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Offered by muzicmadnezz
Price: £14.49

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4.0 out of 5 stars The masters return to show the whippersnappers how it should be done, 18 May 2012
This review is from: Wonky (Audio CD)
The brown album is one of the greats of electronic/dance music and a bona fide 5 star job is ever there was. Wonky falls slightly short of it due to a couple of so-so tracks, not bad just not memorable. However, in Stringy Acid they have made one of their best ever tunes. IMO it's the outstanding highlight and the one which I play on rotation it's that great. In short it's a relief they're back considering the bunch of 3rd raters currently being touted as the best on offer e.g. Skrillex. In the context of their discog I put this just behind the brown album and on a par with Snivilisation in 2nd place. After the relatively poor previous two releases Wonky is a major return to form.

Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2: 2009 Edition
Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2: 2009 Edition
by Office of Government Commerce (OGC)
Edition: Paperback
Price: £63.50

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2.0 out of 5 stars Drier than the Sahara, 30 Mar. 2012
Before I get on to the review, yes, I recently passed the Practitioner exam. Is this book, and for that matter the qualifaction, of much help to the professional project manager? No, other than the fact when you bung it on your CV, at least computers won't filter out any job application at the first hurdle if they don't pick up key buzzwords, like 'PRINCE2'. In this crazy capitalist world we live in, paper qualifications now seem to carry more weight than proven practical experience. I've worked in construction project management for 15 years and the main problems and skills required relate to people management and communication, which as the manual clearly states are not part of the course remit. So we're taught about the 7 principles, the 7 themes and the 7 processes and how they relate to eachother but the whole tone of the book and coursework is very dry and academic. Seeing as the whole ethos of PRINCE2 is drawn from real world best practices, I was surpised at how there are no case studies for analysis. These are far more useful learning tools than dry theories. At best the manual can be used as a prompt for inexperienced PMs. IMO the people who really need to wise up are those at the 'top level', who sit outside the PM team as more often than not it is their lack of engagement with projects that is the main reason for failures.
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Blackwood Dub
Blackwood Dub
Price: £12.42

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5.0 out of 5 stars A future classic of Dub, 28 Mar. 2012
This review is from: Blackwood Dub (Audio CD)
Last week I heard the opener 'Dirty Flirty' pounding away in my local indie music shop. It's rare that I buy a whole album on the strength of hearing one tune just once but I did. And no regrets. This is a cracker and no mistake, not just the best Dub album I've heard since King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown but certainly the best S & R have ever made and one of the best albums of the last 5 years. To do it justice you need a decent system to pick up the low end. Most MP3 players wont do this. If you like vocals , well you probably wont be into Dub anyway as singing isn't what it's about. 10 instrumentals with Robbie's throbbing bass grooves overladen by Sly's upfront excellent drum work topped off with meaty percussion, heavily reverbed guitar and studio wizardy. It's all killer no filler. If you're a Dubhead this is as essential as the Augustus Pablo album mentioned, Super Ape and Scientist Rids The World ...

Gavin & Stacey - Series 1 & 2 Box Set [DVD]
Gavin & Stacey - Series 1 & 2 Box Set [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ruth Jones
Offered by Fulfillment Next Day
Price: £5.29

3.0 out of 5 stars Too much resting on Uncle Bryn, 21 Sept. 2011
Some reviewers here reckon this is the best Britcom since um.. the Vicar of Dibley, which lends some perspective. Thing is most of the genuine funny moments come from Uncle Bryn thanks to Rob Brydon's performance. The other characters dont stand out as much and really depend largely on repeating certain inherently not funny phrases so that they become amusing I guess in the way they do on Little Britian and the Catherine Tate Show. For instance 'Oh what's occurin? and 'That's well lush'..oh help.. my sides are splitting. It's not a bad show by any means and does have some great moments but the hype around it led me expect much more so my 3 stars take this into account.

Peep Show - Series 1-7 - Complete [DVD]
Peep Show - Series 1-7 - Complete [DVD]
Dvd ~ David Mitchell
Price: £32.09

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5.0 out of 5 stars Probably the best comedy ever shown on Channel 4, 1 Sept. 2011
A big claim considering C4's been responsible for screening most of the best US and UK comedy shows of the last 30 years that includes Cheers, Frasier, Friends, Father Ted, The IT Crowd, Black Books, get my drift. Great as these all are it's Peep Show I watch time and again it's that good. Each of the 42 episodes are different with a strong cast of supporting characters dipping in and out over the series among the best being Jez's crackhead 'bandmate' Super Hans, Mark's alpha male boss 'Johnson', Mark's arch enemy scouser Geoff, Dobby the female IT geek and American sex mad hippy Nancy. But it's the interplay between Robert Webb as irresponsible university drop-out Jez and David Mitchell as terminal depressive and mildly ambitious executive Mark that's at the core. While they've little in common other than both having been at Dartmouth university they constantly irritate one and another but at the same time are mutually dependent. What's good is that neither are out and out losers. Jez manages to bed a long string of lovelies, albeit incapable of being faithful, while Mark is reasonably good at his job. There are a lot of squirm inducing moments but still laugh out loud funny and maybe for some the humour might be a bit near the knuckle on the lines of Inbetweeners. Not sure I'd recommend this to people for whom My Family's a bit too edgy but if you're not put off by regular references to BJs, a high swear word count and the occasional vomiting scene it's a must see.
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Plus One [DVD]
Plus One [DVD]
Dvd ~ Daniel Mays
Price: £5.60

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5.0 out of 5 stars And yet another little gem bypasses the British public, 16 Aug. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Plus One [DVD] (DVD)
It's staggering to think of all the absolute toot that get regularly high viewing figures in the UK like Big Brother, soaps and other light entertainment fluff while cracking C4 and BBC3/2 sitcoms pass under the radar. And this 5 part series is one of the very best. As well as the excellent hapless lead character, Rob Black, whose plans to find himself a partner for his ex's wedding to Duncan from Blue (as he's alway referred to) always land him in the soup, there are fine supporting characters as well as guest stars such as Lisa Snowden and Jamelia. What's particularly smart about the writing is that it's fairly non-PC without being offensive, even the pretty near the knuckle episodes such as Competition and the one with Rob blacked up as a panda in negative. As funny as the main scenes are many of the little understated lines e.g. simple stuff such as the vicar saying' Do you Duncan from Blue take Linsey to be ..' etc. As for Duncan, fair play. Whatever you think of Blue he sends himself up rotten, especially in the dream sequence with him as a Blofeld character torturing Rob with 'close harmony boy band singing' with One Love playing on the monitors. If you don't want to shell out for a DVD you can still find Plus One on 4 on Demand.
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The IT Crowd - Series 1-4 Special Edition Box Set [DVD]
The IT Crowd - Series 1-4 Special Edition Box Set [DVD]
Dvd ~ Chris O'Dowd

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5.0 out of 5 stars Possible even surpasses Father Ted, 16 Jun. 2011
When the first episode first aired on TV I didnt watch it purely because I didn't think Graham Lineham could surpass Father Ted. How wrong. I got it into it around episode 4 and have now watched every episode at least four times and every one is as funny after repeated viewings as first time around it's that good. In 2004 the BBC conducted a poll to find the 50 best ever UK sitcoms. By rights if this is run again the IT Crowd should be up there in the top 5 with Father Ted and not some of the lamentable dreck that made it in last time. Not only the plots very original but the characters are unique and the one-liners sidesplittingly funny. It's rare for me to laugh out loud but when I'm feeling blue I just put on an episode or three and then everything's fine.
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The Inbetweeners - Series 1-3 - Complete [DVD]
The Inbetweeners - Series 1-3 - Complete [DVD]
Dvd ~ Simon Bird
Price: £8.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Gulty pleasure, 9 May 2011
Someone my age really should'nt be watching this let alone find it laugh out loud funny but it is and that's that. I guess it takes me back to my own teens and it all rings so true. The negative review here forgets that teenage boys only have one thing permanently on their mind..clunge. And if he doesn't want bad language maybe Harry Potter is more his thing.Without a doubt C4 has been putting out consistently good comedy over the last 30 years, both homegrown and US imports, and Inbetweeners is right up ther with the best of them. It may not be as sophisticated as say Frasier but if you find no humnour in episodes like the Camping Trip, the school outing and the fashion show you might seriously need to consider whether you have a SOH period.

The Transporter [DVD] [2003]
The Transporter [DVD] [2003]
Dvd ~ Jason Statham
Offered by Bridge_Records
Price: £1.74

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5.0 out of 5 stars Get over yerselves, 15 April 2011
This review is from: The Transporter [DVD] [2003] (DVD)
is what I say to those giving this a low rating. It is what it is, a tongue-in-cheek actioner. That's the thing with action movies. Plot and characterisation come second to the thrills and spills and as with Bond, Die Hard etc you need to suspend disbelief and just go with the flow. You might as well criticise AC/DC's 'Back In Black' for not having an adagio movement or McD's for not offering a starter with their big meal offers. Some nitwit said this is the worst film ever made. Well if he's managed to see every film ever made he should get in touch with the folk at Guinness BoWR. That the film doesnt take itself seriously as a piece of art seems to have gone over the heads of the low raters. Anyway, it's a high adrenalin fun film recommended to anyone who wants a couple of hours of escapism but for whom 'Finding Nemo' is too nauseous.
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The Very Best of Latin Jazz
The Very Best of Latin Jazz

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3.0 out of 5 stars More appropriate would be 'Latin Tinged Pop Even Your Granny Knows', 2 Feb. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Knowing my taste for jazz and Latin music I was given this as a present. It's fine as a compilation of Latin tinged 'pop' and 'soft' jazz but only around half the tunes here are bona fide latin jazz tracks e.g. those by Carl Tjader, Tito Puente and Sergio Mendes. It's a bit of a stretch including hoary old chestnuts by pop acts like Los Lobos, Gypsy Kings, Ricky Martin, Gloria Estefan, Lou Bega, Jose Feliciano and the Puppini Sisters. Take them out of the picture and I'd give this four stars.
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