub their teeth with the false impression this is what is going to make them 'squeaky clean'. Harsh brushing can actually wear down the tooth enamel and contribute to ruining your teeth. An electric brush such as this promotes good brushing technique, and the 'whitening' and 'deep clean' setting is ideal if you want a more thorough clean after your initial brush.

To complete the look you get a very compact stand which holds the charger and a case for up to four heads. This is great if you want to take full advantage of this brush and use different heads. You get two additional heads with purchase and an interspace brush for the hard to reach in-between areas.

Being able to use your toothbrush with the Oral B app on your smart phone is a nice addition but not something I feel like I will utilise as I can see it as something that would quickly drop out of habit. Besides if you're accident prone do you really want your phone in the bathroom close to the toilet and water? I also got the impression it was for someone who forgets to brush their teeth. Do you really need to set a reminder to brush your teeth?

Upon pairing your brush with this ap it can remind you when to replace your head. It works similarly to your timer in that as soon as you start your brush it automatically detects it and will tell you how long you've been brushing and what mode you are in. You are also able to set reminders of when to brush, when to floss and when to rinse with mouthwash and find fun facts about different aspects of good oral care. It'll also warn you when your brush is needing charging. It's a nice ap and a much clearer way to see what your toothbrush is doing, but the other features are only for the very technologically confident. If my parents used such an app with their brush I could see them struggling.

All in all I'm very satisfied with this brush. Seen as we use our toothbrushes everyday why shouldn't you invest in something nice? The best part about this brush is that it is actually a completely risk free purchase. In your instruction manuel you'll find details of the 'Oral B 30 day challenge'. If you are not 100% satisfied you can return everything and your receipt to Oral B who will give you a full refund. If you're on the fence about spending so much on a brush what do you have to lose?

Price: £12.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Pop factory, 1 Sep 2014
This review is from: V (Audio CD)
'V' continues on nicely from 'Overexposed' with an even more commercial sound if that was possible. It does work and there is plenty to like if you enjoyed previous hits like 'Payphone' and 'Maps'. For the fans of Maroon 5's old style they may not be able to tell whether these are reject Katy Perry songs or simply a collaboration with some of Kylie Minogue's best writers.

As it goes both could be true as 'V' features plenty of well known co-writers as 'Overexposed' did. Lady of the minute, Sia Furler has a credit on the duet track with Gwen Stefani, a rather pleasant piano track but kind of begs the question, where are the rest of the band? Shellback, Rodney Jerkins and Ryan Tedder are other well known names that feature throughout. Interestingly, Adam Levine is the only band member this time to have any co-writing credits, despite always writing as a band on previous albums.

Soundwise, think 'Maps', Payphone', 'Daylight' and 'Love Somebody' and you have similar melodic and catchy songs throughout, nothing too experimental. My highlights were 'Animals', 'Sugar' and 'My Heart is Open' but there wasn't a single track I strongly disliked. This is a full blown 'pop' album and doesn't try to be anything else. The deluxe version is completely worth it for the insanely catchy and Gnarls Barkley esque 'Shoot Love'. I wouldn't be surprised if this became a single.

Even though he's previously stated publicly his loyalty is with the band, for me this album was a step closer to an inevitable Adam Levine solo album. If the writing credits are anything to go by, the rest of the band seem irrelevant now.

Brabantia 30 Litre Touch Bin Plastic Inner Bucket, Pauline
Brabantia 30 Litre Touch Bin Plastic Inner Bucket, Pauline
Price: £97.12

5.0 out of 5 stars Quality assured, 28 Aug 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Brabantia is a well-known and trusted brand when it comes to this style of bin, with the infamous and very slick looking 'touch and click' lid. On initial inspection they may come across as expensive but in the long term will serve you well. To begin with you have a 10 year guarantee upon registering the product with Brabantia. I would imagine it very difficult to damage one of these bins but any breakages/damage inflicted to it in that 10 years and they'll replace it, simple as.

What I've found with my bin is that it looks much cleaner and tidier in the kitchen compared to the cheap plastic one I used to have. The way it is designed you don't really get leakages over the side of the bin and the lid mechanism keeps rubbish completely hidden, perfect if you don't like the look of clutter or 'overflowing bins'. It's extremely strong and has a firm grip on one side if you need to lift it for any reason. When it comes to emptying it, the outer bin encages an inner layer which you can lift out to easily remove the rubbish (this also keeps rubbish bags firmly in place). It's designed to fit the american style garbage bags (the white ones with draw strings) but regular black bags work just fine also.

There really is no contender for such a sturdy, well designed and good looking bin. Big points for how compact it is also. Recently had my kitchen refurbished and this really completes the look now.

Philips Disney Minnie Mouse Children's Table Lamp - 1 x 4 W Integrated LED
Philips Disney Minnie Mouse Children's Table Lamp - 1 x 4 W Integrated LED
Price: £34.91

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5.0 out of 5 stars Completely child proof, 23 Aug 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
At first appearance I wasn't initially too impressed with the lamp as it seemed on the cheap side with the all round 'plastic feel' to it. It does come in various pieces though which you have to assemble yourself (easily done) so it is easy to make that assumption when you are glancing at the raw materials.

It's rather charming once assembled though and the materials are like this to be completely child proof. This means the lamp doesn't consist of a large bulb as such but more an led light. This is very difficult for a child to touch but if your child is extra curious and you worry about them wanting to touch the light it barely heats up at all. The small bulbs themselves are encaged in a strong plastic which is probably intentional for this reason of children. The switch for the lamp is on the wire and not inside the lamp like a conventional bedside one.

Great addition to the bedroom, trustworthy brand and Minnie looks great in the dark. The only downfall is quite a chunky plug but these are usually easily concealed behind a bedside table.

Bright Starts Safari Adventures Musical Soother
Bright Starts Safari Adventures Musical Soother
Price: £29.95

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3.0 out of 5 stars Not the lullaby they intended..., 3 Aug 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
A really impressive looking toy resembling a TV screen with real water, cute looking animals with songs and jungle like sound effects.

It does sound peaceful and calming, however, I can't say that we've used it so far for its intended purpose. My niece loves looking at it and pressing the buttons but we haven't found it much use in sending her to sleep.

If anything, she is so obsessed with TV remotes she loves that she can play with the one that comes with this and have it switch the toy on and off.

No use at bed time for us though.

Disney Minnie Mouse Premier Bounce and Bloom
Disney Minnie Mouse Premier Bounce and Bloom
Price: £59.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A babysitting godsend, 3 Aug 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
A lovely item from Disney in partnership with 'Bright Stars' carrying the 'Disney Baby' logo which is might be a familiar sight to you if you purchase a lot of baby products from the Disney Store.

We already have a walker for my niece which she loves but she is now at that age (10 months) where she is really mobile and you can't take your eyes off her for a second. This item has been a godsend when you want to do some hoovering or even just have a hot beverage without fearing the baby will hit it out of your hands and scold herself. You can also easily move it to another room, say for example you need to prepare dinner in the kitchen.

Baby sits safely and securely in it and while she can move around in it (the seat rotates 360 degrees) the bounce and bloom is not on wheels so it stays securely in one place. She really loves being in it and will happily entertain herself moving from toy to toy. Each toy has a different mechanism and sound to hold her interest and there are also some buttons on the front which play a short little tune. She has taken a particular liking to the mirror in which she moves until she can see nanny or uncle looking at her. I'd say she will happily sit in it for about 45 minutes before hinting she wants to come out.

It's very well made but does have to be assembled yourself. This took us approx 90 minutes to do so. It isn't really designed to be taken apart again so if space is an issue in your house you might want to bear this in mind. All in all though a fantastic item and really great when you want a little break from running all over the house after your little crawler.

Disney Frozen Sven Baby Small Soft Toy
Disney Frozen Sven Baby Small Soft Toy
Offered by IMSFI
Price: £13.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars Disney Store exclusive product, 27 July 2014
This is one of many products exclusive to the Disney Store that are being sold on by vendors at inflated prices. While there are many Frozen products going in and out of stock at Disney Store they have regular shipments and sell baby Sven at £12. Have a little patience and perseverance and don't pay the inflated prices. It is only the impatient consumer that is making these products sell at such inflated prices.

Baby Sven is gorgeous but not worth paying almost triple for from an unaffiliated agent.

Galt Dr Miriam Shape Sorter
Galt Dr Miriam Shape Sorter
Price: £14.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Traditional esque, 17 July 2014
This review is from: Galt Dr Miriam Shape Sorter (Toy)
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Very cute toy with more of a traditional feel to it rather than being blasted in colours and cartoon characters.

We actually let my 10 month old niece play with this even though it is recommended for slightly older. She is not quite advanced enough to realise the whole point is to put the corresponding blocks through the holes, yet still loves banging the blocks until one of them goes through the hole.

They do an exercise in her music class with wooden blocks and I think this reminds her of that and she tries to recreate it.

I see this more useful to an older toddler trying to learn some skills before heading to pre school but for that reason we will hold onto this toy for a little while to encourage my nieces development.

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