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Sexmission [DVD] [US Import]
Sexmission [DVD] [US Import]
Dvd ~ Olgierd Lukaszewicz

5.0 out of 5 stars The Sex Mission, 30 Dec 2010
This review is from: Sexmission [DVD] [US Import] (DVD)
Watching this film originally was one of those occasions when you just happen to be in the right place at the right time. As i recall, Channel 4 were showing some risque international films in the eighties, and were showing them late at night accompanied by a red triangle to denote adult interest. I'd seen a couple in the series (Pixote and Themroc spring to mind, which were kinda serious films) but i wasnt expecting this great Polish comedy in the mix. As previous reviewers have stated, the film is set in the future where two men who had been placed in cryogenic storage in the 1980's are woken up to discover all that is left of the world consists of an underground colony of the last survivors of a war, and that this colony is comprised entirely of women. The two men are considered freaks and sentenced to extermination, but with the help of a sympathetic scientist manage to escape and eventually head to the surface where they have been told that life cannot exist because they whole planet is irradiated. However things take an expected turn and they soon discover the truth of the situation. The film has a fairly good Sci-Fi plot, and one of the reasons it was shown as part of the red triangle run by C4 is the large amount of female nudity in it. But first and foremost, its a comedy, and a pretty crazy one at that. Its a funny film with some great sight gags and the two male leads (especially Jerzy Stuhr, the rotund one who was a comedy legend in Poland I understand) are great characters and their bumbling attempts to escape their captors are a hoot. Glad it was released on DVD, where i finally got it a few years back, well recommended.

IGI 2: Covert Strike (PC CD)
IGI 2: Covert Strike (PC CD)

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5.0 out of 5 stars One of my fave games despite its flaws ..., 31 Oct 2010
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
I've played this game to death. I was a big fan of the first IGI game, so bought this one as soon as it came out back in the day. It maybe graphically dated, but its still great fun to play. As in the first game, you play special agent David Jones, this time sent on a mission to recover some new EMP chips, but as the plot thickens, you discover traitors in your organisation and are required to hunt them down and discover what they have been up to.

There are around 15-20 seperate levels, set in various areas from military, industrial to far eastern villages to snow capped mountains. You have a real time map computer which gives you a layout of the land and highlights your mission tagets as well as patrolling enemy forces. Each level usually has several objectives for you to complete to finish the level. New to IGI2 is that on each level you have a limited number of game saves depending on the difficulty level you have selected (except on the hardest level, which, like the original IGI game, has no save ability).

They key about this game is is game play. Although not as totally free-roaming as the first game (some levels are limited), you can approach levels how you want to in the main - its not as linear as a lot of games - and more importantly, you will be required to use stealth to achieve some objectives optimally. Your player has a visibilty meter which also doubles as a noise meter. You can toggle Jones's stance to either run or walk, crouch or crawl; each reduces Jones visibility and noise making but also limit his functionality and movement speed. You can creep up behind the enemy and strangle them. The guards you will encounter have three modes - passive, active and aggressive. In passive mode, they are usually standing about or walking pre-set patrol paths; active means the guards are aware of something but not sure what, they usually mill around in this state; aggressive means you've been spotted or a guard has spotted a dead guard you previously killed etc, and will be on the look out for you. Being detected by CCTV security cameras will also set the guards off, as can a dead body in the cameras field of view. If you alert a guard, he usually responds queroulsy; if for example, you can get out of his line of sight (by dropping to crouch mode say) or stop moving if you alerted him via sound, he will, after around 5 seconds, ignore it as an error on his part, and thus will stay in passive mode. Knowing this is useful in the game as sometimes you will alert a guard by performing an action, but you can keep him passive by doing nothing for those 5 seconds. You can take out cameras and guards as you like, but sometimes its better just to try and sneak past them. Some areas also have alarm buttons which a guard might run to activate if you are seen. You will also interact with computer terminals to perform certain tasks/objectives. This usually done in the same way that you perform other tasks such as picking locks or breaking necks; you have to hold down the action key when the appropriate icon is on screen and wait till the progress bar is complete to complete the required action. This makes you vunerable, and if you let go of the action key half way thru, you will have to start again.

One device you do have which is extremely useful is a thermal scope, this shows the guards as bright yellow and red, and it can even detect through walls for a limited range. Very useful in night missions. You will encounter some aircraft, helicopters and a few tanks/armoured vehicles, but you cannot interact with them, although you can blow up the tanks with an RPG! You are also supplied with binoculars. You health meter will drop if you hurt yourself or are shot, but you can replenish up to half of your health in one go by using the syringes you might find on a level (although they are extremely scarce)

There is quite a wide range of weapons in the game, from silenced pistols to sniper rifles, from machine guns to RPG's, some of which have dual fire modes or scopes, and all of the main weapons have a different weight setting, thus if you pick up a big machine gun say, your mobility will be lessened. You can carry one main weapon and one side arm, plus a max of 3 grenades and 3 land mines. You also have a knife as your default weapon. If you pass over a weapon the same as your own, you will automatically collect the ammo from it, if its a different weapon, you will be given the option to change your current weapon for it. Sometimes the weapon you are supplied with runs out of ammo, and as the guards you kill drop their guns, it sometimes pays to pick up their weapons and use them, as there's usually more ammo. The guns feature a reticule which reflects the field of fire, and it changes size depending on your stance. Running with a weapon makes the reticule larger, so your shots will be less accurate; firing in crawl mode gives much greater accuracy, but you can be very vunerable; guards will home in on gun fire and will see your muzzle flash if they are facing you, giving them a good target to aim for. Some guards will fall to crawl mode to improve their accuracy. or do side rolls to confuse you before opening fire.

As i've said, i love playing this game. Some of the night levels and the snow levels are great. The guards can behave oddly; if they become aggressive or active, usually staying out of sight long enough makes them revert to passive mode again, even though there maybe bodies of the comrades strewn about! They also seem to be impervious to their own ammo (a few times on one level, a guy with an RPG has taken a shot at me from a ledge say, however as i've been virtually underneath him, so his RPG hits the ledge he is standing on, and nothing happens to him!

Each level carries a ranking at the end, based on how fast you completed it, together with your weapon accuracy %, health % and the number of times you were spotted. The top rank for each level is Secret Agent (Or 'David Jones' if playing on the hardest setting) and some of them are not easy to achieve!

Not your usual run of the mill shooter, and all the better for it.

Steve Coogan in ... Coogan's Run [DVD]
Steve Coogan in ... Coogan's Run [DVD]
Dvd ~ Steve Coogan
Price: 5.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars I must meditate ... in the Inner Sanctum!, 31 Oct 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This Steve Coogan effort from 1995 features six stand-alone episodes featuring mainly new characters plus the odd old face, all set in the town of Ottle at different phases of its life. So lets review the episodes seperately:

1) Get Calf - featuring the further adventures of Coogan's original character Paul Calf (not to mention Pauline Calf) as he turns informer on the Parry brothers to spare himself jail and ends up on the run from the vengeful criminals upon their release. Its a wonderful episode, with great support from John Thomson as fat Bob, and its really funny. And George Costigan (Bob in the film Rita, Sue And Bob Too) plays Barry Parry's character so well.

2) Dearth Of A Salesman - This character is a bolshy full of himself salesman called Gareth Cheeseman, attending a sales convention hoping to plug his product and ingratiate himself with some of the industry big-wigs. Again, another wonderful episode and the Cheesman character is like some kind of Alan Partridge on steroids. I wish he'd done a few more episodes with this chararcter.

3) Handyman For All Seasons - Coogan goes back in time to the 50's or 60's (not sure which) where he plays quirky but meticulous handyman Ernest Moss, a pillar of the Ottle community, unaware its the target of land developers, wanting to rebuild the town for a richer clientel, and perceiving Moss as someone who will fight to oppose this, try to undermine his reputation and standing in the town. Although its not in the same vein comedy wise as the previous two episodes, its very well crafted and I thouroughly enjoyed it.

4) Thursday Night Fever - Mike Crystal, an average club singer, has trouble with the seedy and weird boss of his club (played by the wonderful Graham Fellows AKA John Shuttleworth) and seems destined to have his career slowly sink into the mire til he creates a brash alter ego, Clint Stallone (LOL!), who he uses as his manager to get him better deals from the club. I think this is a great episode, although its Shuttleworth's character that steals the show for me.

5) Natural Born Quizzers - Coogan and long time Patric Marber play two unhinged men still dressing up as nerdy schoolboys who are interred at a mental institution til they escape and plan to recreate their greatest failure - a TV quiz competition they lost whilst at school - with the original opponents and host, but with one change - they plan to win. Its an intelligent comedy, and a few Coogan regulars make appearences, but the episode falls a little flat in my eyes.

6) The Curator - Coogan plays Tim Fleck, a museum curator, intent on making his museum the best, by fair means or foul. The weakest episode in the set IMO, and not one i enjoyed much.

Still, its a great set as whole, with only one or two real duff episodes out of the six. But the first two are worth the price alone. Its also cool how each episode features a cameo by Coogan as a character from one of the episodes, for instance, Get Calf has Ernest Moss and Gareth Cheesman making a brief appearances. Love it.

Big Thing
Big Thing

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4.0 out of 5 stars Perhaps better than i remember ..., 29 Sep 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Big Thing (Audio CD)
Although a big Duran fan, this was never one of my fave albums of theirs ... perhaps too funky for my liking, although it was always much redeemed in my eyes for the sublime Do You Believe In Shame ?. Having been collecting the 2010 remasters, there was no way i wasnt gonna buy this, and, like its predecessors in the series, its a great little package. The remaster is again credited to Abbey Road Studios, but sounds fine to me; whether others will find this remastering as poor as the earlier albums i'll let them decide. The first CD is as the original album, except for the Drug (Its Just A State Of Mind), which is the original version as opposed to the remix on previous releases - this change is explained in much more detail on one of the postcards (Amazon state this info is in the booklet, but this is incorrect; the other 4 postcards are band pics).

Much more of interest to me, as with these releases, are the other two discs. Disc 2 contains B sides and single remixes, most of which are on the second Singles Box 2 (86-95), however there are two previously unreleased versions of Big Thing - a 7" and 12" mix - which i actually like more than the album version; much more commercial and faster paced musically. Really Good.

Disc 3 is the DVD, containing a live concert from Milan, Italy in Dec 1988, which looks very good quality, and features a mix of old and new songs. But by far the most important thing for me in the entire package is finally, finally, finally, we get the first time release on DVD of the Do You Believe In Shame ? video, which i think has never been on any DVD video compilations; its always been omitted as a lesser track (i guess) in favour of other vids. Previously, it was only avaialble on the 6ix By 3hree VHS Video. Huzzah!

Was hoping this set might also contain the old VHS video documentary "Three To Get Ready", which i think dates from around this albums time, and i have not seen. But regardless, a nice little set, with artwork in keeping with the album art, and something for everyone on discs 2 and 3. Perhaps i'll appreciate the album a bit more as i give it a re-listen over the next few weeks :)
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Descent 3 plus Mercenary Add On - White Label (PC CD)
Descent 3 plus Mercenary Add On - White Label (PC CD)

5.0 out of 5 stars Still a great game ..., 27 Sep 2010
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
For me, this was one of those games i've played a few times, and still think its terrific. Its bacially a first person shooter in a spaceship; what i love about it are the array of primary cannon and secondary missiles you can pick up to attack the enemy, and, after more than 10 years, i still find the game graphically impressive in its beauty - it was a massive leap into hardware accelerated graphics after the software graphics used in D1 and D2. Its also actually nice to play it on a good spec PC (Windows XP) and crank all the graphics settings up to the max. The game starts with you being rescued (in a hauntingly beautiful sequence i may add!) as your ship falls into a sun, by a group of rebels trying to overthrow Dravis, the corrupt head of PTMC, who is responsible for an alien virus. You are sent on various missions in giant, beautifully wrought planetary landscapes , with hordes of differing alien robots trying to stop you. As i said, there are an array of primary guns you can collect and use, from flamethrowers to machine guns (i love the Mass Driver!) - some being better than others - whilst you can also collect various secondary missiles, from homers to heavy duty mega bombs (a special mention must go to the Black Shark missile, which creates a mini-vortex, sucking the ememy into a nuclear compression charge - just fun to watch!). You also have a guidebot to help you complete your goals, a 3D map which is quite handy (if a little difficult to get your head round sometimes!) and virtually a free hand to wander the levels as you will; some areas on each level are not mission critical, but can sometimes uncover weapon caches and other goodies. There are also secret areas (and levels!) and its great fun to play IMO.

This 4CD White Label release comes with the Mercenary add-on (which i've yet to play), and although this game is designed to run on Windows 95/98, runs fine on my XP Pro setup. The CD(s) also contain a patch to take the game up to version 1.4, plus an on-CD Manual. Highly recommended.

So Red The Rose
So Red The Rose

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4.0 out of 5 stars 25 years !, 10 April 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: So Red The Rose (Audio CD)
So, this single album, from the Duran Duran offshoot band Arcadia, finally gets a makeover, after 25 years or so from its original release. This was one of my fave albums ever when it was released, and its been a long wait to get some extra material. Having said that, i already own The So Red The Velvet boxset, Heavens Eyes promo and the Cryptic Voice Remixes collection, but its nice to finally get an official release. Having already bought the Duran Duran reissues (and read much on the sound quality debate), i personally find this release OK, but other people may not - so i wont add too much about that to this review, perhaps more aurally sensitive people than me will be able to give a more informed opinion in subsequent reviews !

First off, this release does not come in the cardboard box/sleeve style of the Duran releases, a good old fashioned 4CD style Jewel Case is provided. The artwork is in keeping with the orignal album, my only complaint was the booklet; very basic (like the Duran releases), not even any lyrics, just a short essay on the bands conception and a track listing. Could have been much better, so i knocked off a star for that.

And speaking of tracklistings, here is more detailed info for any would be buyers out there:

Tracks 01 to 09 - Original Album release
Track 10 - Say The Word (Theme from Playing For Keeps - 7" Edit)
Track 11 - Election Day (Single Version)
Track 12 - Goodbye Is Forever (Single Mix)
Track 13 - The Promise (7" Mix)
Track 14 - The Flame (7" Remix)
Track 15 - Say The Word (Theme from Playing For Keeps - Soundtrack Version)
Track 16 - She's Moody & Grey, She's Mean & She's Restless

Track 01 - Election Day (Consensus Mix)
Track 02 - Goodbye Is Forever (Extended Mix)
Track 03 - The Promise (Intrumental)
Track 04 - Rose Arcana (Extended)
Track 05 - The Flame (Extended Remix)
Track 06 - Say The Word (Theme from Playing For Keeps - Extended Vocal Remix)
Track 07 - Election Day (Cryptic Cut)
Track 08 - The Promise (12" Mix)
Track 09 - Goodbye Is Forever (Dub Mix)
Track 10 - Say The Word (Theme from Playing For Keeps - Extended Instrumental Remix)
Track 11 - Election Day (Early Rough Mix)
Track 12 - Flame Game (Yo Homebox Mix)

(I have not watched the DVD as yet)

As far as the music goes, it was nice to get the diff versions of Say The Word (albeit not a great track IMO), and a highlight for me was the Instrumental version of The Promise, which i'd not heard before. The Cryptic Cut version of Election Day is the promo version (with the dialogue towards the end, sometimes known as the Fact & Story Mix) and not the slightly shorter No Voice version as found on the alternate 12" of the single.

Glad i bought it. A great collection of songs, and the single remixes and extended versions are where its at !
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The Very Best of They Think It's All Over [DVD]
The Very Best of They Think It's All Over [DVD]
Dvd ~ They Think It's All Over
Offered by WorldCinema
Price: 18.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely hilarious., 16 Nov 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I was looking to see if any of the series were on DVD, but all their was was this. I was reluctant to buy a "best of" style compilation, but its one of the funniest dvd's you can get IMO. It also really highlights just how funny the show was. I watched most of the earlier series, and see this DVD reminded me of how good it was. From the early days of Lee Hurst to the later Jonathan Ross, its really funny, hysterical in places. I suppose my only compaint is that it should have been a 2 DVD release with more on it, as i do remember a series finale which involved a sports day thing shot outside the studio, but thats not on here. What is is some of the classic exchanges; Chris Eubank, David Gower and various Filipino references, a whole section on Posh and Becks, Rory as scathing as ever, and the classic final quick fire questions round where in one show they had to impersonate the sportsman, and Lee Hurst just took it it the max ! (who can forget Gladstone Small and Emlyn Hughes !). The series finale with the decider being taken by Gary Linekar's book of football facts is here, plus some of the more outrageous Feel The Sportsman rounds (it got more elaborate as the series went on i think) and loads more. The scene i rememeber most is the Feel The Sportsman round with two fat "gut" fighting guys who came on, accompanyed by their gorgeous stunningly endowed assistant who proceeded to oil their bellies .. whist Gary groped around feeling these hairy guys, Rory quicky discovered the assistant, and made the most of it Rory style ! Great DVD, well worth it - 90 mins of pure comedy gold.


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5.0 out of 5 stars Her name is Rio ..., 27 Oct 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Rio (Audio CD)
So, Duran Duran's classic Rio gets the executive make-over treatment in this deluxe 2CD release, and most pleasing it is too. The Album is presented similar to some other deluxe titles i've recently purchased, i.e hard back book style. The artwork is faithful to the original album sleeve, and its even textured like the original LP cover. The book is 52 pages long, with colour photos from the Rio era, lyrics, track info, and an an essay about the album's conception, with some quotes from the band members. Physically, my only dislike with the release is the CD sleeves, open ended and rather tricky to get the CD's out, the kind of thing that will wear over time, and the CD's will probably end up falling out the bottom !

Tracklisting - CD1
Tracks 1-9 - Original album release
Track 10 - Rio (US Album Remix) - 5:24
Track 11 - My Own Way (Carnival Remix) - 4:29
Track 12 - Lonely In Your Nightmare (US Album Remix) - 4:52
Track 13 - Hungry Like The Wolf (US Album Remix) - 4:02
Track 14 - Hold Back The Rain (US Album Remix) - 6:20

Tracklisting - CD2
Track 1 - Last Chance On The Stairway - 5:04
Track 2 - My Own Way - 4:38
Track 3 - New Religion - 5:32
Track 4 - Like An Angel - 4:59
(Tracks 1-4 - Manchester Square Demos)
Track 5 - My Own Way (Orignal 7" Mix) - 3:39
Track 6 - Like An Angel - 4:41
Track 7 - Careless Memories (Live) - 4:11
Track 8 - The Chauffeur (Blue Silver) 3:53
(Tracks 5-8 - Non Album Singles & B Sides)
Track 9 - My Own Way (Night Version) - 6:31
Track 10 - Hungry Like The Wolf (Night Version) - 5:11
Track 11 - Rio (Night Version) - 6:39
Track 12 - New Religion (Carnival Remix) - 5:13
Track 13 - Hold Back The Rain (Carnival Remix) - 7:00

As you can see, the album has quite a lot of alternate versions and oddities; the Manchester Square Demos were of particular interest for me. Some of the other tracks have appeared on CD before; in the Singles Box Set 81-85 and the Strange Behaviour 12" Mixes album, but there are a few here for the first time i think. My only disappointment was i was hoping for them to do an audio release of the video version of Save A Prayer which is over 6 mins, and this seemed like a good release for it, but never mind, its still a pretty awesome package. Sound quality is excellent. Well recommended.
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Waterworld [DVD] [1995] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Waterworld [DVD] [1995] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ Kevin Costner

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5.0 out of 5 stars The US Extended Verison, 8 Oct 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I recently ordered the two disc US version featuring the Theatrical release and the Extended Cut (40 mins longer). I simply wanted to see the Extended version, and my review is based on this. Essentially, its the usual thing with the odd scene extended and a few new scenes inserted, some of which are interesting, but not really essential. The most interesting areas are the Atoll and the final Dryland scenes, both have much more in them, and the Atoll scene gives a better view of life on the Atoll and fleshes out Jeane Tripplehorns character a bit. I enjoyed the extended version of this great film, a pity its only availabe in the US. The only thing i noticed with the Extended cut was that one scene had actually been trimmed, the scene where The Deacon interrogates the two prisoners after storming the Atoll; the scene where his henchman shoots the "losing" prisoner is cut ! That was poxy. But still, a 5* rating for this "Mad Max on Water", which is a 5* film anyway.
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Mock the Week: Too Hot For TV
Mock the Week: Too Hot For TV
by Mock The Week
Edition: Audio CD
Price: 9.50

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4.0 out of 5 stars For your information ..., 24 Jun 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
... If you're thinking of buying this, note that its the soundtrack of the "Too Hot For TV" DVD. Run time is 57 mins (dunno how that compares with the DVD segment itself), so its a bit of a waste if you already have the DVD and was hoping (like me) for some diff episodes on this recording. Obviously, the DVD would get 5 stars; there's a little loss of impact being an audio only format, so i'll knock a star off, but its still entertaining, and if you prefer something you can listen to, then you may prefer this format.

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