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Back To Love [Deluxe Version]
Back To Love [Deluxe Version]
Price: 6.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Real R'n'B/Soul at its best, 4 Jan 2012
Anthony Hamilton is to R'n'B what Sia is to the pop/dance genre... completely underrated and equally brilliant. A hidden treasure for the most part.

'Back to Love' says it all; a collection of songs exploring love in its various concepts - adoration, heartbreak and obsession. Don't be disheartened to think it is tackled in a conventional Boyz II Men swooning style way though. It's all rather cool and thought provoking throughout. The vocal delivery is obviously a major draw which is as ever deeply soulful, sincere and often awe inspiring.

Highlights include the toe tapping and slick 'Mad', 'Pray For You' and 'Who's Loving You', an emotional yet infectious song exploring that 'I'm wondering what could have been' concept. After hearing 'Never Let Go' featuring Keri Hilson, I personally felt this was Anthony's most accessible album to date. A very pleasant listening experience throughout.

Fruit Of The Loom Yale Men's Sweat Jacket
Fruit Of The Loom Yale Men's Sweat Jacket

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5.0 out of 5 stars Spot on, 28 Dec 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I purchased the blue design and have had a lot of compliments about the jacket and where I got it from. This style of jacket is quite popular right now but I hate wearing designs I see everybody else wearing. I think this 'Fruit of the Loom' design is a best kept secret because I've not seen anyone else wearing them. The overall feel of the material is not as thick as I expected. If you have seen other ones in stores with a thicker material this design is not like that. It has more of the feel of a zip up hoodie but does not have a thick linen inside like you might find in a hoodie. It's good quality but is more suited for chilly evenings in the summer. It is not thick or warm enough to wear in the winter without something else over it. You can wear it buttoned up or un-buttoned with a t shirt underneath. Both look good.

Friends - Season 1-10 Complete Collection (15th Anniversary) [DVD] [2004]
Friends - Season 1-10 Complete Collection (15th Anniversary) [DVD] [2004]
Dvd ~ Jennifer Aniston
Offered by Tooboon
Price: 136.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Be brave! Do it!, 28 Dec 2011
As someone who had slowly gathered all ten of the old boxsets I would just like to reinstate how happy I am that I caved in and bought this new boxset instead.

In a nutshell, the box is presented nicer, most episodes are previously unaired uncut versions, episodes are formatted better to widescreen televisions and you get the kind of extras you really had hoped would be on the old boxsets but never were...

I was REALLY impressed with the book that comes inside the set. Not only does it serve as your basic episode & extras guide but is full of terrific promo shots from the cast and the show spanning across the ten years the show was filmed. There are some great memorabilia images you may be excited to look at, including images of the 'mockolate' bar, the 'Be Your Own Wind Keeper' book, Emma's newborn registry and the cover of Ursula's saucy movie 'Buffay The Vampire Layer' amongst many others.

I read the other reviews here and they were all right! Get rid of those old sets ASAP and get this! I might add if you buy it at the right time of year you can get a steal of a deal on this set.

It's a little late coming but this is the complete Friends as it should be!

The Time of My Life
The Time of My Life
by Cecelia Ahern
Edition: Hardcover
Price: 14.51

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4.0 out of 5 stars Do you think your life sucks sometimes? You will love this book!, 22 Nov 2011
This review is from: The Time of My Life (Hardcover)
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
If you've ever thought to yourself that locking yourself away from the world and being alone in your own little bubble was the best idea in the world you might find a lot to relate to here. Of course, deep down that's not what we really want or need is it?

As someone who has found themselves troubled in times of unemployment, spiralling down in spirit and pushing people away who get too intrusive in my life I found a lot to relate to here. Whereas we often feel like we need someone to drag us up out of that dark place, in this book Lucy's life literally does that when it turns out her life is a person. In a nutshell the character of Lucy has become a shadow of her former self and has little ambition to better her life; that is until her life requests to meet her and persist to follow her around and unravel the world of lies she has been living in.

It's a very quirky and original narrative and I particularly enjoyed how the character of 'life' is presented as a visible reminder of what Lucy's life has become. You see throughout the book 'life' gets far more clean and attractive looking as Lucy takes responsibility for her actions and starts fixing things. A very pleasant read and a terrific narrative style that is sure to remind you of someone you know.

For anyone who believes that we make our own mess in life and need to help ourselves to progress, this is a great moral booster.

Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album, Vol. 2
Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album, Vol. 2
Offered by mrtopseller
Price: 5.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Worth a shot but volume 1 is better..., 14 Nov 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
If you own the first Glee Christmas album this one continues in a similar vain. Festively themed music ideal for a Glee lover or holiday album fanatic. The tracks are performed as follows...

A risky choice to cover perhaps the most cherished Christmas pop song of all time 'All I Want For Christmas' but Amber Riley [Mercedes] does it justice. The arrangement is not hugely different from the original but variated enough to give it its own credibility. 'Extraordinary Merry Christmas' (Lea Michelle & Darren Cris) is an original song and it's a likeable Katy Perry esque track with plenty of festive instrumentation. I didn't think it was a breakaway track of the album though.

Naya Rivera delivers a very retro sounding rendition of 'Santa Baby' that wouldn't sound out of place in a classic Hollywood movie while 'Christmas Eve With You' is a rare occurrence of Jayma Mays [Emma] duetting with Matthew Morrison [Mr Schuh]. A pleasant song that wouldn't sound out of place in a High School Musical movie as a Troy/Gabriella duet.

The familiar 'Little Drummer Boy' is performed exclusively by Kevin McHale [Artie] while Lea Michelle [Rachel] delivers a beautiful piano arrangement of Joni Mitchell's 'River'. A highlight of the album for sure. 'Do You Hear What I Hear' introduces us to some of the winners from the 'Glee project' reality show, Lindsay Pearce & Alex Newell. It's a very slow and peaceful arrangement of the track. If you are not familiar with these two actors the fantastic vocals will be enough to want you to find out more about them.

The classic 'Let it Snow' gets the upbeat big band reworking to it. Darren Criss [Blaine] & Kris Colfer [Kurt] feature here & it's in similar vain to their duet of 'Baby It's Cold Outside' last year, while the well known 'Santa Clause is Coming to Town' gets the most Glee cheese in a rendition featuring Mark Salling [Puck], Cory Monteith [Finn] and another contestant from the 'Glee Project', Samuel Larsen.

'Christmas Wrapping' is a Brittany S Pierce number and does not differ drastically from the original by The Waitresses, while 'Blue Christmas' is a jazz piano arrangement for Glee project winner and Ireland native Damian McGinty [Rory]. Very pleasant.

The collection rounds off with the only ensemble number, an arrangement of the Band Aid classic 'Do They Know It's Christmas'.

I didn't enjoy this collection as much as the songs from last year but it is still a great festive collection nonetheless. After the much publicised return of Chord Overstreet [Sam], fans of the show might be sad not to see any contributions from the actor on this collection. Also evidently missing are Jane Lynch [Sue], Harry Shum Jr [Mike Chang] and Diana Agron [Quinn]. Having said that when the accompanying episode is screened in mid December it is possible additional songs will have been added.
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Straw Dogs - Ultimate 40th Anniversary Edition [Blu-ray] [1971]
Straw Dogs - Ultimate 40th Anniversary Edition [Blu-ray] [1971]
Dvd ~ Dustin Hoffman
Price: 8.43

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3.0 out of 5 stars Not worth paying the extra, 29 Oct 2011
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Have to agree with the other review that the film hasn't transitioned particularly well to blu ray. I guess if anything the high definition really brings out the flaws even more so and in a lot of ways it is distracting how cheap the film looks. I was not blown away by the image quality and would be surprised if there was much difference between the blu ray and the DVD edition. I certainly think the term 'fully restored' is used very loosely here.

The extras seemed even worse. The film trailer and documentary included look as if someone filmed them off the TV with a video camera.

I also didn't find much of the content very informative. Don't be misleaded to think there is any brand new content included either. It has all been lifted from things that have already appeared on TV in the 70s and 80s.

Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: 18.40

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5.0 out of 5 stars A complete winner!, 20 Sep 2011
This review is from: Unbroken (Audio CD)
Disney's most talented vocalist really delivers on her latest project `Unbroken'. Delving into the commercial hip-hop and R'n'B trends, this style is very well suited to Demi's voice who is better known for belting out a more of an alternative rock kind of deal. Can't help but parallel this album to Nelly Furtado's career who surprised many when she experimented with hip-hop/R'n'B on the `Loose' album. I can see Demi having equal success with this and winning over a bunch of new fans in the process.

I was honestly completely hooked and in awe all the way through the first six tracks. Potential hit after potential hit. The general sound of the album moves away from Demi's previous albums fluctuating between catchy R'n'B songs and piano lead slower tracks. I have to praise the choice of collaborations (Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Dev, Jason Derulo & Iyaz) which are all strong enough to be single releases. The tracks took a little dip in the middle for me but you can't help but admire the lyrical maturity evident for a girl still in her teen years, the content of which is never inappropriate for her younger fans. The album picks up at the end with the very catchy `My Love Is Like A Star' and the Skyscraper esque deeply personal `For The Love of a Daughter'. The album finishes nicely with a remix of Skyscraper. Think of what Timbaland did to One Republic's `Apologise' and you're not far off.

I'm confident any existing fans will be very pleased with this new style for Demi. The pulsating beats and more computerized instrumentation never distract from Demi's voice. She is at the heart of the record throughout and a vocal growth is very evident. If I had to pick a stand out track it would be `Lightweight'. This is beautifully arranged in a very ac cappella style manner, whilst retaining a fascinatingly infectious melody and an awe inspiring vocal performance.

If you like chart music you will love this. I'm betting this is going to set some new records for Mickey's friends at Hollywood Records.
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Young Pilgrim [Explicit]
Young Pilgrim [Explicit]

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5.0 out of 5 stars Pleasant surprise!, 22 Aug 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I wish I hadn't contemplated so much over whether I should have bought this or not. I was very surprised how moving this entire collection of songs was. As for as the singer/songwriter genre goes this is first class. Comparisons to Coldplay are justified but I personally find the music here a lot more accessible than them. Much less filler here and true sincerity throughout. One for anyone who likes more organic and real music or anyone that really enjoys Charlie's voice.

If you wouldn't normally go for this kind of genre but are not impartial to the stylings of Coldplay or someone like Damian Rice, I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised also.

Hold on Til the Night
Hold on Til the Night
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: 8.14

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4.0 out of 5 stars God bless Ellen De Generes, 3 Aug 2011
This review is from: Hold on Til the Night (Audio CD)
In a world where it is becoming increasingly common for great singers to emerge from the youtube phenomenon I think it is becoming more difficult for these singers to really stand out unless they offer something more.

Greyson Chance is a youtube sensation who deserves all the praise being thrown at him. After a highly publicised appearance on the Ellen De Generes show, Greyson would become the first act to be signed to Ellen's newly formed record label. What really makes Greyson stand out is not only his young age but the fact he is not just a voice. It is quite clear he is more vocal about important issues than other peers and it's great to see him not only play the piano but take an active role in the songwriting aspect. There are very few tracks here that do not have a writing credit by Greyson.

Musically this debut is full of great pop tracks with a good emphasis on the piano. I personally feel Ellen's team and Interscope Records have done an extremely good job at pairing Greyson with the right producers and writers here. If you've followed Greyson up to now you will be more than satisfied. If you enjoyed debut single 'Waiting Outside The Lines' you will find plenty more to like here.

Lately I'm definitely seeing a different between being talented and being exceptionally gifted. Greyson clearly fits into the latter.

Double Bound (Tales from Ballena Beach)
Double Bound (Tales from Ballena Beach)
by Nick Nolan
Edition: Paperback
Price: 7.64

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great followup, 22 July 2011
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Read this on account of having read the book that precedes this one. I enjoyed it just as much as the first with its writing style similarly gripping and a particular page turner.

I would say the story of this book moves in a bit of a different direction to the first novel, as 'Strings Attached' was very Beverly Hills 902010 esque. 'Double Bound' moves away from the teen centred "California dreaming" life and explores slightly more intense issues of kidnap, infidelity, trust and betrayal.

'Strings Attached' familiarised us with the backstory of Jeremy while 'Double Bound' gives a better insight into the character of Arthur Blaufree who was a particularly likeable character from the first novel. Setting the story in Brazil is an interesting choice but seems well researched and works well. I don't want to give too much of the story away but I particularly liked the unique idea of using a bizarre religious ceremony as a central part of the story.

You would probably enjoy this without prior knowledge of the first novel but I would recommend 'Strings Attached' first to enhance your understanding of the characters and the relationships that are already established in this book. If you liked 'Strings Attached' you'll enjoy this one also!

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