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Alive 2007
Alive 2007
Price: 9.49

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4.0 out of 5 stars Harder Better Faster Stronger, 28 Jun 2008
This review is from: Alive 2007 (Audio CD)
Although I would never have declared myself a Daft Punk fan I have always been aware of them and their more popular tracks. Then one day a friend of mine told me this was the best album he had heard for an age - much septisism followed - then another friend heaped much of the same praise upon it too; so I bought it.

I had to agree with them.

From start to finish it is simply flows from killer tune, to irresistable hook back to another amazing tune. If you want people up and dancing in any situation this is the album for you.

Even the slower, less strong portions feel as if they are simply giving you a rest from the manic bouncing and shape pulling you will have shamed yourself with.

This album is the majority of DP's better tracks mashed, cut and fused together - doing a better job than any supposed best of - to make arguably the best dance record of all time.

Due to this album Daft Punk are a priorty "Must See" band. Simply, if you like good tunes, a bit of bass and want to step away from the overplayed indie scene - then this is the alum for you.

Price: 9.23

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4.0 out of 5 stars Raw, aggresive - genius!, 27 Jun 2008
This review is from: Hits (Audio CD)
It seems that every other day a new band emerges that is described as raw or genius but very rarely to the two ever meet. This Best Of achieves that feat although it really will not suit the majority of musical tastes.

I came across this album while listening to a lot of Nick Cave's more recent work and I assume many others will be doing likewise. For this reason it may be important to compare The Birthday Party to both Grinderman and The Bad Seeds. First off, Hits contains no ballads or slow songs - do not buy this on the strength of The Boatman's Call or similar sounding albums and songs. To be fair the Grinderman album, although described as raw, is far too structured and linear to be compared to TBP.

Even older Nick Cave albums like Tender Prey are very different from this collection of sounds.

All that said, this album is as feral, raw and unhinged as anything you are likely to hear and is truely an album that has to be played loud. Yes, lyrically this reads as Cave before he matured but in terms of pure, unabridged noise this quite unsurpassable.

Listening to this album it feels as if the whole thing is on the edge of breakdown, that there is a chance of the band just impoding into a brutal fight. As Caves yelps and words struggle to be heard over the screaming guitars and thumping drums. It truely must be heard to understand as no other album seems to care less if anybody likes it or not.

It too is difficult to believe that these songs are all over 20 years old as they sound as if they were released yesterday. These timeless tracks are brutal, violent and savage and simply bleed aggression but will not be for everyone.

Buy this album, give it a chance to stick in your head (ie listen to it more than once) and if you appreciate music that is created to be loud, uncompromisng and devilishly clever and you will love it.

Truley what the term "raw" was penned for.

Be Your Own Pet
Be Your Own Pet
Price: 9.05

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2.0 out of 5 stars Alright, I suppose., 26 Jun 2008
This review is from: Be Your Own Pet (Audio CD)
I bought this album upon its release back in 2006 after months of hype and several promising tracks were released upon the world - namley "Fire Department" and the possibly the tune of 2005: "Dam Dam Leash". However both of these tracks have been inexcusably left off of this patchy album.

That is not to say that this album does not have its own highlights, but honestly apart from maybe at a drunken party or a sweaty indie club these songs feel unfinished, patchy at times and with one or two exceptions very samey.

If loud, stupid, girl lead guitars is what you are after then buy this. But if it is well crafted songs you are after there really are better alternatives. For those who like the emoish feel to this get a Paramore album, those who like girly indie stuff - get The Long Blondes debut. And if its the manic, raw edge that has drawn you to this band why not just dig out that old Libertines album that you have sitting there?

All in all this album could - and should - have been great but instead it just feels unfinished, unloved and more importantly will become forgotten as the years pass.

Buy if will, but don't get your hopes up.

Offered by jim-exselecky
Price: 10.49

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4.0 out of 5 stars New take on a classic band, 25 Jun 2008
This review is from: Love (Audio CD)
The idea of bastardising one of the all time great musical catalogues to suit the needs of a Vegas show may seem highly ill-advised, especially with The Beatles being so close to the hearts of so many; and so it proved with the countless claims of this album being nothing but blasmephy against the musical gods.

But forgetting the unarguably great tracks from which the CD was created, ignoring the quite contemptable reason for its birth and simply judging this by the noise that flows from your speakers a great big smile will soon spread across your face due to the pur,e heart-warmingly cheery music that will greet you.

The basic structure of the CD being a multitude of Beatles standards cut, chopped and stuck together making a sound which is simply just fantastic feel good music.

From start to finish this flows like a symphony with each track seamlessly
flowing to the next with each song being a genuine classic. Those who are already fans will grin to themselves when spotting a hook here or a drum beat there while smugly mocking those who don't. Like the best sounding mystery ever; you could sit and work out where all the sounds come from with the genuine feeling of pleasure few other bands can give.

But that is not to say those who are new to The Beatles can't enjoy this album too. In fact this is probably the best way for virgins of Fab Four to get into the great library of the band as it is probably more approachable than any best of while not only having the classics but also the odd obscure bit of tune that helps to show that The Beatles were true innovators with songs, tunes and beats that sound contemporary 40 odd years on.

I would highly recommend this to fans and those who are looking for a way into The Beatles. Some people may not like the way that these timeless songs have been changed, but then some people simply don't like change. This is not better than the original songs, but it is still great fun to listen too and definetly worth a punt. Come on, whats the worst that can happen?

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