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The Courts of the Morning
The Courts of the Morning
by John Buchan
Edition: Paperback

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1.0 out of 5 stars Courts of the Yawning more like, 15 Sep 2008
On the strength of 39 Steps and Greenmantle I thought I'd give this a go..and heavy going it was until I gave up after around 100 pages. It's plodding, contrived, dull with the prose verging on the purple some times. I get the impression that Hannay/Buchan is a bit of a misogynist or at best inexperienced with or not interested in women as the female characters as here are either few and far between or sketchily drawn. A bit of a man's man to say the very least. If you're look for good old fashioned adventure yarns set in far flung lands Id go with the Flashman stories any day over this yawn inducing turgidness.

Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: 7.90

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5.0 out of 5 stars George Thoroughlygood.., 4 Sep 2008
This review is from: Live (Audio CD)
There are those acts that do their best work in the studio but are pretty dull live and there are those who are in their element in intimate live venues. GT is a perfect example of the latter. IMO his studio albums are pretty so-so as the tunes are all quite similar as the instrumentation is fairly basic and the production quite flat. The live recordings, of which this is marginally the best, are another kettle of fish. With 'Live' you get to feel the vibe of the gig. The energy just pours out from start to finish and the versions of the one dimensional studio recordings are made meatier, gutsier and much more fun. I've heard scores of live albums and this one is considerably better than many highly rated (and often doctored)live recordings. In fact I'd put it on a par with Dr Feelgood's legendary 'Stupidity' and the Allman Bros classic Fillmore. So, if you're not that familiar with GT's stuff but are interested in checking him out futher, this is the one to get, no question about it.

Price: 7.55

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3.0 out of 5 stars Badly needs the zebras, 4 Sep 2008
This review is from: Kilimanjaro (Audio CD) those of you saying Liverpool was a dismal pit in the early 80s, did you actually live there? Well I did as a young teen. Granted you'll never see images of the 'Mersey Funnel' or Smithdown Road on tins of shortbread or fudge but it had a great vibe and it was an exciting time to be there. Part of this was due to Liverpool FC dominating European footie and a major contribution came from a vibrant music scene, which has never been as good since 1985 or thereabouts. The Teardrops were very much one of the half dozen bands at the centre of the scene. At the time I had Kilimanjaro on vinyl (Zebra cover!!) and played it to death. However, these days I find I cant listen to it all the way through as Cope's vocals dont have much variety and the non-single album tracks sound quite samey. Highlights are the singles - i.e. Reward and Treason - and When I Dream, these 3 tracks holding up much better than the rest. It may seem superficial but I knock off 1 star for the dismal sleeve design. It's not often that cover art makes a contribution to the overall enjoyment of an album but in this case the Zebra photo did. IMO the bonus tracks are interesting but not particularly essential. Overall it's a decent album but not quite deserving of the superlatives heaped on it by the other reviewers.

The Very Best Of War
The Very Best Of War

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4.0 out of 5 stars War..what are they good for...well top notch latin funk for a start, 11 Aug 2008
This review is from: The Very Best Of War (Audio CD)
I'll cut to the chase and start off by saying that it's 5 stars for the music but knock off one for the edited versions of some of the best tracks, best of all being City Country City. It's a shame that classic funk has become a bit of a forgotten genre having been superseded by genres it spawned i.e. hip hop and funk-rock. However, War were more than just a funk band but like Earth Wind and Fire incoporated other styles, notably latin and jazz, although funk was the bedrock of their sound. CD1 pretty much captures the best tracks off their first(more critically acclaimed) half dozen albums. CD2 comprises cuts from the other 8 or so later releases that generally got bit of a critical panning and as such have not been included in the 2008 re-releases. Four tunes come off the very underrated outlaw album but these are the best as it happens. The Galaxy album got one of the worst drubbings but it produced the great title track which IMO is one of the highlights on this compilation.
If you are newbies to classic funk/r n b from the 70s and want to go check out some of the best acts of the time I'd definitely say this is one of the best places to start.

A Collection Of Great Dance Songs
A Collection Of Great Dance Songs
Price: 13.84

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4.0 out of 5 stars Pink Floyd for non fans, 31 July 2008
I generally dont care much for Pink Floyd and get irritated by fans who write this compilation off with pretentious comments to the effect that you have to listen to the albums in their entirity, that you cant listen to tracks in isolation. That's complete bull. I happen to only like around half a dozen or so Floyd tunes and most happen to be here, particularly as all tracks showcase Dave Gilmour's guitar work at its best e.g. the great solo at the end of Another brick..and the brilliant riffage on Sheep. Comfortably Numb - which is there - always gets the nod for being his best solo, as well as one of the best of all time - but that honour should go to Money. On the downside there are 2 or 3 other decent tunes that should've been included, these being Comfortably Numb (strange omission!)Time and Us & Them. However if you're not into PF but might be prepared to lend an ear, this is still the best place to start
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The New "Rolling Stone" Album Guide
The New "Rolling Stone" Album Guide
by "Rolling Stone"
Edition: Paperback

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3.0 out of 5 stars Lopsided, 25 July 2008
On the one hand there are some amusing reviews particularly by RS who justifiably has it in for the dross that was 70s US AOR. On the downside there are some curious omissions of bands that I cant say I like but who really should've been included e.g. Metallica and Deep Purple. It's very biased towards US acts in that it features many indie, grunge/post grunge and hip hop acts that few outside the US will have ever heard of. It's also fairly uncritical of big name rock bands, when in fact some of the albums given 5 star ratings generally dont warrant more than 3.
Also there are many strange omissions in the coverage of the UK punk/new wave scenes. You'll find mention of second division acts like Generation X but nothing on the Stranglers or Simple Minds for example. Although this can be an entertaining reading, informative and encyclopaedic it is not.

Step It Up
Step It Up
Price: 9.95

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3.0 out of 5 stars Very authentic but.., 22 July 2008
This review is from: Step It Up (Audio CD)
I heard this playing in a local music shop and thought it was a remastered lost Meters or JBs album. On the one hand it's very authentic sounding and I guess these guys would be well worth checking out live. Thing is though, re the Bamboos, Quantic Soul Orchestra and their ilk is I'm not sure why you'd necessarily want to buy their albums when you can still easily get hold of albums by the Meters, Funk Inc, JBs, Headhunters etc who seem to be the main sources of inspiration, more so than P-Funk or Sly. That said it's a decent album and a good way of getting into the genre but if this is your first taste of funk you should then seek out the originals.

The Mystery
The Mystery
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: 8.54

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5.0 out of 5 stars great but even better live, 6 Jun 2008
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Mystery (Audio CD)
If you cant get to see TE in his natural environment - i.e. live rather than the recording studio - his acoustic solo albums are of some consolation. I give this 4.9 stars because it's live that he's a 5 star player. It's live that his personality really comes into his playing as well as his jaw dropping technique. IMO this album's even better than Endless Road and Only and that's saying something as both those albums are essential purchases for anyone serious about becoming a better guitarist. Dont waste your time with all these 'rock god' numpties and their batteries of effects units etc. TE's the man to TRY to emulate, not that most of us will get anywhere near him.
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Rattus Norvegicus
Rattus Norvegicus
Price: 8.86

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5.0 out of 5 stars No skipping tracks here, 7 April 2006
This review is from: Rattus Norvegicus (Audio CD)
'Punk' was never really just about snotty, spotty teens/early 20 somethings ineptly thrashing out 3 or 4 basic major chords and spewing anti-establishment lyrics. The anti-establishment bit of course was core to rock n roll right from the word go.Early Elvis was 'punk'. So was Chuck Berry, the Stones, the Kinks and the Doors. What the 'punk' scene of 75 -77 did was to rescue rock from the clutches of pretentious, bombastic and corporatised bands who were seriously up their own fundaments and had nothing to say of any importance. At a wider level it was also about giving the 2 fingered salute to political and social conventions in general. For their relatively advanced years (late 20s+) and musical competance The Stranglers had this off pat every bit as much as the Sex Pistols and were actually more threatening. Let's face it, who'd you reckon you could've taken in a fight, spotty pasty Johnny Rotten or black belt karate dude JJ Burnel? And Hugh Cornwell did bird. Then there were the gigs with the strippers! Nope, The Stranglers were more punk than any of their contemporaries. This album shows it. IMO it was a far more exciting and aggressive - and yet tuneful - album than either 'The Clash' or 'Never mind the b..'. It's a cracker from start to finish with not a single weak track. Highlights though are 'Grip', 'London Lady' and 'Down in the sewer'. Driving the whole set of tunes is JJ's bass, still the dirtiest sound ever in rock n roll. Anyway, for my money not only is this the best album from the original punk scene, it's also one of the few albums i've heard which you can listen to all the way through without skipping a track.

In Through The Out Door
In Through The Out Door
Price: 6.80

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5.0 out of 5 stars Pretty much their best in fact, 9 Feb 2006
This review is from: In Through The Out Door (Audio CD)
What I'm saying here isn't to be contrary for its own sake but I'm being straight up. Honest. This is the first Zep album where I've not skipped tracks. I like that fact that keys are dominant here while the guitar isnt quite so up front e.g. on the boogie woogie piano on 'South bound suarez'. 'Fool in the rain' incorporates some great latin rhythms, while 'In the evening' and 'Carouselambra' are as epic as 'Kashmir' and 'Stairway..'. 'Hot dog's a good fun rock n' roller, 'Im gonna crawl's a great slowie while 'All my love's one of Zep's best tracks ever IMO. There's little trace of the heavy blues rock of their more acclaimed albums but for many folk that mightn't be such a bad thing. So, if you've been put off by the Zep's reputation as a heavy rock band, you can shelve that notion for a while and lend this an ear. It was a major departure when it was released and Zep should've been given more credit for not sticking to a formula.
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